Kelson Homecoming Countdown

Monday, May 28, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #5

Good Morning Sunny California!!!! This past week has been a huge explosion of success and then recoil in the opposite direction. Oh my heavens it was crazy, so we started the week with the intent of having 2-3 investigators with baptismal dates and being solid in those commitments. Lets just say that that didn't happen at all....GRRRR. I just wish that the people who we are teaching would listen to the spirit that is there in our lessons and just say "Glory Hallelujah, I will be baptized tomorrow!!!". But alas it was not meant to be. My companion and I have been humbled quite a bit as we have struggled to help these chosen sons and daughters of God make that first step towards their eternal salvation. AS we have been humbled we have grown together as a companionship and I feel like this is the best way for me to be trained. We get along just fine, we have long discussions about how we make golden investigators out of our current ones, and then we laugh and are upset because it doesn't work that way. After we are done talking about those who are denying the Christ...jk We talk about the girls in our lives, and how he has his girl-friend waiting for him and she has been super faithful and encouraging about him finishing his mission. I feel that she is perfect for him and I am here to destroy his doubts....hehe. Anyway the work is still going forward we have had a few developments in some of the people we are teaching. The Spirit was so strong at a few of our lessons that this gangster of guy started to tear up as we talked about repentance and such, look up Alma 36. It was pretty sweet and then we had a couple of return appointments with him and he is way excited to be baptized, however, we need to get him to come to church...grrr Thus the frustration with people. We have taught a whole lot of lessons comparatively to past weeks, and we have ridden our bikes from one side of the area to the next. So far my bike has about 130 miles on it, and it is only week 2 in the field. But I got my first flat, some tree decided to throw thorns at me and cause my tire to de-flat as we were providing service for a Catholic Church...isn't that Ironic. Which brings me to a thank you that I must publicly announce...Thank You Father for the extra gift in my care package, that was hidden in my socks, I found it the morning of my tires death. Thou art truly inspired to aid me in the calling that I have accepted. This e-mail is going to be quite short because I have just a lot of random logistical stuff that we have been doing and nothing that is so fantastic that I feel like writing a novel about it this week. But I hope that the Lord with bless us with a miracle that we will have one of the many halting investigators move past their road block and become truly converted unto Jesus Christ. I know My Saviour lives, and loves me, and those I teach. I will proclaim this into every ear I can and strive to be worthy of the Spirit that causes the true conversion of the people. I am thankful for my ability to just talk to people and have pleasant conversation with people, that I then can lead into Gospel Principles. Glory -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- The E-mail just sent....grrr Any way Glory to God in the Highest and I hope to hear from everyone in due time, but don't feel obligated to write. I would love to hear about your lives and how things are going, however, I just hope that I am blessing your lives as you watch this glorious work go forth. If you would like me to write you personally send me an address and I will do my best to write you individually so that we can connect and help each other on a more personal level. God Bless and Know that you are Loved, Elder Kelson Wheeler P.s. Mom you know the drill right? I love you!!! and Father

Monday, May 21, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #4

Good Morning Sunny California!!!! It's that time again... MISSION TWO YEAR NEWS!!! This weeks installment is full of terror, excitement, and lots of awesome! But don't take my word for it, just read and enjoy. I have officially entered the mission field in Sacramento, California and because of my officiality, I have a new companion and new investigators. My Training Companion is Elder Outlaw, he is from Denver, Colorado and he is crazy go nuts. We have a whole lot of fun together and our dry senses of humor make everything just that much better. In my first couple of days, we were just kind of going through the motions, making sure I was doing everything right and not being an Apostate missionary (apostate = BAD). Now we have just moved on from formalities and become apostate all together...Just Kidding. ;) However, as we have been working we have been teaching each other in many things. He has been helping me to get to know the people and the area, has been giving me ample opportunity to teach and give spiritual thoughts/messages in members homes. As the time passes I find myself becoming more and more sucked into the work and les and less worried about what I am going to do when I return reformed and renewed. The area that I am serving in is called the " Mission Oak and Eastern Ave. Wards, East Sacramento Stake". I have two wards that we as missionaries are covering and it is way hard to keep the two separate. The geography of the areas isn't very large, however, we are on bikes, so my bicycle is getting its use and according to my companion I got a really good bike and it should last me well beyond my mission. One thing that I have noticed though is that when one ward is super pumped and successful in missionary work, the other kind of dwindles in unbelief. This cycles back and forth between the wards, that way we have success in both areas. At this current moment I think we are going through a transition between the two wards, the Mission Oak ward is starting to dwindle and the Eastern Ave. Ward is becoming more engaged in the work. Although it would be wonderful to have two strong wards, I don't know if Elder Outlaw and myself could handle two high intensity wards. that is quite a bit to remember. Anyway we are having lots of success and we have a goal for the next 6 weeks to have at least 2 baptisms and they are looking really promising. It has only been about 5 days now in the mission but I do have some stories already, and some that I wish I didn't have...haha. I will tell the one I want to have, so there is this nice old, but not real old, lady that we are teaching and her name is Kathie. She has been pretty golden from what I understand from Elder Outlaw, except she has problems with the Word of Wisdom. She smokes, and is having a hard time stopping. She has decreased her consumption to 2 a day, which is really good for someone who used to smoke a couple packs a day. Anywho she is a very spiritually enlightened person and her recognition of the Spirit is incredible, but she just is a bit hesitant to be baptized because she doesn't want to be riding the fence at all. She is either in or out, which is exactly how it should be. Anyway she is on the last leg to quit smoking, but she just doesn't have the physical and mental ability to quit. This was really holding her back, and she knew it, but didn't know where to turn. We offered her a choice that I believe really changed her heart, her spirits, and her determination on how to overcome this addiction. We offered he the power of God through a Priesthood Blessing. I lucked out and was chosen to give said blessing. I love the trust that the Lord has in me to allow me the authority to act in his name, because as I gave the Blessing I felt the Spirit testify to her and me that she will give up smoking and be baptized very soon. She only knows the giving up smoking part, and maybe she knows the baptism part, but I personally felt that she would be baptized and remain active in the church as a loyal disciple of Jesus Christ. I just Love this work, I have only really been a part of it for 4 weeks now, but I feel the Spirit so strongly and magnificently that I just long to stay and bask in it's glory. We saw Kathie at church yesterday and we didn't get the chance to ask her how her quitting process is going, but I feel that she has been clean since the Blessing. As a new missionary to the field I have the luxury of an extra hour of companion study, which is studying together with my companion about our investigators/less-active member, or where to go Tracting (door knocking). This extra study time is given to us that the new missionary may better make himself acquainted with the Fundamentals of teaching the Gospel. Although its purpose is good, in the MTC they really drilled this stuff into our heads and it seems more like a review of 1st grade math. but as I am writing this I guess I am learning that the review is to help me become better versed in my purpose as a missionary. It's just like the same process to strengthen my testimony. Through study and prayer, and starting from the basics I gain a more abundant knowledge than I could have ever gotten in the MTC. Thank you loyal viewers for listening to me ramble and I learned what is important for me to learn here on the mission!! :) I will do my very best to make the best use of that extra hour of study time. By the Way the Weather here is amazing...about 95 every day, but there is like no humidity!!!! Makes it easy to ride a bike everyday. My question and answer section of my mission e-mails hasn't been too productive lately, but I know that as more people read and enjoy what I have learned and maybe learn something from what I am learning, they will start to flow in like a river down hill. This spot right her => <= is for your questions...that is all the space you get....hehe I would like to challenge all of my readers, if not already, to read the Book of Mormon. Whether you are converted or not it will still bring you closer to your Saviour, and teach you the things in which you must do to be a better person. I promise that as you read you will feel the Spirit testify to the divinity of it and that any and every man will come closer to his creator as they read. Rhys, Hey buddy, I miss you and hope that my room is treating you well. I haven't heard from you this week? but maybe that is because you sent me a hand-written letter which is absolutely fantastic. I love hearing from you and also about school, your friends (even Connor), church duties, and any young woman that I will tell you that they are not worth your time. Remember though I only write on Mondays because that is my new found P-Day. Alaric, I would love to hear from you, and also about this new flavour of the week. Dad keeps telling me that you are just going around building up girls hopes and then crushing them like a small grape. I would say I raised you well, but I didn't do anything, that was all you. Keep up the crushing of hopes and dreams, just so that you keep your focus and what not. I love you and I know that you are amazing, I actually have had to talk about you a lot because of your Cross-Country seasons, and the fact that you are a musical theater kind of guy. The people in California love musical theater guys...jk How are things going on the minecraft front? Have you built a Utopian society that allows you to live in peace and harmony? Let me know! Garion, I am so excited about you getting married, and I tell everyone I have to introduce myself to, that my brother is getting married next month. It is finally here and I am sorry I can not enjoy it with you, but know on the 9th of June I will be there is Spirit. Don't get too excited you may go crazy, but also you should be very excited because you are marrying a wonderful daughter of God who despite all of my attempts to thwart your efforts of happiness, will bring you happiness (the efforts started and ended when we were a whole lot younger and we fought a lot). Stay strong know that your Father in Heaven Loves you, and wants what is best for you. "Remember to stay in school, don't do drugs, and drink all of you Milk!" ... -MR. T Stephanie, I Pray for your speedy success so that you may return to live with you husband who loves you. I thought you would like to know that while I was in the MTC I saw and met Sister Fortinas brother who was going on a mission, but I think he was called to the Ogden or Orem Mission in Utah. So while you are in either of those places you may see your not so nice companions brother...hehe And I saw Johny a lot too, it was like every time I turned around I saw him. WEIRD?! I love you and hope you the best. Renee, Congratulation on Graduating, my mother forwarded the announcement on to me so I could actually see that you are graduating. It is hard to believe how fast the time has gone. I left a month ago and it is wild. Keep up the grades in school so that they don't have to deny you your diploma, write me in letters because no one from home cares, so I don't get mail, and remember to give me credit when you write my book that you will then call your own. Again Congrats!!! I am going to be unable to attend though...SORRY. Kendra, My mother should be sending you my address, but the mission homes address is 8267 Deseret Ave. Fair Oaks, CA 95628. Send me Post!!! To all of my loyal viewers thank you, and until next time I bid you Adieu, Elder Kelson Wheeler Disciple of Christ p.s. Mom Typos!!!! :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #3

Good Morning Sunny California!!! Guess what time it is... MISSION TWO YEAR NEWS!!! On our last segment we covered what happened during week 2. And it has found itself to be week 3. At this time though I am kind of breaking the rule of the e-mailing home, because I don't have P-Day until tomorrow. However, because of unfortunate placing of plane flights and such, I must sacrifice my P-day for this week. Please don't judge my actions, I am doing laundry and don't have anything else to do while I wait. This past week has blown by, like a fart in the wind, or something a bit more pleasant (Farts and poop are the only things that Elder's find funny in the MTC). Anyway an update on my teaching ability is this, I suck at life...My teaching is kind of the worst, and I really didn't know what I was talking about when comes to the Gospel. Now I am not saying I don't know what I believe, but I am saying that I don't know how to put my beliefs into simplistic terms. This last week, caused me to understand this and also try to make it better. I am not discouraged though because I will be in California in a little bit over 24 hours, and I know the Lord will make up for my short comings. Update on my investigator that I have been teaching. For all who are listening/reading Pat Raesly is getting baptized on June 5th, the sad news is he isn't a real investigator, he is my teacher acting as an investigator and helping us learn to teach via role play. I actually taught 2 teachers, a real non-member, and helped re-activate a less-active couple. Although there was the disappointment that my 2 (felt like real) investigators were my teachers, everything else was real, and through those role plays I learned the best way to help those people. I love my companion, I love my district, and I will miss the half of them that are going to Phoenix AZ. We have grown together, and have learned so much from each other that I am sad to see them go. But there is one elder in my district that is so uncannily like me I think I will use the term uncanny again. It is so uncanny!!! His name is Elder Melling and he is from Spanish Fork UT. He has a lot of the same gospel ideas, he has the same abhorrence of disrespect to any person, but mainly Sisters, and he likes a lot of the same pasttimes that I do. He doesn't, however, tell jokes like I do (If he did I would have to worry if he was my clone). Lately I have been kind of his counselor, he feels inadequate in the scriptures/teaching ability and has been super down on himself because he really does love the people he teaches. This is one thing that I kid of wish that I could know exactly how he feels, but without the depression. I have been working with him and we have become great friends. I am really glad he is one of the Elders coming with me to California. My companion is a riot and a half, he has recently been promoted to senior companion and I have been demoted (just to help us feel what it is like). Since he has been promoted he doesn't want to be called the senior companion, but instead he wants his name to be COBRA COMMANDER. Which I am totally okay with because it just adds humor to our companionship. We teach very well, and we have told by many people that we have great unity in our lessons. I don't know how we pulled it off or how we really are doing, but the thing is we Love each other. Often we joke around with each other and we just start arguing about which is better soccer, or basketball, but in the midst if arguing we then just tell each other we hate each other and count the days until we are separated. We do this in the most sarcastic way possible because we get along just like best friends who have known each other for more than 5 years. We have a blast and I am glad that I got a super companion who feels he can be called COBRA COMMANDER and not really have it mean anything. Time for question and answer time with me your host and anchor ELDER KELSON WHEELER!!! This section of the programming is set aside for the answering of questions posed by the viewing audience. If you would like your question answered on the air, you will need to submit them in the week prior so they can be answered. Please submit via e-mail, hand-written letters, and or the Holy Ghost's ability to talk through telepathy. I miss all of my loyal viewers, my friends who are residing in the Midwestern United States, the ones who are reading from BYU, and the ones who are getting married and haven't told me themselves (had to find out through the gossip chain...*cough* Megan *cough*). I Love you all and I would just like to leave you with my testimony as of right now at the end of the MTC. I know that my Saviour Jesus Christ Lives, I know that his Gospel has been restored to the Earth again through his Latter-day Prophet Joseph Smith Jr. Our Father in Heaven, and Jesus Christ Love all his children, which includes everyone, and that they have provided a plan to help us receive and enjoy the blessings of exaltation. I have learned so much since I have been here and I know that what so ever we ask in pray, be it through an unwavering faith, no matter how small it may be, but unwavering in desire and need that he will provide a way for us his children to receive an answer and or know the truth of his word. I love what I am doing, I love what I stand for, and I love the people of California. I may not have met them yet, but I know that I love them because I love Christ and through that Love I desire to love all. Be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in good works and you will see miracles, truth uncloaked and the Love of Christ in your life. Until next week, just remember that this is MY WAY OF MISSIONARY! And I will stick to it! In the Service of our Loving Heavenly Father, Elder Kelson Wheeler P.s. Mom Typo Check!!!! And I am glad you are safe in Denmark. Love you MOM and hope you had a magnificent Mother's Day.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #2

Good Morning Sunny California!!! This is the one and only Elder Wheeler, coming to you Live from Heaven...I am just kidding. But I am in the MTC still. It is now time for our travel log update about how things are going for me and the people that I get to teach as a missionary for Jesus Christ. Week 1 was great I did a lot of study, teaching, EATING, and not a lot of sleeping. I was just so happy to be here in the MTC that my enthusiasm made up for the difference in my knowledge and what not. As the week went on, however, my enthusiasm began to diminish because I was so bored of being stuck in a classroom for somewhere around 12 hours a day. The boredom soon ceased, when we started to have to teach progressing investigators, and then random people we were assigned to faux tract into, and referrals from BYU. I have got to say that I think I have had to teach more in this past 2 weeks than I have in all of my church career teaching experiences to this point. Not only am I teaching more, but I am praying all the time, so this is how my day kind of goes. Wake up, Pray, go to breakfast, Pray, Pray, then begin study, Pray, begin class, Pray, go teach a lesson, Pray before teaching, Pray while teaching, Pray when finished teaching, Pray giving thanks for the use of the Spirit, Go to lunch, Pray,...And so on. This has been a time of much communication with God, and His Son Jesus Christ. I think that They would be tired of hearing from me, but they just keeping talking, and answering, and making my life just a little bit less stressful each day. I have the most exciting, and wonderful investigators that I am currently teaching, and each one of them are different in so many ways. I would love to tell you about all of them, but I guess I can save those stories for when I have stocked up on stories and have returned from my labours. There is this one, however, that I would love to expound upon right now. His name is Pat, and he is a person who is seeking for a church for his girlfriends son to be a part of so the young boy may know and have God in his life. The girlfriend is a Less-Active member, and they are currently living together. Pat grew up catholic, and has been going to the Jehovah's Witnesses for the past 3 years. This young gentleman has been a work in progress from day one, he has had questions that my companion and I have had to answer, without prior preparation, and he has been a worry of mine for when the time came for bringing up the Law of Chastity; only because he lives with his girlfriend, and they have been together for a long time, so I was worried about his disinterest as soon as we said he needs to marry before he get baptized. So we taught him the lessons of The Restoration, then we jumped to the 3rd lesson, which is The Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we finished the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we invited him to follow Christ's example and be baptized. He accepted because he was so happy to be able to feel like he could be completely clean, and have the Holy Ghost to guide him through his life. He was so Happy, and the Spirit was so strong that he didn't mind the fact that we went almost 10 min over on time. Since then we have taught him the Plan of Salvation, and we introduced Chastity. When we did, he was hesitant to make a commitment to keep this commandment, but he said he wanted to talk it over with Katie (GF). When we came back this last time, we finished the Plan of Salvation, and he committed to live the Law of Chastity, and he is scheduled to be baptized on June 5th. We are super excited for him, and it is just such a blessing and miracle to be able to see the change happen before my very eyes. I love this Gospel, and It does change lives!!!! For those who are wondering, my first companion of the mission is a young half-Asian, stud muffin of a man, that doesn't take crap from no one, and seems to argue with me all the time on the greatness of the game of Soccer, named Elder Marcus Shiotani. He is way cool, we get along just like brothers and we just teach with great unity and power. He is a testimony in himself to me, because I feel like I can't compare with his courage to be here. He has only been a member since he was 18, and that was somewhere around 1.56 years ago. And he has such a testimony of missionary work, and the gospel that I just can't keep up. However, because of seminary, what I lack in shear awesomity, I make up for in scripture reference remembrance. But once again I must Thank my Heavenly Father, because he has allowed the Spirit to take my learning through osmosis in seminary and let my mouth proceed forth with TRUTH. I feel Impressed to tell my Family, that I will not be calling home on Mother's Day, because there are so many Elders in the MTC they do not allow the calling home on mother's day, but I will be able to call home next Tuesday around 12.30 Ohio time, right before I get on the plane to fly to Cali. So Mom I am sorry, but no one is getting a call on Mother's Day. And you will have to wait until Christmas. I have so much I want to tell the family, and I am kind of bummed too, but I know the Lord will make everything truly worth while. Oh and to put and end to your worries I do not have any problem with anything that would cause me to come home, I just thought I would get your blood pumping in suspense!!! I am running short on time and need to e-mail other people, please give all my love to everyone, and I'll send you a picture as soon as I can when I get to Cali. I love Rhys!!! Yours in the Service of God, Elder Kelson Wheeler

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #1

Here is the first letter from Kelson. It looks like his preparation day (the day he can write letters) while he is in the Missionary Training Center (MTC) will be Tuesdays. His P-day will change once he goes to Sacramento in a few weeks, though. From Kelson... Alrighty, this is going to be a very short e-mail just for the fact that I only get another 12 minutes to talk to you. So, really fast version. I am doing well; this first week was one of divine intervention, my mind was eternally blown by the sheer determination that I must have to complete this task that will now be my defining moments of my life. I love what I am doing however, and I just would like to say that I love all those who support and love me, because my love and support are there for you too. I have an outstanding companion named Elder Marcus Shiotani, and he is from Salt Lake City, but his name is Japanese. He and I are getting along very well, we joke about things, and seem to keep having discussions, which seem to be more of arguments about which is better soccer or basketball. I would just like to say the Soccer is ten times better than basketball any day of the week. I did forget something though, I left my most precious gift ever given to me in the entire universe, besides Jesus of course.... I left my Juggling balls at home and I need you, mother to send them to me ASAP!!!! I need them to have for personal time and for entertainment purposes. The MTC is a very spiritual place and I feel like I have been dehydrated for 19 years, and finally found a good source of water to quench my thirst. It is amazing how Christ and his doctrine have changed my outlook on life and my attitude towards the people I love. So just some info that you may want, I am currently in the process of teaching 4 investigators at this current time, 3 of which are investigators and 1 of which is a less active member. These lessons are so HARD. I thought I knew what I was teaching, but as a matter of fact I know very little, and they know even less. Their names are Rudy Arias, Pat Raesly, Alexandre Paul, from Haiti, and Janet Wright. These four people have been so great, and willing to allow me to learn while they learn too. So I have less than 5 minutes left so here goes a really short e-mail. I love my district they are amazing and we get along so well. we just went to the temple and had a wonderful experience. It was a spectacular experience and I hope to have another. I will try to send pictures home, but my resources are limited, so please don't get upset. Real quick, I love my Savior, He is my redeemer and the only way that I can return to live with my Father in Heaven. He has given me the charge to be his missionary and I hope that I can fulfill his expectations from me as I study. This is my WAY OF MISSIONARY!!! Tell the Family I love them, and I am proud of what they are doing!!! Yours in the Service of GOD, Elder Kelson Wheeler