Letter From Rhys - Week #0 - Arrival

Greetings from the tropics!

This is my email notifying you that I have successfully and safely arrived at the CCM and am looking forward to learning much and getting some SLEEP!  I could not sleep at all on the flights (no surprise) but all is well and I can still last the next few hours before lights out.  

P-Days start on Thursday of next week, so you won’t be hearing from me until then.  I’ll do my best to upload plenty of pictures.  We are still in Eastern Standard time zone, so we are only 2 hours ahead, however I don’t know if they participate in daylight savings, so come this fall I may be 3 hours ahead.

I must keep this brief but I’m glad to be here and I'm roomed with a couple of amazing elders. I even get my own desk!

Much Love to you all! 

Elder Wheeler

Airport Pictures!

Here are some pictures taken at the airport before Rhys left on Tuesday, August 15th.  His flight left at 11:55 p.m.

A fine group of missionaries all going to the MTC in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  Most of this group is going to the Santo Domingo West mission, 4 are going to the Santo Domingo East mission, and 2 are going to Barbados.  This is NOT the entire group on the flight.  There were 20+ on the flight from SLC to JFK and on to the DR.

These missionaries are all headed for the Santo Domingo East mission once they're finished with their training in the MTC.

One last view as he heads off through security, with Elder Malone who is also going to the East Mission.

Another Wheeler Missionary Getting Ready to Leave

Rhys will report to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in the Dominican Republic on Wednesday, August 16, 2017.  This blog is being switched over from Kelson to Rhys to show all the relevant information for Rhys' mission.

The emails and pictures received from Kelson will still be available on this page, but new content will be all about Rhys.

Stay tuned for pictures, letters, and stories of Shenanigans from the Caribbean.


Good Morning From Sunny California!!! *Effective Immediately* All Missionary services provided by Elder Wheeler will be terminated at the Airport in Dayton, Ohio on Wednesday April 23rd. Any peoples desiring to be at the airport to visit with him when he walks out of the terminal must arrive at the airport promptly at 10:00 pm to be blessed by his presence and be given the opportunity to hug him before his mother...hahaha If you don't wish to be a part of this, or find yourselves without the ability of doing so, please send hugs via the internet, or text message, or Facebook and they will be received with open arms and loving hearts. Those who decide that party pooping is their job and must not do any of the previously stated activities that are given for your profit and learning, will be given a handshake and a "how do you do". That way all will be given the love of the returning servant of the Lord and none will be shunned from the party. Even though they are trying to…

Letter From Kelson - Week #103 - Money don't grow on trees, I wish it did though!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

For everyone's information, today my typing is terrible so if there are any mistakes that my mother does not catch, it is OK, you can forgive her and realize that she is dealing with a crazy person's e-mail writing that needs some help in the typing skills.
It has been a crazy week; so we found out at the beginning of the week that our investigator with a baptismal date that is going to be baptized, doesn't live in our area. She lives in a different zone all together, and because of this we are no longer teaching her and she is no longer going to be baptized by us... ;(  This is okay, though, because she is still getting baptized. This is all that matters, and besides she is having a potluck with all sorts of people there. It will end up being the biggest baptism ever, because there will be 3 wards represented there. It is going to be crazy go nutz! With that being said, we will not be blessed to see a baptism this month, because we ha…

Letter From Kelson - Week #102 - Repentance is Real!!! Forgiveness is Divine!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!! Happy Monday everyone! I am hoping that you are having a great day and that all of your dreams are coming true. I also hope that some of you have read the New Testament and remember when the Lord told his disciples that they should forgive 70 x 7, which in turn means that no matter how many time Elder Wheeler wrongs you or makes you worry for his health and safety that you forgive him every time, because the Lord has already done that. What I am really trying to say is that if there is anyone who has hard feelings about the April Fools joke I may have played on the whole world last week, if you have a hard time forgiving, remember this acronym WWJD...and then apply this like you would the shampoo in the shower. Rinse, Lather, Repeat! Now that you all love me again and don't want to rip my head off or make me wish that I was stuck in a wheelchair covered in tiny pins and needles being endlessly tormented by a loud and obnoxious parakeet that c…

Letter From Kelson - Week #101 - Extensions!!! I love this Work!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

I have BIG NEWS!!! This is so awesome and only happens once in a blue moon anymore. I only have a few lines to write because my time is short, but I have taken the chance of asking my Mission President a very big question.  Actually it is more of a request, but I have asked him if he would allow me to have an extension to my mission. Maybe a transfer or two...Now I did this without consulting my family first, because I didn't know if it would actually happen. So I asked him for this extension, and after much prayer he has pulled some strings and I will be staying in the Sacramento California Mission until June when he goes home as well!!! 
This is awesome! I never thought I would ask for an extension, but I did and look at what happened. I have been given a chance to keep spreading the word. I have been blessed with an opportunity to share the Gospel for another 6 weeks!!! My official release date has …