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Letter from Kelson - Week # 31 - Back to Work you Crazy Kids!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

What is happening Ya'll!!! It is yet another P-day and I am coming to you live from the hidden studio location in my apartment that only top secret monkeys and 20 ft. tall panda bears know about. It has been 4 days since my last writing and I bet you guys are so sick of hearing from me, it is almost as bad as your disgust for turkey!!! (Turkey for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!!) I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you all made it through Black Friday in one piece...if not in one piece, at least alive. People are brutal when they think that the next Worldly thing will provide them happiness. Especially with the latest announcement of Hostess going under...I know who was hitting the Hostess store on Black Friday...hehe I am so Bad...xD 
For everyone's ease of conscience I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had Lunch (Light) At our recent convert Wolfgang;s house and then went to the Skovensky's for dinner. They are a s…

Letter from Kelson - Week #30 - WHOO WHOO THANKSGIVING!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!! It is Thanksgiving!!!! Can't you smell the turkey?! Don't you hear Christmas peaking its head around the nearest corner? Don't you just wish that the radio stations and the people of this Country could celebrate one holiday at a time?...hehe
Sorry I had to vent because I hate it when as soon as Halloween is over, the Christmas candy and decorations are placed in the Halloween candy and decorations spot and Everyone just forgets that Turkey day is in between those two!!! People don't even celebrate the underground holiday of Thanksgiving...Black Friday before Christmas is celebrated...Where are my Black Friday Tunes, Where are my Turkey days of Thanksgiving...Where is the love for the Indians who saved us poor white people back when we thought that if we wished hard enough we would have lived...?  Thank you for reading my rant on the whole one holiday at a time...I hoped you learned something and will forever make the same pact th…

Letter from Kelson - Week # 29 - Missionary Work has it's UPs and for me a lot of Downs...hehe

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!! 

I bet every single one of you have now read my e-mail heading and have thought to yourself...."HOLY CRAP!!! KELSON IS GOING THROUGH THE WORST PART OF HIS MISSION RIGHT NOW!!!", I am pretty positive that those are your words exactly because you just read them...hehe I just pulled the wool over your eyes...Man I am good!   By now I am pretty sure a lot of my readers are also looking at the e-mail with this sort of look... Don't worry, the head scratching will soon pass as your brain runs out of your ears jumps through cyber space and punches me right in the Chicken Salad sandwich for making it work so hard for such a stupid comment.
I think now that your brains have all been sufficiently liquefied I can start the e-mail about how this past week has been. 
First off, I think everyone should know that I have the best Companion ever!!! We are like best friends. It is almost like we are the same person, we both enjoy having fun, we both…

Letter from Kelson - Week #28 - Russki in da House!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

The sun is shining, the air smells of warm root beer and my towel is Oh So Fluffy!!! (Name that Song?) I am so glad that I am able to write to the masses of the World today! I have been told that people from all over the world read my blog/e-mail, but not the whole world, and I am surprised that more people aren't reading about what I am doing...HELLO KIND OF A BIG DEAL!!!!  My pride aside and your feelings now crushed because I just told you that I am better than you, I feel I must inform you of my dealings with the people of El Dorado Hills...
... ... ... Okay I am sorry I am so Prideful, will you forgive me? I just had a brain fart and a subtle prompting to apologize and humble myself...I can't get away with anything these days...Jee Whiz
Thank you for your forgiveness and if you didn't forgive me I feel bad for you because you are now doomed to an eternity of being reprimanded with a wet noodle.  
I feel that I must talk about the …