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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Letter From Kelson - Week # 61 - I bet you can't guess how this story ends?

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!
Howdy, Ya'll ...whats cookin', good lookin'? what's achin' Bacon? Please answer these questions and then send the answers to my mother.  The most frequent answer will be applied to the next e-mail giving you the opportunity to be right here in the action with everyone's Hero.... CAPTAIN INJURY!!!!
I have a story and it will come out as my fingers type. I want you to sit back, read, and allow your imagination to wander as I tell you the tale of the "Well Timed Flight to Success!"
It was a blustery day, just like any usual day. The sun was shining, there was maybe a hint of humidity, and the air smelled of crisp french fries right after they are cooked. The country road was winding and rough. As he glided across the asphalt  he felt every care in the world wash out of his mind and just peace and tranquility replace the emptiness inside. Suddenly there was a thought that opened his understanding to new feats accomplish-able on this road, this idea led to quick thought and a rush of adrenaline shooting through his veins as he gave heed and acted. His friend was watching and was waiting the anticipated success of the astounding opportunity he had of seeing such a wonderful idea executed in perfect simplicity. The suspense built as the idea became closer and closer to completion.  There was a gasp for air as the audience watched;  the local Birds covered the eyes of the little ones, because of the uncertainty of life afterwards.
*Stroke, Stroke* as the Pedals turn, his bike accelerates to the high speed of 18 mph. His legs begin to feel almost as light as air as he works his magic across the dirt path which accompanies the road in its long journey. *Stroke, Stroke* he pedals faster and faster. There isn't anything that is going to stop his fame, and glory now. He is prepared for the fortunes of Bragging rights.
The Strokes, stop, there is a sudden halt of emotion, a loss of weight and the feeling of happiness rushes through his body as he desires to change his nature and fly away into the auburn sunset. He spreads his wings, and accepts his destiny. His mind has now been cleared and his efforts not wasted. He closes his eyes and.... UGGHGHHGHGHGH!!!! !!!!  xx
The author of the story suddenly died of a fatal blow to the noggin, there was no chance in saving him. I think it might have been a stray bullet from the local gang violence or his companion putting a scrabble board forcefully down his throat... I guess we will never know the end of the story.
This past week was awesome! I was able to go back to my last area and see Joey C. get baptized. He is a 12 year old boy who is awesome, we met with him early this year and then we stopped meeting with him and then we picked him back up before I left and he got baptized without me having to work too hard...Darn! My pride takes a hit from the lack of my importance in all of this. He is awesome.  I also received a wonderful present from an amazing family who's name will be withheld, but they know who they are; they truly are amazing and I was kind of a meanie muffin to them because of circumstances and timing, and other stresses of my life, but that still gave me no reason to be mean... I am working on being more Christ -Like and I can now see how far I really have to go. If they are reading this, I hope they know this is a public apology and a public Thank you for the gift...I'll let you know how I like it. ;)
Elder Badger and I also had a pretty cool miracle this week. We had been praying that we would find a family to teach, because that is where happiness really comes from. We prayed and as the week came to a close, we had no family. Well yesterday was a huge worldwide broadcast for our church stressing the importance of missionary work and the "Work of Salvation" as it is called in cooler terms. Afterward we found out that a family we had been teaching and then had to hand over to the Spanish Elders, because they were Spanish speaking, didn't want Spanish elders, but they wanted us instead. We went over after this meeting, talked with them for about  20 min, then set up another appointment for 2 hours later. We came back and it was awesome! We only got to talk to the Mom, but she is super legit! She said that last night she was feeling the Spirit and that she can feel it as we talk about the Savior and his words. She knows that what we say is true!!! WAHOO!!!! We invited her to be baptized and she said she would once she has a bit more information. I really think this is the Miracle that the Lord has decided to bless us with. Thanks for the Prayers, they are working! ;)
Always working hard at hardly working...Jk, I love working this way, because it isn't work when you enjoy it. I feel like I am on vacation.
Love ya,
Elder Wheeler
P.s. MOM!!! TYPOS!!!! Oh can you guess what happened to the person in the story?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Kelson's Watermelon Pics and Videos

Here are the pictures and videos Kelson references in his last letter (Week #60)

Not sure what this picture is from, but it's typical Kelson


The second video Kelson sent me is too big to upload.  It's over 140 MB and Google has a 100 MB limit for videos on this blog.  :-(  Once I find a way to convert it from MOV to MP4 so the file size will go down, or edit it so that it isn't as big, I'll upload it.  Until, you'll just have to rely on the pictures above for an idea of how much Kelson LOVED eating that watermelon.  

Letter From Kelson - Week #60 - I LOVE WATERMELON!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!
It is a wonderfully hot day today, and I must say that it would go extraordinarily well if I had a big chunk of watermelon to devour...Hum, sounds like a genius Idea, I'll be back...
20 min later...
...Ok I am back, It was delicious, I will send my mom a video and some pictures after this e-mail, hopefully, I will work my magic fingers into a figure 8 knots so that I can send these pictures and video, it was just so good!!! I am sending them now, I hope she gets them to you, because you will be able to enjoy it just as much as I did.
This past week was super productive, we had a team-up with the Assistants to the President (pretty good missionaries) and they took Elder Badger out and showed him a thing or two about missionary work. I think they may have shown him about 4 or 5 because I might have taught him some false doctrine...I don't remember every word that comes out of my mouth, just the looks of other people. As we went on the team up, we added this family, they are a part member and they have just been less active since the Assistant baptized them almost 2 years ago...coincidence ,I think not! It seems we are playing into a hand that has been a royal flush ever since the beginning and we are those throw away pawns that get the glory of taking the queen and then are sacrificed before the king, as we are then destroyed so that the player can gain checkmate in the next move ( I'm a little bitter still because Elder Badger really did a number on me playing chess this week, and scrabble too...The son is taking over the Father's dominion...)  This family wants to complete their family in the gospel, and come back to church. I don't know if it was my charm or the need for the gospel, but we will take both and make a good member sandwich out of it. They didn't come to church this week, so it isn't my charm, however, they are allowing us to come over tomorrow and then do service for them in the morning on Wednesday...YES SERVICE!!! I love service.  I can get out of my suit....
So far the work is progressing slow, and I think it will be picking up here really soon. Our mission has a goal of baptizing 70 people in the month of June and It looks like we are going to do that!!! WAHOO!!! Keep us in your prayers please.
Until we meet again next time I LOVE YA,
Elder Wheeler


Note from Mom:  The videos and pictures he just sent are on his blog at  Enjoy!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Letter From Kelson - Week #59 - Drama Drama Drama, When did I go into acting?

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!!

It is a wonderful 80 degrees here with a gentle cool breeze from the west...It is awesome, at least now. This past week it hit 105 and Elder Badger and I felt every degree.  I mean we were sweating like nobody's business. I may need to invent a bicycle with an AC unit, or maybe pray super hard for global cooling so that it is a cool summer with temperatures in the 80's all the time. I think my bicycle is suffering more than me though, because there are times that it just sits in the sun while I am knocking on doors, and there is no relief. I plead with you to pray for cooler weather so that my bike won't suffer a painfully hot death. Please pray for him

This week's episode has a lot of funny stuff that goes with it, however, there are many things that will be disclosed when there is no longer a tag on my chest.  Not because it is bad about the area and what not, but it would take forever to put it into words on paper; I just need to tell you the story in person. But the drama comes from trying really hard to get people to church and to help them keep their commitments. We are working with a lot of people, we are also having to give up a few of our people because of overly dramatic families and the need for more mature missionaries than me to handle said problems, and we are kind of poaching from the Spanish elders so we need to give them their fair share of investigators. I didn't mean to, honest, it just kind of happened. This past week we tried relentlessly to find people to teach, we also played the part of the annoying missionaries who knock on your door everyday, but that was because we don't have a working phone number anymore. As we did these things we were blessed with members who felt compassion on us, we also found opportunities to do some service, and we were able to make acquaintances with people who don't believe in anything, but they soon will...because the spirit will tell them there is life and happiness and they will believe in Christ, not because I was going to break their legs or something, come on...I have changed.

All in all I feel like we can continue to see success around every corner, and all it will take is a bit of elbow grease, mixed in with a bit of testosterone, maybe a hint of basil, some protein, a dash of salt, maybe a great deal of heat and some off the wall object lessons to top of this missionary surprise. I should have a cooking show instead of an e-mail blog. I now go off to deal with more drama, but I am here to tell you that when at first you don't succeed, go for round two, because it only goes up from there...hehe get it, 3. 4. 5. 6...10...10000.....10000000000

Love ya and know that I will be okay, no matter what kind of family, timing and ward drama there is ;).

Elder Wheeler

P.s. MoThEr have fun on your little non-vaca and please fix my typos... PEACE!
pp.s I am sorry it is short, but time is short and I don't have any really cool stories that are word available at the moment. Other than I keep beating my companion at scrabble...except for the Blue Moon occurrences.

Letter From Kelson - Week #58 - I sent it again!!! oh well I guess that's what happens

Mom's Note:  I'm sorry this is a week late.  I've been on vacation and I kept forgetting to send this out.    Dad kept hounding me, though, so here it is...

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

Why, hello there, I almost missed you behind the shadow of my overly sized head. Actually it is the shadow of my overly sized belly from all this really good food, but you know sometimes I think with my stomach so it works out in the end.  This past week was awesome, we had lots of time to spend out on the streets of Stockton, helping people sharing the Gospel and showing people who really is Boss...Well, God of course is the boss.

As we talked to these people we had much success in the way of finding new people to teach, and then they had much success in not showing up for our return appointments. All in all we all were successful in being successful. Sounds like a great week right?!?! Well it was because we had many opportunities to teach lessons, give out copies of the Book of Mormon and give lots of Priesthood Blessings. That in itself is the picture perfect image of missionary

So I sent my mother an incomplete e-mail and so I am now going to finish it. 

success. (end of the previous sentence)

We have a couple of families that we are working with and some of them are really solid. They have decided that they feel baptism is the way to go. We just have to get them motivated about going to church. Then it will be a happy ending with a Saturday afternoon splash party and a Sunday morning blessing session. It is going to be great, plus my birthday is coming up so I will be able to celebrate those events and my anniversary of leaving childhood all in the same month.  It is going to be off the hook, but not really, because I am a pretty mellow guy and when it comes to doing crazy off the wall things that I know are not good for me, I try to shy away from those things...Or am I?  

Things couldn't get any better, we have a ward that loves us and missionaries who are always willing to help, so all in all, I think we are destined to see success.  As long as we leave it to God all things are possible.

Not much more is there to tell, just a bunch of grunt work, but I will say this. I love ya, enjoy the summer because it is getting hotter by the day and I may end up dying here in the next few days because of the heat index/scorching sun and what not.

Until next time!

Elder Wheeler

p.s.Mom when you read both letters know that i forgive you for your not writing. TYPOS PLEASE!!!