Letter from Kelson - Week # 39 - I don't have to PACK!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

It is a wonderful day today, I think it is somewhere around 50-60 degrees with a slight wind coming from the west and just a hint of clouds in one area of the sky...GOSH I HATE THIS!!!! I want cloudy skies, with 20 degree weather and some SNOW!!!!! It is January and I want my SNOW! Maybe if I pray harder, God will grant me snow...or he will just laugh at me and say just you wait.

Anyways it is that time again and we have received our transfer call.  Elder Nethercott and I are staying to his bitter end. He goes home at the end of the transfer and it is going to be interesting for the next 5 weeks. So, Elder Nethercott has never wanted to have any leadership position, and he almost made it. For this last transfer he was made the District Leader and I am now his "District Monkey"...YAY Monkey. For those wondering, yes this is my second companion that I will be sending home, gosh I will need to stop this, otherwise they might call me a serial killer. Dun dun dunnnn Since I am not moving out of the area I will probably be here in the Laguna Creek 3rd ward for 6 months. They have told me that I will train some time soon, but it can't be now, hence Elder Nethercott and I are still together.  SO, I am guessing that once I send my companion home I will just have to bring a brand new one into this world. And those trainings are done in 3 month increments.  

We are slowly awaiting the baptism of Joey and Tyrell. They unfortunately didn't come to church this past weekend so they have to wait to be baptized, but we are't going to let them fall by the wayside. We are going to work very hard to help them build their testimony and have them succeed in receiving an answer from God. This is some really exciting stuff, and just think that if I hadn't come on this 2 year trip of a lifetime I would probably be sitting at home watching TV with nothing to do, but go to Fazoli's for my dead end job and veggitate for 2 years...I like this better. I have more friends this way...hehe

For those wondering about my ankle from the last e-mail I sent, I have an appointment this weekend to find out the details around my recovery and such. Also the Sprinkler did not go off, soaking me in the process. It was about 6 inches shorter than the grass and so I stepped into basically a hole in the ground and that is where the Evil DR SPRINKLER got a hold of my ankle and did something terrible. 

The Lord has given me this great opportunity to continue to labor and work with a missionary who is well seasoned and ready for the end of his mission. I have been blessed to see how he works and learn from him. I look forward to becoming a missionary that can teach and simplify the same way he does, however, I still need to overcome my own pride. I am learning that I need to humble myself before God and then he can direct my path. I will say this that I would not trade this time for anything in this world. I pray that you will all have similar experiences with the people placed in your lives, and I hope that you have learned what is needed for you to learn from them before it is too late; we never know what we have until it is gone. Live for today because tomorrow is yet to come, and not always a guarantee... Love ya and hope that you may all see success in your lives due to the people with whom you are associated. 

Sorry my letters have been becoming progressively smaller, I have very little time to e-mail and there is just so much that I need to do. My butt hurts though from the extended bike riding and I think I may need some new pants because my thighs are getting too big...hehe 

Elder Wheeler

p.s. MOM TYPOS!!! 


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