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Letter From Kelson - Week # 70 - Mice are not a Missionary's best friend.

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!! .... Again!!!
Today has not been my day with technology. I accidentally sent my mother a blank message which only said "Good Morning From Sunny California!!!" and then I hit tab and enter and it sent the message.  Each week I also e-mail my mission president to tell him how my week went, what is happening in my area, how he can help me and maybe send him an occasional joke. Well, while I was thus in the act of writing him this great big detailed dissertation about how this area is the best, my companion is the coolest ever and how we are working so hard to get baptisms that people are literally filling up the font themselves, I found this wonderful button on the side of the mouse that I was using. (Inside Kelson's mind: "I wonder what this does???")  *Click* It took me to the previous page that I was on...."Hum well that is interesting. Wait! Does the e-mail system to the mission president save drafts?!?!" "…

Letter From Kelson - Week # 69 - Back in SAC!! (Think of ACDC)

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

It has been a long while since I last wrote to you...What's new? Anything worthy of a shout out from the most handsome missionary in the whole continental United States!?!?!? When I meet him I will tell him to shout it out, but until then you will have to deal with me. I am now serving in the Sacramento Young Single Adult (YSA) Branch with Elder Lawrence, who started his mission a couple of transfers before me in the Mission Oak and Eastern Avenue wards...That's a long time ago now, GEEZ I am old. He is even older, haha
Since I am now serving here I have many more responsibilities!!! YAY! I love responsibility; it is my favorite past time. Right up there with DDR and Scum. It keeps us busy and helps us to see the whole mission succeed. I am a Zone Leader over the whole Sacramento zone, 30 missionaries or so, and I get to help them make sure things run smoothly. And when things have problems, we have this magic bag of fixing agents to make …

Letter from Kelson - Week # 68 - Movin' on UP and not sure how to come DOWN... ;\

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!! 

I love this Work!!! !It is crazy the things that happen when you apply yourself, work hard, eat right, and have a bowl of "Whoop, There it is" in your pocket! This past week was awesome, and I am sad to say that it must end with change and a hard change at best. This past week we went and saw as many people as we possibly could, we taught lessons, we worked hard, I forgot to eat right, but there were a bunch of people who wanted to eat with us later so it worked out in the end and the results that are in this amazing letter come to this. 
Judge #1:  9.5 Judge #2:  9.4 Judge #3:  9.7
The Judges Agree that Arturo is going to get Baptized on August 24th!!! We announced it in church on Sunday and the ward was welcoming and excited to see that there is going to be yet another member added to the congregation. his family is so solid, I must say they are the best family in all of Stockton, besides the Garcia's, but they are moving soon so…

Letter From Kelson - Week # 67 - It's a Good Thing Cows Don't Fly!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!! 

I want everyone to close their eyes and imagine you are in Central America and are inside the biggest native american civilization called the Nephites!!!  Now open your Eyes, and read the last sentence because you can't read a sentence and close your eyes at the same time...unless you are blind, can read braille and/or have supernatural powers. Now that you have imagined the Nephites and are either asking yourself, who are these Nephites that I may know them, or What do I need to do to know more about these Nephites? I will tell you the best place to receive revelation to the question you just asked yourself.... it is contained in the largest set of historical records known to this world of the Native Americans from the time of 600 BC to 430 AD. It contains the Fullness of the Everlasting Gospel.  It has within its pages, Happiness, Joy, Pain, Sorrows, enlightening periods, stories of service and love, but also stories of the bad things that…