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Letter From Kelson - Week #87.2 - Did you really miss me?

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

I am all showered and clean again, which means I can now tell you of the extraordinary things that are being thrown down in Sacramento! As you all know I am still where I left off last time, in the Sacramento YSA Branch, which is super legit! We have all these appointments to teach members and help them feel like they are needed in this great work which is taking place, as well as keeping Elder Hinckley and I on our toes with our teaching skills. I hate to inform you, but we have been slacking in our practicing, so we need their help...but that is okay, this way I get to learn how to teach better and these members are feeling a Spirit of "Wow this isn't all too hard, maybe I can share the Gospel"! Sneaky huh?! I know, I have been working on weaving my way into their lives and hearts so that we can now incept the idea of sharing the gospel into their subconscious causing them to just be Gospel sharing fiends for the rest of their live…

Letter From Kelson - Week #87.1 - Did you miss me?!?! I guess NOT!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

I bet all of you were under the same impression that my mother was, which was that I would not be e-mailing this week because it is Christmas... I hate to tell you this, but you were wrong, so please go repent and I will see you in Sacrament meeting on Sunday! ;) it is Christmas, and I love my peeps, you are all like family, which means you get some lovin' too! 
Since it is Christmas, I have been able to talk with my closer relatives, just because we are closer than most, but that doesn't mean I don't love you as much, I just don't have enough time to face to face you with my lovin'...Please don't cry, there will be a lovely e-mail in your inbox/on the blog when you read this because I love you! See Everybody wins!!  Since everyone wins, lets throw a random dance party!!! 
*Everybody in the house makes some noise*!!! - (This is the part where my mother blasts the Techno music all over the world through her new nifty server/…

Letter From Kelson - Week # 86 - Baaaahh!!! Baaaaahhh!!! - (What the sheep said when the Angel appeared)

Good Morning From Sunny California!!! It was the night before, before, before, before, before, before, before, before Christmas and all through the house, everything was in flames, because someone left the ham in the oven and burned it... RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!! Now, this isn't the same Christmas story that we are all used to, maybe this is more around your childhood fantasies... There were in the same field Shepherds abiding in their fields, watching their flocks by night. Then suddenly there was a bright light that appeared and an angel appeared in the midst of the light, and they were sore afraid... Then they were unable to stay and hear the message from the angel because their sheep were fleeing like Japanese people in Tokyo when Godzilla begins his reign. And these were the words of the Sheep as they fled from the scene... RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!! Now is this more like it??? No?...What am I missing here??? Oh, I know! I need to talk about a baby of some sort don't I...I got…

Letter From Kelson - Week # 85 - I swear I will never touch the pie again MOMMY!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!
Lets just get to the good stuff, this whole beating around the bush to make this e-mail much longer and full of more enjoyment just makes things harder for the other missionaries to write their lovely families and fan clubs. I am feeling extraordinarily charitable right now which is why I am cutting to the chase, and leaving all of my usual antics at the door. Aren't you glad I told you?  Otherwise you would have been wondering if I was feeling ok, or if I was having a rough week, or even if I wasn't expecting to ever hear from you again. That would have been super depressing, to never hear from you again...I think I might actually shed a tear, but only one...I can't spare any tears, I have to save those for when my first born child wins the Nobel prize for being born.  This week was pretty relaxed, but also pretty crazy. We had zone training and Elder Allred and I got to train the zone on how to be better missionaries.  Funny, I lear…

Letter From Kelson - Week # 84 - Happy New Year!!!! Hmong that is! XD

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!! It has been approximately 3 days 20 hours 40 min and 15 sec, since I last e-mailed you...Just kidding, I didn't do any math.. Psh! That would be too much work. I guessed; I think someone should actually add it up and tell me what it really was, because it doesn't seem long enough for me to be back here on the old typewriter trying to figure out what my next move is, while juggling a bowling ball, some playing cards and the police who are looking for a convict dressed as an LDS missionary. If you haven't noticed my plea for some relief here is something a little bit more subtle... HELP ME!!!!!! Just kidding, I am doing just wonderful, I am enjoying this work, there are good things going for us, our 40 day fast is working, plus this whole fasting thing is helping me trim off those few pounds I gained via "National Fat Kid Day" on Thursday. For those who were not aware, which is like everyone, we have been doing a 40 day fast s…