Letter from Kelson - Week #1

Here is the first letter from Kelson. It looks like his preparation day (the day he can write letters) while he is in the Missionary Training Center (MTC) will be Tuesdays. His P-day will change once he goes to Sacramento in a few weeks, though. From Kelson... Alrighty, this is going to be a very short e-mail just for the fact that I only get another 12 minutes to talk to you. So, really fast version. I am doing well; this first week was one of divine intervention, my mind was eternally blown by the sheer determination that I must have to complete this task that will now be my defining moments of my life. I love what I am doing however, and I just would like to say that I love all those who support and love me, because my love and support are there for you too. I have an outstanding companion named Elder Marcus Shiotani, and he is from Salt Lake City, but his name is Japanese. He and I are getting along very well, we joke about things, and seem to keep having discussions, which seem to be more of arguments about which is better soccer or basketball. I would just like to say the Soccer is ten times better than basketball any day of the week. I did forget something though, I left my most precious gift ever given to me in the entire universe, besides Jesus of course.... I left my Juggling balls at home and I need you, mother to send them to me ASAP!!!! I need them to have for personal time and for entertainment purposes. The MTC is a very spiritual place and I feel like I have been dehydrated for 19 years, and finally found a good source of water to quench my thirst. It is amazing how Christ and his doctrine have changed my outlook on life and my attitude towards the people I love. So just some info that you may want, I am currently in the process of teaching 4 investigators at this current time, 3 of which are investigators and 1 of which is a less active member. These lessons are so HARD. I thought I knew what I was teaching, but as a matter of fact I know very little, and they know even less. Their names are Rudy Arias, Pat Raesly, Alexandre Paul, from Haiti, and Janet Wright. These four people have been so great, and willing to allow me to learn while they learn too. So I have less than 5 minutes left so here goes a really short e-mail. I love my district they are amazing and we get along so well. we just went to the temple and had a wonderful experience. It was a spectacular experience and I hope to have another. I will try to send pictures home, but my resources are limited, so please don't get upset. Real quick, I love my Savior, He is my redeemer and the only way that I can return to live with my Father in Heaven. He has given me the charge to be his missionary and I hope that I can fulfill his expectations from me as I study. This is my WAY OF MISSIONARY!!! Tell the Family I love them, and I am proud of what they are doing!!! Yours in the Service of GOD, Elder Kelson Wheeler


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