Letter from Kelson - Week # 34 - I'm Singing in the Rain!!!!

Good Morning From Liquid Sunshiny California!!!!

"What a glorious feeling I'm Happy again!!!" To all those who have no idea the reference of my subject and the first line of this here e-mail I apologize...your childhood was stripped from you and you should invent a time machine to go back and try again. 

It is raining!!! And I am riding a Bicycle.  .  . . .    Please take a moment to feel sorry for me...
I said a moment, not the whole day...haha

Thank you for your condolences, but I will be just fine. I am not a wicked witch, so I am safe as a cucumber. I am learning great and wonderful things about my bike though. In my last area I went trail riding a couple of times with a super sweet member of the church. Well, while I was hitting the slopes and rocking the Mountain biker adrenaline levels I hit a few trees, stumps, rocks etc...and my bike seems to be a bit beat up. My front brake is unusable and my rear brake is always rubbing. I lost the use of gear number 7, which means I only have gears 3-6 because when I fixed the bike up like 4 months ago I had to lose the use of gears 1 and 2...So, my bike has seen much better days...hehe The plus that I have found is that my back fender still works so I am not being sprayed with water as I ride down the street and I have a front head light that works. And I guess the other plus is this...I am getting my thunder thighs back because I am riding a bike everyday, anywhere between 10-20 miles a day....YAY!!!

My new area!!! I am in a rather small area that only weeks ago was considered the biggest bike area in the whole mission. The Ward boundaries changed and with the new change came a new ward, which made our ward the smallest.  We have about 100 people come to church on a good Sunday and 330 people on our records...lots of Less-Active members. Our teaching pool is super small. We added our first investigator this week and now we have someone to teach. When it comes to the work, we have it all pretty much cut out for us. We need to go out and find people who are ready and willing to be taught, and then help them feel the Spirit so they will get baptized. Seems easy enough right...uh no! When I first entered this area and heard that we had a lot of work to do, I had an overwhelming feeling of "Get me out of here and back to the area where things were flourishing!!!"  But then I went back to my last area on Saturday and saw the baptism of Pat and Pina McD (Yes, they got Baptized!!!! Whoo Hoo!!!) and I saw that I was no longer needed in that area. I felt at peace with the companionship that was there and I saw the hope and future of that area being bright. I realized that I was being selfish to try and keep all that goodness of a great area to myself. I also felt a Spirit of relief when the song "Where Can I turn for Peace" was sung at the baptism. I realized then that the Lord had put me up in the Hills for my duration of time and now He was moving me where I needed to be. I learned that I will not be given anything that I can't handle, and because that is the case I will be blessed in my new area if I have a great attitude and I work hard through Faith and relying on the Lord. I never knew I could learn so much from just short time frames in the mission field. I have only been out for 8 months and within these short months I have seen the Spirit work miracles right before my eyes. Thank you for all of your prayers...keep them coming!!! 

BTW!!! My new companion is Elder Nethercott. He is from Montana and we get along just great. We have fun and hopefully we can add some new investigators so we can learn to teach together too. This transfer is going to be great, no matter how much rain is dumped upon me, we will still see great success! 

Love ya'll and have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Elder Wheeler

P.s.MOM!!! TYPOS!!! And this time next week I will be calling you...hehehe


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