Kelson Homecoming Countdown

Monday, November 26, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week # 31 - Back to Work you Crazy Kids!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

What is happening Ya'll!!! It is yet another P-day and I am coming to you live from the hidden studio location in my apartment that only top secret monkeys and 20 ft. tall panda bears know about. It has been 4 days since my last writing and I bet you guys are so sick of hearing from me, it is almost as bad as your disgust for turkey!!! (Turkey for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!!) I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you all made it through Black Friday in one piece...if not in one piece, at least alive. People are brutal when they think that the next Worldly thing will provide them happiness. Especially with the latest announcement of Hostess going under...I know who was hitting the Hostess store on Black Friday...hehe I am so Bad...xD 

For everyone's ease of conscience I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had Lunch (Light) At our recent convert Wolfgang;s house and then went to the Skovensky's for dinner. They are a super nice family that allowed yours truly to come over and enjoy a non-turkey "Turkey Day"!!! I don't like turkey...I always ask for ham on Thanksgiving, but my mother always said "NO". The Skovensky's are super legit, they let us stay until pumpkin hour...(9 pm) and then we left for home. We played games and just enjoyed the many joys that come from counting our blessings...I think there was a talent show without it actually being a talent show. There was a lot of singing and juggling by ME!!!  

I have some super awesome news for the people of the World who care, As a mission we are doing this event called "White Christmas". It isn't of snow it is of people dressed in white. We have a goal for every companionship in the mission to baptize at least 1 truly converted person in the month of December as a gift to our Saviour for his birthday. And we have been blessed here in El Dorado Hills, I am getting the opportunity to Baptize Austin McD on Saturday morning. He has accepted the call of the Saviour to be baptized and he asked me to do it. He is awesome, plus we are also being blessed with the baptism of Michael Z on Saturday afternoon!!! I have been truly blessed with great people to come up here and teach. We have been greatly blessed this "White Christmas" and we have 2 more in the month of December set up for baptism. The Lord has truly helped us become successful in our meeting of our part of the Mission's goal. 

This letter is kind of short, but I want to tell you all something that I realized this week.

I realized that our lives are completely our choice, and that the Lord is prepared to help you and others by the choices that you make. I found this out because I started thinking, what if I came out when I was 18? how would I have reacted? who would I be teaching now? Would I be here in the Wards that I am in? Then I thought about how grateful I am that I came out when I did. The people that I am here helping come into the waters of baptism were placed here to strengthen my testimony, as I help them build theirs. The members that I have become great friends with were put here so that I may make long lasting friendships and relationships with my Spiritual brothers and sisters. There are choices that I have made that have put me here and I don't care if they were good or bad, because they have helped me become the person I am today, and helped me meet these awesome people. Before this I was only thinking about the immediate results of my actions, but now I realize that my actions may not effect me in the next few days, months or years, but they will effect me in the far future. Making wrong decisions only makes the journey harder and rougher, plus it just makes coming back to the correct way more work intensive and somewhat embarrassing.  I thought I would share and ask you as my readers to just evaluate your lives and the choices you have made and realize how greatly blessed we are to have a Father in Heaven who even after we continue to make decisions that are not so correct, he still puts opportunity after opportunity for us to progress and become better, with people who will enrich our lives and help us succeed in Life. I am thankful and Love him dearly.

Keep serving each other, and I will return to work after my relaxing weekend...hehe xD

Elder Wheeler

P.s. Mom you know what to do...I leave this all in your capable hands

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #30 - WHOO WHOO THANKSGIVING!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!
It is Thanksgiving!!!! Can't you smell the turkey?! Don't you hear Christmas peaking its head around the nearest corner? Don't you just wish that the radio stations and the people of this Country could celebrate one holiday at a time?...hehe

Sorry I had to vent because I hate it when as soon as Halloween is over, the Christmas candy and decorations are placed in the Halloween candy and decorations spot and Everyone just forgets that Turkey day is in between those two!!! People don't even celebrate the underground holiday of Thanksgiving...Black Friday before Christmas is celebrated...Where are my Black Friday Tunes, Where are my Turkey days of Thanksgiving...Where is the love for the Indians who saved us poor white people back when we thought that if we wished hard enough we would have lived...? 
Thank you for reading my rant on the whole one holiday at a time...I hoped you learned something and will forever make the same pact that my companion and I Christmas until after Thanksgiving.
On Thanksgiving we as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have a tradition called the "Turkey Bowl". We get up pretty early on Thanksgiving morning and play two-hand touch Football. I am telling you of this tradition because I participated this year. My team won, by the way, but that is beside the point. We get together to play football and during our football this morning we had some of the best plays imaginable. There were diving catches, sliding saves of the ball, QB sacks, and we even had a few interceptions. Everything a football game needed and then some. It was the "then some" that got us into trouble. It has been raining all week and because of all the rain the ground is super saturated with water...(Chemistry Lesson: Water mixed with dirt creates MUD!!) There was mud everywhere, and the ground was so slick that it helped us to make those diving catches (Not on purpose), or those sliding saves (again not on purpose), or to get the QB all covered in mud through a good sack (That was on purpose). All in all it was the best turkey bowl I have ever had...because my ward back home was either too small or wanted to have the game too early, plus I wasn't a missionary then...hehe
Now on to the good part of this whole letter. THE WORK!!! We are seeing wonderful things up here in El Dorado hills. My companion and I are doing awesome. We are completely in sync and because of that we have 4 people getting baptized in December. Michael Z. and Austin McD. on the 1st, and Pat and Pina McD. on the 15th. These people were very well prepared by the Lord though different influences in their lives, and so we just had to come in and teach them the lessons. As a missionary I am noticing that if I just step back and keep myself ready for these kind of people, plus go out put forth the effort to find new people, the Lord will take my sacrifice of time and bless me with an abundance of success. This success isn't without effort though. I invited the McD's like 6 times to be baptized before they finally said "Yes."  Michael was just a shoe in though, very well prepared though his family.
That is how things are playing out in California and I am loving every minute of my work here. For those who are reading this I am sorry it took until Thanksgiving to write, but this was my P-Day this week. I had to work though Monday and I must say this was the hardest week yet. Those who haven't served a mission don't realize how vital the P-Day is. I felt almost like a Zombie walking around Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday because I didn't have that day off to relax and enjoy my time not going out all day. This work is very hard and taxing on the body and mind. It was not meant for the weak and fragile...Dang it, That describes me to a "T."  I can just tell you that by the time I return I will be broken that is...hehe.
I know this is kind of short and you all expected more out of me other than this small letter, but I have told you all about what I have been doing and it just doesn't seem to need to take up more room.
This Holiday Season I would ask of all my readers to please take a step back and remember the true meanings of this season. Remember that we all have things to be thankful for and we all have been blesses by the Saviour of the World, Jesus Christ. As we approach Christmas and think about what the special deep significance this great day has to our individual lives I pray that we will be swept up in the Spirit of Christ and not the Spirit of "buy more."  I love receiving gifts, and getting cool new things, but the one thing I love more is my Saviour. Thus my Missionary Service.
Have a safe and wonderful holiday and remember that Thanksgiving needs to be celebrated first before we start the Christmasy stuff...hehe
In the Service of Almighty God,
Elder Wheeler
P.s. Mom I love you remember...Please make sure I don't make a fool of myself with all of my typos...hehe

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week # 29 - Missionary Work has it's UPs and for me a lot of Downs...hehe

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!! 

I bet every single one of you have now read my e-mail heading and have thought to yourself...."HOLY CRAP!!! KELSON IS GOING THROUGH THE WORST PART OF HIS MISSION RIGHT NOW!!!", I am pretty positive that those are your words exactly because you just read them...hehe I just pulled the wool over your eyes...Man I am good!   By now I am pretty sure a lot of my readers are also looking at the e-mail with this sort of look... Don't worry, the head scratching will soon pass as your brain runs out of your ears jumps through cyber space and punches me right in the Chicken Salad sandwich for making it work so hard for such a stupid comment.

I think now that your brains have all been sufficiently liquefied I can start the e-mail about how this past week has been. 

First off, I think everyone should know that I have the best Companion ever!!! We are like best friends. It is almost like we are the same person, we both enjoy having fun, we both enjoy missionary work, we teach magnificently together, and we both bought matching shoes, tie, and backpacks...for those who have thoughts of "Oh no! Kelson has gone GAY!!!" Go outside and punch yourself really hard in the noggin (outside, so the carpet doesn't get dirty from the brain matter). We just thought it would build our Unity, which is super big in missionary work.  It is quite refreshing to have a companion who I can rely on to say exactly what I am thinking and to have someone that also understands what our investigators need. It makes this job much easier. I have had moments with my other companions like the before mentioned statement, but not all the time. 

I also have been learning a whole lot through my personal study and Language study. I can begin and end a prayer in Russian and I also know how to ask our Father in Heaven for the blessing of a Pen...Not that I would need one, but the language is coming!!! I can read Russian, but it is understanding what I am reading that makes this whole thing difficult. In my personal study I have learned that by accepting people of other races/backgrounds/nationalities/anything else people discriminate against and treat them like equals we can become more unified as God's people, like in a very Zion society, but we have a long way to go if you know what I mean...

For everyone to know I am very displeased with the election and the winner of said election; as a citizen I will remain subject to the laws, but that doesn't mean I have to like the guy or the laws he put there for me to follow. 

I will explain the goods about this week and then I will give the explanation for the subject of this letter. We have been teaching the McDermot's for quite some time and I am pleased to announce that the 17 year old has a huge desire to be baptized on Saturday the 24th of November. He kept pestering me about it so I thought I would let him get baptized. We are hoping and praying that his parents join him on that day and make it family affair. Also, we are teaching this new guy named Michael and he is super prepared and has accepted the date for baptism on the 1st of December. These great successes are really giving me a great lead into "White Christmas"... Which is what we call the time around Christmas where miracle baptisms come from everywhere as presents to Christ as we celebrate His birth. The work is going super well and the prayers you are giving are helping tremendously.

The Downs for this week actually happened earlier this morning...I went Mountain Biking with a member and we went on what he called "an easy trail" which to me, the person who has never gone real mountain biking before would seem like a piece of cake. Well it kind of was...hehe  But there was this one part I have to tell you about. We were all riding on this hill, and the path was super narrow, like the width of a needle. I was rocking this trail; I was balancing like a boss and I could see everything that would happen and my bike was like an extra extension of my body. Yeah I am that Good. We were heading down this hill, rocks on the path making me jump 10 feet in the air causing my hair to blow in the up breeze, dodging stumps that could cause bodily harm and so forth. At the bottom of this hill there was a bridge and under this bridge was a Troll. He was huge like 700 feet tall and he was covered in chainsaws!!! This guy wasn't playing around. For everyone's information this troll had magical powers that made him a master of the elements and he used them against us because we didn't want to pay the Troll Toll. As we dodged his many attacks and then returned fire with our laser guns (Mounted on our bikes of course) we crossed the bridge. This Troll was out for blood, however, and he caused a great and mighty tree to jump in front of yours truly and I became one person with the tree. I wrapped my arms around the tree and gave him a big hug, because as missionaries we won't even hurt trees. As I hugged the tree he decided that he didn't like that and he smashed in the reflector on my bike and destroyed the cable for my front brake. He wasn't a very nice tree. I let go of the tree and told the Troll that he would have better luck with someone less awesome than us and rode on to victory.  As I continued to ride though, I guess the troll might have hit me with a spell of some kind, because I couldn't seem to stay on the bike for very long following the hugging of the tree. I got over it and became better, but I just kept going "Down." Like all good stories it ends with Elder Wheeler being only slightly injured with a bit of a blood trail and great memories. Gosh I love this work.

I was protected so no worries, every bone in my body is still useful and I will not be coming home in a cast or anything. Actually, I felt like George of the Jungle there for a second. From this experience I have learned that the Lord gives us strength beyond our knowledge to accomplish anything that stands in our path. Take heed of the Trolls in your way and make sure to just avoid them at all costs. They might throw a curve "tree" in your way and you may get hurt a little bit, but after some serious rest and strengthening of our spirits we can overcome those and be ready for an even bigger Troll...hehe  GOSPEL OBJECT LESSON!!!

I love everything that I get to do and can't wait for tomorrow's adventures!!

Elder Wheeler

P.s. Thanks mom for all you do to make these e-mails literate! if you wouldn't mind please look over this one...TYPOS!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #28 - Russki in da House!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

The sun is shining, the air smells of warm root beer and my towel is Oh So Fluffy!!! (Name that Song?)
I am so glad that I am able to write to the masses of the World today! I have been told that people from all over the world read my blog/e-mail, but not the whole world, and I am surprised that more people aren't reading about what I am doing...HELLO KIND OF A BIG DEAL!!!!  My pride aside and your feelings now crushed because I just told you that I am better than you, I feel I must inform you of my dealings with the people of El Dorado Hills...

Okay I am sorry I am so Prideful, will you forgive me? I just had a brain fart and a subtle prompting to apologize and humble myself...I can't get away with anything these days...Jee Whiz

Thank you for your forgiveness and if you didn't forgive me I feel bad for you because you are now doomed to an eternity of being reprimanded with a wet noodle.  

I feel that I must talk about the great mercy and glory and plan that the Lord has in store for me here in the California Sacramento Mission. First off, last week I told you of my new companion Elder Baryshnikov, Super legit BTW, and he speaks fluent Russian!!! I am about to faint as I tell you this next part...He has begun to teach me how to read and write Russian!!!!  I just had all of these emotions at once...Excited from shear amazement, crying tears of joy, Smiling with a mischievous intent in mind, and jumping for joy!!! For those who don't know why this is such a happy time I will tell you. When I was telling people where I wanted to go on my mission I told people that I wanted to go to Russia, for many reasons, but the main one was because I wanted to learn how to speak and read Russian. Thus my excitement when Elder Baryshnikov became my companion!!! Alright, I have to calm down for a second.... Phew
Okay I am better now. This past week I have been studying a "How to Learn and Speak Russian in Six weeks" book and I have learned quite a bit. But I can't show you because I don't know how to type Cyrillic script on this computer...hehe I started off with the alphabet which has 33 sounds, only some of them are actually letters and the others are to signify hard or soft sounds or put emphasis on other areas of the word. He is also teaching me different Gospel words so I may become better at recognizing them in conversation. Man, learning a language is hard work, but I can't wait to be able to come home speaking it...!!!! 

Enough about me, now on to the Area! We are teaching some pretty fantastic people now. We baptized Wolfgang and he is Super Member now! He is helping us as a ward missionary already. He shares his conversion with the people we bring to church; he also is not afraid to go out of his way to talk to people he doesn't know. I am so glad I have been able to know this guy, he is legit! We are also teaching this guy named Mike. He is the son of a Less-Active member who is looking at changing his life around. He had a very severe motorcycle accident and he took that as a sign from God that he needs to shape up. So, he moved back in with his mom and has been really working hard to change his life. We found him because a member of the Ward was doing his hometeaching and seeing the people he was supposed to!!! You know what that means??? GO FORTH AND HOMETEACH YOUR FAMILIES!!! We are still teaching the McDermot family!!! Their youngest Son told me yesterday that he wants me to baptize him and I feel that if he gets baptized his parents will follow. His dad is waiting for a confirmation sign of the truthfulness of the Gospel and I think that he is expecting something huge and not a subtle confirmation. I think his son coming to know the truth will be the confirmation he's looking for and they will be baptized as a family! That is the great news that I have about the people we are teaching! They are all legit and want to know more about the God of Israel, so that is what we teach. 

I am not sure if I told you, but Elder B and I are like best on step-brothers the movie. We had a 'on the count of three' moment and we said the same thing all three times. Unfortunately for us we don't have a garage to practice karate in. I think that is all for today and I will try to think of more for next week. Those of you who have sent me letters please forgive my tardiness in replying; I only get to write on P-day and I am limited on the time I have available on that day as well.

Next week I will e-mail later because I am going Mountain Biking with a member!!! Whoo HOO!

Remember that God Loves you more than anyone else...Which means he loves everyone equally...hehe I know that he loves us because of the challenges and trials he allows in our lives to help us grow and become more experienced. Love God, Love each other, and above all Love me...because I am cool, but not cooler than the first two...

Love ya,
Elder Wheeler

p.s. Mom do you even read through and correct the Typos like I ask every e-mail???
p.p.s Mom Typos!!!!