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Letter From Kelson - Week #83 - Turkey makes me Sleepy...ZzzZzzZzz

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!
That is right! It is the day when all people decide that their desire for eating healthy and losing weight will fly right out the window and hit their annoying neighbor in the face, because we have turned this day into a feed your face until your stomach explodes and then plop your, now massive, butt on the couch and watch some TV... I LOVE THIS HOLIDAY!!! It's a FAT KID'S favorite day of the year, and being a missionary is even better during this time, because if we play our cards right, we can repeat this cycle as many times as we want because members of the Church, at least here in the United States, will gladly have you over to feed you full of deliciously tasty food and then they will make you eat their most delicious pie, and then send you off to another dinner so that you can repeat it all over again and again!!! FOOD!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! My dissertation to this amazing holiday has been concluded. Plea…

Letter From Kelson - Week # 82 - Drop it like it's HOT!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!! Is it just me, or is it MORMON here?!! (please read the joke out loud and it will make sense) Seeing as how it is currently a beautiful 71 degrees with a slight gusty breeze, I guess it truly is warm in here. I am loving this weather, except for one key ingredient...We are missing Rain, Snow, and maybe some change in seasons. It smells like November, somewhat, but it doesn't feel like November, it seems more like August or May. Now that all of you are either jealous, or just laughing, because you know how much I love cold weather, I will proceed to the highlighted route and then the story telling will start. This past week was pretty fantastic...actually I am just saying that, this past week was super tough. Now I'm not talking FORD Tough, because those break too easily, but I am talking like overcooked steak. There were a lot of things that just didn't seem to go as planned. It almost seems like we were wandering around not doing any…

Letter From Kelson - Week #81 - I love to bowl!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

This is a really late letter. I am now coming to you live from the bowling alley just down the street from our apartment. This is so awesome!  I love technology and iPads and awesome members who come bowling with us and allow me to write this ridiculously long e-mail on their iPad while we bowl. 

This past week was pretty awesome.  My companion, Elder Allred, is pretty awesome.  We have a lot of things in common and we are having a blast. I am reminded that every companion is meant for me and I don't need to worry too much about what they are good at because we will be compatible. For you inquiring minds, I will tell you a little bit about my zone and their zoneness. My zone consists of 21 missionaries: 18 elders and 3 sisters with 4 different languages being spoken. We have Spanish, Hmong, Cambodian, and English.  There are a lot of things that are going on as we are here trying to baptize all nations, we have 2 planned baptisms this month and…

Letter from Kelson - Week #80 - What the Pho!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!! Wow!! It is that time once again, I am writing on a Tuesday, which doesn't make any sense because our P-day is on Monday... Hum? Why is this? Maybe when Daylight savings time hit, California lost a day; we do have some weird laws here, or maybe there was a huge atomic war and everyone died but us, because we just so happened to be in a fallout shelter, and because we have been in here so long, it seems like a Tuesday, but really is a Monday. I am not sure what could have happened to cause this phenomenon, however, I do know one thing though, I am not leaving the Sacramento YSA Branch anytime soon... Oh wait, I know where I was going with this beginning sentence structure/paragraphical notations that seem to be continuing to grow as I explain that I had an epiphany. It was a TRANSFER Week. That makes a whole heck of a lot more sense than a nuclear fallout and a loss of time and space, or daylight savings falling back a day. Phew, I am so glad …