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Letter from Kelson - Week # 34 - I'm Singing in the Rain!!!!

Good Morning From Liquid Sunshiny California!!!!

"What a glorious feeling I'm Happy again!!!" To all those who have no idea the reference of my subject and the first line of this here e-mail I apologize...your childhood was stripped from you and you should invent a time machine to go back and try again. 
It is raining!!! And I am riding a Bicycle.  .  . . .    Please take a moment to feel sorry for me... .. ... I said a moment, not the whole day...haha
Thank you for your condolences, but I will be just fine. I am not a wicked witch, so I am safe as a cucumber. I am learning great and wonderful things about my bike though. In my last area I went trail riding a couple of times with a super sweet member of the church. Well, while I was hitting the slopes and rocking the Mountain biker adrenaline levels I hit a few trees, stumps, rocks etc...and my bike seems to be a bit beat up. My front brake is unusable and my rear brake is always rubbing. I lost the use of gear number 7,…

Letter from Kelson - Week # 33 - Transfers, with a hint of Christmas Ghetto!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

Guess who it is? That's right it is I, Elder Wheeler, the one and only. So I have some crazy news for the whole world to hear!!! Are you ready World??? Are you sure?...Come on put your back into it...Alright i think you're ready now...I am being transferred from the beautiful lush El Dorado Hills to the most amazing and humble place on the earth...South Sacramento, where they have roads that are off limits to missionaries after the sun goes down, and the possibility of death and mayhem...I told you that you weren't ready. Gosh, come on world get with the program. Actually it really isn't that bad at all. I am super pumped to go down to South Sac and to teach. Elder Baryshnikov actually started his mission there and he said that the people are humble and ready for me to walk into their houses and baptize them. There may be some sketchy stuff that I will be surrounded by, but who cares!!! I am going to go teach someone who needs a 2…

Letter from Kelson - Week # 32 - I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

I know that you might be wondering why I said good morning when it is clearly almost night time...Well It is morning somewhere and that is all that matters. I apologize for the amount of time it took to write today, we have had a day full of pictures and service and Christmas card making. If you would like to receive a Christmas card, let my mother know and I will have her send me the list of addresses that I will then send out cards to. 
It has been an interesting week. We started it off with a bit of craziness. We had a few FHE (Family Home Evening) appointments and some jumping around to accommodate all the people we wanted to and needed to see. We taught many lessons this week and most of them were Member Present Lessons, so that is good for all around happiness. I do want to say thank you as always for the prayers of all those who feel so inclined to pray for the missionary work out here in Sac Town...We are being blessed exceedingly well. T…

Letter from Kelson - Week # 31 - Back to Work you Crazy Kids!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

What is happening Ya'll!!! It is yet another P-day and I am coming to you live from the hidden studio location in my apartment that only top secret monkeys and 20 ft. tall panda bears know about. It has been 4 days since my last writing and I bet you guys are so sick of hearing from me, it is almost as bad as your disgust for turkey!!! (Turkey for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!!) I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you all made it through Black Friday in one piece...if not in one piece, at least alive. People are brutal when they think that the next Worldly thing will provide them happiness. Especially with the latest announcement of Hostess going under...I know who was hitting the Hostess store on Black Friday...hehe I am so Bad...xD 
For everyone's ease of conscience I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had Lunch (Light) At our recent convert Wolfgang;s house and then went to the Skovensky's for dinner. They are a s…

Letter from Kelson - Week #30 - WHOO WHOO THANKSGIVING!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!! It is Thanksgiving!!!! Can't you smell the turkey?! Don't you hear Christmas peaking its head around the nearest corner? Don't you just wish that the radio stations and the people of this Country could celebrate one holiday at a time?...hehe
Sorry I had to vent because I hate it when as soon as Halloween is over, the Christmas candy and decorations are placed in the Halloween candy and decorations spot and Everyone just forgets that Turkey day is in between those two!!! People don't even celebrate the underground holiday of Thanksgiving...Black Friday before Christmas is celebrated...Where are my Black Friday Tunes, Where are my Turkey days of Thanksgiving...Where is the love for the Indians who saved us poor white people back when we thought that if we wished hard enough we would have lived...?  Thank you for reading my rant on the whole one holiday at a time...I hoped you learned something and will forever make the same pact th…

Letter from Kelson - Week # 29 - Missionary Work has it's UPs and for me a lot of Downs...hehe

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!! 

I bet every single one of you have now read my e-mail heading and have thought to yourself...."HOLY CRAP!!! KELSON IS GOING THROUGH THE WORST PART OF HIS MISSION RIGHT NOW!!!", I am pretty positive that those are your words exactly because you just read them...hehe I just pulled the wool over your eyes...Man I am good!   By now I am pretty sure a lot of my readers are also looking at the e-mail with this sort of look... Don't worry, the head scratching will soon pass as your brain runs out of your ears jumps through cyber space and punches me right in the Chicken Salad sandwich for making it work so hard for such a stupid comment.
I think now that your brains have all been sufficiently liquefied I can start the e-mail about how this past week has been. 
First off, I think everyone should know that I have the best Companion ever!!! We are like best friends. It is almost like we are the same person, we both enjoy having fun, we both…

Letter from Kelson - Week #28 - Russki in da House!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

The sun is shining, the air smells of warm root beer and my towel is Oh So Fluffy!!! (Name that Song?) I am so glad that I am able to write to the masses of the World today! I have been told that people from all over the world read my blog/e-mail, but not the whole world, and I am surprised that more people aren't reading about what I am doing...HELLO KIND OF A BIG DEAL!!!!  My pride aside and your feelings now crushed because I just told you that I am better than you, I feel I must inform you of my dealings with the people of El Dorado Hills...
... ... ... Okay I am sorry I am so Prideful, will you forgive me? I just had a brain fart and a subtle prompting to apologize and humble myself...I can't get away with anything these days...Jee Whiz
Thank you for your forgiveness and if you didn't forgive me I feel bad for you because you are now doomed to an eternity of being reprimanded with a wet noodle.  
I feel that I must talk about the …

Letter from Kelson - Week # 27 - TRANSFERS WITH A HINT OF SUCCESS!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!!

It has been awesome today and I want the whole world to know that I am a changed man...I Bought a pair of JEANS today...I know you may think I am feeling ill but I am completely fine, but I have found fashion...or just realized that when I buy a leather jacket the only thing it goes well with is jeans. Plus I feel like I have become tired of shorts all the is just such a hassle to try and do yard work in shorts, and not have jeans that fit properly.
Enough of the drastic change of wardrobe for Kelson. This is what is really happening in the life and times of Elder Wheeler.
This week is transfer week and I am getting a super legit companion, he is a great guy and I have worked with him before in my last area. His name is.... "Now that's a Secret " That is right I will not tell you his name because I am devious and I can keep you all in perfect suspense and it won't even phase me. I'll hint to his nationality though…

Bonus Videos!

And now for the videos Kelson mentioned in his last letter home.

Message to Alaric from Kelson...

From another angle...

Letter from Kelson - Week #26 - It's Raining!!!!

Good Morning From Cloudy California!!!!!!

Yep that's right, It has changed to a Cloudy California with a hint of Liquid Sunshine!!! I guess it could be sunny...*clears throat*
Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!!!!
That's better!!!
This past week has been super fun, We have been working really hard and going to the houses of many people, but I have big news for all to hear!!! WOLFGANG is getting BAPTIZED!!!! This Weekend he is going to take that step into the fold of Zion, into the Kingdom of Heaven, into the Ever Open arms of Christ!!! We are way excited to be there, because his conversion story is just so awesome. Plus he is as solid as a rock. He wouldn't let anything keep him from getting baptized and remaining active. He has seen the way the Gospel will and does bless his life and he will not fall away. 
Along with Wolfgang, we have the McDermott's...They are not getting baptized...YET, but they are almost as solid if not equally solid. They are racing each oth…

Letter from Kelson - Week #25 - What the What!?!?!?

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

Howdy do dee!!! Welcome to the Wheeler show, I am your host Elder Wheeler and for the next few minutes your brain will ooze out your ears, so enjoy the head cleanse and I'll talk to you when you pick your thought up off the floor.
This whole week has been super intense!!! I have been sick with some kind of sinus JUNK and I hate it!!! My intelligence has been trying to escape my brain through my nose, my ears are in deep water submersion and my lungs have been going on strike when I try to sleep...they keep using the intelligence from my brain to clog the "airways.... It all started with the change of the season I guess, we have had a beautiful week with overcast clouds and temperatures in the 70's. I wish it would just T-Storm already, but evidently that doesn't happen here. This lack of weather is causing me depression, not enough to effect me, but I do wish I could wait 30 minutes and the weather would change...hehe (Good ol'…


I received some more videos of Kelson from some wonderful people in California and thought I'd share.   Kelson Talking About Playing in the Pit for School MusicalsKelson's Message to his Peanut Butter SourceAnd Now a Song From Our Star...A Short Message to the Fam

Letter from Kelson - Week #24 - Being Sick SUCKS!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

It has cooled down sufficiently this past week and it is becoming wonderful!! I love this weather!! I wish It could be like this all the time. 

Enough about my weather enjoyment, and the fact the Ohio has no pull whatsoever on the weather side...except maybe the Thunder Storms and Tornadoes!!! I miss you so!!!! 

Now on to the good stuff. This past week I must say was pretty freaking awesome, except for the chronic nausea I had all week. It started Monday Night with Elder Leavitt being ill and him being such a gracious companion and passing it along to me. For the next 3 days I wasn't feeling good and he was absolutely fine after Tuesday morning. I learned a few things from this experience: 1. Don't comfort a sick companion or offer to make him feel better by serving him, remember no good deed goes unpunished. 2. Chili's doesn't taste good the second time around. 3. The Pearson's are the nicest people in the whole ward because they…

Letter from Kelson - Week #23 - The Lord has crazy things in store for me!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

I am suffering from an overabundance of writers block right now...Grrr Ok I think I am ready...
So this past week was one that started off like any other...with P-Day!!! It went like any other p-day, relaxation with a hint of fun. Then the week took off...and then soon died; we had 6 scheduled appointments this week with some really solid least we thought they were solid and they all fell through. Gosh that sucks a lot!!! But with lots of opposition comes great blessings in the near future. After this long week of crappy flaky appointments we had a miracle weekend. It started off on Friday and ended NEVER!!!
Our success started with a great lesson to a couple kids named Nick and Ryan who are children of a Recent Convert. We taught them a lesson using a Teabag and a lighter.  It was awesome (If you want to see it have your local missionaries demonstrate it for you...I think they may know what I am talking about). Afterwards we watched a …

Letter from Kelson - Week # 22 - Did you get to see me???!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

I love this world!!! I love my new area...and it is not just because everyone in the Wards are totally loaded either. They are all super nice, and I have met all the super legit families already...I think??? Anyway, I am now in an apartment complex that has a huge apartment for 2 people, a swimming pool and its own weight room . We go every day during lunch and work off the huge meals people feed us out here.  There is a lot to do up here in El Dorado Hills, California, we drive around knocking on empty doors, maybe see some of the more wealthy people because they either work from home or they are retired (at 35...hehe) and we sometimes just have to follow the scriptures 1 Nephi 4:6 ( Other than that we are doing amazing up in here.
My companion is Elder Leavitt, and he is super chill. We don't stress out about anything, and I feel kind of relieved that this is the way it is. I have been stre…

Letter from Kelson - Week #21 - Off and Away!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

I know this is the e-mail that you have all been waiting for, and I know exactly what you want from me...but I am not going to give it to you...hehe This is because I want to surprise you in the end. 
Anywho, this past week was super fun!!! It was the last week of the transfer before we found out who was staying and who was going, and Elder Forsgren and I have been hitting a bit of a rocky ending. It seems that we really are as good friends as we may have thought we were. There were many times during this week that we just didn't talk to each other. This kind of reminds me of the stories that Stephanie shared from her mission about Sister Fortina. They taught well together, but there was just some bad feelings between them. 
Now don't start hating my companion because we don't agree, it just is our difference of personality and difference of thought processes. I am a very plan oriented an extent and He is not so much. I li…