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Letter From Rhys - Week #15 - The Adventures of Elder Chu: Part 1

Feliz Lunes from the tropical land of the Republica Dominicana.
This Week is all about the adventures of Elder Chu, but before we get to that a quick update.  2 of our 4 people to get baptized this past week were.  The others were pushed back to the first weeks of December.  Also, we have had many miracles in our area which include finding gold! (Investigator) The name of this Gold is Jennifer. Jennifer has been attending the church for quite some time now, and has a testimony that it is God's church on the earth but she has not been baptized.  This is because she's moved a lot and never talked with the missionaries before.  We found her while looking for someone else.  We stopped by her home to see if she knew someone who had been contacted during the Cosecha in the previous week and she then proceeded to search for this person for us for 15 min.  It was an amazing find.
Now to the part with Elder Chu!  The Wonderful big yellow stuffed Pokémon Pikachu who is named Elder Chu,…

Letter From Rhys - Week #14 - Baptisms in Paradise

Feliz Lunes from the tropical land of Republica Dominicana!
The title of this letter may lead you to believe that we’ve had more baptisms this past week. Well... you’re not wrong but they’re not ours!  We had a baptism this past weekend in our ward and they really didn’t plan it so us being invited to said baptism put it all together in a 30-min time period. Boy was that stressful.
We also had many interviews for the Hermanas (Sister Missionaries) in our district this week and also lots of cosechas! Which means that we have not been in our area very much this past week just like the week before! However, this week the stress is real! We have four people with baptismal dates for this upcoming Saturday and there’s a lot we need to do to get them prepared for it! Two of them are young girls Juliani (9) and Jennifer (11) who are super excited to be baptized and they learn very quickly!  
We also have two adults Nadia (30´s) and Rafael (30´s) This week we are rushing to get Rafael Marrie…

More Pictures!!! (Week #13)

Here are some more pictures to go with Rhys letter from Week #13

Letter from Rhys - Week # 13 - El Libro de Mormon. otro Testimento de Jesucristo!

Feliz Lunes, from the tropical land of the Republica Dominican where the sun is always shining and the Air smells like... well... not like warm root beer...😐😁.
Anyway, this past week absolutely nothing happened!  Except for the undeniable fact that every single morning our mission we make us a big ol’ bowl of missionary meetings for breakfast!  We had transfers on Tuesday, meeting for district leaders on Wednesday(my companion is a district leader), District meeting on Thursday, Cosecha (harvest) on Friday, and a broadcast from Elder Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve, who was in Santiago on Saturday and church on Sunday!!!!!
In short, we had very little time to proselyte this week!  YAAAAAAAAAY... NOT.  But on the bright side a couple of things happened.  With the little time that we had between weekly planning Thursday afternoon and ward council Thursday night, we were able to teach an awesome young man named Louis! He’s pretty cool and has a sound understanding of what we teach…

Week #12 Pictures!!!

Here are some pictures from Week #12 of Rhys' Mission.  Enjoy!

Letter from Rhys - Week #12 - Transfers!!!!

Feliz Martes from the tropical Island of the Republica Dominicana!
Yesterday we were unable to write because there was some sort of fiesta or holiday that caused every place to close down for the day...  But today, we got permission to write.
Also, I got a new companion!!!!!  His name is Elder Portillo (portiyo).  Elder Portillo is from Honduras and has 16 months in the mission.  I’ve only been with him for a couple hours, but he’s still a pretty awesome individual.  The language barrier between us is pretty decent but it won’t inhibit our ability to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
This past week we had what we call a perfect day! On Wednesday, we didn’t have a single one of our appointments fall and all of our discussions were impactful and helpful for our investigators!  Also, our previous P-Day we had the opportunity to go to the coast of the island that was in our area!  It was so awesome to see the light as it shines on the sea.  It’s Blinding really!  It was also nice to h…