Letter From Kelson - Week #87.2 - Did you really miss me?

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

I am all showered and clean again, which means I can now tell you of the extraordinary things that are being thrown down in Sacramento! As you all know I am still where I left off last time, in the Sacramento YSA Branch, which is super legit! We have all these appointments to teach members and help them feel like they are needed in this great work which is taking place, as well as keeping Elder Hinckley and I on our toes with our teaching skills. I hate to inform you, but we have been slacking in our practicing, so we need their help...but that is okay, this way I get to learn how to teach better and these members are feeling a Spirit of "Wow this isn't all too hard, maybe I can share the Gospel"! Sneaky huh?! I know, I have been working on weaving my way into their lives and hearts so that we can now incept the idea of sharing the gospel into their subconscious causing them to just be Gospel sharing fiends for the rest of their lives...My evil plan is working!!!! MWAHHHH!!!  

Since it is Christmas time I better tell you something Christmasy! 



How about something funny that happened last night? It happened on Christmas Eve so it is kind of Christmasy! 

It was the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was silent, and the trumpets were blaring! There was a chorus of sounds, and music a playing. As if there was a live band with pop tunes just a rocking! This band consisted of Elder Bennett, Elder Hinckley and myself, between the three of us, we played this game, just like you would with a Kazoo, where you play a catchy pop tune and the other people have to guess what the catchy pop tune is, along with the artist and name of tune. It was intense. Now you might be asking yourself "where did they get trumpets?" but let me tell you, when I was born there was this thing called evolution, and as I evolved from being a wee toddler to an adolescent I pooped my pants at the Walmart. blah blah blah cantaloupe....Um, I meant I learned how to use my newly developed lips. And as I developed this new found ability, there was a desire to push air through these weird things called lips. As I pushed air through these interesting contraption, there was this sound that comes through that is intriguingly similar to the sound of a brass trumpet. As we blew harder and faster we received the sound of a higher pitched note, and if we slowed it way down and blew lightly we started dropping the BASS!!! DubSTEP Trumpeteering!  This is called the AIR TRUMPET! It was so much fun! I think we were up until somewhere around midnight or so, just laying down in our beds squeezing our brains our of our mouths! I think this was a good time, if you don't think so, go rain on someone else's parade, I don't have time for your complaints! 

Love ya,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. We wish you a Merry Christmas! and a Happy New Year!!!! 

P.p.s. MOM TYPOS! - Love ya twice!


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