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Monday, March 25, 2013

Letter From Kelson - Week # 48 - The Lord Will provide!!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

This E-mail may be a little shorter than the others, but I will do what I can to make ya'lls happy, because i know how much you treasure the words of the Greatest Missionary of All time!!! And since he took the day off I will start to write the e-mail from the number 2 spot. 

This past week was awesome!! We did lots of work, we were running around meeting with members, possible members, and help those who were possibles become members. It is super exciting. This past week it rained a little bit, and I soon found out that my brakes do not work in the rain...My bike just didn't want to stop, it would keep going and I would somehow coast into a busy intersection....just kidding. I found things to stop me, but I soon switched to a bike that I have been borrowing from a member and they have been very gracious to let me not die this past week. Other than that it has been anywhere between 70-85 degrees everyday, it keeps getting warmer and I am starting to sweat while riding my bike...uh oh Summer is on its way. 

This week we have been working with Lynn H., the coolest and most awesome investigator we have ever had. She is getting baptized this weekend at 4 pm. She went to the temple with us last weekend, and because she did she was also able to see a living apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. She was impressed with his words, and the mannerisms that go along with the calling. She has become one of our best friends and she just loves the feelings that the Holy Ghost brings to her life.  She seems to be plagued by Satan on a daily basis and she is looking forward to having the Holy Ghost be her constant guide. She has some doubts and fears because she knows and feels she can't be perfect right after her baptism, but we have been working with her to help her understand that she just has to try, and that no one is perfect. We all have commandments that cause us to sin or make mistakes, and she just sees a bunch of people who seem perfect, but she just needs to look deeper. I think this is our greatest challenge, however, we are up to the challenge because we have the Lord on our side.   We have a great amount of potential in our area and we are excited to say that we will probably be seeing many more baptisms in the next few weeks. We actually had 5 investigators come to church this past week and 2 of them told us that they plan on being baptized before I get transferred!!! WAHOO!!! 

This next week is going to be great, and I want all to know that their prayers are being answered. I am very thankful for your prayers and I hope that your lives are going well, because I am praying for you!!! I promise that what you pray for will be given to you, so be careful what you pray for, because you may get it...hehehe Love ya with all my heart and please take care of those who need your assistance, and those who are not feeling about the weather. 

Love ya,
Elder Wheeler


Monday, March 18, 2013

Letter From Kelson - Week # 47 - Tender Mercies Sure Are Great!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

It is Monday again, and for all those who are still celebrating, HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!! I think this is one of my favorite holidays, not because everyone and their brother goes out and drinks like crazy wild people, but because it is a holiday completely dedicated to the color GREEN!!! And I will never be caught without green in some form or fashion in my wardrobe...I wore a green tie yesterday to church...hehe Don't worry, it was paisley and a more conservative green so it was completely okay for missionary standards. 

I guess all of you, my most dedicated and diligent readers, are feeling on the edge and full of suspense because I am the most elegant writer and I just complete your week with my great ability to write and push my feelings through an electronic mailing service and into your hearts... Did you feel that? It was my head expanding out of this house, in which I am writing you, and causing the whole state of California to begin to float away because of my head full of hot air.  Man I really wish I wasn't so awesome, it is really hard being me and you know no one does it better than me... haha just kidding readers. I am not that self-centered, I just had a good up-bringing and an excellent teacher. Thank you Mrs. Pace!!!

This week has been an eye opening experience. Literally I have seen the light and I can testify that it is everywhere. This week I saw two ladies duking it out in the middle of the road.  I had to stop and watch for a few minutes because the sidewalk was blocked.  They were in the bike lane and there was oncoming naturally I stopped to watch and wait. One lady lost her wig, and the other was throwing out a string of profanities that would only come out of the smartest of sailors.  It was quite entertaining, but also not a good place to be, because something bad could have happened because we were watching...hehe. 

We have also been the recipients of good fortune, or should I say mighty miracles!!! We have ourselves a Baptism on the 30th of March. Her name is Lynn H. and she has been super awesome. She has been meeting with us for 2 weeks now. She has come to church twice and now has expressed her excitement for baptism through a great prayer that she gave at our last meeting. She used the words "Thank you that I don't have fears anymore"  Can I get a Chorus of angelic voices!!!! (This is the part, where everyone who is reading this e-mail now throws back their heads and sings "Hallelujah" And because everyone, in and ideal situation, will be reading this at the same time it will sound like a chorus of angels) We have definitely been blessed beyond everything comprehensible here in the Laguna Creek 3rd Ward. More members are bringing non-members to things, they are sharing the gospel and people are getting excited about the work.  Man, I wish every area could be like this. There is light at the end of this dark tunnel of rebuilding and area and it is beaming into every home and into every heart. Wahoo!!!! However, that is not the light I was talking about, haha I gotcha, I was trying to mislead you into thinking I was finished writing my e-mail 

The Light I was talking about came to me as we were trying to get into a very ghetto apartment complex (This apartment complex is located in the heart of our ghetto area, there are armed cops everywhere and even more armed security guards). Anyway we pulled up to the guard shack, rolling on our pimped out, lifted, with spinning rims bicycles and the guard said that bikes have to go in another way; the main gate is only for cars. We rode away rejected with sorrow in our eyes and hearts, and a few tears fell from the eyes of a fresh missionary, who had the eternal fire of being new, extinguished by the tears of rejection...Just Kidding. The guard told us to go to the walking gate...hehe I had you going didn't I?  Anyway we went to the gate, but it was locked, then there was a little boy who came up to the gate and he opened it for us. We proceeded through the gate and thanked him as we went by. We then proceeded to go about our business, but the little boy kind of followed us, and then ran in front of us and started to lead us to where he wanted us. Then he stopped us and said, "Hey can I have a picture of God" We then told him "Why of course you can". We handed him two cards and our phone number and he went on his way, but this is the light that I was talking about. As I was giving him those cards, I could see the light of Christ in his eyes and his desire to know God. This light, even though it was found in one of the sketchiest places in all of the Laguna Creek 3rd Ward, it is still there. This is truly a miracle all in itself. I love this work.

I encourage you to look for the good of every situation, no matter where or when or what you are dealing with, just look for the Light of Christ and I can guarantee you will find it!!! Moroni 7:13-17!!! 

Love ya and enjoy life,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. MOM!!! I want you to look over this and make sure it doesn't stink in the ways of grammar!!! TYPOS!!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Letter From Kelson - Week # 46 - Listen to the Spirit!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!!!

It is a beautiful 67 degrees here in Elk Grove, there is a slight breeze, with a chance of wonderful sunshine and another chance of a very Sad Elder....  I heard some disturbing news today and I wish that all of you would take sympathy on me and cry along with me...Please do this for I need the support in my time of need....


Why did you do this to me Ohio?!?! I was there for a whole winter before I left and we got almost no snow, it was like a heavy frost. and then the next winter after I leave it just gets dumped on. I feel like just punching the Weather man because he needs to make his predictions and forecasts come to life, or maybe the Government has a machine that creates weather all on its own and they regulate the people in the nation through this huge machine and they just so happened to tap my phone and they can't give me what I wanted so they said no snow for you... DARN YOU SNOW NAZI!!!! 

I have vented out my frustrations with the Weather patterns, now on to matters that actually matter. We had a fantastic week, we taught many lessons, we invited many people to do things, and we now have someone who is super solid for baptism on the 30th of March. Her name is Lyn, and she is a lady I met about 3 months ago, who totally blew us off, saying she has already heard all she needs from us and that she is feeling great right where she is at...then 3 months later she asks her member friends what time and where church is and then she comes a few weeks later. We have had 2 actual lessons, sort of, and we have done service for her, and we have a lesson with her tomorrow. She is progressing like crazy, she has had some weird experiences these past few days and she is open and recognizes the Spirit and how it helps her. The reason my title of the e-mail is the way it is, is because we asked the member friend, who told her about church, what was happening with her and they called her that night to invite her to church and then she came, and then we didn't have a chance to talk to her, and so all night I was wrestling with the impression to go see her, and so I asked my companion what I should do. He said we should wait to decide what to do after dinner. Then after dinner he said, what the heck lets do this, so we went and lo and behold she talked to us for like an hour and she had been wanting us to stop by..... *Choir of Angels singing* "Hallelujah"....Cut the angels. Then we set up an appointment that she then kept, plus she called us the night after we stopped by to tell us how much she enjoyed our visit and how she is looking forward to our next appointment. Then we set up service for her and more appointments, and last night we invited her to be baptized!!!! She said she would pray about it and then she asked about the details needed for a baptism service....We almost peed our pants when she asked that question. Let me just say... Thank you Heavenly Father for the Spirit and all the guidance it brings. We are going into our lesson tomorrow with the intent to just teach her what she doesn't know and help her to keep up her good work. WAHOO!!! I love this Work. 

I have to say that this new missionary that I have been blessed with is pretty cool. Not only does he get most of my jokes and is almost a mini me he also is ready and willing to listen for promptings from the Holy Ghost. He is teachable, which is needed in this work. 

I know that through the power of the Holy Ghost and the guidance of God we can see miracles happen all over this world. We are only limited by our faith and the desire to good. We just have to have faith that the Lord knows what he is doing. Whether we are the ones to baptize them, or just planting the seed of faith so that they accept baptism later, we are all engaged in this great and marvelous latter-day work.  HOW GREAT IS OUR CALLING!!! I love everyone of you and I pray continually for your safety and support to continue. 

Oh, hey I have another thing I want to tell you about...So we have these two teenagers that we are trying to teach. They are super awesome and want to be baptized like right now...anyway we were talking to them, but we still had to get permission from their parents to teach them, so we were holding off on teaching them anything super big, or what not, anyway so every time we go over there, their dad wasn't home or he was sleeping. We kept trying and trying, and then we heard from the kids that the copies of the Book of Mormon we gave them, he went into their rooms, pulled them out, and ripped them in half...So we were like... OMGoodness that is one strong Dude. We have been playing "Dad Tag" all week, trying to just talk to this guy so that we can help him feel the Spirit and not be so anti-us. Finally we went over there yesterday and the kids told us he would be home today at noon. Now today is our P-day which means we are sacrificing for these kids...Which is totally fine by me, they are super legit and awesome, plus they play a mean game of basketball.  We went by today at noon, and before we went up to the door we just said a prayer in the car, we were with a member, asking that we could just have the Spirit to be with us so that when we meet him he will just give us a chance to let him feel the Joy that comes from the Spirit and have a soft spot within his heart to let us teach his kids and maybe go on to teaching him. But we just wanted him to be able to make a decision based upon the correct information and the feelings of the Spirit, If you are going to gamble the best person to bet on is the HOLY GHOST!!! No Doubt!!!  After we finished praying we went up and knocked, then rang the doorbell, and no one answered. We began to leave and guess who was walking up the driveway, but the father of the two teenagers we were wanting to teach.... *Choir of angels again* Hallelujah!! ...Cut the angels - again. He asked us who we were and we just said that we were missionaries who had met his kids and talked to them about church and wanted to know if we could continue to teach them. Now my first thought of what his reaction could have been was "I am about ready to destroy you and your church...I don't want you anywhere near my house you dumb kids in suits... " But that is not what happened. He said that we could not meet with them now, but that he would talk with his kids and he would allow us to come back and talk to him and them.  We left and now we feel amazing, we didn't try and bombard him with the Book of Mormon or anything we just had a pleasant exchange of words and then we parted ways. I JUST LOVE THE SPIRIT!!! No contention or anything, just pure 100% Love. Gosh I wish that I could just die and go to heaven, then I wouldn't have to worry about making things worse with my Pride...because I am the most humble person you know, and I make sure to brag about it at church...!!! :) The Church is True and I love being here in California!

Love ya,

Elder Wheeler

P.s. MOM!!!! This is the Spirit Prompting you....Pssst Fix Elder Wheeler's Typos... 
P.p.s. Heed the prompting Mother

Monday, March 4, 2013

Letter from Kelson - Week #45 - Wahoo!!! This is a ride beyond all proportions!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

This is the e-mail you have all been waiting for, the week of anticipation has been building, and everyone is on the edge of their seats just waiting to hear what body part Elder Wheeler has hurt this time...I know you're all thinking about it, no need to deny it.  Oh, and hey did you know that Denial is a river in Egypt?!!!  It is true, if you still don't believe it, go look it up. I just checked with my android brain...I am always hooked up to the internet because I have become a cyborg and will now be know as E-D-R W-E-L-R...or Elder Wheeler for my human viewers. The computers call me E-Dub for short. we be tight....hehe

This past week I was graced by the presence of my brand spanking new companion who is so fresh that it is almost like he was picked from the Idaho Potato Farm yesterday... His name is Elder Hale and he is guessed it, Idaho. It is a small town called Rupert and they manufacture sugar beets there. That is right, all your granulated sugar was made in his home town, TAKE THAT SPLENDA!!!!  He is a pretty nice kid. Think of your friendly neighborhood missionary, Elder Wheeler, and then think about him about 10 months ago...and there you have it. He is almost exactly like me. We like the same things, we act very similar and we also have some of the same jokes/movie quotes. It is kind of like a breath of fresh air, Elder Nethercott and I were great companions, but you know when you tell a joke and it seems that the joke isn't making it through because they either don't get it or they shoot it down...yeah that was Elder Nethercott. He knows it and he professed his mastery of killing my jokes often. I now have someone who appreciates the humor that I have and then somewhat adds to it. 

About the area, we have some super things going on here. We have people who want to be baptized, and come to church and also keep reading the Book of Mormon!!!! This is awesome. What better time than this for a missionary to be "Born" and to have him see success. I only hope and Pray that I can keep myself in the running for the blessings as I try to teach him good missionary habits and standards...Being a trainer sucks. It has all this responsibility that comes with it, and then on top of that it is physically taxing. I have found myself feeling extra especially drained each night, to the point of falling asleep in my evening prayers. That didn't used to happen until I was trying to pray at like 4 in the morning back home... This work is hard folks, but it is totally worth it. OOOOOooooooo Super experience. Last night we had the prompting to go see this lady, whom when I first got here we added as an investigator and then she said she knew it all already. We felt prompted because we saw her at church that day and didn't have the opportunity to say hello, let alone good-bye. We stopped by, and as we knocked on the door I was hesitant because I felt like it could have been an and then a stop by the missionaries all in one day, almost makes us seem like we are vultures just preying on anyone who comes to church. Anyway we did it and so as we waited for the door to open I just thought well, I have already met and talked with her before, just talk like we had been old friends and try to remember what we talked about last time. When she opened the door it was almost as if I stopped thinking and words just came out. We started talking about the lesson that her friend, a member, taught that day and how it applied to her. (The lesson was on repentance) AS we talked about that she opened up about her concerns and we ended up talking for about an hour and then set up an appointment for Thursday... This is awesome. I can't promise that she will be baptized in 3 weeks or anything, but I can tell you that she felt the Spirit last night, because Elder Hale and I taught with unity and power, plus we said somethings in our closing prayer that she had had on her mind, that we didn't even know about... THE SPIRIT!!! IS AWESOME!!!! 

We are super stoked for this transfer and the next because Elder Hale and I get along so well...It is still not anything compared to what I had with Elder Baryshnikov, but I will work super hard to make it close. But nothing can top my experience with Elder Baryshnikov...I miss being his companion....  Although he is my district leader now and we get to go on exchanges...YAY!!!!  

I am excited for things to come in my journey to the center of the mission, but I am also a bit sad. I am now a senior companion and this means that I have to do more teaching than learning...I can still learn, but it just isn't the same as being the junior companion and having someone to look up to or to think they can help you grow better. But I am learning now that we can learn things no matter who we are and no matter what position we hold. I have learned many things about myself that I might have missed had I not been given this opportunity to be the senior companion. Elder Hale has already taught me that I was hard to deal with when I was being trained...hum Now I feel for Elder Outlaw. 

Until next time, keep being awesome and remember God made you special, and he loves you very much...GOOD BYE!!!! (VeggieTales, please don't sue...hehe)

Elder Wheeler

P.s. MOM I know you have a lot of things on your plate, so hurry up and eat your dinner, there are words to correct in my letter....TYPOS Please!!!