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Monday, August 27, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #18 - Thank goodness for the Mission!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!
I will start off with the most important thing up to this point. It has been brought to my attention that my Mission President wants us to Vote in this election so I need the world to petition my mother to send me an Absentee Ballot so that I may vote for whomever is not OBAMA!!! HAHA
Now to our success... We have had an amazing week!!! We went from a week of almost lesson draught to a week of overflowing milk and honey. We taught 17 lessons this week and we have a pre-me firm, which means that this investigator is ready for baptism, but we need to have them come to church and teach 2 more lessons, but it also means that they have accepted the call to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized.  We are super excited and on top of that they are also going on a Temple Tour with us Saturday...SAWEET!!! The area here is booming, and I know that it is because I have so many people back home praying for the success of this missionary, but something I want you all to realize is that I don't want you to pray for my success, but rather I would like you to pray that the people of Sacramento, California have their hearts softened and open to the message of the Restoration of Jesus Christ Church. This is my request and plea, because there are hundreds of amazing missionaries out here that deserve the success that I am having and I know that they need all the prayers too.  Anyway, we also have this lady, Felicia, who is super solid as well. She has had some hard times with a blood clot in her leg, but she is on medication and doing much better. We called her a week or so ago and as we talked we found out that she had needed our phone call to give her hope and that she woke up, after being out of touch with the world, and wants to be baptized!!! Between these two people we could have baptisms on the 15th and the 22nd. SUPER PSYCHED!!!!
I would like to take this area to talk about an experience that I had this week, so please enjoy the music while I prepare the statement... *Elevator Music Begins to Play*...
Ok I think I am ready, so we were teaching this lady, her name is Charity, and she is a nice black lady around 50 or so and she has really had it rough in her life. As we were teaching her, we were talking about the many programs that the church offers to help people in their times of need and spiritual enlightenment. We kept talking and she began to become excited and started praising the Lord, well amongst her praise she then started getting down on herself about how she was unable to do the things we were asking of her to do, because she didn't have the personal strength to overcome her challenges. Then the funniest thing came out of her mouth, and I feel that this is the part that you have all been waiting for...She said "I JUST NEED TO BE BEAT WITH A STICK...BY JESUS!!!" I had to try so hard not to laugh. This was true according to her, but I never thought of Jesus caring a stick that he could then beat people with to get them in shape. I know he spoke softly, but did he really carry a big stick? Anyway I wrote that down and I couldn't wait to share it with you.
I hope that last week I did not offend or scare anyone away from reading my letters home with any of my stories. After I sent them I was kind of having writers remorse about the one with the no undergarments on, but I figured that my loving readers would understand and forgive me eventually.
Oh one more thing before I sign off and make the next week happen with magic, we had Zone Conference this week and all day I couldn't stop thinking about this one thing and I hope that I have the chance to do the thing that I was thinking about...If that doesn't make sense, I am sorry...But anyway there is this missionary who has a reputation and it isn't a pretty one, but anyway all day I couldn't help but think about how sad he looked, and what I could do to help him.  To make a very long story of many impressions I talked with the Mission President and I requested to be his companion sometime in the future. He told me that it is all dependent upon revelation and he doesn't really know who he is going to put who with until Monday of transfers, but he would petition the Lord for me. I then told him that I don't want to be rushed into the situation, though, so please wait until the Lord sees me fit to work with him...  Don't want more than I can chew.
I love all of you immensely and I hope that you have a blessed week as you do your best to prepare to meet God in the coming week. Thus is our Purpose, to prepare to meet God, and show him we are ready for all he has to give us.

Elder WHEELER!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #17 - Prepare to have your mind Blown!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!! This past week has been quite interesting, and I feel that I should include my faithful readers in this interesting week. So we had a baptism this week, His name is Franklin and he is a bit on the crazy side...what I mean by that is he has had 2 strokes, been in a 6 month coma after a really bad car accident and has several different forms of cancer...I think he has the right to be crazy. Anyway he is 100% totally accountable which is great because he got baptized. The cool thing about this baptism though is I was able to see Elder Outlaw again, We bonded again, and I performed the baptism. It was my first time actually performing the ordinance and I have to say that it is not as hard as people make it out to be. When you say the prayer you just feel great because the Holy Ghost testifies of truth and so your insides are burning with the Spirit of God, plus that spirit must give the priesthood holder super-natural strength because when I pulled Franklin out of the water, the second time (his feet came up so we had to go to round 2) I didn't feel fatigued or any kind of strain on my muscles, and Franklin weights probably about 50 lbs more than me, and I have gained a few Missionary pounds since I left. That made this week great, because all week we were just out trying to find and no one wanted to talk to us. Our appointments all seemed to fall through, the Splits or team ups with the High Priests that we had arranged both fell through, plus all of our Ward missionaries happen to be busy...Thus leading to some pretty bad numbers, but alas we had a baptism so it made up for itself in the end. I would like to inform everyone though of what my week truly ended with. We go to sleep Saturday night feeling great and ready for church the next morning, then we wake up on Sunday and both Elder Forsgren and I are feeling a bit quizzy and under the weather. I thought it could have been just the fact that I was hungry (that happened a lot at home), but I regret to inform you that the toast with strawberry jam that I made for breakfast came back to say hello while we were at church. We did not go to church yesterday, and I am letting you know this because when missionaries don't go to church all the people that could be blessed from their service don't get any blessings...Just Kidding. Even though we didn't go to church, we still had Franklin confirmed and had 1 investigator, Charity, at church this Sunday. So My mother requested for me to tell some stories from this experience so far, and I am not sure which ones I have told and haven't told so I will just write a few that come to mind as I am sitting here typing out this long introduction to buy me some time to think............ Ok so there was this one time that a lady called out to us and said "Hey I want to talk to you!!!" Now this should have been the sign to run away, but I was new and I thought ...Sweet here comes another baptism...I was sorely mistaken. She then started to yell at the top of her lungs many profanities that come with names, but I wont give them to you (use your imagination). Among her yelling was the phrase: 1. "I am a honest christian", 2. "Jesus was Provoked" , and 3. "I killed my best friend and told the police it was me, which is why I am a honest christian"...She then told us why she said some of these things, like the continual nagging of her neighbor whenever she would walk by. Her neighbor would also use choice words that signify racial slurs...By the way this woman was black...Thus the provoking of her neighbor brought out quote number 2. She then proceeded to tell us that she was fed up with her neighbor and she had clawed her neighbor's storm door all to pieces trying to kill her what???...Then she started to tell us that she didn't have any problem killing her neighbor because she already killed her best friend for sleeping with her husband, or something like that and now she was being provoked like Jesus...quote number 2 again... And all of this leads to quote number 1...She is an honest christian...I would hate to see a dishonest christian...For all those who are reading, she was also high on weed and drunk off Jack Daniels when she was talking to us. After she was done trying to tell us something that we didn't really care about she then began to yell at some dog so I think she may be a little off her rocker...haha ......... This story is short and I am sorry to say that this happened, but we went in to teach a lady and when we sat down across from her we noticed and recognized her lack of was a very long lesson, but luckily for us the Stake Presidents' Son was not in our location he was off to the side...I will say it right now...SCARRED FOR LIFE!!! These are a few of the stories that I will be coming home with in 20 months, but until then I will add more and more to my story book. I love this Work, and I want all of you to know it. No matter how much I have to work, no matter how hard it is, no matter the pain and agony of heart that comes from people not accepting this great and glad message, I will go forth Boldly, nobly, and will not quit because the atonement wasn't easy for the Saviour so why should the mission be easy for me. I love my Saviour Jesus Christ and every day he shows me little tender mercies. I would exhort you to look for the tender mercies in your life, the things that bring true happiness, the things that the world can't supply, count them and recognize them. Your life will increase in happiness 10 fold and you will see the many things that God has done for you. Until next time, Elder Wheeler P.s. Was your mind Blown??? P.p.s. Oh great mother of mine...Please correct any typos I may have left in the stories/letter. Love YAhere is one for Dad too

Monday, August 13, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week # 16 - New Companion and All that good stuff

Good Morning From Sunny California!!! Howdy Ho!!! Just kidding, I am in California, not Texas...hehe This past week was pretty laid back, but also full of craziness. I will try to start from the beginning and go ludicrous speed through it. On Wednesday I got my new companion; his name is Elder Forsgren (4s - grin) and he is from Rexburg, Idaho. He has been out for 17 months now and is on the downward slope to home. We get along just fine, we talk about all sorts of things, quote movies, watch church movies, and just enjoy the area as we are working. I didn't move out of my area, I am still in the Mission Oak and Eastern Avenue wards and I may be junior companion, but I have to get my senior familiar with the area. For these first few weeks I will be somewhat leading the area, but once he feels comfortable I will go back to being a person who just follows the leader and chimes in when the appropriate time hits. I know this may seem unfair, but this is teaching me humility and the ability to follow. Ever since I was young, my parents have been raising me to be a leader, but some of the best leaders are even better followers. I hope that I can be a fantastic follower when the time comes for my back seat ride. It feels kind of weird to no longer be a new missionary again, but I feel like I have come so far already. We had a new missionary come into our district and he is from Springville, UT and he made some comments about how he is excited to be here, and then when we started telling stories...and I chimed in because I already have a whole bunch of them... he was telling us that he didn't want any stories like what we have had. I am sorry to say that he is setting himself up for a huge eye opening experience. This place, the people, and the culture are so different. Things that are not supposed to be appropriate are the norm, and things that were the norm make you a "Jack Mormon" (Member of the church, but don't practice your beliefs) , and anything above that means you are trying to keep the commandments. I hope I haven't become hardened in my heart to any of these people or anything, but I know that this place, just like everywhere else in the world, has evil everywhere; we just don't always see it until we go out to try and tell the evil people about the good they could have with a little bit of change on their part. So enough of that crazy talk and Debbie Downage, I want to move on to some happier news...Drum roll please....Are you doing it???...Come on it will only take a few more seconds...Pretty Please?! Ok I guess I'll tell you the news, but for those that did the drum roll, I thank you, and those who did not you have lost the satisfaction of a drum roll and your life will not be as awesome as it could have been with a drum roll. Franklin, the kind of crazy fellow I was talking about a couple of weeks ago, is getting baptized this Saturday the 18th of August at 2 PM. We are super excited and happy for this gentleman and scholar. He has come a long way and was ready and willing to make this commitment at the drop of a hat. It took a little bit of calm authoritative whispering, but he understands and wants to be added to the list of sheep in the Great Shepard's flock. Franklin is super awesome, he has been waiting for this a long time, and he loves the church and the members therein. He is definitely truly converted and I know that he will do the best he can to stay close to Jesus Christ. Thought you would like to know the highlight of last week, and the highlight of this coming week...hehe I am grateful for all those who have been writing to me via e-mail, letter, satellite transmission, telepathy, etc. Please keep them coming, and I will try to do the same. And just remember that I may have only left yesterday, but I'll be back in what seems like tomorrow. 2 years will just fly by if you are not careful, so make sure to make every day the best it can be, and I'll do the same. I Love every one of you that has taken the time to hear me out as I blab about the great people in California, and wish all the best of wishes for the Future!!! Love, Elder Wheeler P.s. MOTHER!!!! GUESS WHAT!!!??? HAVE YOU STARTED TO GUESS YET??? PLEASE GUESS!!!??? typos, please and thank you... Love you dearly!!! P.P.s. Get on Alaric and Rhys and tell them that I want every detail...especially Alaric and his Girlyfriend and about the new manager of Fazoli's...Is Alan Gone??? If so, my return position is over and done with.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #15 - Don't have time for questions just other stuff...

Good Morning From Sunny California!!! Sorry to all those who are reading but this e-mail will be a short one. We have had a pretty crazy day as we have been getting ready for Transfers. So for all those who want the juicy details, Elder Outlaw is being Transferred away... and Elder Foresgrin is taking his place by my side. I haven't met my new companion but he sounds like a pretty chill guy. I'll update ya'lls when I know more. So this week was crazy, We worked hard, we played right, we slaved in the fields and we saw miracles. Elder Outlaw and I saw one particular miracle that I want to talk about. All this week we have been working with Franklin...The Crazy guy I was talking about a week or so ago...Well anyway we have been working with him and he wants to be baptized but he will be unable to complete the baptismal interview meeting to make sure he knows what is what, because he has a book that says the Heber J. Grant (7th President of the Church) was still the Prophet time perspective. Anyway because of this hic-cup he would be unable to be baptized because his knowledge is incomplete about the current prophet of the Lord (this is one of the questions...hence our problem). We had been working with him all week, I mean ALL WEEK, on this little detail that was making it hard for us to teach him, until finally Saturday night we had brought a document telling that Heber J. Grant was dead and another document with Thomas S. Monson's (Current Prophet) Testimony of the Saviour. When we talked with him though it was different than the other times...We talked softly and with authority, plus we made sure he paid attention. When we left his house he said he would study out the information we had given him and that he would pray to know which was true. Then came Sunday, Fast Sunday!!! We fasted for him and another one of our investigators, plus a fast of Thanksgiving because the mission baptized 72 people in the month of July. After Sunday comes Monday, and this particular Monday was not P-Day because it is a transfer week (Mom in 6 weeks P-day will be on Tuesday). We told Franklin that we would go "Stake hunting" with him, which we later found to be "Snake hunting". We went out and had to walk a great distance to get to the open field where the snakes were, plus we found lots of homeless people and I realized what homeless really means, but that is a different story. Franklin was talking to us as we walked and we didn't even bring up the Prophet we were just talking about what he thought of other religions...he was quite abusive to the other religions and we quickly stopped him because all of them teach good things...but in the midst of all this He said "by the way Monson is the Prophet today". We clarified with him and he said the same thing again...We were so shocked and happy that our trip to go Stake hunting, the walking part, didn't stink at all. We just had happy smiles all day. Real quick because I still have to write to the mission President, I love this Gospel and I know it to be true because I see it changing the lives of many as I am typing this letter...It is changing mine and thus changing those who I am in contact. Love one Another as Jesus Loves you, and try to show Kindness in all that you do. For those questions about my bike, My bike was not there when I went back, but that is because the Lord blessed me with a Spanish Elder's bike that he loaned me and then gave me after he knew that it had a good home. He is going home in 6 weeks and was going to donate it to the mission, thus he gave it to me. Now I just have to pay it forward... I love you all, and long to share more stories, so keep reading... Elder Wheeler P.s. Mom Please correct any Typos and I'll try harder next week to answer those questions...sorry.