Letter from Kelson - Week # 36 - HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

Whoo Hoo we made it to 2013 and the zombies haven't eaten my brains yet.... :(  I wanted to be able to just pick up a gun and start unloading into a bunch of undead bodies...Dang Mayans and your wrong predictions. Since it is a new year and everyone is making new year's resolutions I think I will make one...I resolve that I will just stop being a normal person and become a missionary!!! And not only will I be a missionary, I will be the missionary that will help convert the POPE!!!! This is my resolution!!! And just like most of the rest of the world and their resolutions, I will probably not complete the second resolution, because I am in California and the POPE is in ROME... :( I will stick to the first and wont let go until it kills me, or 2014 comes...hehe

For all the world to hear and know, I had a very Merry Christmas!!! And it was super "White"!!! I was blessed to see 4 people enter into the waters of baptism during the month of December so I would like to thank all ya'll for the prayers and wishes for a White Christmas...They worked!  For all those who want to know, My family is still alive and they are all doing well, but they miss me terribly and they send me the greatest gifts ever! I got a jar of Peanut butter with Honey infused into it, I got Wild Berry Pop tarts, Socks, and some other things that are escaping my memory right about now. 

This past week was awesome, we hit almost all of our goals, and along with that we have been able to say we officially worked through the new year. We were working up until yesterday (New Year's Eve) at 5 pm.  We then went shopping and to a zone party, where we played basketball and Monopoly Deal until 9 pm. Then we went home and concluded our day. We, as missionaries, don't stay up 'till the Butt Crack of dawn to say "whoo hoo Happy New Year", we actually go to bed because we are good little boys who feel that the new year will come whether we are up for it or not...Now don't think that I will come home and not celebrate New Year's when I am not a missionary...on the contrary, I will be celebrating 3X as hard because I need to make up for the 2 years I missed. The shirt may come off and I may be standing on the table swinging my shirt over my head, saying "Whoo hoo happy New Year"!!! No, I wont be drunk, that is just how I am; I am weird.  

Our prospects for baptism are a bit limited, but they will increase as we work hard and become better missionaries....I am being told I need to wrap this e-mail up, but I am running out of things to say. So I wish all Ya'll the happiest of New Years and I hope and pray that we will try and remember our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ when we think about the great things that happen to us in our lives. We came to the earth that we might have joy and I will be holding them to that when I finally meet them and say hey...did I fill my Joy Meter yet...hehe 

I love ya'll and hope that I can talk to you later.

Elder Wheeler

P.s I need you to do typos!!! 


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