Letter From Kelson - Week #87.1 - Did you miss me?!?! I guess NOT!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

I bet all of you were under the same impression that my mother was, which was that I would not be e-mailing this week because it is Christmas... I hate to tell you this, but you were wrong, so please go repent and I will see you in Sacrament meeting on Sunday! ;) it is Christmas, and I love my peeps, you are all like family, which means you get some lovin' too! 

Since it is Christmas, I have been able to talk with my closer relatives, just because we are closer than most, but that doesn't mean I don't love you as much, I just don't have enough time to face to face you with my lovin'...Please don't cry, there will be a lovely e-mail in your inbox/on the blog when you read this because I love you! See Everybody wins!!  Since everyone wins, lets throw a random dance party!!! 

*Everybody in the house makes some noise*!!! - (This is the part where my mother blasts the Techno music all over the world through her new nifty server/cloud and we all enjoy a quick rave!!!)

WOW!!! Some of you have pretty awesome dance moves, you should go on tour and show the world how to shake your booty!! you could make millions, and those of you who are now being voted off the island, don't fret, there are other talents and gifts that God has given you, so don't worry your little heads. I'm all sweaty now, I will go take a shower and get back to you bye...


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