Kelson Homecoming Countdown

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Letter From Kelson - Week #87.2 - Did you really miss me?

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

I am all showered and clean again, which means I can now tell you of the extraordinary things that are being thrown down in Sacramento! As you all know I am still where I left off last time, in the Sacramento YSA Branch, which is super legit! We have all these appointments to teach members and help them feel like they are needed in this great work which is taking place, as well as keeping Elder Hinckley and I on our toes with our teaching skills. I hate to inform you, but we have been slacking in our practicing, so we need their help...but that is okay, this way I get to learn how to teach better and these members are feeling a Spirit of "Wow this isn't all too hard, maybe I can share the Gospel"! Sneaky huh?! I know, I have been working on weaving my way into their lives and hearts so that we can now incept the idea of sharing the gospel into their subconscious causing them to just be Gospel sharing fiends for the rest of their lives...My evil plan is working!!!! MWAHHHH!!!  

Since it is Christmas time I better tell you something Christmasy! 



How about something funny that happened last night? It happened on Christmas Eve so it is kind of Christmasy! 

It was the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was silent, and the trumpets were blaring! There was a chorus of sounds, and music a playing. As if there was a live band with pop tunes just a rocking! This band consisted of Elder Bennett, Elder Hinckley and myself, between the three of us, we played this game, just like you would with a Kazoo, where you play a catchy pop tune and the other people have to guess what the catchy pop tune is, along with the artist and name of tune. It was intense. Now you might be asking yourself "where did they get trumpets?" but let me tell you, when I was born there was this thing called evolution, and as I evolved from being a wee toddler to an adolescent I pooped my pants at the Walmart. blah blah blah cantaloupe....Um, I meant I learned how to use my newly developed lips. And as I developed this new found ability, there was a desire to push air through these weird things called lips. As I pushed air through these interesting contraption, there was this sound that comes through that is intriguingly similar to the sound of a brass trumpet. As we blew harder and faster we received the sound of a higher pitched note, and if we slowed it way down and blew lightly we started dropping the BASS!!! DubSTEP Trumpeteering!  This is called the AIR TRUMPET! It was so much fun! I think we were up until somewhere around midnight or so, just laying down in our beds squeezing our brains our of our mouths! I think this was a good time, if you don't think so, go rain on someone else's parade, I don't have time for your complaints! 

Love ya,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. We wish you a Merry Christmas! and a Happy New Year!!!! 

P.p.s. MOM TYPOS! - Love ya twice!

Letter From Kelson - Week #87.1 - Did you miss me?!?! I guess NOT!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

I bet all of you were under the same impression that my mother was, which was that I would not be e-mailing this week because it is Christmas... I hate to tell you this, but you were wrong, so please go repent and I will see you in Sacrament meeting on Sunday! ;) it is Christmas, and I love my peeps, you are all like family, which means you get some lovin' too! 

Since it is Christmas, I have been able to talk with my closer relatives, just because we are closer than most, but that doesn't mean I don't love you as much, I just don't have enough time to face to face you with my lovin'...Please don't cry, there will be a lovely e-mail in your inbox/on the blog when you read this because I love you! See Everybody wins!!  Since everyone wins, lets throw a random dance party!!! 

*Everybody in the house makes some noise*!!! - (This is the part where my mother blasts the Techno music all over the world through her new nifty server/cloud and we all enjoy a quick rave!!!)

WOW!!! Some of you have pretty awesome dance moves, you should go on tour and show the world how to shake your booty!! you could make millions, and those of you who are now being voted off the island, don't fret, there are other talents and gifts that God has given you, so don't worry your little heads. I'm all sweaty now, I will go take a shower and get back to you bye...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Letter From Kelson - Week # 86 - Baaaahh!!! Baaaaahhh!!! - (What the sheep said when the Angel appeared)

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!
It was the night before, before, before, before, before, before, before, before Christmas and all through the house, everything was in flames, because someone left the ham in the oven and burned it... RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!
Now, this isn't the same Christmas story that we are all used to, maybe this is more around your childhood fantasies... There were in the same field Shepherds abiding in their fields, watching their flocks by night. Then suddenly there was a bright light that appeared and an angel appeared in the midst of the light, and they were sore afraid... Then they were unable to stay and hear the message from the angel because their sheep were fleeing like Japanese people in Tokyo when Godzilla begins his reign. And these were the words of the Sheep as they fled from the scene... RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!
Now is this more like it???
No?...What am I missing here??? Oh, I know! I need to talk about a baby of some sort don't I...I gotcha covered.
Christmas Story Take 3... Action!
And the Angel Spake unto them saying, "Fear Not! for I bring your good tiding of great joy, which shall be to all people, For on this day, in the city of David is born a Saviour which is Christ the Lord" ...And there came a multitude of heavenly hosts which appeared and they began to sing with angelic voices singing "Glory to God in the highest and Peace on earth, good will towards men!!"
*Slight exhale of relief*  That's the one I was thinking of, thanks for helping me friends. Now on to the real girth of the week that you have all been waiting for.
This past week was super fantastic! We had lots of opportunities to teach with our members, we had the great privilege of seeing hundreds of baby Jesus nativities and we were able to hear the angelic choirs sing their praises to the new born King...Well he isn't new born anymore, but we still celebrate it anyway! Now, there might be some confusion, because people think we Mormons are weird and do weird things, but I am here to let you know that we celebrate the Birth of Jesus for the same reason the angels the first time were celebrating. This reason is that because the long awaited time for Christ to come forth and perform his labors had finally come. And when he came, the faith that we placed in him in the pre-mortal existence was beginning to take form and the miracle of the Atonement of Jesus Christ was becoming a reality. This was a spectacular event, that many people now a days turn away as not, however, I will not be blinded by commercialism, I will remember my God, I will remember my Savior, and I will remember my King, for on this day in the city of David was born my own personal Savior, He was born for me, and you too, but to me it is more personal to think that he was born so that I may live again. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I pray that all of you may come to this same realization in your own lives. Remember the true meaning of the Holiday season and don't be afraid to share it with those you love. If every one of us were to reach out to just one person this time of year, I can promise that hundreds will feel the Love of the Savior and will desire him as I do. I wish all a Merry Christmas!
Love ya,
Elder Wheeler
p.s. By the way it is transfer week, I am staying put.  My new Companion is Elder Hinckley and we are going to see many baptisms, so start sending the prayers, because they will be answered!
P.p.s MOM!!! I know that you have your hands full, and that things just seem to be going crazy for you, but if you wouldn't mind, fix the Typos on your mother's e-mails for her. She has told me of her desire for a typo catcher so I figured I would recommend someone... Love ya!!! oh and TyPos!!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Letter From Kelson - Week # 85 - I swear I will never touch the pie again MOMMY!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

Lets just get to the good stuff, this whole beating around the bush to make this e-mail much longer and full of more enjoyment just makes things harder for the other missionaries to write their lovely families and fan clubs. I am feeling extraordinarily charitable right now which is why I am cutting to the chase, and leaving all of my usual antics at the door. Aren't you glad I told you?  Otherwise you would have been wondering if I was feeling ok, or if I was having a rough week, or even if I wasn't expecting to ever hear from you again. That would have been super depressing, to never hear from you again...I think I might actually shed a tear, but only one...I can't spare any tears, I have to save those for when my first born child wins the Nobel prize for being born. 
This week was pretty relaxed, but also pretty crazy. We had zone training and Elder Allred and I got to train the zone on how to be better missionaries.  Funny, I learned a whole lot more than I was teaching. I think if I were to try and learn all this on my own and not try and train others I would be severely lower in my understanding of how to bring the Spirit into a lesson. We did these things called Real Plays, or Role plays for those people outside the California Sacramento mission. In these real plays there was stumbling, there was laughs and there was a great amount of learning found to be had in all sectors of our training. I love getting to learn and help other learn. I think it might be one of my favorite past-times, up there with DDR and Eating... not baseball though, that belongs to America and I don't even think I want to try and have America's favorite past-time under my belt.
Have I got a story for you!  I want you to imagine the many things that you have ever put into your refrigerator and then think about how long it has been there. With that interlude, please continue to read.
I went out to the world to teach them about Jesus Christ. There was a sick missionary staying in our apartment, and we asked them to clean out the fridge while we were gone. There were a ton of Thanksgiving leftovers that we were unable to eat because we have been doing the 40 day fast thing, and we also keep forgetting they are in there...Thus why the things in the refrigerator turned into my sophomore science projects. Anyway, we asked them to clean it out and they did. YAY!!! Clean Fridge! When they cleaned out the fridge, they left a lemon cream pie out on the counter top; I think it might have been wanting to go back into the fridge.  I think I might have even heard its little voice crying out for some relief from the room temperature zombies, but alas, we did not return him to the fridge. Well, this pie was just sitting there and as he began to sit there in his solitude he felt it necessary to go through a whole emotional break down and become a Psychotic pie! One who just loves to torture those who forgot to come to his rescue and left him stranded with the room temperature zombies.
Elder Wheeler came home from a long hard day of work, he was hungry, and he saw that there was some good looking pie on the counter top!!! YUM!!! PIE!!!
*Just so you know, Elder Wheeler is a sucker for pies... Especially Dutch Apple
Elder Wheeler indulged in the tempting delicious pie, but when he took a bite he noticed that it had turned sour, Eww!!! Sour PIE!!! I put it back in the fridge to ferment some more and for another missionary to come along and eat it, or turn it into my junior science project. After a nice glass of Hot Cocoa, because it is pretty chilly here now, I went to bed.
____ 4 Hours LATER!!! _____
SHin GEe DUAH!! (Hmong for Good Bye) Food!!!
Everything that Elder Wheeler ate that day came right back out the tunnel that they originally went in to stay...I guess that party inside this Elder was lame and they were trying everything they could to leave the party.  They had no regard for the feelings of others. They just wanted to get the heck out of dodge. Well, that made for a very interesting morning. I don't know who you are, but food poisoning is not fun. Then Sunday came and I was going to church and trying to keep whatever I had inside me and not all over the inside of the chapel. I made it through and now I feel better. I have since become better and I have no need for your sympathies or worries, so stop saying "OMGoodness Elder Wheeler is dying" , or "I feel so sorry for him", but if you must give in to those feeling, you can send me a Christmas/Get well soon package at 8267 Deseret Avenue, Fair Oaks, California, 95628.  No need to hold back on those ;)!
I promise I will never eat Lemon Creme Pie again! I have learned my lesson and I will just stick to my Dutch Apple... Hint Hint Wink Wink!!! ;)
Love ya and have a Merry Christmas, until Tuesday!
Elder Wheeler
P.s. Mom!!! I love you, but I really need you to go over my typos and highlight them in red, so everyone knows how much of a screw up your son was in his high school English class. In shorter terms... TYPOS!!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Letter From Kelson - Week # 84 - Happy New Year!!!! Hmong that is! XD

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!
It has been approximately 3 days 20 hours 40 min and 15 sec, since I last e-mailed you...Just kidding, I didn't do any math.. Psh! That would be too much work. I guessed; I think someone should actually add it up and tell me what it really was, because it doesn't seem long enough for me to be back here on the old typewriter trying to figure out what my next move is, while juggling a bowling ball, some playing cards and the police who are looking for a convict dressed as an LDS missionary. If you haven't noticed my plea for some relief here is something a little bit more subtle...
HELP ME!!!!!!
Just kidding, I am doing just wonderful, I am enjoying this work, there are good things going for us, our 40 day fast is working, plus this whole fasting thing is helping me trim off those few pounds I gained via "National Fat Kid Day" on Thursday. For those who were not aware, which is like everyone, we have been doing a 40 day fast so that every day for 40 days, there is a member of the ward who is fasting for Missionary Work. This has been a huge success, the way we have determined who is fasting is, the members of the ward sign up to feed us, and then we make them fast that day until we eat with them for dinner. Although, some days we don't have dinners, then Elder Allred and I have to bite the bullet and fast that day until we break our fast at dinner time. It is pretty rough during some weeks, however, the Lord does provide ways of making things work out for the better, like my new ability to fit in my pants that I have had my whole mission....oh wait, I have never gotten big enough to not wear them... OH SNAP!!! Elder Wheeler knows how to do some weight control... HA! BOOM BABY!!!!
The past four days have been almost a blur, but there is something that I am realizing as I am going through each day of this missionary service; I am ALWAYS tired. It is kind of sad, I wake up at 6:30 and I am still beat from the day before, and on top of that we are supposed to exercise for 30 min right when we get up...Don't they know that I am about to collapse due to my inability to comprehend how tired I am? This is insane, but somehow I am still able to wake up every morning and complete this routine, somehow I am still able to function each day, somehow I am still able to be wide awake when I need to be. What is going on here?!?!? Any ideas on why I am able to do this? And then on top of that, I am having the most fun and exciting time of my life....Ok, Hold the Phone!!! What!?!?!?!?! Please tell me WHY!!!! There is no rhyme or reason for it, it makes no sense, when you're tired, you are cranky, and when you are cranky then no one has a good time. Why!?
*Now I expect every single one of you to just say all together in unison as you read this all at the same time because that is how it is done in the movies, "It is the Power of God, Silly!!!  Now get back to work!"
Oh!!! It is the Spirit of God helping me out, eh!? Well that makes more sense.
This past week was pretty fantastic, by the way, if you couldn't tell from the title there was a New Years celebration that I was able to attend. It was called Hmong New Year! The reason I was able to do that is because my companion is a Hmong speaker. YAY!!! Hmong!!! Anyway, I have little time and I must go, but I want you to know that I love you and that I am still kicking it with the cool guys! I love this work, I am glad to be a part of it, and I wish all of you a HAPPY HMONG NEW YEAR!!!
Love ya,
Elder Wheeler
P.s. Mom!!! Typos Please!!! Love ya too!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Letter From Kelson - Week #83 - Turkey makes me Sleepy...ZzzZzzZzz

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!
That is right! It is the day when all people decide that their desire for eating healthy and losing weight will fly right out the window and hit their annoying neighbor in the face, because we have turned this day into a feed your face until your stomach explodes and then plop your, now massive, butt on the couch and watch some TV... I LOVE THIS HOLIDAY!!! It's a FAT KID'S favorite day of the year, and being a missionary is even better during this time, because if we play our cards right, we can repeat this cycle as many times as we want because members of the Church, at least here in the United States, will gladly have you over to feed you full of deliciously tasty food and then they will make you eat their most delicious pie, and then send you off to another dinner so that you can repeat it all over again and again!!! FOOD!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! My dissertation to this amazing holiday has been concluded. Please continue to read; if you have no desire to read because you are about to vomit, please proceed to the nearest bathroom, expel the excess food from your stomach, and then please return to the computer. You need to read this, it is super important!
Please wipe your face, you have some cranberry sauce on your cheeks. Thanks, it makes writing this to you easier, it's kind of weird trying to speak to people when they have food on their face. It is so hard to focus on what I am saying, when I am focused on how long that food had been there, or whether or not you were really saving it for later. I hope you were saving it for later though, because there are kids in Africa starving right now and they could have eaten that cranberry sauce...  just kidding; they couldn't have gotten the cranberry sauce, but there are still those kids in Africa, so say a few prayers and try the best you can to donate to the Church Humanitarian fund, so they will receive food. :)
It has been 10 days and a lot has happened since I was last able to write. In these past few days I have been able to meet a General Authority of the Church, I have taught a super awesome lesson with our Mission President and my companion, and I have felt the winds of change upon our shoulders (it was windy all day the other day XD) Which brings me to the story corner of the mission!!! YAY!!  STORY TIME!!!
It was a Blustery cool Day! 
By: Spider-man 
Illustrated by:... no money to pay an illustrator, sorry.
It was a blustery cool day, in the early fall of northern California; yeah, California isn't always sunny and it gets cold. On this day, which was one of epic proportion, because the driver of the nicest car in the world, a 2011 Toyota Corolla, began to feel a chill in his body as it was reaching temperatures of 50 degrees or so.
"WoW! I've been here too long" he said, "HAHA you are so lame now" his companion muttered, as he is freezing too...
They jump in the Corolla and they are off to see the wizard. This isn't just any wizard this wizard is a high class, super smart, and quite British.

*Yeah that is right, he is British! Want to fight about it?...I may just keep interjecting; sorry..Oops
They sat, they learned, they enjoyed, they were chastised greatly, These two elders were just soaking it up like a sponge that has not tasted the refreshment of cool water in it's entire life.
*Poor Sponge...Please take a moment of silence for the sponge...
As the elders departed they left feeling enriched and happy, then there was a sudden breeze, it blew from the north to the north, and then from the south to the south, and then from east to east, then from west to west...I think it might have been a not so good breeze, it is almost like it was running away from us.
"Did we do something?" - Missionary 1
"Nope!, those are the Winds of Change my good sir! Winds of Change!!" - Missionary 2
"I feel the change, I feel it!!!" - Missionary 1
There was a brisk motion, a quick reaction and the face planting of a George Washington, meeting Missionary 2 square in the noggin.

"Ouch!" - Missionary 2
Since then, things have changed; there are a couple of people who just decided to be baptized!!! So the winds of change are real. I know they are real and that it works. My stories are kind of open ended and they never really end. I wonder what my English teacher would say?... Don't tell Mrs. Pace.
Time for a nap!!! YAY!!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
Love ya,
Elder Wheeler

Monday, November 18, 2013

Letter From Kelson - Week # 82 - Drop it like it's HOT!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!
Is it just me, or is it MORMON here?!! (please read the joke out loud and it will make sense)
Seeing as how it is currently a beautiful 71 degrees with a slight gusty breeze, I guess it truly is warm in here. I am loving this weather, except for one key ingredient...We are missing Rain, Snow, and maybe some change in seasons. It smells like November, somewhat, but it doesn't feel like November, it seems more like August or May. Now that all of you are either jealous, or just laughing, because you know how much I love cold weather, I will proceed to the highlighted route and then the story telling will start.
This past week was pretty fantastic...actually I am just saying that, this past week was super tough. Now I'm not talking FORD Tough, because those break too easily, but I am talking like overcooked steak. There were a lot of things that just didn't seem to go as planned. It almost seems like we were wandering around not doing anything, but to highlight what I am talking about I want to tell you the story of the "Birds in the Wilderness"
This story starts like all good TV shows with a theme song, it goes like this
Tune goes like this (Do do do do, dodada doda do...or something like that)
"Here we sit like birds in the wilderness
Birds in the Wilderness
Birds in the Wilderness
Here we sit like birds in the wilderness
Waiting on some one to get baptized"
(While reading please speak as Steve Irwin) (RIP)
We come to the deep dark jungle of the Downtown Sacramento streets of Lower Sacramento, Northern Elk Grove, and Eastern West Sacramento. In these jungles there are a rare species of White Breasted, Tie-blers. These birds are so rare that they only appear once for 2 years and then they die out forever. As we go on our safari please make sure not to feed the birds as they are ravenous and they may become permanently attached to you because they love food.
These birds are quite unique in their pursuits, you never see them by themselves, they always have a buddy, and if you ever see one alone, they usually freak out and find it very hard to think, let alone fly, so they usually fall from their trees in a petrified state. This only happens once in a blue moon, so there will be no need to panic or even think about trying to make them squirm, for it doesn't work. Let's watch as they go into action... (Imagine two birds sitting in a tree and a non-suspecting person walks across the street) As we zoom in we can see they are preparing to swoop in for a Suh suh suhweet! contact! ...OH oh there they go!!!! (Swooping motion as the birds launch from the tree) As you can see these birds are gentle to their contact as they swoop in with the good word, but it seems these people don't like them. That person is just flailing his arms and legs (Simultaneously by the way, imagine that someone flailing both their arms and legs at the same time...that's pretty funny right?!)
OH NO!!! One of the birds got tagged...I wonder if it will live??? Lets go check it out.
*Runs ever so fast, but really in slow mo, because everything is better in slow mo, camera guy trips because he is a Clumsy Carl, breaks the lens so all you will receive from now on is audio only...SORRY* (By the way, we fired that camera guy)
The Bird just "DROPPED like it's HOT!!" I don't believe I have ever seen such brutality in this manner toward a fowl before. This guy was heartless, insensitive, actually I think he was just not interested...oh well, no one can blame him for saying "no."  It's OK, the bird seems to be rising up to take another try at this...Another swoop, and another crazy encounter with the hard ground...It seems that everyone these birds try to talk to are telling them "no"...Why? What do they have against their words? I am not sure, what to think here,
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo A crocodile!!! I love those things!!!!
Oh wait, we are looking for the White breasted, Tie-bler..Sorry, I have ADD. ;P
It seems this bird is resilient and wont give up, that is what I like to call having the heart of a sting ray.
XD lol! (Sorry if it is too soon, I love Steve Irwin)
Well folks that is it for these rare birds, they are resilient, they don't let anything get them down, they are way tougher that a FORD any day of the year...I'm Steve Irwin and this is Animal Planet!
We had to drop all of our investigators this past week, it was super rough, we were told on many fronts that they were not interested, the work seemed to halt, but then we remembered whose work it really is...Not mine!! This is the work of God, this is the work of salvation to the world. God will not be stopped, and we see it through the great blessing of our zone being able to baptize 7 truly converted people this month. 1 more than our goal of 6. There are all sorts of things that happen to us in our lives that may make things seem like the world is ending and that if we don't get it our way then we will never be happy and life will cease...well I hate to tell you this, but tomorrow is coming baby, there is no way that tomorrow won't come because whether it is a mortal tomorrow or a spiritual tomorrowtomorrow always comes. This is Eternity, "and there ain't nothing you girls can do about it." We have great things going on into this week and we are going to be able to see many amazing things come to pass in the branch in which I am serving, sorry you won't be here to experience it with me. I guess you'll just have to keep reading. Keep up the prayers; they are helping make things easier here.
To my cheering section around the world,

Elder Wheeler
Love ya!!!
p.s. MOM!!! TYPOS!!!
p.p.s. Next week the e-mail will not be sent until Thursday. Sorry, but I don't have a P-day until then. Take care! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Letter From Kelson - Week #81 - I love to bowl!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

This is a really late letter. I am now coming to you live from the bowling alley just down the street from our apartment. This is so awesome!  I love technology and iPads and awesome members who come bowling with us and allow me to write this ridiculously long e-mail on their iPad while we bowl. 

This past week was pretty awesome.  My companion, Elder Allred, is pretty awesome.  We have a lot of things in common and we are having a blast. I am reminded that every companion is meant for me and I don't need to worry too much about what they are good at because we will be compatible. For you inquiring minds, I will tell you a little bit about my zone and their zoneness. My zone consists of 21 missionaries: 18 elders and 3 sisters with 4 different languages being spoken. We have Spanish, Hmong, Cambodian, and English.  There are a lot of things that are going on as we are here trying to baptize all nations, we have 2 planned baptisms this month and the possibility of 5 more. We are also striving for the goal of 12 in the month of December. It is going to be hard, but I definitely believe we can accomplish this goal, we are the best zone in the mission. I have no doubt in the abilities of these missionaries. It is going to be awesome to see the faith of the elders and sisters grow from the miracles that are taking place. I'm getting emotional now...sorry I think I may start to cry... Please give me a moment...

One moment later!!!

I'm back, aren't you so glad, because you might have just stopped reading and cried yourself because I didn't finish my dissertation on my week. I guess this is the moment you have all looked forward to...story time with Elder Wheeler

Once upon a time, there was a coconut; but this wasn't just any coconut, it was a coconut that was carried across the many waters of the world by two African swallows, not to be confused with European swallows that seem to do that every once and a while...where was I?  Oh yeah, the coconut, anyway this coconut had a dream, it's dream was to sing a lovely song with the song birds of the USA. However, this coconut had one problem. After it was imported into the USA it was quickly deported to some weird place to be put into an Almond Joy candy bar...poor coconut.  Well, the moral of the story is that if you travel by swallow make sure to ask for a landing zone a bit farther from the border, it might save your life. But if you aren't traveling by swallow I think you will be OK  As for the dream of the coconut, he was unsuccessful in completing that wonderful dream, but I know one thing he was successful at, he satisfied my hunger for something this story may not make any sense whatsoever, but the real moral behind it is that you shouldn't let dreams go unaccomplished it will drive you loony.  I have these dreams in my brain that have been floating around it and I am always wondering if I will ever accomplish them. But then this week I was a given a great opportunity to commune with my Father in heaven. And he reminded me that if I just pray always, then I can make sure to accomplish all I am capable of. So I will just stop worrying about it. As long as I have God on my team, I am good to go!!! Wahoo!!! 

(Insert wahoo!!!  Face here)

I love all of you and wish to continue to make you proud, but please try and keep you expectations kind of down to earth so that I don't end up disappointing you;)

Love ya,
Elder wheeler

P.s. Mom, I am using an iPad so I have not capitalized the things that need it and or had good spelling, please fix it...TYPOS!!!!! Love ya

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Letter from Kelson - Week #80 - What the Pho!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!
Wow!! It is that time once again, I am writing on a Tuesday, which doesn't make any sense because our P-day is on Monday... Hum? Why is this? Maybe when Daylight savings time hit, California lost a day; we do have some weird laws here, or maybe there was a huge atomic war and everyone died but us, because we just so happened to be in a fallout shelter, and because we have been in here so long, it seems like a Tuesday, but really is a Monday. I am not sure what could have happened to cause this phenomenon, however, I do know one thing though, I am not leaving the Sacramento YSA Branch anytime soon... Oh wait, I know where I was going with this beginning sentence structure/paragraphical notations that seem to be continuing to grow as I explain that I had an epiphany. It was a TRANSFER Week. That makes a whole heck of a lot more sense than a nuclear fallout and a loss of time and space, or daylight savings falling back a day. Phew, I am so glad we figured that out, it would have caused me to go into convulsions as I was striving to find out what I had forgotten.
I am staying here in Sacramento and I will be changing companions. His name is Elder Allred, he is a Hmong missionary that has been pulled out of the Hmong program to come be a zone leader with me. It is also potentially his last transfer of his mission, so I may be here a while. My current companion is going home to his mom and dad, taking his tears with him as he has to leave the mission which he so wholly loved. I am being made the Senior Zone Leader which means I get the ability to drive the car now. I have been riding shotgun this whole time and now it is my turn to shine. I am excited, but I am also nervous. I have been known to blow chances I have been given, by becoming overly excited, doing something that is with half a mind, and then being demoted back to the Scarecrow mode of life. Please keep me in your prayers as I will be driving with these crazy Californians on their turf, trying not to die in the process.
I know you are all looking forward to a story so I will tell you of a story that happened this morning.
It was a beautiful morning, we woke up to nice sunshine with the breeze slightly blowing to cool down our morning workout, because you know it was heated. As I jumped the rope, to cause my little heart to beat with increasing rhythm, I smelled the lovely smell of the soon to be coming Winter season.
*I love winter, by the way, It is so wonderful and it is full of so many great smells*
Finishing my slight cardio and entering the apartment, I finished my workout with some good intensity and then hit the showers. My shower was a nice warm temperature, which if you knew the history behind our terribly mean hot water heater, is very rare. After I finished, I had 20 min to eat breakfast and prepare for my wonderful preparation day. I studied, I prayed, I feasted upon the words of Christ and loved every minute of it. The thing I looked forward to the most is that I was about 2 hours away from washing our lovely car, and finally paying off a debt of washing a member's car at the same time. My companion was soon picked up by the Hmong elders as they headed to the temple. Everything was great, we started companion study with my new temporary companions. We sang, we laughed, we talked about investigators, and then a rogue thought jumped into my noggin that I think was placed there by partial inspiration and another part by my own future planning.
"I hope he left the Keys to the car and church building on his desk?"
I thought this was a weird thought, but because I was wondering, I ran up the stairs to our study room and looked, and looked, and looked and looked. Nothing!! He took the Keys with him to the Temple, which wasn't close enough for them to turn back, and I remembered just as he was entering his temple session... (Right now if you want to throw a chair you may, I was contemplating throwing some, but I didn't because I am a bit more cool headed than least at this moment). This is the big dilemma that plagued my morning. We had to find some way to do all that we could do, without the car, or the keys to anything else...It was a very sad morning. The worst part was having to make a phone call, which in YSA work means a text message, to the member whom we had previously set up to wash their car, many times...I think this is number 4 or 5, because we have been borrowing their stuff to wash our car, so we promised to wash theirs. This was like the 6th time we have had to cancel on them because of unforeseen circumstances! 
*Face palm! * 
The cancelling took place and my integrity died right there.
We then proceeded to try and do as much as possible to make the morning productive. It was somewhat productive, but in the end we have lots to do and very little time to do. Although this morning was very stressful, there was a nice member of the church who played a beautiful piano for us... It was the most soothing and harmonic music I had heard in a long time. As he played, I felt my stress levels dropping slightly, I could feel the little tender mercies of the Lord touch my life and I began to put thoughts together as to how this day can play out. I think we have everything taken care of now, my companion has returned, we have the keys and forgiveness has been given/hopefully received for my lack of integrity. 
WHAT A MORNING! I guess the rest of the day had better be great then ;)
I would like to shout out to the member in whom we have found the wrongs against us, even though they said that forgiveness would come. I am sorry for the inconvenience and the trouble that we have been continuously causing you as we are the most unreliable, reliable missionaries known to man. I will make sure to try harder on my integrity, so that this type of thing doesn't happen again. Have faith, I may be pretty dumb in some aspects, but I won't stop trying.
Thanks for the prayers and all the words of encouragement, I will work on coming up with a super awesome story for next week.
Elder Wheeler
p.s. The Pho, is actually pronounced as (F-uh) and it is Vietnamese soup of some kind. it tastes really good! Try it out sometime.
p.s.s. MOTHER TYPOS PLEASE!!! Love ya!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Letter From Kelson - Week # 79 - HAPPY HALLOWEEN... oh wait, I don't get to trick or treat... :(

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is here! Halloween has arrived and I am sooooooooo excited! Except for the little hiccup of my not being able to participate. I want to dress up like a Pokemon and just run around claiming I am still in my youth, but that I am a really big kid. That would be awesome! Call me childish if you want, but I already knew I, so you will need to come up with something I don't know. Seeing as how Halloween is this week, we as missionaries will be spending the evening in one of our buildings watching the new hit movie "Ephraim's Rescue" (only a hit to members of the church, and those who love inspiring movies) and having a huge dinner provided by the Relief Society Sisters of 3 different congregations. They are so nice here. I could just die from utter joy and happiness.
But I know that the only reason you tune into this channel is because you want to know what has happened, not about my plans for the future. Seeing as how I am such a nice guy. I guess I will enlighten you on the past shenanigans of this week.
Had a lesson with this guy who wanted to get baptized the next day!! Uh WHAT!?!?! Yeah it was crazy, we were just as shocked as you are. Then we talked to some people and worked some things out; but it wasn't possible to baptize him the next day. It was just too soon, now the reason it was for the next day is because he drives a 18-wheeler and is only in town for a few days. We are still working with him, we are calling him while he is away, helping to give him encouragement to go to church wherever he is in the US and then reading scriptures with him and helping him to progress. That way, when he gets back in February or so, he can be baptized.
Then we have been struggling to add people to our teaching pool, but we didn't lose hope because that would be utterly preposterous. What kind of missionary loses hope?! We might have been playing on the edge of the cliff in danger of falling off "Hope Mountain", but we have seen way too many miracles to start doubting now. At the end of the week we were out and about and we stopped this kid on a bike. He was totally in need of the Gospel, between his recent move, and the disappointment of not being admitted to college, he needed a good uplifting word. That is what we gave him. I nice pat on the back and a Book of Mormon in hand. We set up another appointment with him, and unfortunately he wasn't there, but he will be there when we go back. I know it! And then God felt compassion on us. He told some other elders to stop and talk to this girl, and so they did, and now we are teaching her because she fell into our jurisdiction since we cover the Young Singles. She is pretty awesome, and she said she would be baptized on the 30th of November!!! WAHOO!!! Miracle! However, God didn't stop there. He then allowed us to struggle all day on Sunday trying to achieve our daily goals. As we struggled, he kept pushing us to try harder, he kept saying, "just keep going I have work yet for you to do."  Then as we showed up, a wee bit late, to our dinner appointment, He said "This is the time you've been waiting for!" We walked up to the door, and I made the brief comment to my companion, "These people are going to have a new investigator sitting at their dinner table for us, and we will be able to achieve our lessons taught to a member present goal, and our new Investigator goal, and receive another referral" I said this in a jovial manner that could have been taken as to be making light of our situation...Little did I know that the Lord was just waiting on the other side of the door with exactly that. We were able to talk about the Gospel quite a bit with this member's less active son and his non-member girlfriend!!! Then we set up the return appointment, gave a Book of Mormon away with a reading assignment, and ended our evening...
WHAT!!! This only happens in the Movies!!
It happened ladies and gentleman and I guess I will have to just have to say WOW!!
That was my Hollywood moment for the week, but I think this is way better than Hollywood, because this isn't faker than fake. This is really what happened and I believe that if I keep doing what is right then I will see more awesome things happen in my life, the kind of things some people only think happen in the movies. I  believe this is the end of my weekly epistle as some may say to my lovely readers back home, but I want you to know that I have a testimony of the truthfulness of the message that I am sharing. i know sometimes I write funny stories, or accounts where I am injured in some way, but that doesn't change the fact the Miracles are happening, lives are changing and that this work is the work of God.  I just get to work for him for a wee bit. I love what I am doing and would never ever ever ask for anything else. I wish I could stay forever. Just don't tell my mother, she wouldn't allow that. She has kind of grown attached to me. I guess I'll serve my time and go from there. Love you all!
Elder Wheeler
P.s. This is TRADITION, that makes it OK... TYPOS MOTHER!!!!! Love ya

Monday, October 21, 2013

Letter from Kelson - Week # 78 - We're taking on Water Captain!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!
It's once again time for the weekly update from everyone's favorite superhero CAPTAIN INJURY!!! How did you like my story last week? Was it good? Scary? Did you have to place both hands over the wee little children's eyes as they imagined the horrifying scene? Did anyone cry? or did you just say, "I expected as much"? I need to know these things. Please let my mother know the answers to these questions so she may return and report to me, and give me an understanding of the feelings of my readers. I need to know these things, just in case I am getting too graphic for those people with sensitive imaginations. The small children should be fine, but I am really thinking about that much older generation that is having to read these things...DON'T YOU DIE ON ME!!!
This week was super awesome! We had one of the most memorable baptisms EVER! The person who received the great blessing of being baptized was named Josh and he is one big man! I think I already revealed his size, but I'll do it again for those who are new to the reading crowd. He is 6'9" easily 400lbs. He is just a really big man. He is also one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, he has a tender heart, a desire to follow Christ, and he likes a lot of the same things I do...YAY! I want to tell you about his baptismal experience, from the point of view of someone looking from the outside in.
He stood in the water, about waist high for a normal person or about to his lower knee cap, on the shorter leg.  His smile reached from Maine to Washington skipping over the mountains and shooting straight to Thailand. The light shown in his countenance, his eyes glimmered like stars in the night sky, and his Toga was as white as the driven snow. It seemed as if all of his cares and sorrows were about to be lifted from his shoulders. He felt the peace of the Savior fall upon him as he gracefully went down into the moderately warm water. Down he went, as the death of his old self, and up again to feel revitalized and ready to face the challenges of the next day. When he was down, however, The Toga felt it necessary to stay afloat giving a bit of a hindrance to the ordinance which had been performed. When he arose from the water he gasped for air to breathe in his new life, and the witnesses who stood watching made the subtle but quiet statement...
"We're sorry, but you'll need to do it again, the clothes were not submerged with him"
*Now to the regular person whom is unaware, this ceremony is so important that it needs to be done exactly correct, and in the correctness of it the clothes need to be completely submerged as well as the person. This is why we needed to perform it again. I will now continue with the recitation*
There he stood once again, this time a bit wetter than before, but still glowing and now with much more shimmering, because of the light reflecting off the water on his skin. He still was containing his Joy as he was thinking of all the cool things he was about to do as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He took another deep breath and waited for the prayer to be uttered. The Prayer was spoken, the Amen was called, and the baptism proceeded. He took one last deep breath and laid back so that he may be submerged in the water. What he didn't realize is that his deep breath filled his lungs and made him more buoyant than before. He floated atop the water, but the Lord needed him to become a member, so the Lord through a still small voice spoke to the Priesthood holder performing the ordinance to lay him down and push him under. he felt two hands push him down submerging his body, and then the cloth in its rebel ways was still floating. The priesthood holder quickly acted, forcing the cloth under the water just in time for everything to be completely immersed in water for one moment. The baptism was completed and Josh came straight away out of the water with the feelings of everlasting joy and happiness. He had done it! He had finished the race to the starting line and then started on the journey to Exaltation. Now the real fun begins.
It was super fun to be able to see this ordinance performed. I personally felt the Spirit very strongly and so did the members of the congregation that attended. Josh's mother who was in attendance was very pleased and happy with the service, even though she is not of our faith, she too, had felt the Spirit at that moment. This is just proof that the Spirit will testify to all about the truthfulness of the message of the Restoration. I know that as I open my mouth others can receive the happiness that Josh has just recently experienced.  I long to help others to have similar experiences. I hope the baptism we are planning for this weekend continues to hold strong. We are expecting to be able to see many people enter into the waters of baptism these last few months. We are going for 721 total for the year of 2013. We are only 200 or so short, piece of cake with God's help ;)
I also gave a talk in sacrament meeting, it was an amazing talk, from the reviews I have received. The first two speakers were very short winded. I had 30 mins to fill, and I am pleased to announce that I didn't disappoint. I spoke the whole time and I think everyone was engaged in the talk...I guess I really do like to hear myself talk, one of my many flaws that I will deal with. (Note to my Bishop: I don't know if you are expecting me to speak for a long time or not, but it would be wise to put me last...I like to go on and on and on)
My week is completed now, and I go off to make more adventures.
Love ya,
Elder Wheeler
*EXCLAMATION POINT* ( name that talk from conference) ;)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Letter from Kelson - Week # 77 - Kicking off Fall the right way, by putting my best foot forward! ;) Take 2!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!
Hey you! It has been forever! Maybe we should just get sealed together, that way we can be together forever. That way I don't have to find new readers. Seeing as how that is impossible I guess you will just have to keep reading and hope that I don't type forever because if I do keep typing you may end up just having to keep reading until your eyeballs fall right out of your head and roll under the couch, where it is always impossible to retrieve whatever it is, and then you will become the most blind kids I know. *Cricket...Cricket...*
Ok, I will leave that out of my stand up act when I finally decide to leave for the show life, but until then I will tell you about my week. This past week was fantastic! We were able to see the baptism of Kylie M., "That was Totally Wicked!!!" (movie Quote ) It was actually "RIGHTEOUS!!!, RIGHTEOUS!!!" (Movie Quote again) There were so many people there that I thought we would have had to move into the Chapel to have the service. It didn't happen in the chapel, but it still happened nonetheless. Then this upcoming weekend we are going to be blessed to see the baptism of Joshua T., Super SOLID!! This guy also is like the biggest guy I will ever get to teach. He is like 6'9" and he weighs about as much as a locomotive, but he is built like a locomotive too. We may just have to have three people in the font with him so that we can actually baptize him without anyone getting hurt, or needing to go see a doctor for a strained back. This month our Zone is looking to baptize 8 people and then next month we are planning on baptizing 9 people, and then in December, for White Christmas!!! we are planning on baptizing 12 people! WE ARE TOTALLY GOING TO SUCCEED, but not because we are prideful or have anything to do with it, but we are always praying for miracles and these missionaries are some of the hardest working people I know. The Lord blesses those whom he calls if they are diligent, or anxiously engaged in a good cause. There is the update on the missionary work, now for the story which you have all been waiting for...
*This story is one of most epic proportions, please turn off all the lights and grab a box of super buttery popcorn so all the boring parts slip right through your fingers, like the football through Elder Wheeler's hands at the Friday night football game.*
Narrator: It seems to me that all of the best event always start with someone saying a prayer.
(We see someone sitting in a red chair in front of a fireplace. As the camera zooms in, the person begins to speak)
Hi, I am Elder Wheeler and I want to give you the account of my dealing with my fellowman.
(Begins to read the book in his hand...)
It is fall once again, when you walk outside you hear the wonderful wind blow right across your nose with the sweet aroma that only comes when the leaves change colors and you know that it is October. The slight chill of the temperature, mixed with the wind, gives my friends and I an unusual sensation of maybe wearing our jackets today as we leave for the tasks of the day. It is about 10 am and we are just loving this season change. We make our way to the car, conversing and whatnot about the tasks of the day, how we are going to be successful and if we will make this day better than the day before. As we turn one to another in the car before depart a slight thought of happiness goes through my mind of "I think today will be a great day, and I believe I will get everything I need done...YAY!!!" We then leave for our tasks at hand, we shop for the goodies in which we love to eat. We fill the Child's seat in the cart with vegetables, bananas, other fruits, and some good food that will nourish us as we work hard each day. Then we fill the main basket in the cart with all sorts of other things that may help us be good missionaries...Ramen noodles, maybe some junk food, a couple of gallons of milk, and then some Protein Powder so we can say that we will just burn all of these useless calories away as we workout in the morning.
(Pans out from the book for a second to look at the person in the chair)
"It is true, Protein Powder makes calories vanish!!!"
(Pans back down)
We return to our abode, lugging in our 100 pounds of unnecessary food and our 5 oz. of good for you stuff, only to find that we are late for the most fun activity of the day... P-Day Sports!!!
*WAHOO!!!*(Sorry, Narrator interjection)
We quickly change, we run out the door, say a quick prayer and we are off like the lights when you don't pay your electric bill.  Elder Cheney, the speed demon that he is, cruises past the traffic of California, blazing past cops left and right, telling them that we have important things to do, but they are ok with us doing this for they are unable to catch us. We are like greased lightning, Musical Chorus and all.. (Shout out to John Travolta!) We arrive, those of the Zone are waiting for us, for we have the equipment to play the said game they have desired to play. We remove the Most Glorious Spherical object known to man, which is loved by many and causes great competitions all around the world. it is called a Soccer ball!!
*Oh yeah! Loving this already...* (Sorry another interjection...)
We combine in the gym, we start things off right like any activity with missionaries, we say a prayer. Our prayer was said by one of the most competitive people I know, his name is Elder Moua, he speaks Hmong, so of course he says the prayer in Hmong, none of us understand him, be we know when to say "Amen" because its just what Mormons do. The "Amen" is given, we all jump up for joy, and begin the vigorous game of Soccer! There are passes made, players dodged, and goals attempted. The ball is flying left and right; there is no stopping the ferocious players from trying their hardest to get that little ball into the net, or the Red padding on the wall in the gym, Elder Cheney took his excitement from his driving and turned it into his ball playing skills and became the MVP of his team, it was scary!
*Must be Halloween soon...humm  Bad joke?* (I think I will just stop apologizing and keep commentating )
The game continues, there is sweat flying through the air as missionaries glide across the wood floor, spinning with the ball upon their heads, dodging one another, trying to make themselves look like David Beckham, kicking screaming and calling out shots. There is just no taming this animal that has been created by many hours of just straight hard work. Oh wait, maybe there is a taming process possible...
Two missionaries go at it, they are going forth full steam ahead, their engines are about to overheat, their love for the game is showing and they have no idea what will result, but they really want that ball. The ball stays stationary, the best feet go forward, contact is made with the ball on both sides, there is a exclamation of exhaust and relief, along with a heavy exhale and maybe some slow motion.
*Are you watching this in your head? This is getting good!*
One missionary prevails, the other falls to his knees in defeat, as he fall to his knees in defeat his mind reminds him of his loss, through a very unusual process. he looks down, crying from his loss, but really his emotions are going out of whack, as he looks down he notices that his best foot is missing...
*What?!* Just kidding, I threw that in there for Grins and Giggles... Gotcha! ;)*
There is striking pain shooting up his leg into his body, following the trail to his brain and then telling him to sit down for a minute. His pride was not the only thing hurt this day, it seems he has caused some ligament damage to his "best foot"... Fall just started, how could this be? This wonderful missionary has kicked off (soccer) his fall the right (side of body) way, by putting his (Mine) best foot forward (Foot/ankle)...That poor chump!...I wonder what his Grandma and mother would be thinking right now???
(Pan back to the person in the chair)
The rest of the Story has yet to be written, but I guess I will stop there. Thank you for joining me for another episode of Elder Wheeler Theater. Have a sophisticated evening! Good Bye!
Love ya all,
Elder Wheeler
p.s. MOM!!! please look for the typos and know that you are loved. ;)
p.p.s I am fine, there is no need to fear, I am just on crutches for a few weeks that is all. Love ya

Mom's note:  I think the boy should just be wrapped up in bubble wrap sometimes. Wouldn't it be great if people started sending him pieces of it? LOL 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Letter From Kelson - Week # 76 - Pome-grenade Shenanigans!!! - Kicking off Fall the right way, by putting my best foot forward! ;)

Good Morning From Sunny California!!! (Shout out to Elder Eichelberger for the title!)
Hey you! I am so sorry it has been forever, but you know how it is, when you are just so popular like me, you never have time to tell people what is really going on because your attention is taken else where... Just Kidding
Last week, I went to a place called Coloma! It is the place where Gold was first discovered in California that caused the 1849 rush of the Ages! Anyway, we went, we saw, and I came home with enough money to pay for my whole life...If I were to die this instant maybe, but then my family would have to pick up the bill. I really came home with nothing; sorry to all those who were expecting me to put them through school or anything, I am just not meant for Gold Panning. Thus, I returned home around 5 and had no time to write a letter telling you about the massive amount of fun that I had.
Now you are probably scratching your head wondering why the name of this letter is so long and crazy, just like the writer of these extraordinarily long novels that seem to take up all of your time, causing a huge financial burden on your families because you are late for work due to your total enslavement to the words written on this page. Stop scratching!  You might cause some permanent brain damage once you hit the brain stem. I want to tell you two stories, one will make you laugh, and I think the other may make you cry. Plus, I will have to pound these out in like 20 mins so please enjoy as my fingers catch fire and I will not be able to write next week.
Pomegrenade Shenanigans!
It was a nice cool morning, which really means that it was somewhere around 80 degrees because my thermometer broke last summer, when the war between missionary and delicious fruit began. There was no warning, there was no cause, but the fruits of the nation were fed up with the poor treatment they receive from the missionaries who love to consume them oh so much! YUM!!! Oh sorry, I got sidetracked thinking about food. Anyway, The leaders of this revolt were the tenaciously devious and somewhat obese Pomegranates of California, not to be confused with the skinny, lame, and quite unappetizing Pomegranates of Southern Ohio that I have yet to try because I was lame.  These devious sons of a fruit basket where in the process of being devoured by a non-missionary who loves them and loves the sweet nectar of their seedy centers. He was waiting patiently for his initial strike, but he knew that the missionary couldn't help but try and help the innocent bystander that was slowly sucking away his life force. The missionary reached forth and said "Hey! I would love to help you with that!" He grabs the pomegranate, he holds it firmly in his hand and pulls back his Hulk hands of Smashing to give it a quick smash to open it up for a faster death. The Pomegranate was desirous for this to happen, all his nights waiting to return the favor of losing so many friends to the stomachs of loving missionaries were about to come into real time play. With his body somewhat already open, he builds up pressure, and then when the Smash of the Missionary's hand comes down on the fruit, he releases his built up anger and resentment and Shoots his inner workings all over the missionary's tie and shirt! As the missionary stands in awe and amazement he looks down at his now defeated foe, who smiles back at the missionary knowing that he has now served his purpose and is now resting in peace. The pictures were taken of the crime scene and the missionary is now being prosecuted for the slaughter of a delicious fruit, maliciously, but the courts are rejecting the pleas so the Missionary is off, unjudged, but the memories of that sad day still linger in his heart every time he sees that white shirt coated in sweet delicious nectar. He feels remorse, and has since apologized to the family of the dead pomegranate, but then he ate the family too.
-The End
What do you think? Don't answer that.  Well, I am out of time so the next story will have to wait till next week!
We are having great success here in the Sacramento YSA Branch and I have got to say that the Lord has blessed us with great people, great opportunities and happiness all in one wave of delight. This weekend we are going to be able to see the Baptism of one Kylie M, who is so solid, she answered all of the Baptismal interview questions so perfectly that my jaw has yet to recover since last Tuesday when she was given the interview. We also are being blessed to see another baptism next week. Joshua T is being baptized on the 19th and he is the biggest man I have ever seen! He wears a size 24 shoe and just towers over us. He is pretty legit, he has all the right questions and all the right desires. Man, we are just being blessed left and right.  I guess I need to work harder to make the work progress. I have my work cut out for me, Well back to the old grind stone, and I will tell you the story of "Kicking off Fall the right way, by Putting my best foot forward!"
Love ya,
Elder Wheeler
P.s. Mom! I love you, in between your puddle jumping, please correct my typos!!! Love ya