Kelson Homecoming Countdown

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #14 - Holy Cow this is hard!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!! I am so unsure where to start this whole week and the update that I want to give to everyone who is reading. I could start at the beginning but then I am not sure if I would give justice to the real intense parts...I wish I was better at making decisions. I guess I'll start with the thing that took up the most time and move down from there... This week was a finding week, We spent I think everyday from 1-6 walking around our area just talking to anyone who would listen and anyone who didn't want to listen. We were very persistent. I think we walked maybe 25 miles this week, which doesn't seem like a lot, but you walk everyday like that and tell me how you feel...hehe After a long week of finding and searching we had very little success, which kind of sucks something fierce, but we had some interesting times as we went out and talked to some interesting people. Every kind of person goes out for a walk, we met up with people who have mental issues, we met up with blind people, we saw members of the church, we met people who had been baptized before they were ready to be so they don't attend church, we talked to gangsters, we talked to drugies and we also played a game of basketball with some middle eastern kids. All in all we tried really hard to find people to teach, but at the end of the week we found absolutely no new investigators. By this time I am already kind of feeling down about the work, because I was measuring my success on the amount of people we added and truly brought unto Jesus Christ. However, one thing I didn't notice is that through all of this contacting, and meeting of people we had actually taught many lessons. We hit a new record for the transfer in lessons taught. We hit all of our goals for lessons and people to church, and it turned out to be a successful week. I learned that I need to look at the bigger picture and stop fretting about the little stuff. We rocked this week and it was all because of the tender mercies of the Lord that we just so happened to teach so many people. My Words of Wisdom for all who read, and for my mother to plaster on FACEBOOK with the intro "Today's Words of Wisdom:" is Stop looking at the intricate details of the trials you are going through in Life...actually throw them out the window, because the greater picture that you are painting with "The Colors of the Wind" (Pocahontas) will show you that your efforts are not wasted, but are changing the very pattern in which your masterpiece is created. Then my mother should end the FACEBOOK status update with this "Now Enjoy Life!!! :)" (Got it Mom!?, Love you) If any of you are feeling overly touched by these words, that is great, but also I would implore you to read Alma 26 in the Book of Mormon, along with Moroni 7...And don't tell me you are not curious as to what they say, so look them up and enjoy them as I have. I have one more week as a greenie missionary and then I graduate to full fledged missionary who can do anything the Lord wants him to, without being in training anymore. "The Heat is On" Next week I will have a new companion, and My time with Elder Outlaw will end, but I must say that the Lord has inspired this work, because we are just like two peas in a pod and as we work together and talk things through we have success whether people accept the message that we share. He also has the uncanny ability to make me look back at what I may be complaining about and then tell me I am stupid and should go Repent for my Pride...I needed that a lot this week...oops. Sorry this letter is short and not very Girthy, but I didn't have a lot to elaborate on, but because I am such a nice guy I will leave you with my witness of Jesus Christ. I know that My Redeemer lives, I know that Jesus Christ, although perfect, was baptized to show us the way to obtain eternal life. I know that his Gospel has been restored to the Earth through a latter-day prophet. I know that even though the commandments seem restrictive at first, they are really only there to set us free from being subject to situations and heart ache that come from indulging in the desires of the natural man. I love this work, I love my Saviour and most of all I love YOU!!! My purpose is to invite others to come to the knowledge I have, my purpose is to add to the good in the world, not tear it down, my purpose is to show as many people as possible that even though there is evil all around there will always be a glimour of hope, there will always be a stretched forth hand to build them up and remove them from the evil. Christ has His hand stretched forth and will not reject you if you come unto him. We do this through Faith in Him and His Atonement, Repentance, being Baptized by someone holding the Priesthood authority of God, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost and then Enduring this Life until the Master will say "The Work is Done". I know all of what I say to be true because I have searched the scriptures, I have pondered their meaning and I have ask my Father in Heaven for myself if these things are true...and alas he has told me YES. I leave this with whomever is reading in the sacred name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Love, Elder Wheeler

Monday, July 23, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #13 - Successful weeks are in the making

Good Morning From Sunny California!!! What a week of many lessons, miracles and success... We have had a spectacular week when it comes to teaching the people here. The week started with a bang as we completed our P-Day with a Lesson with a nice gentleman named Franklin. Franklin is a special friend/investigator/possible member that we have found through looking in our Area book. We found Franklin while we were providing service at the Catholic Church, He came up to us and said he wanted to resume the missionary discussions and that we must absolutely come over. We were pleasantly surprised when this happened, but also kind of worried. We had been told stories of Franklin and his antics, plus we had read in the Area Book that "yes" he had been taught all the lessons but the previous missionaries felt that he was not accountable for his actions, due to some mental issues that Franklin has. To give you a description, think about the last movie you saw with a crazy person in it, and then remember when you thought this: "no one in the world could really be that crazy..." now I will tell you about Franklin and you will realize as did I that there are people that are Crazy in real life. As we talk to Franklin we soon realize that he is definitely a very mentally smart person, his intellect is amazing, and his comprehension is top of the line, however, he has OCD (CDO alphabetical order) he loves music (only the classical stuff) and he will go off on random tangents about the Wedding March (evidently the original had words, and he is upset that every time it is played the words are left out). Another thing is he doesn't like it when people ask him Questions, which makes checking his knowledge kind of difficult. So we went in with full-purpose of heart to teach and baptize this man who knew his stuff and wanted to be baptized. So far we are probably going to have to wait 2 weeks or so, because we have yet to hear what the bishop thinks of him, Elder Outlaw and I feel that he is definitely able to determine right from wrong, thus making him accountable, thus making baptism an option. I don't know if this sounds looney tunes enough for you, but if you met him you would agree. At this current moment we will continue to teach him the things that he knows, and make the option of baptism available. Someone else that we are teaching that I think will turn some heads is...*drum roll please*...oh come on do the drum roll...Are you doing it?...I am not sure you're ready, louder drum roll...LOUDER!!! WE ARE TEACHING THE ONE AND ONLY ... MICHAEL JACKSON!!! We are teaching this kind hearted African American fellow who also has the same name as the king of Pop. We didn't resurrect him so you can all take a deep breath of relief...Just Kidding. He meets with us twice a week and just know the Gospel to be true, plus he asked us what he has to do before he can be baptized. This is super awesome, and the funny thing is we were visiting someone else when we found him throwing away furniture because of a physical quarrel he had with his wife the night before. There is just one problem to this almost perfect miracle that every missionary can want and hope for...We can't seem to get him to church... This is a definite problem because church is vital to one's conversion, just like I talked about a week ago. We will continue to work with him and maybe we can drill into his head that church is the key to putting the nail in the baptismal coffin. These are the two most promising people that we are teaching, and the rest are just taking their time mozying along the trail of fence riding. My mission is wonderful, I have so much fun everyday, I have purpose each day when I wake up, I know what I am going to do because of nightly planning and I feel that no matter what happens I will be successful. It has made the past 10 weeks of training fly by and it makes me fear for the rest of the mission...I don't want it to be over too soon. I love what I am doing, and I wish all the best to whomever reads what I have written. All of you are in my prayers because I know that my Heavenly Father watches over those people I care about. Remember who you are, what you stand for and above all else...HAVE FUN DOING IT!!! Love, Elder Wheeler

Monday, July 16, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #12 - Please Don't be mad.... ;P

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!! I would like to start off this section with a story about a young missionary... This missionary that I know was riding on his most outstandingly amazing Bicycle; which was a freshly polished chrome color, with black rims, really nice handle bars and an Odometer that read 575 miles, one day, enjoying everything this wonderful world has to offer. When suddenly he got off his bike to help a hippie lady with her yard. He worked hard, weeded well, showed great love and concern for the plants and felt like he had been successful. He thanked the lady for giving him the chance and opportunity to serve her and scheduled a time for the following week to come back and help her some more...because he is just that nice of a guy. He returned to the location where he had left/hidden his bicycle (because there was no place to lock it up, and this hippie lady lived in a jungle) and his bicycle decided to elope with another rider. He was absolutely devastated!!! He cried so hard that the tears didn't show, all that was remaining on this poor Elder's face was a great big smile, a joyful word and the huge black hole that was left after his bike had left him. I feel that this is how we feel after we have invested so much time, effort and money in something and then it just disappoints us in the end. This story leads to my latest week's events of missiontude. We spent all week working, hardcore, in the Eastern Avenue Ward (they haven't seen a baptism in almost 6 months). We did this to help raise the spirits of the ward and to not show favorites (they feed us super good). We work so hard, we saw so many people, we added people to our teaching pool, we even added a guy who has the name Michael Jackson... and when it came to seeing them at church, we saw absolutely none of them. This makes this past week feel so unproductive it isn't even funny. For those who are unaware why this is so important let me fill you in. There are 2 main things that lead to baptism and continued activity in this church: 1. Having members of the church teach lessons with us, this gives the investigator an automatic friend at church and makes it easier for them not to feel lost when showing up to church. 2. Coming to coming to church they are able to feel the Spirit of the Lord in massive quantities, plus they can learn and grow and meet other really cool people who have lives ( who don't walk around in a suit and tie every day preaching the gospel). This also gives them a chance to have a really close one on one experience with their Father in Heaven to ask the "Golden Questions", like "Is the Book of Mormon the Word of God?" , or "Is Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration of Christ's church to the earth?". These are questions that are vital to the progression of the people that are interested/investigating the church. These questions are how we as members/nonmembers build a testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel, and the Divinity of Jesus Christ. As you can see coming to church is super important to obtaining and maintaining our Testimonies of our Savior Jesus Christ, plus we have been commanded to by God, so it must be important... Can I get an AMEN!???!!!?? This is my latest frustration, and just like with the bike, we as missionaries have this great message that we are willing to share, so we go out and share it. The bike and service represent the hard work we as missionaries put into helping these people come unto Christ, and then when it is stolen out from underneath us, it is like people not showing up to church... When people don't show up to church we smile and show joy through our words, but our hearts have an empty spot that has been left unfilled and we are depressed. Onto something super cool and exciting, that is less down and terrible... Elder Outlaw and I are so much alike it is super uncanny We have almost the same personality, we deal with people almost the same, I am just a bit more optimistic, but that is nothing. We are so close that when my Bike was stolen he tried to comfort me and because I was just happy and joyful he felt like I was keeping him out of it, thus leading to many discussions that have strengthened our relationship and made it so after the mission we will see each other and talk about the good old days. Elder Outlaw's Birthday is next week so I think it would be super cool if all who read this e-mail could send my mother a Happy Birthday e-mail that she then could consolidate and send to me to print out for Elder Outlaw...Also make the Happy Birthday wishes "The Legend of Zelda" related...he really likes that. I am enjoying this great weather, the people are awesome, I can speak Jive (we taught discussions 1,3, and the law of Chastity to a couple of hoodlums and they just ate it up, in 15 min none the less), I have a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Restoration and everything I am doing as an Ordained minister for the Lord...AND I AM A MORMON!!! Check out and watch our people if you want to enjoy that last joke. Peace be with all of you, Elder Kelson Wheeler p.s. Typos mother, please correct sentences that need arranging, and make it Pretty Pretty... p.p.s. Please read the title of this e-mail as you read about my bike going missing...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #11 - Another Week Bites The Dust!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!! Technically it has only been 5 days, seeing as how last week my Preparation Day was on Wednesday. This past week was hard though, we encountered lots of opposition, and when opposition rears its ugly head that means we as missionaries are doing something great. After Wednesday we had plans for a lot of things, such as lessons with investigators, Splits (going out with a member who owns a car) with one of our wards, and meetings with Less-active members are lined up for the taking/success of the area. Then tragedy struck...Cancellations of appointments, going to see 9 different people in 2 hours and only really talking to one of them, and finally the lessons with the Less-actives fell through because of life's great abundance of CRAZY!!! That was all on Thursday and Friday. Saturday rolls around and Elder Outlaw and I decide that after we are done with our service for the Catholic Church, feeding the homeless, we are going to go and Tract a couple of streets and try to fill our investigator pool. Here comes more opposition...service took an hour and a half longer than planned, then when we were going to go tracting we had mixed feelings about where to go, so we spent a good 45 mins of praying one after another trying to figure out the best location for HIS work to commence. By the time we had finished praying, and not really feeling good about going tracting, the time we had set aside for tracting was over, and we had appointments to go to. Thus we had a very aggravating morning...hehe hold on to your seat it gets way better...So after we had seen some less-actives we were leaving and I had noticed that I have a flat tire, , Why do these things keep happening...grrr Anywho after I noticed my tire was flat we found ourselves under a tree in front of some guy's house, who was willing to come out and let us borrow his air compressor and some lacher thinner so I could put a new patch on the hole in my tire (this is like the 4th time it has been flat from the same hole). We talked and found out that he was just really coming out to teach us a lesson on how our church is false because the Book of Mormon doesn't talk about the divinity of Christ, and some other hog wash junk that he was spewing. For the readers who are not of my faith, the Book of Mormon says on its cover "Another Testament of Jesus Christ", and in 2 Ne 25: 26 completely shoots this guy down the fail pipe. Unfortunately before I was going to tell him the truth and inform him of his mistakes, his wife conveniently showed up and asked him to continue his work around the house, this is also as he opens up a beer and tells me that when it gets this hot he needs a beer to keep himself hydrated... So his comments I took with a grain of salt, except for the fact that he was talking down to us, Missionaries who are ordained disciples of Jesus Christ sent out to help people come unto Christ by helping them Receive the Restored Gospel through Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End. This just really ground my gears because this man who claims to be a holy man, and spent 30 years studying the bible, being a lawyer and what not, was trying to tell me what I believe and then to add to that he wouldn't even let me tell him of his stupidity and lack of knowledge of our religion...GRRR I have just ranted and I should probably repent because I need to love them even though they are complete and total doinks!!! That was on Saturday and I just couldn't understand this guy and it bothered me all day, which made working a little bit more difficult to do. Then on top of all this that happened on Saturday, we came home to our apartment and found out that our A/C doesn't work and this week is supposed to be the hottest it has been so far...YAY, For OPPOSITION!!! I really felt like I was in the belly of the beast and the stomach acid was being merciless. Now that I have completely destroyed my weekend for you, let me tell you about my Sunday...We showed up to church and none of our investigators showed up, AGAIN. Elder Outlaw and I were once again in a position that we wanted to scream at the Lord and say "This area is just too Wicked, Burn them all !!!" It was awful. We endured church and were depressed because we have some other people that come to church, but they are mentally unstable and like to find themselves in primary, he is over 40 and crazy, not good for primary (kids 3-12). As we waded through church and felt that all was lost, the Lord blessed us with one of his many Tender Mercies!!! A lady who is not a member, but has been active for almost 5 years, and has a calling finally got permission from her husband to be baptized!!! She is getting dunked this Saturday and will look great for our numbers. Opposition leads to a mercy from the Lord. We actually didn't teach her at all because we didn't know she wasn't a member, but a funny coincidence is that her daughter, who is a member, was one of the roommates of 3 of my good friends at BYU, so a long story short is I knew this girl before the mission and now her mom is being baptized while I am here, not saying that I had anything to do with it, but it is a super small world. And thus we see that the Lord will bless his children with the things they need in the time and place that they are needed. We may not think it is the right time, but the Lord knows all and will never hold out on you when things are truly needed, as long as you are keeping his commandments, loving Him and following His Son Jesus Christ. That is all for this Segment, this is Elder Wheeler Signing off, Elder Kelson Wheeler P.s. Doo doo doo doo doo doo Subscribe...teehee

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Letter from Kelson #10 - Yet another Crazy week...with a happy Ending? or so I thought

Good Morning From Sunny California!!! First off I would like to congratulate my cousin Kurt and Melani on their new baby, who just so happened to be born on the single most important day in all of mankind, besides the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the Restoration of His church...It was on My BIRTHDAY!!!! (Spencer, you and I will be best friends!!!) As many of you know this past week was the week of the anniversary of my coming to be. It was quite a bit exciting, and also I kind of forgot about my birthday a couple of joke! This past week was super tough, after we had the 2 baptisms we kind of had our investigators drop off the face of the planet, so this week we were on the prowl for new people to want to be converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was tough, because as we tried super hard to keep people interested they let us down. They would either not open the door, when we knew they were home, or purposely say they were in the shower, or even just tell us that they are done studying with us. It is super frustrating to see this happen, not to mention that as we are riding our bikes we see the evil of the world all around us and it makes us want to just break down and cry from shear depression of the sins of the people. But no more depression...on Friday the 29th we had an entire day filled with service, I had the ability to spend a whole day in shorts out here and it was absolutely the best birthday present the Lord could have given me... On my birthday it was a super day, All week Elder Outlaw had been asking me what I had wanted to receive as a birthday present, but I was undecided. Until I found this 6 inch tall Samus Aran (Metroid Prime Hero) action figure, but alas it doesn't even hit stores until October...*cough* Christmas *cough*. Because I couldn't have that I told him that I wanted a set of Nunchucks. For those who are unawares, possibly everyone, My Companion Elder Outlaw is really good with nunchucks, and as his Son on the mission he wants to pass the skill down to me, so I will be learning and practicing with my Paper towel roll nunchucks until I get the hang of it and he gives me my fully certified, illegal pair of nunchucks (they are only illegal to be carried, if they stay in the apartment we are fine). That is going to be my present from him. I received a great package from my cousins who seem to be celebrating my birthday now for a whole new reason, which was exactly what I needed, and they helped my wardrobe a lot. Enough of what I got, this is what my day was like. 6:30 - Wake - up, move to chair and sleep for another 30 min... 7:00 - Shower and get ready for the day 7:45 - Eat the wonderful breakfast made for me by my companion (he is a wonderful chef, I had an Egg, ham and Cheese sandwich with oranges and a granola bar. plus the last of the Orange Juice. He loves me, and careful any ladies who want to have a man like this...he goes home in 5 months.) 8:00 - 5:00 work our brains off trying to get people to come to church on Sunday... 5:30-6:30 Dinner which was delicious and made for us by a lovely single sister. 7:00 -9:00 finish working and plan for the next day... My Birthday wasn't too centered around me, but it was just enough to celebrate and stay focused. The really good stuff happened on the 1st. We had dinner with this family, the Moser's. They threw me a Birthday party. I had a Cake, they got me presents, and I got a special dinner plate that said "You are special today!!!" They are super awesome, and definitely help make this much easier to be away from home. Even out here in California I find families that are similar to my own...haha I don't feel any different except I am no longer a teenager, and I guess I feel more responsible but I think that has a lot to do with the increase of responsibility my trainer is putting upon me. Also all that work we did on my birthday to get people to come to church was all for no dice. NO ONE CAME TO CHURCH!!! This is so aggravating, because you would think that if you invite enough people to come to church at least one of them would come, but I now know that it doesn't matter the number of people, but the quality of people, and seeing as how I am in the middle of Ghettoville I will have to work really hard to find quality people. All in all it wasn't a super successful week, but if every week were successful I wouldn't learn anything...and I am not sure where I am to go and what to do, but Alma 37:11 always helps me to be patient and comforted in my lack of understanding. I thank all of you for the Happy Birthday's and the times that I have been able to share with all of you these past 2 decades. I will see all of you after a short time of 2 years and you won't even recognize me anymore. I used to walk around with just normality around me, now I walk away from huge explosions and I have some really BA music playing in the background (everywhere I go). THAT'S THE POWER OF PINE-SOL BABY!!! Working on My Way of Missionary, Elder Kelson Wheeler