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Letter From Kelson - Week #96 - Families are Forever, and Friends last that Long too!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

Have I told you how wonderful my mission is??? I think it is really great! I love every minute, of every hour, of every day, of every week, of every month, of every transfer, of every quarter, of every bi-annual, of every tri-quarter annual, of every annual, of every 2 annual moment!!!! I just LOVE IT SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!
Hola - Sister Dalley
My keyboard has been jacked and hacked and I now have an interruption in my thought process and e-mail... This is where a face and palm become best friends and meet each other often as life continues on in motion.
I wanted to tell you of the most amazing experiences I have been having this past week as I have seen some of the fruits of my hard labors, and the Lord has shown me the tender mercies of His hand. This past week I had the opportunity to have 2 families from past areas come and visit for an hour or so and share a meal with me. One of them was a family from my second area; they are totally awesome!…

Letter From Kelson - Week # 95 - King Kong vs. Peanut Butter Jelly Time vs. The Member Missionary!!!!

Editor's (Mom's) Note:  Sorry this was so late coming out.  I had to make sense of what he was saying so you'd be able to understand it.  I think he was a little distracted when writing it.  

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!
It is soooooooooo Sunny and warm here in Sacramento, Geez I think I may just have to soak it all up. I mean, just look outside and take it all in, there are nice warm rays of sunlight beaming onto my uncovered arms as I am wearing a short sleeved shirt. The rain has parted and there is a nice median temperature of 68 degrees or so, and on top of all that I am able to drive safely and securely because the roads are clear of any type of water that would cause driving to be more difficult. I don't think anyone could ever be jealous of me when the weather is just soooooooo Wonderful! 
It has been another great week for missionary work everywhere! I think that there is a definite hastening of the Lord's work, and if you are not a part of it, it …

Letter From Kelson - Week # 94 - HAPPY NO LOVE TO MISSIONARY DAY!!! ;(

Good Morning From Sunny California!!! I want to just say that we have had an answer to an area fast! It has been raining all week and it is great!! YAY for cars! I am loving this whole Zone Leader thing, It makes staying dry so much easier. Last year I was on a bike when it was raining and it wasn't daisies and sunshine, but it was pretty fun. I must say, though, I feel for those missionaries that have to ride their bikes in this weather. It isn't easy to be motivated to go out and ride around your area while you are soaking wet and trying to share the gospel. They are real troopers and I think that every missionary that rides in the rain for at least one whole day on his mission should be given a plaque and a candy bar so that they know that we appreciate their sacrifice for the kingdom of heaven. If we can't afford the candy bar, we will send them a colored picture from my cousin's 7 year old...They are pretty nice! We have been well blessed this past week, we now h…

Letter From Kelson - Week #93 - Copy Right: Rated I (Inappropriate for all ages)

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!
It is once again a beautiful morning in the lovely land of California! The Sun is in the air, the birds are chirping, it is a nice 70 degrees or so, there isn't a care in sight, I could just fall asleep under a tree and live in paradise forever!!! NOT!! That seems like a great day, but there needs to be some diversity! I would like Rain, lots of Rain! Actually bring on a monsoon or maybe a typhoon, or maybe something that brings lots of water with it! I need some change, I am going crazy here. I don't know what season I am in. I think it is supposed to be cold and windy, with snow and freezing temperatures, but it isn't. It is like June in February! I need my change in seasons, without that I get all cranky and I start yelling at people and then my companion has to calm me down, shoot me in the butt with two tranquilizer darts just to keep me from going ape crazy, and then take a hammer and beat me over the head with it so that I am k…