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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Letter from Kelson - Week # 40 - Another day and the Life of a Missionary!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

What is happening Ya'll!? Are you enjoying this great new year that is moving right along? Have you found out anything new about yourselves that you never knew before? Would you care to share them with me? If not I understand... :( I'll just cry right here on the ground, curled up in a ball, and think of how great a life I have....hehe Just kidding. 

This past week was kind of crazy, we had lots of meetings, because my companion is now the new District Leader and he had to go to some training meetings; I had a Doctor's appointment for my ankle, curse you evil DR. SPRINKLER; we had several appointments that followed through; and just a random family walked into the church building and wanted to meet with the Bishop. I'll start with the meetings. We moved Districts, which just means that I am still in the same area that I was in before, but I keep in close contact with a different set of missionaries. We now are in the district with the missionaries that Speak Marshellesse and Tongan. YAY!!! I am glad that they speak English, because I cannot understand anything that they say in the other language. I still don't know what I am saying when I read Russian...hehe 

Our first meeting together was great. I was given the opportunity to train and I gave an object lesson that I will be willing to share when I get home, but is much too complicated to tell you in an e-mail. It talked all about the Atonement of Christ and how Christ died and atoned for everyone's sins not just the people who accept him, however, those who accept him, he will recognize in the last days and those who don't accept him, he will say "I know thee not." I gave the lesson though to illustrate the importance of talking to everyone we come in contact with, because the gift is there for the taking and we as missionaries need to give the people we talk to and see the opportunity to accept that gift or reject it. It was a super awesome lesson and I must give props to Elder Correia, our zone leader, for his participation in the object lesson. 

We then had an exchange with the Marshallesse missionaries, and it was easy for me because we stayed in our area...hehe I love lucking out!!! I had a Dr. Appointment, and for everyone's peace of mind I have completely shattered my ankle. They called it "Destructo-ankolo" Whatever that means. I will be coming home in a wheel chair with my head held high, because along with the destruction of my ankle I destroyed my brain...I am just kidding...come on ya'll know me. I joke abut everything and I would for cereal let you know if things were too crazy for my Mother would plaster it all over Facebook. I love Technology. (Note from Mom:  It's only sprained)

I want to share a quick thing that I learned this week and then I will close. I learned that wherever we are in life, whatever place (location) we reside it is the answer to someone's prayer. Our lives, if we listen to the Lord, will not only bless ourselves, but more importantly, bless the lives of others. Things may look dim, or fear may set in because we are unsure of a decision that we have made, but remember that as long as we keep our hand in the Lord's he will use us to answer someone else's prayer. Go forth this day and look for an opportunity to answer a Prayer or two...I know I am trying to answer your prayers for my success; I hope I am doing a good enough job for ya'lls.

Love ya and the Lord,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. MOM!!!!! T_Y_P_O_S!!!!!! Thank you 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Letter from Kelson - Week # 39 - I don't have to PACK!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

It is a wonderful day today, I think it is somewhere around 50-60 degrees with a slight wind coming from the west and just a hint of clouds in one area of the sky...GOSH I HATE THIS!!!! I want cloudy skies, with 20 degree weather and some SNOW!!!!! It is January and I want my SNOW! Maybe if I pray harder, God will grant me snow...or he will just laugh at me and say just you wait.

Anyways it is that time again and we have received our transfer call.  Elder Nethercott and I are staying to his bitter end. He goes home at the end of the transfer and it is going to be interesting for the next 5 weeks. So, Elder Nethercott has never wanted to have any leadership position, and he almost made it. For this last transfer he was made the District Leader and I am now his "District Monkey"...YAY Monkey. For those wondering, yes this is my second companion that I will be sending home, gosh I will need to stop this, otherwise they might call me a serial killer. Dun dun dunnnn Since I am not moving out of the area I will probably be here in the Laguna Creek 3rd ward for 6 months. They have told me that I will train some time soon, but it can't be now, hence Elder Nethercott and I are still together.  SO, I am guessing that once I send my companion home I will just have to bring a brand new one into this world. And those trainings are done in 3 month increments.  

We are slowly awaiting the baptism of Joey and Tyrell. They unfortunately didn't come to church this past weekend so they have to wait to be baptized, but we are't going to let them fall by the wayside. We are going to work very hard to help them build their testimony and have them succeed in receiving an answer from God. This is some really exciting stuff, and just think that if I hadn't come on this 2 year trip of a lifetime I would probably be sitting at home watching TV with nothing to do, but go to Fazoli's for my dead end job and veggitate for 2 years...I like this better. I have more friends this way...hehe

For those wondering about my ankle from the last e-mail I sent, I have an appointment this weekend to find out the details around my recovery and such. Also the Sprinkler did not go off, soaking me in the process. It was about 6 inches shorter than the grass and so I stepped into basically a hole in the ground and that is where the Evil DR SPRINKLER got a hold of my ankle and did something terrible. 

The Lord has given me this great opportunity to continue to labor and work with a missionary who is well seasoned and ready for the end of his mission. I have been blessed to see how he works and learn from him. I look forward to becoming a missionary that can teach and simplify the same way he does, however, I still need to overcome my own pride. I am learning that I need to humble myself before God and then he can direct my path. I will say this that I would not trade this time for anything in this world. I pray that you will all have similar experiences with the people placed in your lives, and I hope that you have learned what is needed for you to learn from them before it is too late; we never know what we have until it is gone. Live for today because tomorrow is yet to come, and not always a guarantee... Love ya and hope that you may all see success in your lives due to the people with whom you are associated. 

Sorry my letters have been becoming progressively smaller, I have very little time to e-mail and there is just so much that I need to do. My butt hurts though from the extended bike riding and I think I may need some new pants because my thighs are getting too big...hehe 

Elder Wheeler

p.s. MOM TYPOS!!! 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Letter from Kelson - Week # 38 - Oops I did it again!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

The theme for this e-mail is such that it deals with the catchy pop tune from my childhood in the 90's by Britney Spears, before she went crazy. And It also has something to deal with an injury to Elder Wheeler and then forgetting to tell my mother about said injury until she is either notified by a bill or the mission nurse calling 7 weeks or more after said injury... So without further adieu "The story of the Turkey and the Sprinkler" 

It was a cool Fall morning in the Land of El Dorado Hills, The sun was shining; the Air smelled of fresh cut grass with a hint of Body Odor because I hadn't showered yet; and the ground was quite moist because of a rain storm the day before. Elder Wheeler woke up this wonderful morning with one intent/thought in his mind...

"I am going to play FOOTBALL Today!"

This thought spread to his companion who was Elder Baryshnikov and his now baptized friend Austin McD. These three characters along with a grand group of gentlemen from church all seemed to have the same idea...WEIRD?? This stuff only happen in the movies!?- Sorry narrator interjection...sorry- Anywho back to the story, Elder Wheeler and his clan of rough, tough, full of energy, and might be too old to play football people started off with a nice prayer that went something like this.

Elder Wheeler praying- 
Dear Heavenly Father please help us to play safe and not have anyone get injured to the point of being carried off the field on a stretch by the EMT's. Name of Jesus Christ AMEN.

(That is really what I prayed for, with some other stuff in the middle too)

We started to play. Elder Wheeler's team began with the ball. It wasn't too long before we knew who would be winning this game. It was clearly his team, because they already had a touchdown within like 3 min. After touchdown number one everyone was feeling great. There was happiness and joy filling the air and the football seemed to just slide through the hands of anyone who wanted to catch it, except me!!! :D It was our turn with the ball and Elder Wheeler goes out for a short pass on the edge of the field to gain a first down...Then the unthinkable was thought about...dun dun dunnnn!!! 

I must describe this monster to you in a separate paragraph. This thing had razor sharp teeth, stood 13 feet tall, hands the size of Fat Albert and breath that smelled of freshly washed linens (Just because he is a monster doesn't mean he doesn't brush his teeth).  This guy was an opponent that many men shrink at...when they see him. Evidently Elder Wheeler was not looking at him otherwise he would have seen him, But when Elder Wheeler met this guy it was almost as if he had put his leg in a death grip and tried to rip his foot clean off his body. 

Sudden sound--- CRACK, CRACK, POP, POP!!!!

Elder Wheeler then screamed with the intent to cry, but nothing came out because he is a true man. This monster was worldly renowned as the "Evil DR. SPRINKLER!!!" He would just wait below the grass until the right moment when he would raise the grass and cause severe pain to players on the field, when they broke their ankles!!! ...He is a maniacal evil dude. 

After many seconds of limping Elder Wheeler told the "Evil DR SPRINKLER to have a nice day, because he continued to play football and his team won by like 7 touchdowns...WHOO HOO We are the CHAMPIONS!!! Now what does this have to do with turkey...well it all happened on Thanksgiving and I am just now seeking medical attention for the ankle, but that doesn't explain why the title is the title. My mother found out because the Mission Nurse called to find out if we had home insurance...and this was the first she had heard of this battle for justice between Elder Wheeler and the "Evil DR SPRINKLER!!!"

There you have it folks...the story in a nut shell and it only took you 15 min to read it all. haha 

Anyway back to missionary work, This past week was not too exciting, just a lot of preaching teaching and know the same old same old. Joey and Tyrel are both praying to find out if they should be baptized on the 26th, Joey is pretty much baptizing himself and Ty is just a little hesitant because he is not sure if he is ready, which is ok...we don't force people into the church, they join because they want to. Um...Transfers are next week so my e-mail will be coming out on Tuesday instead on Monday and It could be a surprising transfer...I don't know if they will move me or not...??? 

As usual, I will bring all of this back to the gospel of Christ. The moral of this story and e-mail is this, don't procrastinate the day of your repentance. It may come back to bite you in the butt a few weeks down the way and you might hear from a nagging mother if you have been hurt this week or not (I expect these in future e-mails because I am prone to accidents...hehe).  Repent today and come unto Christ our Saviour and He will make you whole. Keep making right/correct choices and you will be blessed, (Shout out to Alaric! Way to go IDAHO! Love ya kid and I am proud of you)

Love ya and until next time,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. So I have been typing on this junk ergonomic keyboard the past few weeks and it causes many typos, plus aggravation for me, because I have to work harder at following the norm of typing... whatever the word is that I am failing to find in my noggin. Love ya MOM!!!  Typos case you didn't understand the previous travels across America!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Letter from Kelson - Week #37 - I Love it When a Plan Comes together!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

For everyone's health and peace of mind, my subject is a line from the one and only best T.V Show of all time from its time period...Drum Roll Please....Oh Come on!!! You have read enough of my e-mails to know that when someone says drum roll you do it.....
Why haven't you started to drum roll??? You want to be a party pooper right from the get go?! It is 2013 and you are really making the year start off terrible...hehe Just Kidding
And for all those who now have purple legs, or handles or bruises on any part of them because they have been drum rolling this whole time I thank you for taking one for the team and being a team player. We need more of you in this world....Ummm what was I having you drum roll for again??? 

I seem to have forgotten, well I will continue to write and maybe it will come back to me. However, please keep up the drum roll so that when the time comes that my memory comes back I can give you the answer to whatever I was asking and it can be a successful drum roll ending. And then there will be much rejoicing..."YAY!!!" 

This past week was full of excitement, terror, a hint of drama, some nail biting moments and some things that could have blown off the hair piece of uncle Fredward!!! Yeah it was that awesome! This past week was this awesome because everyone and their brother decided that this was the week that they had set aside in the New Year to become Physically ill...yep there were a lot of really sick people around me. The only problem was they were not investigators of any kind, they were all missionaries!!! There are 6 missionaries in my district and 5 of them had caught some bug that starts off in cold form and moves into immobilization form and then finishes off by hitting the companion of whomever was sick before. Plus this illness takes a few days to get over so in turn there is a lot of really inconvenient moments causing Elder Wheeler distress...For the sanity of my mother, I was the only Healthy one, and so far I am still healthy...Knock on Wood!!! *Knock Knock Knock*  

Although everyone was sick, we were still able to teach many lessons and we had 2 people come to church...FINALLY!!! YEAH!!!! And not only did we have 2 people to church, but I also just remembered what I had you drum rolling for....The name of that T.V. Show is the A-TEAM!!! Whooo Hooo "Take that Sucka!" "I Pity the Fool"...hehe you can allow blood flow back into your appendages that have been drum rolling this whole time... Anyway, they came to church and they both want to get baptized. Their names are Joey and Tyrel, 12 and 14 respectively, and they are awesome! They went to their young men classes and they just had a great time. Their mother is a returning Less-active member and so we are working with her to baptize her kids and help her come back to church!!! Isn't this just so exciting??!! Take that Uncle Fredward's Hair Piece!!! We have another lesson with them tomorrow and I feel that they might accept the date of January 26th!!! Along with these two shining stars we have been blessed with the ability to exercise our priesthood in the form of blessings!!! We gave 3 blessings in 3 days and have another one for today!!! Holy Moly! People know that The Power of the Priesthood is real and useful and back on the earth because of the Restoration. I am really glad that I have kept myself worthy to exercise this great calling and authority that I have been given. Please if you are a member of the church and have the Priesthood and are not quite worthy to exercise the authority you have been given, please try to gain that worthiness back. If you are worthy, "Give me a High Five!" This power and authority is that important. It is not meant for gain of any kind, but to serve one another. 

My week has concluded and we have lots of things planned for this week. I hope to have some more awesome good news for next week!!! Like Baptism dates...Whoo Hoo

Love ya,
Elder Wheeler


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Letter from Kelson - Week # 36 - HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

Whoo Hoo we made it to 2013 and the zombies haven't eaten my brains yet.... :(  I wanted to be able to just pick up a gun and start unloading into a bunch of undead bodies...Dang Mayans and your wrong predictions. Since it is a new year and everyone is making new year's resolutions I think I will make one...I resolve that I will just stop being a normal person and become a missionary!!! And not only will I be a missionary, I will be the missionary that will help convert the POPE!!!! This is my resolution!!! And just like most of the rest of the world and their resolutions, I will probably not complete the second resolution, because I am in California and the POPE is in ROME... :( I will stick to the first and wont let go until it kills me, or 2014 comes...hehe

For all the world to hear and know, I had a very Merry Christmas!!! And it was super "White"!!! I was blessed to see 4 people enter into the waters of baptism during the month of December so I would like to thank all ya'll for the prayers and wishes for a White Christmas...They worked!  For all those who want to know, My family is still alive and they are all doing well, but they miss me terribly and they send me the greatest gifts ever! I got a jar of Peanut butter with Honey infused into it, I got Wild Berry Pop tarts, Socks, and some other things that are escaping my memory right about now. 

This past week was awesome, we hit almost all of our goals, and along with that we have been able to say we officially worked through the new year. We were working up until yesterday (New Year's Eve) at 5 pm.  We then went shopping and to a zone party, where we played basketball and Monopoly Deal until 9 pm. Then we went home and concluded our day. We, as missionaries, don't stay up 'till the Butt Crack of dawn to say "whoo hoo Happy New Year", we actually go to bed because we are good little boys who feel that the new year will come whether we are up for it or not...Now don't think that I will come home and not celebrate New Year's when I am not a missionary...on the contrary, I will be celebrating 3X as hard because I need to make up for the 2 years I missed. The shirt may come off and I may be standing on the table swinging my shirt over my head, saying "Whoo hoo happy New Year"!!! No, I wont be drunk, that is just how I am; I am weird.  

Our prospects for baptism are a bit limited, but they will increase as we work hard and become better missionaries....I am being told I need to wrap this e-mail up, but I am running out of things to say. So I wish all Ya'll the happiest of New Years and I hope and pray that we will try and remember our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ when we think about the great things that happen to us in our lives. We came to the earth that we might have joy and I will be holding them to that when I finally meet them and say hey...did I fill my Joy Meter yet...hehe 

I love ya'll and hope that I can talk to you later.

Elder Wheeler

P.s I need you to do typos!!!