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Monday, December 17, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week # 34 - I'm Singing in the Rain!!!!

Good Morning From Liquid Sunshiny California!!!!

"What a glorious feeling I'm Happy again!!!" To all those who have no idea the reference of my subject and the first line of this here e-mail I apologize...your childhood was stripped from you and you should invent a time machine to go back and try again. 

It is raining!!! And I am riding a Bicycle.  .  . . .    Please take a moment to feel sorry for me...
I said a moment, not the whole day...haha

Thank you for your condolences, but I will be just fine. I am not a wicked witch, so I am safe as a cucumber. I am learning great and wonderful things about my bike though. In my last area I went trail riding a couple of times with a super sweet member of the church. Well, while I was hitting the slopes and rocking the Mountain biker adrenaline levels I hit a few trees, stumps, rocks etc...and my bike seems to be a bit beat up. My front brake is unusable and my rear brake is always rubbing. I lost the use of gear number 7, which means I only have gears 3-6 because when I fixed the bike up like 4 months ago I had to lose the use of gears 1 and 2...So, my bike has seen much better days...hehe The plus that I have found is that my back fender still works so I am not being sprayed with water as I ride down the street and I have a front head light that works. And I guess the other plus is this...I am getting my thunder thighs back because I am riding a bike everyday, anywhere between 10-20 miles a day....YAY!!!

My new area!!! I am in a rather small area that only weeks ago was considered the biggest bike area in the whole mission. The Ward boundaries changed and with the new change came a new ward, which made our ward the smallest.  We have about 100 people come to church on a good Sunday and 330 people on our records...lots of Less-Active members. Our teaching pool is super small. We added our first investigator this week and now we have someone to teach. When it comes to the work, we have it all pretty much cut out for us. We need to go out and find people who are ready and willing to be taught, and then help them feel the Spirit so they will get baptized. Seems easy enough right...uh no! When I first entered this area and heard that we had a lot of work to do, I had an overwhelming feeling of "Get me out of here and back to the area where things were flourishing!!!"  But then I went back to my last area on Saturday and saw the baptism of Pat and Pina McD (Yes, they got Baptized!!!! Whoo Hoo!!!) and I saw that I was no longer needed in that area. I felt at peace with the companionship that was there and I saw the hope and future of that area being bright. I realized that I was being selfish to try and keep all that goodness of a great area to myself. I also felt a Spirit of relief when the song "Where Can I turn for Peace" was sung at the baptism. I realized then that the Lord had put me up in the Hills for my duration of time and now He was moving me where I needed to be. I learned that I will not be given anything that I can't handle, and because that is the case I will be blessed in my new area if I have a great attitude and I work hard through Faith and relying on the Lord. I never knew I could learn so much from just short time frames in the mission field. I have only been out for 8 months and within these short months I have seen the Spirit work miracles right before my eyes. Thank you for all of your prayers...keep them coming!!! 

BTW!!! My new companion is Elder Nethercott. He is from Montana and we get along just great. We have fun and hopefully we can add some new investigators so we can learn to teach together too. This transfer is going to be great, no matter how much rain is dumped upon me, we will still see great success! 

Love ya'll and have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Elder Wheeler

P.s.MOM!!! TYPOS!!! And this time next week I will be calling you...hehehe

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week # 33 - Transfers, with a hint of Christmas Ghetto!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

Guess who it is? That's right it is I, Elder Wheeler, the one and only. So I have some crazy news for the whole world to hear!!! Are you ready World??? Are you sure?...Come on put your back into it...Alright i think you're ready now...I am being transferred from the beautiful lush El Dorado Hills to the most amazing and humble place on the earth...South Sacramento, where they have roads that are off limits to missionaries after the sun goes down, and the possibility of death and mayhem...I told you that you weren't ready. Gosh, come on world get with the program. Actually it really isn't that bad at all. I am super pumped to go down to South Sac and to teach. Elder Baryshnikov actually started his mission there and he said that the people are humble and ready for me to walk into their houses and baptize them. There may be some sketchy stuff that I will be surrounded by, but who cares!!! I am going to go teach someone who needs a 20 year old kid from Ohio to come and tell them that God Loves them! I am so stoked; my companion will be Elder Nethercott and he and I are going to baptize nations this holiday season!! 

This new area is not as well off as the one I am in now, but if I were to stay among the well off I would get jaded and become a snob..."Hello" not on my top ten things to do before I die. I love the excitement that comes from moving to a new area, plus it helps me see how much of a pack rat I have become in the past few months. Right now I think I can still fit everything I have in 2 suitcases and two carrying bags, along with my bike. I am pretty good at keeping my stuff limited...I don't need anything too fancy, more temptation to have it get stolen. The area I am going to is a bike area, however, which means I am going back to riding down the street in a suit and tie talking to people we pass. I will once again build up my Thunder Thigh muscles and become the Incredible Hulk and rip my pants at the stitching on the side. I am looking forward to that, but I am not looking forward to California Winters...lots of rain.. 

That is right, there are weeks upon weeks where it just rains everyday and there is nothing I can do, but go out and work...I love working in the rain.  .     .   . . . Yeah, I am not looking forward to the rain... ;P

Enough about Transfers; I want to talk about this week. So We had a pretty remarkable week starting on Tuesday. We had our normal P-Day on Monday, but on Tuesday we received a super sweet referral from one of our recent converts, Michael Z. We went over to see him and we caught him right as he and his mom were leaving to run some errands. We talked for a few minutes, but he told us about this friend of his that he sees while out on his walks around the neighborhood. Her name is Sam C. and she is definitely searching for some stability in her life. She has 4 children under the age of 8 and she is going crazy. The reason he told us to go see her is because the day after he was baptized she asked him what was different about him...He said that he was baptized on Saturday and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday and that was a huge change in his life. She noticed the drastic change that the atonement brought to his life and she wanted it too. We invited her to church and a Christmas party, but unfortunately the missionaries don't have the right information, so we sent her to the wrong building...we went to the wrong building, too. So she didn't go to the party and I think getting 4 children ready for church, probably made things difficult for Sunday services. So she hasn't attended either of them, but she is still wanting to meet with us which shows a great deal of Faith and a desire to change. This just goes to show that when we pray and fast for Miracles they can happen. We are going to keep teaching her and I hope that she still has the desire to join the church...If not I know that seeds were planted so she may in the future. 

Elder Baryshnikov and I are being separated ...  We are both pretty bummed. We both had such a fun transfer and enjoyed every minute of it. I really wish that he and I could have had more time to spend together preaching the Gospel and bringing more souls unto the fold. This is one of the worst parts about transfers...we make friends with our companions and then when we have to leave we can't help not wanting to say good bye. I will forever remember Elder B and I will also be part of his wedding we are most definitely hanging out after the mission. Along with the companion separation, there is the Ward/family separation. There were so many good people here that we have become such good friends with that I will probably end up living in El Dorado Hills when I am rich and famous, or at least when I have nowhere to go and I can take them up on their offers to come live in their garage.  This feeling of separation is everywhere, whether in East Sac, or El Dorado Hills, or soon to be South Sac. I guess that's what I get for leaving a part of me in every place I go. It really makes me super glad for the Plan of Salvation, because I can say that I will most definitely see all of them, because we are all part of our Heavenly Father's Eternal Family!!! And we will party like it is 2012!!! Every Day!!!

I love you all and Hope that you have a wonderful Christmas Season, filled with Joy and Gladness because of Christ.

Elder Wheeler

P.s. Mother TYPOS!!!! Love ya

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week # 32 - I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

I know that you might be wondering why I said good morning when it is clearly almost night time...Well It is morning somewhere and that is all that matters. I apologize for the amount of time it took to write today, we have had a day full of pictures and service and Christmas card making. If you would like to receive a Christmas card, let my mother know and I will have her send me the list of addresses that I will then send out cards to. 

It has been an interesting week. We started it off with a bit of craziness. We had a few FHE (Family Home Evening) appointments and some jumping around to accommodate all the people we wanted to and needed to see. We taught many lessons this week and most of them were Member Present Lessons, so that is good for all around happiness. I do want to say thank you as always for the prayers of all those who feel so inclined to pray for the missionary work out here in Sac Town...We are being blessed exceedingly well. This past week we had 2 baptisms!!! Austin McD was baptized first, by yours truly, at 10 in the morning on Saturday, and Michael Z was baptized by our ward mission leader at 2 in the afternoon. It was a full Saturday of baptisms!!! The great blessing from these baptisms, doesn't just come from being a baptism...although that is great in any span of the imagination...The great blessing that comes from these baptisms is our mission is doing a push to have a White Christmas!!! Not of snow, but of people dressed in White. I am not sure I told you already, but in case you are someone new who hasn't been reading until now, White Christmas is where the mission wants every companionship to baptize at least one truly converted person in the month of December as a gift for our Saviour on his birthday!!!  And the cool thing is Elder Baryshnikov and I have already been blessed with 2 people baptized in December and we have prospects for 2 more on the 15th!!! I love Missionary WORK!!! Plus we are being blessed because of your prayers and the good people of the in El Dorado Hills area!

This week was super busy! We had Zone Conference this week and we had a guest general authority in the mission for it. We had Elder Bruce D. Porter of the First Quorum of the Seventy come and tell us how to be better missionaries. We also found out that because of the new influx of missionaries into the field we will be going from a mission of 170 missionaries to a mission of 250 missionaries. This huge influx will cause an exponential growth in the need for trainers. President Lewis said that every missionary we have right now may become a trainer in the near future...This is freaking not ok!!! I can't even handle myself let alone train someone. I am not ready for any kind of responsibility other than junior least I don't feel ready or want to be ready...I like being able to just be the Junior Companion and follow the Senior around and have the great blessing of being a teacher, but there is one thing that is certain, the Lord is going to put me somewhere where I don't feel comfortable and then expect me to become comfortable...grrr Whatever; thus is life.

I think that is about it for this week. It was really full, but not of anything that I really can recall and tell you, my readers, other than I am very thankful for this holiday season. I am very thankful for our Saviour Jesus Christ and his Atonement. I love the Christmas season because it reminds me of the most important birth of the whole wide world, followed closely by my own...hehe. I know that our Saviour Lives and He is watching over us. 

I exhort you to just think this season about the true meaning of Christmas and give more than you take. This season may have become all about the latest video game console or who has the coolest stuff, but I can tell you one thing...That stuff stays here when you're dead. The spirits in the Spirit World don't care if you have an Xbox 10 Bagillion!!! Their cares are focused on eternal happiness and great wealths of knowledge. 

I love you and I don't want to sound like I am condemning anyone...heck I was thinking that I needed the latest video game system, otherwise I would die when it came to Christmas...but then I saw how much richer my life became without it. I have friends all over the country and some of them will be my friend forever because we share a special bond that comes from sharing the Gospel. 

Go forth with a Heart full of service and you will have a life full of Happiness!

Elder Wheeler

p.s. Mom TYPOS!!!! They are the most important thing this holiday season...jk

Mom's Note:  Next week is transfers, so Kelson's letter will not come until Tuesday.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week # 31 - Back to Work you Crazy Kids!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

What is happening Ya'll!!! It is yet another P-day and I am coming to you live from the hidden studio location in my apartment that only top secret monkeys and 20 ft. tall panda bears know about. It has been 4 days since my last writing and I bet you guys are so sick of hearing from me, it is almost as bad as your disgust for turkey!!! (Turkey for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!!) I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you all made it through Black Friday in one piece...if not in one piece, at least alive. People are brutal when they think that the next Worldly thing will provide them happiness. Especially with the latest announcement of Hostess going under...I know who was hitting the Hostess store on Black Friday...hehe I am so Bad...xD 

For everyone's ease of conscience I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had Lunch (Light) At our recent convert Wolfgang;s house and then went to the Skovensky's for dinner. They are a super nice family that allowed yours truly to come over and enjoy a non-turkey "Turkey Day"!!! I don't like turkey...I always ask for ham on Thanksgiving, but my mother always said "NO". The Skovensky's are super legit, they let us stay until pumpkin hour...(9 pm) and then we left for home. We played games and just enjoyed the many joys that come from counting our blessings...I think there was a talent show without it actually being a talent show. There was a lot of singing and juggling by ME!!!  

I have some super awesome news for the people of the World who care, As a mission we are doing this event called "White Christmas". It isn't of snow it is of people dressed in white. We have a goal for every companionship in the mission to baptize at least 1 truly converted person in the month of December as a gift to our Saviour for his birthday. And we have been blessed here in El Dorado Hills, I am getting the opportunity to Baptize Austin McD on Saturday morning. He has accepted the call of the Saviour to be baptized and he asked me to do it. He is awesome, plus we are also being blessed with the baptism of Michael Z on Saturday afternoon!!! I have been truly blessed with great people to come up here and teach. We have been greatly blessed this "White Christmas" and we have 2 more in the month of December set up for baptism. The Lord has truly helped us become successful in our meeting of our part of the Mission's goal. 

This letter is kind of short, but I want to tell you all something that I realized this week.

I realized that our lives are completely our choice, and that the Lord is prepared to help you and others by the choices that you make. I found this out because I started thinking, what if I came out when I was 18? how would I have reacted? who would I be teaching now? Would I be here in the Wards that I am in? Then I thought about how grateful I am that I came out when I did. The people that I am here helping come into the waters of baptism were placed here to strengthen my testimony, as I help them build theirs. The members that I have become great friends with were put here so that I may make long lasting friendships and relationships with my Spiritual brothers and sisters. There are choices that I have made that have put me here and I don't care if they were good or bad, because they have helped me become the person I am today, and helped me meet these awesome people. Before this I was only thinking about the immediate results of my actions, but now I realize that my actions may not effect me in the next few days, months or years, but they will effect me in the far future. Making wrong decisions only makes the journey harder and rougher, plus it just makes coming back to the correct way more work intensive and somewhat embarrassing.  I thought I would share and ask you as my readers to just evaluate your lives and the choices you have made and realize how greatly blessed we are to have a Father in Heaven who even after we continue to make decisions that are not so correct, he still puts opportunity after opportunity for us to progress and become better, with people who will enrich our lives and help us succeed in Life. I am thankful and Love him dearly.

Keep serving each other, and I will return to work after my relaxing weekend...hehe xD

Elder Wheeler

P.s. Mom you know what to do...I leave this all in your capable hands

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #30 - WHOO WHOO THANKSGIVING!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!
It is Thanksgiving!!!! Can't you smell the turkey?! Don't you hear Christmas peaking its head around the nearest corner? Don't you just wish that the radio stations and the people of this Country could celebrate one holiday at a time?...hehe

Sorry I had to vent because I hate it when as soon as Halloween is over, the Christmas candy and decorations are placed in the Halloween candy and decorations spot and Everyone just forgets that Turkey day is in between those two!!! People don't even celebrate the underground holiday of Thanksgiving...Black Friday before Christmas is celebrated...Where are my Black Friday Tunes, Where are my Turkey days of Thanksgiving...Where is the love for the Indians who saved us poor white people back when we thought that if we wished hard enough we would have lived...? 
Thank you for reading my rant on the whole one holiday at a time...I hoped you learned something and will forever make the same pact that my companion and I Christmas until after Thanksgiving.
On Thanksgiving we as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have a tradition called the "Turkey Bowl". We get up pretty early on Thanksgiving morning and play two-hand touch Football. I am telling you of this tradition because I participated this year. My team won, by the way, but that is beside the point. We get together to play football and during our football this morning we had some of the best plays imaginable. There were diving catches, sliding saves of the ball, QB sacks, and we even had a few interceptions. Everything a football game needed and then some. It was the "then some" that got us into trouble. It has been raining all week and because of all the rain the ground is super saturated with water...(Chemistry Lesson: Water mixed with dirt creates MUD!!) There was mud everywhere, and the ground was so slick that it helped us to make those diving catches (Not on purpose), or those sliding saves (again not on purpose), or to get the QB all covered in mud through a good sack (That was on purpose). All in all it was the best turkey bowl I have ever had...because my ward back home was either too small or wanted to have the game too early, plus I wasn't a missionary then...hehe
Now on to the good part of this whole letter. THE WORK!!! We are seeing wonderful things up here in El Dorado hills. My companion and I are doing awesome. We are completely in sync and because of that we have 4 people getting baptized in December. Michael Z. and Austin McD. on the 1st, and Pat and Pina McD. on the 15th. These people were very well prepared by the Lord though different influences in their lives, and so we just had to come in and teach them the lessons. As a missionary I am noticing that if I just step back and keep myself ready for these kind of people, plus go out put forth the effort to find new people, the Lord will take my sacrifice of time and bless me with an abundance of success. This success isn't without effort though. I invited the McD's like 6 times to be baptized before they finally said "Yes."  Michael was just a shoe in though, very well prepared though his family.
That is how things are playing out in California and I am loving every minute of my work here. For those who are reading this I am sorry it took until Thanksgiving to write, but this was my P-Day this week. I had to work though Monday and I must say this was the hardest week yet. Those who haven't served a mission don't realize how vital the P-Day is. I felt almost like a Zombie walking around Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday because I didn't have that day off to relax and enjoy my time not going out all day. This work is very hard and taxing on the body and mind. It was not meant for the weak and fragile...Dang it, That describes me to a "T."  I can just tell you that by the time I return I will be broken that is...hehe.
I know this is kind of short and you all expected more out of me other than this small letter, but I have told you all about what I have been doing and it just doesn't seem to need to take up more room.
This Holiday Season I would ask of all my readers to please take a step back and remember the true meanings of this season. Remember that we all have things to be thankful for and we all have been blesses by the Saviour of the World, Jesus Christ. As we approach Christmas and think about what the special deep significance this great day has to our individual lives I pray that we will be swept up in the Spirit of Christ and not the Spirit of "buy more."  I love receiving gifts, and getting cool new things, but the one thing I love more is my Saviour. Thus my Missionary Service.
Have a safe and wonderful holiday and remember that Thanksgiving needs to be celebrated first before we start the Christmasy stuff...hehe
In the Service of Almighty God,
Elder Wheeler
P.s. Mom I love you remember...Please make sure I don't make a fool of myself with all of my typos...hehe

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week # 29 - Missionary Work has it's UPs and for me a lot of Downs...hehe

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!! 

I bet every single one of you have now read my e-mail heading and have thought to yourself...."HOLY CRAP!!! KELSON IS GOING THROUGH THE WORST PART OF HIS MISSION RIGHT NOW!!!", I am pretty positive that those are your words exactly because you just read them...hehe I just pulled the wool over your eyes...Man I am good!   By now I am pretty sure a lot of my readers are also looking at the e-mail with this sort of look... Don't worry, the head scratching will soon pass as your brain runs out of your ears jumps through cyber space and punches me right in the Chicken Salad sandwich for making it work so hard for such a stupid comment.

I think now that your brains have all been sufficiently liquefied I can start the e-mail about how this past week has been. 

First off, I think everyone should know that I have the best Companion ever!!! We are like best friends. It is almost like we are the same person, we both enjoy having fun, we both enjoy missionary work, we teach magnificently together, and we both bought matching shoes, tie, and backpacks...for those who have thoughts of "Oh no! Kelson has gone GAY!!!" Go outside and punch yourself really hard in the noggin (outside, so the carpet doesn't get dirty from the brain matter). We just thought it would build our Unity, which is super big in missionary work.  It is quite refreshing to have a companion who I can rely on to say exactly what I am thinking and to have someone that also understands what our investigators need. It makes this job much easier. I have had moments with my other companions like the before mentioned statement, but not all the time. 

I also have been learning a whole lot through my personal study and Language study. I can begin and end a prayer in Russian and I also know how to ask our Father in Heaven for the blessing of a Pen...Not that I would need one, but the language is coming!!! I can read Russian, but it is understanding what I am reading that makes this whole thing difficult. In my personal study I have learned that by accepting people of other races/backgrounds/nationalities/anything else people discriminate against and treat them like equals we can become more unified as God's people, like in a very Zion society, but we have a long way to go if you know what I mean...

For everyone to know I am very displeased with the election and the winner of said election; as a citizen I will remain subject to the laws, but that doesn't mean I have to like the guy or the laws he put there for me to follow. 

I will explain the goods about this week and then I will give the explanation for the subject of this letter. We have been teaching the McDermot's for quite some time and I am pleased to announce that the 17 year old has a huge desire to be baptized on Saturday the 24th of November. He kept pestering me about it so I thought I would let him get baptized. We are hoping and praying that his parents join him on that day and make it family affair. Also, we are teaching this new guy named Michael and he is super prepared and has accepted the date for baptism on the 1st of December. These great successes are really giving me a great lead into "White Christmas"... Which is what we call the time around Christmas where miracle baptisms come from everywhere as presents to Christ as we celebrate His birth. The work is going super well and the prayers you are giving are helping tremendously.

The Downs for this week actually happened earlier this morning...I went Mountain Biking with a member and we went on what he called "an easy trail" which to me, the person who has never gone real mountain biking before would seem like a piece of cake. Well it kind of was...hehe  But there was this one part I have to tell you about. We were all riding on this hill, and the path was super narrow, like the width of a needle. I was rocking this trail; I was balancing like a boss and I could see everything that would happen and my bike was like an extra extension of my body. Yeah I am that Good. We were heading down this hill, rocks on the path making me jump 10 feet in the air causing my hair to blow in the up breeze, dodging stumps that could cause bodily harm and so forth. At the bottom of this hill there was a bridge and under this bridge was a Troll. He was huge like 700 feet tall and he was covered in chainsaws!!! This guy wasn't playing around. For everyone's information this troll had magical powers that made him a master of the elements and he used them against us because we didn't want to pay the Troll Toll. As we dodged his many attacks and then returned fire with our laser guns (Mounted on our bikes of course) we crossed the bridge. This Troll was out for blood, however, and he caused a great and mighty tree to jump in front of yours truly and I became one person with the tree. I wrapped my arms around the tree and gave him a big hug, because as missionaries we won't even hurt trees. As I hugged the tree he decided that he didn't like that and he smashed in the reflector on my bike and destroyed the cable for my front brake. He wasn't a very nice tree. I let go of the tree and told the Troll that he would have better luck with someone less awesome than us and rode on to victory.  As I continued to ride though, I guess the troll might have hit me with a spell of some kind, because I couldn't seem to stay on the bike for very long following the hugging of the tree. I got over it and became better, but I just kept going "Down." Like all good stories it ends with Elder Wheeler being only slightly injured with a bit of a blood trail and great memories. Gosh I love this work.

I was protected so no worries, every bone in my body is still useful and I will not be coming home in a cast or anything. Actually, I felt like George of the Jungle there for a second. From this experience I have learned that the Lord gives us strength beyond our knowledge to accomplish anything that stands in our path. Take heed of the Trolls in your way and make sure to just avoid them at all costs. They might throw a curve "tree" in your way and you may get hurt a little bit, but after some serious rest and strengthening of our spirits we can overcome those and be ready for an even bigger Troll...hehe  GOSPEL OBJECT LESSON!!!

I love everything that I get to do and can't wait for tomorrow's adventures!!

Elder Wheeler

P.s. Thanks mom for all you do to make these e-mails literate! if you wouldn't mind please look over this one...TYPOS!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #28 - Russki in da House!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

The sun is shining, the air smells of warm root beer and my towel is Oh So Fluffy!!! (Name that Song?)
I am so glad that I am able to write to the masses of the World today! I have been told that people from all over the world read my blog/e-mail, but not the whole world, and I am surprised that more people aren't reading about what I am doing...HELLO KIND OF A BIG DEAL!!!!  My pride aside and your feelings now crushed because I just told you that I am better than you, I feel I must inform you of my dealings with the people of El Dorado Hills...

Okay I am sorry I am so Prideful, will you forgive me? I just had a brain fart and a subtle prompting to apologize and humble myself...I can't get away with anything these days...Jee Whiz

Thank you for your forgiveness and if you didn't forgive me I feel bad for you because you are now doomed to an eternity of being reprimanded with a wet noodle.  

I feel that I must talk about the great mercy and glory and plan that the Lord has in store for me here in the California Sacramento Mission. First off, last week I told you of my new companion Elder Baryshnikov, Super legit BTW, and he speaks fluent Russian!!! I am about to faint as I tell you this next part...He has begun to teach me how to read and write Russian!!!!  I just had all of these emotions at once...Excited from shear amazement, crying tears of joy, Smiling with a mischievous intent in mind, and jumping for joy!!! For those who don't know why this is such a happy time I will tell you. When I was telling people where I wanted to go on my mission I told people that I wanted to go to Russia, for many reasons, but the main one was because I wanted to learn how to speak and read Russian. Thus my excitement when Elder Baryshnikov became my companion!!! Alright, I have to calm down for a second.... Phew
Okay I am better now. This past week I have been studying a "How to Learn and Speak Russian in Six weeks" book and I have learned quite a bit. But I can't show you because I don't know how to type Cyrillic script on this computer...hehe I started off with the alphabet which has 33 sounds, only some of them are actually letters and the others are to signify hard or soft sounds or put emphasis on other areas of the word. He is also teaching me different Gospel words so I may become better at recognizing them in conversation. Man, learning a language is hard work, but I can't wait to be able to come home speaking it...!!!! 

Enough about me, now on to the Area! We are teaching some pretty fantastic people now. We baptized Wolfgang and he is Super Member now! He is helping us as a ward missionary already. He shares his conversion with the people we bring to church; he also is not afraid to go out of his way to talk to people he doesn't know. I am so glad I have been able to know this guy, he is legit! We are also teaching this guy named Mike. He is the son of a Less-Active member who is looking at changing his life around. He had a very severe motorcycle accident and he took that as a sign from God that he needs to shape up. So, he moved back in with his mom and has been really working hard to change his life. We found him because a member of the Ward was doing his hometeaching and seeing the people he was supposed to!!! You know what that means??? GO FORTH AND HOMETEACH YOUR FAMILIES!!! We are still teaching the McDermot family!!! Their youngest Son told me yesterday that he wants me to baptize him and I feel that if he gets baptized his parents will follow. His dad is waiting for a confirmation sign of the truthfulness of the Gospel and I think that he is expecting something huge and not a subtle confirmation. I think his son coming to know the truth will be the confirmation he's looking for and they will be baptized as a family! That is the great news that I have about the people we are teaching! They are all legit and want to know more about the God of Israel, so that is what we teach. 

I am not sure if I told you, but Elder B and I are like best on step-brothers the movie. We had a 'on the count of three' moment and we said the same thing all three times. Unfortunately for us we don't have a garage to practice karate in. I think that is all for today and I will try to think of more for next week. Those of you who have sent me letters please forgive my tardiness in replying; I only get to write on P-day and I am limited on the time I have available on that day as well.

Next week I will e-mail later because I am going Mountain Biking with a member!!! Whoo HOO!

Remember that God Loves you more than anyone else...Which means he loves everyone equally...hehe I know that he loves us because of the challenges and trials he allows in our lives to help us grow and become more experienced. Love God, Love each other, and above all Love me...because I am cool, but not cooler than the first two...

Love ya,
Elder Wheeler

p.s. Mom do you even read through and correct the Typos like I ask every e-mail???
p.p.s Mom Typos!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week # 27 - TRANSFERS WITH A HINT OF SUCCESS!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!!

It has been awesome today and I want the whole world to know that I am a changed man...I Bought a pair of JEANS today...I know you may think I am feeling ill but I am completely fine, but I have found fashion...or just realized that when I buy a leather jacket the only thing it goes well with is jeans. Plus I feel like I have become tired of shorts all the is just such a hassle to try and do yard work in shorts, and not have jeans that fit properly.

Enough of the drastic change of wardrobe for Kelson. This is what is really happening in the life and times of Elder Wheeler.

This week is transfer week and I am getting a super legit companion, he is a great guy and I have worked with him before in my last area. His name is.... "Now that's a Secret " That is right I will not tell you his name because I am devious and I can keep you all in perfect suspense and it won't even phase me. I'll hint to his nationality though, he was born and raised much of his life in the place that I wanted to serve my mission before I came to the greatest place on Earth. I may be able to learn the language and have a good chance of teaching people of that same nationality. We are going to have so much fun and it isn't even 10:30 p.m. yet.

Anyway enough about the transfers too...This past week was awesome, We had the baptism of Wolfgang and his wife came, who was against it from the start, and the whole time she was crying....She felt the Spirit!!!! Did you hear that in the four corners of the world??? She felt the Spirit!!! and I don't know if she will allow us to teach her, but the seed has been planted and I know that she will join eventually because she has a solid husband and he will bring her and the rest of his family to the Gospel through his example. He is just so legit!!! Anyway my excitement is running over and I am also pleased to say that the McDermot's (Crazy family from a few letters ago) were at the baptism and we took them on a temple tour afterwards...It was awesome!! They want to be baptized they are just praying about the 10th of November...They want to keep meeting with us and going to church.  I am just loving these things going down, here in Folsom. We have the prospect of baptizing another family who told us they would love to take the discussions (PMF) and we are just seeing great miracles. The members here have really taken initiative and are inviting their boyfriends/girlfriends and have been talking to neighbors and is SO FANTASTIC THAT IT IS GOING TO MAKE ALL THE OTHER MISSIONARIES CRY!!!!! 

I am thankful for the many blessings that I have received and I have learned a lot from my past companion. I will miss Elder Leavitt, and we had lots of good times and I know that I will have more in the future. I have made great friends with my companions and I feel that this is the best way to make all those people who need friends go on a mission. Those who don't need friends, go on a mission. Lastly those who don't need anything hurry up and be translated because your kind of people are not welcome here...Just Kidding. 

I love the Lord, I love the work, and most of All I love YOU!!! Enjoy your life and I'll talk to you another time...or next week..hehehe

Serving at 120% capacity,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. Mom Typos!!!! PLEASE!!!!

P.p.s. His name is Elder Baryschnickov...I think that is the spelling???

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bonus Videos!

And now for the videos Kelson mentioned in his last letter home.

Message to Alaric from Kelson...

From another angle...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #26 - It's Raining!!!!

Good Morning From Cloudy California!!!!!!

Yep that's right, It has changed to a Cloudy California with a hint of Liquid Sunshine!!! I guess it could be sunny...*clears throat*

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!!!!

That's better!!!

This past week has been super fun, We have been working really hard and going to the houses of many people, but I have big news for all to hear!!!
WOLFGANG is getting BAPTIZED!!!! This Weekend he is going to take that step into the fold of Zion, into the Kingdom of Heaven, into the Ever Open arms of Christ!!! We are way excited to be there, because his conversion story is just so awesome. Plus he is as solid as a rock. He wouldn't let anything keep him from getting baptized and remaining active. He has seen the way the Gospel will and does bless his life and he will not fall away. 

Along with Wolfgang, we have the McDermott's...They are not getting baptized...YET, but they are almost as solid if not equally solid. They are racing each other to see who can read the Book of Mormon faster, and they are praying everyday for the knowledge of it's trueity!!!! I love it when people actually take the time to do as we ask them, in place for Christ. Because He asked all of us to do the same thing through his servants the Prophets!!! We have seen great and wonderful things come to pass in this last week and I am just pumped beyond belief for the upcoming baptism.

As for the person that I went back to East Sacramento to baptize, her baptism was awesome!!! The Spirit is always so strong at baptisms that I feel like I am swimming in green Jello...When she came out of the water she looked at me and just smiled. I saw the Light in her eyes and I saw the joy and gladness she had felt because she could now enter into the Celestial Kingdom. I love BAPTISMS! 

I have been doing better on my recovery from my Brain oozing scumbag virus thingy that has been plaguing me for about 2 weeks. It still causes me trouble during the day, like having to blow my cerebral cortex out of my nasal cavity to keep from having it drip into my mouth, but other than that I can sleep through the night without NYQUIL...Thank you so much Sister Skovensky (Relief Society President in Oakridge Ward, Nicest Lady in the World) for the Extra NYQUIL. Since I am talking about my health, I do need to inform the masses that I have become a fatty!!! My waist is huge!! Like picture Godzilla swallowing King Kong and then stretching his stomach out 100 times... In the immortal words of the Flight of the Navigator..."TOO MANY TWINKIES!!!" I am working hard at keeping my weight in check, but dessert every night, driving in a car and off of a bike, with the added bonus that people like to feed us lunch too, so my self selection of calorie consumption is limited to breakfast... POOR ME...Boo Hoo Hoo... I love this area and I love eating their food, so I will put the diet aside and enjoy an evening run with a conclusion in the dry sauna in our apartment complex gym...hehe

I heard a criticism, I mean observation, about my videos that have been posted on my blog, well for your information, every time they tape me I am dead tired and it shows because I am not the animated crazy Kelson you are all expecting. It is not because  I hate that they are taping me, or want them to get it over with because I have better things to do with my life. It is because I am tired, and it is hard being a missionary. Just you wait until the latest video gets uploaded...Kelson is back in BLACK...nametag. 

This past week has been great and like every week I have been given it is a gift from our Father in Heaven. I never get anything I am not able to handle, but I also don't get things that don't stretch me in ways that a person should not be stretched...The marks are evident...I have been well blessed and highly flavoured...i mean favoured and I know that if we stop and look at the experiences we have been given and then look at who those experiences have helped us become we will be pleasantly surprised at what we have accomplished. Remember God in all you do and give him thanks continually, because it is thanks to him that we even have the ability to be here in the first place. Experience Life, and then Live it UP!!! within the freeing power of keeping the commandments. I love you all and Thank you for all the many prayers and views that I have on my blog.

Until next Time, Stay safe and take God with you,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. Mother!!! TYPOS!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #25 - What the What!?!?!?

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

Howdy do dee!!! Welcome to the Wheeler show, I am your host Elder Wheeler and for the next few minutes your brain will ooze out your ears, so enjoy the head cleanse and I'll talk to you when you pick your thought up off the floor.

This whole week has been super intense!!! I have been sick with some kind of sinus JUNK and I hate it!!! My intelligence has been trying to escape my brain through my nose, my ears are in deep water submersion and my lungs have been going on strike when I try to sleep...they keep using the intelligence from my brain to clog the "airways.... It all started with the change of the season I guess, we have had a beautiful week with overcast clouds and temperatures in the 70's. I wish it would just T-Storm already, but evidently that doesn't happen here. This lack of weather is causing me depression, not enough to effect me, but I do wish I could wait 30 minutes and the weather would change...hehe (Good ol' Ohio!!)

Even though I have been sick there has been a lot that has been going on. (I do work while sick, I have improved from slacker to dead beat in training!) I'll start with the fun stuff and end with the more serious and cooler things. First off we were going over to Pery's (video guy) and we noticed a blood trail leading to his front door, and then away again...hum so as we knocked we asked him about it and he said that he didn't know what it was, Leavitt and I smelled something, but we couldn't see anything so we just shrugged it off and went on with our daily lives. ...We interrupt this program to bring you a special report from El Dorado Hills!!!...

There has been rioting in the streets, animals are going crazy, there have been many sightings of Wild Turkey, Deer, and Mountain Lions roaming the streets and the citizens want someone to do something, but there is no one available to do anything, because they are all held up in their really big houses!!!...What will we Do?!?!?.....We now return to your regularly scheduled programming...

There are these families that we have been teaching and I know that I haven't told you anything about them, but here it goes. We have been teaching the McDermott's and they are awesome!!! The Mother and Father's names are Pina and Pat, they have 5 children: Pat Jr. - 28 Nick - 26 Kristin - 23 Mike - 21 and Austin - 17 Their whole family is CRAZY!!!! We are teaching Pat and Pina, along with Mike and Austin. The other kids really aren't interested, but they will join eventually. This family is a referral, meaning that a member sent us to them, or brought them to church to meet us and introduced them to us. When we met them things were pretty straight forward and then we found out the CRAZINESS behind the family. I will not disclose anything, but I will say that we are teaching them with power and authority and they want to be baptized...I think?! Pat really wants the Priesthood and Pina wants stability in their family life. We are hoping that after this week of teaching them that they will accept the date to be baptized on the 27th of October!!!! Exciting stuff ain't it!!! (Yes I just used ain't, what you gonna do...Sue me???) We are also teaching this guy his name is Wolfgang...Super cool name BTW...He had a friend in Desert Storm who was a member and he noticed something different. After the war they went their separate ways and then met up like 20 years later. His friend got called back to go fight in Afghanistan and was Killed in Action. Sad I know, but here comes the good part. Wolfgang had a dream with his friend in it, telling him that he needed to join the church, because he already knew it was true...So Wolfgang flew to Salt Lake City to visit with his friend's family and has been progressing in the gospel ever since. We are waiting on an answer to his prayer about him also being baptized on the 27th!!! I love this work!!! Oh and another thing, I found out this week that an investigator I taught in my last area wants me to go back and baptize her!!! What the What!?!?!?

Holy COW!!!! And I do mean that!!! There are crazy things going on over here in California and I am loving every minute of it!!! For all those who are wondering, my companion right now goes home on the 1st of November, and I will definitely be staying here in El Dorado Hills for at least another transfer. Together we are having a pretty awesome time. We get along, we stay up late swapping manly stories, and in the morning we always make waffles...Maybe not waffles, but we do make chicken!!! 

I am seeing the Lord's hand in everything I do here, and I am so thankful for the great blessings he has bestowed upon me and the people here at the request of a lowly, prideful, full of himself, chubby kid named Elder Wheeler. But you see like it says in Ether 12, The Lord will take our weakness and He will build them up to make them strong (Ether 12:27). So when I get home, be ready for a super flabby, nerdy kid, because I wont have time to work on my social skills and physical strength because I will be fixing my personality flaws and stupidity the entire time!!! hahahahaha

I hope you have enjoyed this segment of the Wheeler Show, tune in next week to here Elder Wheeler say... "I never kissed a rooster and I am not too good at Ping Pong!!!"

Love unfeigned,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. I will finish the story from before because I know that you are all "dying" to know what the blood trail was from...Oh snap I just made a PUN....hahaha 

Anyway we came back a few days later and the trail and smell were even stronger. We went hunting for the source of the smell and blood. As we looked we found the culprit and he wasn't going to give up without a fight. His name was Thomas the Turkey. He was once a great exotic bird, but now was a maggot infested pile of bones. Elder Leavitt suited up and tried to perform revival treatment, but alas he was too far gone for saving. We pulled on his leg and it seemed that it had no desire to be part of Thomas' body anymore, because it just detached itself from the hip joint. As we used the most high-tech equipment known to this side of the multi-verse...a large black trash bag and target shopping bags...we removed him from his place of expiration and placed him in his new was about 5 feet tall, 18 inches square, had two wheels and was green with a black lid. We said a prayer and hoped he would enjoy Fowl-atory, because any good turkey would bleed on the grass not the sidewalk, and we said our goodbyes. He never had a chance to make it into birdie heaven with 7 strokes over par...Okay I will stop with the Puns right after I tell this last punny joke...oops there I go again...Sorry!!! 

P.p.s Mom Typos!!! Love YA!!! 


I received some more videos of Kelson from some wonderful people in California and thought I'd share.   Kelson Talking About Playing in the Pit for School Musicals Kelson's Message to his Peanut Butter Source And Now a Song From Our Star... A Short Message to the Fam

Monday, October 8, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #24 - Being Sick SUCKS!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

It has cooled down sufficiently this past week and it is becoming wonderful!! I love this weather!! I wish It could be like this all the time. 

Enough about my weather enjoyment, and the fact the Ohio has no pull whatsoever on the weather side...except maybe the Thunder Storms and Tornadoes!!! I miss you so!!!! 

Now on to the good stuff. This past week I must say was pretty freaking awesome, except for the chronic nausea I had all week. It started Monday Night with Elder Leavitt being ill and him being such a gracious companion and passing it along to me. For the next 3 days I wasn't feeling good and he was absolutely fine after Tuesday morning. I learned a few things from this experience: 1. Don't comfort a sick companion or offer to make him feel better by serving him, remember no good deed goes unpunished. 2. Chili's doesn't taste good the second time around. 3. The Pearson's are the nicest people in the whole ward because they allowed me to use their bathroom as my hangover depository (I vomited in their bathroom, I wasn't drunk). After I started feeling good it was already Friday and we had a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in. 

Along with illness, this week was filled with Drama, Intense movie theatrics, dark spirits and possible some wet underwear...ok maybe not the underwear but it was still freaky!!! On Tuesday night I had a hard time sleeping because of my recently contracted illness...*cough* Elder Leavitt *cough*. So I woke up around 1230 with really bad indigestion and needed some milk to calm my stomach. I walk out into our apartment, walk to the fridge, open the fridge, grab the milk, pour me a glass and then sit down on the couch to enjoy it. I drank it slowly and as I did I was looking around our dark apartment.  Across the room from the couch is a tall mirror that makes anyone who stands in front of it look I found myself in front of it many times (Self-centered), but that isn't part of the story...anyway I looked at the mirror and I saw a dark personage sitting in the chair around our dining room table, I quickly stopped looking at the mirror and situated myself in a position of alert. I then thought how silly are you Kelson, to think that there is someone there, that is clearly not, but I would not attempt to look back into the mirror. As I finished my milk I moved toward the sink to rinse and put the milk away. I put the milk away and I finished another glass of milk, and as I stood there waiting to finish my milk I had a huge shiver go up my spine, and all the hairs on my back and neck and head stood up on end. I was just "freaking out MAN!!" I finished quickly, went to my bed and struggled to fall asleep. When I awoke in the morning, Elder Leavitt started telling me of an experience he was having that morning when he woke up. He said it felt like there was someone pulling down on the side of his mattress trying to crawl into his bed from the floor. He looked over at me and I was sound asleep. The pulling sensation moved up and down his mattress for almost 40 min. He was completely frozen until the alarm went off. I need to put this out there really quick....


Sorry I had a moment of complete terror, and couldn't hold back anymore.

We thought our apartment was being really weird so we had our Zone Leaders come and Consecrate our apartment and cast any weird spirits out of the place and it worked...but that still hasn't kept us from leaving a light on while we sleep, and for the first night Elder Leavitt slept on the top bunk instead of his bed. We were sufficiently scared, but we have overcome the fear and have had a goodnight sleep the past few days...with the light on...

That is my story of the week, other than that, the Work is going forward and all is well in the El Dorado Hills area. We are seeing great miracles and success and wish to see more. 
One thing I would like to end my letter with is this, I know that my Redeemer Lives, I found this out through my own study and prayer and no one else has told me what to think. I am my own person and I follow Christ because it is the only way. Just like Nephi states before he goes down to his grave, "There is no other person, nor name under heaven by which men are saved, other than by the sacred and holy name of Jesus Christ."  I loved Conference and implore all those who do not know what I am talking about, ask a member, if you want to watch it talk to my Dad and if you really want to know exactly what I am doing...have the missionaries over. They're great!!!

Holding on to the Iron Rod Firmly,
Elder Wheeler 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #23 - The Lord has crazy things in store for me!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

I am suffering from an overabundance of writers block right now...Grrr Ok I think I am ready...

So this past week was one that started off like any other...with P-Day!!! It went like any other p-day, relaxation with a hint of fun. Then the week took off...and then soon died; we had 6 scheduled appointments this week with some really solid least we thought they were solid and they all fell through. Gosh that sucks a lot!!! But with lots of opposition comes great blessings in the near future. After this long week of crappy flaky appointments we had a miracle weekend. It started off on Friday and ended NEVER!!!

Our success started with a great lesson to a couple kids named Nick and Ryan who are children of a Recent Convert. We taught them a lesson using a Teabag and a lighter.  It was awesome (If you want to see it have your local missionaries demonstrate it for you...I think they may know what I am talking about). Afterwards we watched a Mormon Message about the Priesthood because they wanted to know how to become deacons so they can pass the sacrament and so they knew what the Aaronic Priesthood meant as far as responsibility.  So we watched the video and we discussed the topics and invited them to be baptized. They both accepted, but we need the Father's permission to baptize them because he is not a member. So we kind of alluded to the fact that they need to be baptized before Elder Leavitt and I leave the area...mainly Elder Leavitt because he goes home in 4 weeks. After our serious discussion we slowly...actually rather quickly changed from talking about life eternal to killing each other with NERF guns...these Boys are super chill and super funny. They had their weapons ready and they just let us have it...but we didn't stand idly by while they pummeled us with darts, we stole their extra guns and fought them to the death. It seems that after about 15 headshots little boys don't die... well that's just great because we ended up losing in the end because they kept bringing out more guns and they just destroyed their dad jumped in and helped them, lets just say that I have a few red marks between my eyes, he was a great shot. 

Then on Saturday we helped someone move into our Ward who is super missionary-minded so we plan on going over there to see if they have friends for us to teach. After the move we received a call about a family that is interested in the gospel, from our very good friend Brother Vosper. This guy is super legit. He helps the missionaries all the time and he has this business that is about to take off and go global. He is using a Chinese fruit to make a sweetener comparable to sugar and 10X healthier for you. It is called Monk-fruit...I think. We had dinner with him and then we talked about this family that he had for us to teach...they came to church and we have a follow up appointment with them on Thursday!!! After we left we went to the our Nerf war was actually bad.  

Sunday was great; we had 7 people to church and it was fast and testimony meeting...What a great Day!!! I love hearing everyone else's testimonies and how the gospel has strengthened their life and helped them come closer to Christ

Some quick info about my new area...I am in a Car (Elder Leavitt drives because he is the senior companion) which means planning is harder because there is not a 30 min travel time, it is more of a 30 second travel time. Because I don't get the continued exercise from riding my bike I have to find other ways to receive exercise, like using the Workout room located in our apartment is super nice, and there is a dry sauna too so I can sweat off those extra pounds. Along with these precautions I have been blessed with very well off members who like to spoil the missionaries by buying them groceries...and they tell us that we can only get the best, no generic crap...I am not complaining at all because I have been using these stipulations to eat healthy and help me keep my weight in check...that and Elder Leavitt is going home and he says he needs to lose 10 pounds before he walks off that plane. He is quite the helper in keeping me healthy. 

I had some questions posed so I will try to answer them in a timely manner...
I attend church 3 times each Sunday, which means I am in church from 7:30 in the morning to 5:00 in the Evening. In a Mormon service we have 3 hours of church per meeting, the first is Sacrament Meeting (1 Hour) and then we have Sunday School (1 Hour as well) and then we split up into Men and Women Classes i.e. Priesthood and Relief Society (1 Hour). On Sunday's because I cover 3 different congregations I attend the first 2 classes in each ward and the last class only during the last ward's meetings...if that doesn't make sense see my attorney and she can take care of the confusion...i.e. my mother!!!( Thanks mom) From this information I may have answered all the posed questions...Man I'm Good!!!

I love being here in an area where the work progresses through the members of the church. Every area should be like this because the members are where the most success comes. To all the members that read this e-mail I would exhort you to make a profile and join the many who love being a member, plus I would ask that you Like on Facebook the local stake Facebook page that way the loudest noise heard about the church comes from positive sources and not the opposite. We as a people are really great and love to be thought of as great people, but we are not thought of that way by lots more than we know. We need to help the world see that we are truly representing Christ and trying to follow as closely as we can. We may stumble, we make mistakes, everyone does... that is part of being human, but I know this to be true that if we stick to the basics of the Doctrine such as "Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End" as well and the 2 great commandments "Love the Lord thy God with all thy Heart, Might, Mind, and Strength...and Love thy Neighbor as thyself" those who think we are the worst people to walk the earth will be proven wrong in every aspect. 

I love this Gospel and I am willing to sacrifice everything for my Savior and all that he teaches me...Isn't that so cool!?!?!? 
Share the Gospel and the Lord will bless you even more than he already has!!!

Elder Wheeler

Monday, September 24, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week # 22 - Did you get to see me???!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

I love this world!!! I love my new area...and it is not just because everyone in the Wards are totally loaded either. They are all super nice, and I have met all the super legit families already...I think??? Anyway, I am now in an apartment complex that has a huge apartment for 2 people, a swimming pool and its own weight room . We go every day during lunch and work off the huge meals people feed us out here.  There is a lot to do up here in El Dorado Hills, California, we drive around knocking on empty doors, maybe see some of the more wealthy people because they either work from home or they are retired (at 35...hehe) and we sometimes just have to follow the scriptures 1 Nephi 4:6 ( Other than that we are doing amazing up in here.

My companion is Elder Leavitt, and he is super chill. We don't stress out about anything, and I feel kind of relieved that this is the way it is. I have been stressing so much down in East Sac and now I get a time to relax and enjoy the mission. We get along great...I think??? I haven't had any problems with him and I think that since we have been giving each other sweet delicious pastry nicknames when we wake up and the fact that we comment on how jacked (Huge muscles) the other one is that we are having a good relationship. I know one thing for sure, he is showing me how to have fun with the missionary work, low stress, how to talk to people to gain their trust and how to make the number of people we are going to baptize increase like crazy. He just came up from a Zone where they broke the Zone's High Water Mark, ie. The highest number of baptisms in one month. President sends Elder Leavitt where baptisms are needed, and they are desperately needed here. 

I was shotgunned into this area, which means they pulled the bucketing Sisters out and moved in the everyday working Elders...Just Kidding, but the sisters who were here didn't do anything from what I have heard from the Ward and looking at their past numbers, plus the members that they used to go and hang out with have just given us money for dinner instead of feeding us...hum sounds fishy...haha 

I was told that I was shotgunned into this area because it is a huge member oriented area and I am Elder Kelson Wheeler the Social works, and Elder Leavitt is here because he baptizes and he began his mission in this area so he knows what is going down in this area and the people. We found out too that some of the wards we cover haven't changed since Elder Leavitt served here before, so we are going to change that and have had much success. We taught like 11 lessons and have a couple of referrals and some returns. Things are looking up and I think we can do what President has sent us here to do, bring in the Spirit and Baptize!!! I hope I can live up to the expectations placed before me.

Some of the super cool families have taken pictures and given us anything we may ask of them...One of them is the Colley's...This is the family whose son plays for the Indianapolis Colts, Austin Colley...Don't freak out you Colts fans, I will most likely meet him, but I think he is just a normal guy with huge talent...but a lot of money. We also have the Garrett family who started off my transfer with Chili's and a picture sent to my mother to show that I am alive. Mom you can text sister Garrett back and bug her. She would love to talk to you, and plus you'd get along, she just sent a missionary out and has one coming home. There is Pery and Valorie Pearson they are super awesome. Elder Leavitt actually baptized both of them and their daughter is turning 8 next month. Mom check your spam folder for a e-mail from Pery he sent you a video...hehe There are many other families and they are all super legit, no joke they love missionaries and most are willing to share the gospel with their friends. Oh just one more family, the Bishop in the Lakeridge ward has a very familiar last starts with W-H-E and ends with E-L-E-R...And his wife has adopted me, so if anyone who may be my biological mother doesn't mind, I may stay here... Jk. 

I can't wait to tell all of you about the miracles that are going to happen here in the Folsom Zone, and I Wish to ask for a continuance of the Prayers...they seem to be working.

Loving the Mission more than DDR...No Joke!!!

Elder Wheeler

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #21 - Off and Away!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

I know this is the e-mail that you have all been waiting for, and I know exactly what you want from me...but I am not going to give it to you...hehe This is because I want to surprise you in the end. 

Anywho, this past week was super fun!!! It was the last week of the transfer before we found out who was staying and who was going, and Elder Forsgren and I have been hitting a bit of a rocky ending. It seems that we really are as good friends as we may have thought we were. There were many times during this week that we just didn't talk to each other. This kind of reminds me of the stories that Stephanie shared from her mission about Sister Fortina. They taught well together, but there was just some bad feelings between them. 

Now don't start hating my companion because we don't agree, it just is our difference of personality and difference of thought processes. I am a very plan oriented an extent and He is not so much. I like to pray when we plan, and he just does it. When we need help I have no problem calling the necessary people and taking the path of least resistance where as he doesn't want to call anybody and make everything rely on us as missionaries. So you see that we both have different "Ways of Missionary". I prefer mine and he prefers his and finally I just let him take over and we didn't have smooth flowing days...they were a bit rocky and sometimes I wasn't sure if we were going to have people even want to talk to us.  It even rubbed off into church and we had some disappointed members in our lack of planning.  Humph...I hate when people are disappointed in me, or in us....GRRrrr  

However, through all of this we still managed to have a really successful week. So successful, in fact, that when we received transfer calls this past Monday night, the Assistants to the President were asking us how we are taking this area that wasn't really producing fruit to being full of great succulent extraordinary apples...(if you don't like apples put in whatever fruit you like).  I still don't really know what we did to be given such great bounties from the Almighty, but alas, he has blessed us with a great abundance and helped us help others accept the call to receive salvation unto their souls. Actually, I may know what might have helped???!!! and that would be your prayers. Thank you Very Much to all who are praying for our success!!!

I have a super funny experience that I would like to share with you before I close the Letter and tell you the answer to the one million dollar question..."Am I getting Transferred, or am I staying?"

I know I have mentioned a couple of times about a nice lady named Felicia, well she is absolutely the Best Black Lady ever!!! She is so funny, and so willing to accept the Gospel, and she even considers me one of her boys...Hehe  Anyway the Zone Leaders had a Baptism this past week, and it was awesome. Our whole Zone (Missionaries that serve in the same general area) was there because we all had investigators come and watch this other gentleman receive Christ unto himself through Baptism.  And this baptism was even more special because the person being Dunked requested that our Mission President perform the Ordinance, so He and his wife were both there...ha..ha..h..a...(Oh Crap, Oh Crap, Oh Crap) Just Kidding!!! I was awesome; well onto my story. Felicia was there and she was raised Baptist, and we all know how Baptists praise the Lord... "Hallelujah!!! Praise Jesus!!!  Hallelujah!!! Oh Thank you Lord!!! Can I Clap yet?"  This was what she was saying the entire time...BWAHHHHH. For those who are unaware, in our church we praise our Lord and Saviour quietly, so this was a bit of a crazy day for all of us. While we were there I felt as if I should have stood up, started to sway and sing "John the Revelator...he wrote the book of the Seven Seas!!" Not to dis the Baptists (I  Baptists), it is just different from what I am used to and so I found it hilarious.  I love this woman, and her spirit. She has made this mission so memorable and it is only 20% over...I still have 80% left to go!!! WHOO WHOO!!! 

Okay, Okay I'll answer the two million dollar has accumulated interest because of my long winded writing....
Elder Wheeler is....Drum Roll Please...Come on, do the drum roll for the effect....Please  Thank you...
Being Transferred to the Folsom Stake in El Dorado Hills California. I will be serving in the Lakeridge, Oakridge, and Silva Valley Wards with my Companion Elder Leavitt. We are being shotgunned in, meaning that we will both be new to the area and have to start from page one, and Elder Leavitt is entering his last transfer so he will be going home after dealing with me. Exciting huh?!?!?! 
Also, I will be in a Car because it is in the hills so bikes are not the most logical choice of transport.

I know you never would have guessed I was leaving my first area, but I am...and it is sad, but must be. I have been told that this area is awesome and so is Elder Leavitt. 
I love you all and thank you for all reading my long winded e-mails that cause bed sores because you have been sitting in your chair for ages reading them. It really warms my heart to know people are reading my banter.

Keep Praying,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. Mom Typos Please