Letter from Kelson - Week #15 - Don't have time for questions just other stuff...

Good Morning From Sunny California!!! Sorry to all those who are reading but this e-mail will be a short one. We have had a pretty crazy day as we have been getting ready for Transfers. So for all those who want the juicy details, Elder Outlaw is being Transferred away... and Elder Foresgrin is taking his place by my side. I haven't met my new companion but he sounds like a pretty chill guy. I'll update ya'lls when I know more. So this week was crazy, We worked hard, we played right, we slaved in the fields and we saw miracles. Elder Outlaw and I saw one particular miracle that I want to talk about. All this week we have been working with Franklin...The Crazy guy I was talking about a week or so ago...Well anyway we have been working with him and he wants to be baptized but he will be unable to complete the baptismal interview meeting to make sure he knows what is what, because he has a book that says the Heber J. Grant (7th President of the Church) was still the Prophet today...no time perspective. Anyway because of this hic-cup he would be unable to be baptized because his knowledge is incomplete about the current prophet of the Lord (this is one of the questions...hence our problem). We had been working with him all week, I mean ALL WEEK, on this little detail that was making it hard for us to teach him, until finally Saturday night we had brought a document telling that Heber J. Grant was dead and another document with Thomas S. Monson's (Current Prophet) Testimony of the Saviour. When we talked with him though it was different than the other times...We talked softly and with authority, plus we made sure he paid attention. When we left his house he said he would study out the information we had given him and that he would pray to know which was true. Then came Sunday, Fast Sunday!!! We fasted for him and another one of our investigators, plus a fast of Thanksgiving because the mission baptized 72 people in the month of July. After Sunday comes Monday, and this particular Monday was not P-Day because it is a transfer week (Mom in 6 weeks P-day will be on Tuesday). We told Franklin that we would go "Stake hunting" with him, which we later found to be "Snake hunting". We went out and had to walk a great distance to get to the open field where the snakes were, plus we found lots of homeless people and I realized what homeless really means, but that is a different story. Franklin was talking to us as we walked and we didn't even bring up the Prophet we were just talking about what he thought of other religions...he was quite abusive to the other religions and we quickly stopped him because all of them teach good things...but in the midst of all this He said "by the way Monson is the Prophet today". We clarified with him and he said the same thing again...We were so shocked and happy that our trip to go Stake hunting, the walking part, didn't stink at all. We just had happy smiles all day. Real quick because I still have to write to the mission President, I love this Gospel and I know it to be true because I see it changing the lives of many as I am typing this letter...It is changing mine and thus changing those who I am in contact. Love one Another as Jesus Loves you, and try to show Kindness in all that you do. For those questions about my bike, My bike was not there when I went back, but that is because the Lord blessed me with a Spanish Elder's bike that he loaned me and then gave me after he knew that it had a good home. He is going home in 6 weeks and was going to donate it to the mission, thus he gave it to me. Now I just have to pay it forward... I love you all, and long to share more stories, so keep reading... Elder Wheeler P.s. Mom Please correct any Typos and I'll try harder next week to answer those questions...sorry.


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