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Monday, April 29, 2013

Letter From Kelson - Week #53 - MORMONS RULE!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

Hey everybody and welcome back to California!!! It is beautifully HOT here. It has been around 89-90 degrees all week and I have to ride my bike in this hot weather. It is getting a bit harder to do missionary work because there is this inclination to just stop in on members who are home and soak up as much A/C as possible. That is because our A/C back home in our apartment doesn't work. Thus we are kind of dying, but that also is me whining and complaining about how I should be pampered and how I need something comfortable and happy. Almost like this mission is supposed to be easy and there are baptisms at every corner. Alas, that isn't true, however, there are possibilities for 4 baptisms in May and not only that, but a wedding of a family that we have been working with and a transfer....There are a lot of things going on in May, and I am not ready for it to come. Because this will be my last May in California as a missionary... Uh oh. I can't take this it is just too much.

So, this week we have been able to have some fun though.  We spent the last weekend doing a community project called, MORMON HELPING HANDS. We participated with 1000 others, member, nonmember, and people of the community, in cleaning up the local parks and making them usable again. This was awesome!  We got to go into some ghetto areas and reconstruct walls with brick, weed, replace dirt, create running paths, and make the people who live here feel good about their area. I also got a really cool green shirt that is now added to my collection of green things. It was pretty awesome.

There were a lot of things that happened this week that were great and I wish I had more time, but unfortunately there just isn't any more time and I have to go. I just want everyone to know that God answers prayers and he will also help you overcome things, even though you may feel like they don't need to be overcome, but they are needed for some reason or another. I love this mission and I am glad that I am able to serve my family by serving here in California. This is the only way I would want to serve them for 2 whole years. The fact that I am an uncle is the greatest of answers to prayers right now. Love ya and enjoy this week.
Elder Wheeler
P.s. MOM TYPOS!!! Love ya! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Letter from Kelson - Week # 52 - ... ... ... This is a Recording!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

So normally I come up with a catchy title/subject for my e-mails and then base the e-mails all on that, but this time I couldn't think about a catchy title/subject that I would talk about this week. I know you may feel at this time that Elder Wheeler has changed so much that his sense of humor is dwindling in unbelief (Book of Mormon joke), but please don't worry your head too much, he is just taking a break from writing you this week, he is spending time with his new Niece and I am the computer coming up with witty ways to explain that he is not here, because he has covertly flown to Utah to say hello and good-bye to his new friend and family member leaving his companion alone with the members of this ward. Please don't tell his mission president, they might revoke his ability to write home, which would make your lives pretty miserable, because then you can't read his witty e-mails every week and then your life will not be fulfilled and you might end up in a depression home from all of this downiness. If you would please keep that in mind as you are now putting the phone down and hanging up on his mission president.

When it comes right down to it, if we were to be absolutely hilarious every time we spoke/wrote then people wouldn't understand what exactly they were laughing at. Now I rest my case!

This past week we had a bit of a hard time, we had like 5 families that we normally use to fellowship investigators/help with lessons/are the Ward missionaries all decide to go on vacation all at the same time. Then on top of that, we had investigators forget about their appointments, family members die, and then exchanges!!! It was a week full of so many things going down it was almost a whole month's worth. But don't feel sorry for us, we still made it with a whole lot of lessons, and a baptism in the district. Can't you see the light at the end of the tunnel, I know I can. This is going to be an awesome transfer, when things start off this bad, things just naturally have to get better. There is a law that is unchanging, that when the bad gets going it is because you will eventually see the good. There is always something worse and there is always something better. 

We will be seeing the better this weekend with our baptism and then we will be blessed with another baptism in the district next weekend, and then the weekend after that we have 3 people scheduled for baptism...Thus the light at the end of the tunnel. Now we just need to go out and find people to replace those whom we are baptizing. That is the hard part, it almost feels like pulling teeth to find people to teach. There is only so much success you can find and have by knocking doors, there needs to be a bit of aid from the members of the ward, just because they are best friends with these people and they already have a relationship built, whereas, we as missionaries have to build one first then we can teach them the truth. These are some of the challenges that we are facing now, but it isn't something we can't overcome, it will just take some patience and a lot of inception...dun dun dunnnn. We can do it, Elder Hale is on the Case. 

I think I will name my e-mail not, but I will leave a blank for all to notice, please remember that when you pray for me, you pray for the people here in California, and that when you pray for your families that is helping me to not have to worry too much. Love ya all and wish for you the very best of life this soon to be Mother's day season. BTW, Mom, I will be talking to you in 3 weeks, so look out for that one. 

Love the Work,
Elder Wheeler


Monday, April 15, 2013

Letter from Kelson - Week #51 - Look beyond what you see!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

It is yet another day in the life of Elder Wheeler! In this episode we find our hero struggling to fill some rather large shoes, but it seems someone else sees greatness within him! Our hero has now had to take on the responsibility of being a District Leader, which means that he is now responsible for 7 other missionaries, besides himself. He is about to explode from the overload! He has had a hard time making sure he is taking care of himself, now he has to go on exchanges and teach with other people, help them become better, while becoming better from their help too, show them an increase of love and encouragement while they are down in the dumps, and pick up his companion as he is holding onto all the other stuff that Elder Wheeler can't handle. Plus on top of that he has to keep his area looking like a model area for the other people to look at...I think I may explode from the overwhelming crazy life! I feel like my mother, going Mach 3 with my hair on fire. 

This week was pretty good though, I was able to see many things become known to the children of men. I had a leadership training meeting on Friday; I went and they were teaching BEAR CLAW....I was kind of confused, I thought I was supposed to learn something, but I did. I learned that there are some people in a past area that are ready to be baptized, and I got to see someone from my first area because they were my ride home. I then also heard from some members from another area as well, that there is already a contact baptism from one of the people that I have been blessed to be associated with. This news would have been even better had the Second Coming come and I could have just been resurrected, but seeing as how that didn't happen I guess I will keep going. This kind of stuff is what I live for. 

Through all of this, the underlying truth is that there are opportunities for all sorts of great things when you are called to do something for the Lord. He qualifies those he calls, and then he provides for them. I need to look beyond what is in the now, and look to the future. I can see that as we head towards the Lord we will always see happiness. Which brings me to some big news: There is a lady in my area that we have been teaching and it just has seemed like she hasn't been going anywhere, so what we did was invite her to a tour of the Church. As we were touring the church we ended in the chapel and it came out that she has been worrying  about the fact that she doesn't feel like she can remain perfect after she is baptized and she was afraid that we would kick her out if she had a cup of coffee after her baptism...When I heard this I was so relieved, because this means that she can progress and I may get to see her baptized! She actually opened up enough for her to feel comfortable to receive a blessing of comfort and strength to overcome her coffee needs. I really think she will be baptized, because she was excited about our next appointment and she can't wait to learn more! We also have a lady who is still getting baptized on the 27th of April and we will be working with her this week to make sure she is ready and then she will be baptized!!! Wonderful things are happening in the great land of Sacramento and I am so happy that I have been able to be a part of it.

That's about it for now, I am going to go back to playing Just Dance and Dance Dance Revolution!!! Enjoy this long blank while I transfer you back to my mother!!!

Love ya,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. Mom I am sending them to you, please answer their questions and complete my typos for me! Love ya!!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Letter from Kelson - Week # 50 - Just when you think you're lost, someone flips the switch!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!! 

It is a wonderful, blustery day here in sunny California. The winds are blowing at around 25-30 NMPH (Nautical Miles per Hour) It makes it really difficult to ride your bike, but you know when you are as great as I am and have thighs with the strength and ability to leap to the moon and back, it doesn't keep you from doing your job, but my companion on the other hand has been suffering. I am currently riding on my 3rd bike (for the first time viewers please see e-mails #...actually I have no idea ask my mother), this bike is a single speed, which means that I have one big gear and one small gear, making this bike a bullet. I leave my companion in the dust sometimes without even knowing it. I have to be careful, because I think they might start pulling me over and writing speeding tickets for me. This bike is called the "Liahona - Outlaw!" It is the fastest bike in the west and has become a legend in the least it will be shortly. I recently had to do a tune up on it. It seems that when you have the fastest bike in the west, that you might want brakes to go with it...I have been lacking brakes for sometime, but I have since replaced and repaired them, see what I mean, I am AWESOME!  After repairing the brakes and giving me some force other than cars, trees, and my shoes to slow down the speed demon of a bike, I have been able to see much success in the great and wonderful area of Sacramento.

This past weekend we were blessed with the great occasion to see/hear the Prophet and Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ speak to us and give us the revelation needed to prepare for these end times. The funny thing is that a lot of this stuff isn't new, but we sometimes forget little details and that is where everything is going to count and hurt the most, through those little details. Anyway I learned something about my future, I will have a house full of daughters and I will have to begin the anti-boy picket line when they exit diapers. This doesn't bode well for me, Take the children and run for your lives...I don't think I am going to make it!!! Tell my family that I died honorably and I will see them once I have hit the ripe old age of ZOMBIE! Now that I have told you about what I thought of conference I want you to know of how other people receive answers to questions too. 

We have an investigator who was found by her own act of walking into church. We invited her on Friday to watch conference and when we talked with her on Friday she wasn't sure she was going to be baptized, she told us that she needed a lot more time to figure things we are talking 6 months. Those words to a missionary are like death, we see someone who has this real close connection with God and they are doubting what they already know. I felt inside though, that this was a good concern for her and that once she watched conference all would be better. Then the time of reckoning came... CONFERENCE!!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN!!!! 

- One Weekend Later-

We went to talk to her yesterday and we talked about what she learned from conference and if she had read the chapter we gave her, She had done both, and then she showed us her notes from conference. WOWIE!!! That was cool, she then accepted our invite to be baptized on the 27th of April, but the real cool thing about this is, that she was going to surprise us, by telling us she wanted to be baptized, but we beat her to the punch line...Ooops! It was awesome it was an answer to a prayer or two or maybe seven. This is the occasion on which my e-mail subject is based. At the beginning of this week and month we did not have anyone who was remotely open to being baptized and we were struggling to play our part in this great work. Since we saw a baptism last transfer, we were worried that we would just fall back down to square one and have to work extra hard to build back up, but the Lord flipped the switch on our investigator's heart and she was no longer lost. She felt the divine love and care of the Master and she has a renewed faith in Jesus Christ. She is working hard to prepare herself for that day of amazingness and we are going to work equally hard to help her. Sometimes we need to take a step into the darkness before we can find the switch to turn on the lights. 

I am learning and growing beyond all comprehension and I hope that when I come home, to see all the people, whom I know and love, change from what they were two years ago into something even better today. As my mother reminded me this past week I have officially made to the halfway point. Now the real challenge and work begins!!! 

In the immortal word of Cuzco: 
Love ya and hope you enjoy!,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. Mom the big exclamation is supposed to be there so don't change it, and please correct my TYPOS!! Thanks love ya bunches, you crazy lady! ;)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Letter From Kelson - Week #49 - Can I get a HOORAH!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!
Why hello and welcome to the next installment of the Price is Right! I am your host Elder Wheeler and I will be just giving away free copies of the Book of Mormon to anyone who reads this e-mail. If you already have one I am sorry, but we do not give out extras...unless you are going to give it to a friend, then by all means take as many as you would like. Now, once you stop scratching your heads about why I said the Price is Right, I will then inform you of said reason....
Done yet? Ok I will tell you anyway, The Price for Salvation is Right...ehhh Did I get ya?!?! I thought it would be appropriate because we just celebrated Easter!!! Wahoo!! We have been officially saved from Eternal Death and Hell, if we accept the Gospel and follow the Commandments of God, for absolutely nothing! Salvation is free because of the sacrifice performed so many years ago. I am so happy to be able to celebrate this, because this is the business in which I am dealing. Elder Wheeler Dealer is dealing in Salvation! And have I got a story for you.
There was this lady who was not looking for the truth at all...or was she??? Dun Dun Dunnnnn. Sorry, anyway she didn't know she was searching, and she continued on with her life and went to work, took care of her kids, watched movies, paid bills, the works. We will name her Sarah (To protect the names of the people I have changed them...somewhat). There was this really outgoing missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and he wanted to baptize the world. This missionary is Elder Seagate, he has only been out on his mission for a little over 7 months and he is super stoked to keep baptizing. Elder Seagate's companion was Elder Slidebelt, these two great missionaries did what they felt would provide the most pleasing outcome for missionary work, and they asked a member family for referrals. This member family told them to go see Sarah, they said she was a great lady and she has a big heart and they just feel like she should be a member of the church. Those two elders went and saw her and she totally denied Hardcore denied... These missionaries were sad, but they didn't give up, they kept working and didn't surrender. Well, Elder Slidebelt went home, for he had finished his mission and Elder Seagate received a brand new companion, Elder Paintshop. On Elder Paintshop's first Sunday, Sarah came to church, because the aforementioned family invited her to come to church. These two excited and outgoing, somewhat, missionaries were going to talk to her at church, but she left before they could get the chance...Not of their fault, just that fact that they can't go anywhere without saying hello and mingling...those dumb social butterflies. These two elders decided to stop by that evening and see what Sarah thought of the lesson. As they talked, Elder Paintshop began to speak through the Spirit and talk to what she needed to hear. After a long night of excitement and many different talks about her life, Sarah said "I want to meet with you guys again."  Thus, the snowball started rolling down the hill of the mountain and Sarah ate up the Gospel, she overcame Satan and as she got close to the end of the Hill, there was a ramp strategically placed. This ramp was meant to throw her off course because that is how Satan works, but the Elders where really good at what they do and they moved a pool of water underneath her landing site and baptized her right on the spot. She has now received the Holy Ghost and will forever be known as an enemy to Satan because she knows who he is and that he is full of Crap. Wahoo!!! Go Elders Go!
Please take a moment of silence for all those who have died in the last 10 minutes as you have read this. Unfortunately, Elder Paintshop was unable to baptize them before they died so they are now in the hands of the missionaries on the other side.
Just so you know Sarah is not her real name, but the missionaries are Elder Hale and some ridiculously good looking, forward, and spunky kid who loves to play DDR.  (Paintshop and Seagate respectively)
We were blessed with being able to see one of the Lord's children enter in by the way and find their way to salvation. I love this work. I could not see myself doing anything else other than having a blast while learning about other people, and helping them better their lives through Jesus Christ!!! I am so pumped for General Conference this Weekend and I expect all who read this to try and watch it. You think I am fun to listen to, try those guys. They are actually inspired...haha
Love ya all and hope to hear of great and wonderful miracles happening in your lives!!?!?!?!

Elder Wheeler