Letter from Kelson - Week #13 - Successful weeks are in the making

Good Morning From Sunny California!!! What a week of many lessons, miracles and success... We have had a spectacular week when it comes to teaching the people here. The week started with a bang as we completed our P-Day with a Lesson with a nice gentleman named Franklin. Franklin is a special friend/investigator/possible member that we have found through looking in our Area book. We found Franklin while we were providing service at the Catholic Church, He came up to us and said he wanted to resume the missionary discussions and that we must absolutely come over. We were pleasantly surprised when this happened, but also kind of worried. We had been told stories of Franklin and his antics, plus we had read in the Area Book that "yes" he had been taught all the lessons but the previous missionaries felt that he was not accountable for his actions, due to some mental issues that Franklin has. To give you a description, think about the last movie you saw with a crazy person in it, and then remember when you thought this: "no one in the world could really be that crazy..." now I will tell you about Franklin and you will realize as did I that there are people that are Crazy in real life. As we talk to Franklin we soon realize that he is definitely a very mentally smart person, his intellect is amazing, and his comprehension is top of the line, however, he has OCD (CDO alphabetical order) he loves music (only the classical stuff) and he will go off on random tangents about the Wedding March (evidently the original had words, and he is upset that every time it is played the words are left out). Another thing is he doesn't like it when people ask him Questions, which makes checking his knowledge kind of difficult. So we went in with full-purpose of heart to teach and baptize this man who knew his stuff and wanted to be baptized. So far we are probably going to have to wait 2 weeks or so, because we have yet to hear what the bishop thinks of him, Elder Outlaw and I feel that he is definitely able to determine right from wrong, thus making him accountable, thus making baptism an option. I don't know if this sounds looney tunes enough for you, but if you met him you would agree. At this current moment we will continue to teach him the things that he knows, and make the option of baptism available. Someone else that we are teaching that I think will turn some heads is...*drum roll please*...oh come on do the drum roll...Are you doing it?...I am not sure you're ready, louder drum roll...LOUDER!!! WE ARE TEACHING THE ONE AND ONLY ... MICHAEL JACKSON!!! We are teaching this kind hearted African American fellow who also has the same name as the king of Pop. We didn't resurrect him so you can all take a deep breath of relief...Just Kidding. He meets with us twice a week and just know the Gospel to be true, plus he asked us what he has to do before he can be baptized. This is super awesome, and the funny thing is we were visiting someone else when we found him throwing away furniture because of a physical quarrel he had with his wife the night before. There is just one problem to this almost perfect miracle that every missionary can want and hope for...We can't seem to get him to church... This is a definite problem because church is vital to one's conversion, just like I talked about a week ago. We will continue to work with him and maybe we can drill into his head that church is the key to putting the nail in the baptismal coffin. These are the two most promising people that we are teaching, and the rest are just taking their time mozying along the trail of fence riding. My mission is wonderful, I have so much fun everyday, I have purpose each day when I wake up, I know what I am going to do because of nightly planning and I feel that no matter what happens I will be successful. It has made the past 10 weeks of training fly by and it makes me fear for the rest of the mission...I don't want it to be over too soon. I love what I am doing, and I wish all the best to whomever reads what I have written. All of you are in my prayers because I know that my Heavenly Father watches over those people I care about. Remember who you are, what you stand for and above all else...HAVE FUN DOING IT!!! Love, Elder Wheeler


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