Letter from Kelson - Week # 27 - TRANSFERS WITH A HINT OF SUCCESS!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!!

It has been awesome today and I want the whole world to know that I am a changed man...I Bought a pair of JEANS today...I know you may think I am feeling ill but I am completely fine, but I have found fashion...or just realized that when I buy a leather jacket the only thing it goes well with is jeans. Plus I feel like I have become tired of shorts all the time...it is just such a hassle to try and do yard work in shorts, and not have jeans that fit properly.

Enough of the drastic change of wardrobe for Kelson. This is what is really happening in the life and times of Elder Wheeler.

This week is transfer week and I am getting a super legit companion, he is a great guy and I have worked with him before in my last area. His name is.... "Now that's a Secret " That is right I will not tell you his name because I am devious and I can keep you all in perfect suspense and it won't even phase me. I'll hint to his nationality though, he was born and raised much of his life in the place that I wanted to serve my mission before I came to the greatest place on Earth. I may be able to learn the language and have a good chance of teaching people of that same nationality. We are going to have so much fun and it isn't even 10:30 p.m. yet.

Anyway enough about the transfers too...This past week was awesome, We had the baptism of Wolfgang and his wife came, who was against it from the start, and the whole time she was crying....She felt the Spirit!!!! Did you hear that in the four corners of the world??? She felt the Spirit!!! and I don't know if she will allow us to teach her, but the seed has been planted and I know that she will join eventually because she has a solid husband and he will bring her and the rest of his family to the Gospel through his example. He is just so legit!!! Anyway my excitement is running over and I am also pleased to say that the McDermot's (Crazy family from a few letters ago) were at the baptism and we took them on a temple tour afterwards...It was awesome!! They want to be baptized they are just praying about the 10th of November...They want to keep meeting with us and going to church.  I am just loving these things going down, here in Folsom. We have the prospect of baptizing another family who told us they would love to take the discussions (PMF) and we are just seeing great miracles. The members here have really taken initiative and are inviting their boyfriends/girlfriends and have been talking to neighbors and co-workers...it is SO FANTASTIC THAT IT IS GOING TO MAKE ALL THE OTHER MISSIONARIES CRY!!!!! 

I am thankful for the many blessings that I have received and I have learned a lot from my past companion. I will miss Elder Leavitt, and we had lots of good times and I know that I will have more in the future. I have made great friends with my companions and I feel that this is the best way to make friends...so all those people who need friends go on a mission. Those who don't need friends, go on a mission. Lastly those who don't need anything hurry up and be translated because your kind of people are not welcome here...Just Kidding. 

I love the Lord, I love the work, and most of All I love YOU!!! Enjoy your life and I'll talk to you another time...or next week..hehehe

Serving at 120% capacity,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. Mom Typos!!!! PLEASE!!!!

P.p.s. His name is Elder Baryschnickov...I think that is the spelling???


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