Letter From Kelson - Week #49 - Can I get a HOORAH!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!
Why hello and welcome to the next installment of the Price is Right! I am your host Elder Wheeler and I will be just giving away free copies of the Book of Mormon to anyone who reads this e-mail. If you already have one I am sorry, but we do not give out extras...unless you are going to give it to a friend, then by all means take as many as you would like. Now, once you stop scratching your heads about why I said the Price is Right, I will then inform you of said reason....
Done yet? Ok I will tell you anyway, The Price for Salvation is Right...ehhh Did I get ya?!?! I thought it would be appropriate because we just celebrated Easter!!! Wahoo!! We have been officially saved from Eternal Death and Hell, if we accept the Gospel and follow the Commandments of God, for absolutely nothing! Salvation is free because of the sacrifice performed so many years ago. I am so happy to be able to celebrate this, because this is the business in which I am dealing. Elder Wheeler Dealer is dealing in Salvation! And have I got a story for you.
There was this lady who was not looking for the truth at all...or was she??? Dun Dun Dunnnnn. Sorry, anyway she didn't know she was searching, and she continued on with her life and went to work, took care of her kids, watched movies, paid bills, the works. We will name her Sarah (To protect the names of the people I have changed them...somewhat). There was this really outgoing missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and he wanted to baptize the world. This missionary is Elder Seagate, he has only been out on his mission for a little over 7 months and he is super stoked to keep baptizing. Elder Seagate's companion was Elder Slidebelt, these two great missionaries did what they felt would provide the most pleasing outcome for missionary work, and they asked a member family for referrals. This member family told them to go see Sarah, they said she was a great lady and she has a big heart and they just feel like she should be a member of the church. Those two elders went and saw her and she totally denied them...like Hardcore denied... These missionaries were sad, but they didn't give up, they kept working and didn't surrender. Well, Elder Slidebelt went home, for he had finished his mission and Elder Seagate received a brand new companion, Elder Paintshop. On Elder Paintshop's first Sunday, Sarah came to church, because the aforementioned family invited her to come to church. These two excited and outgoing, somewhat, missionaries were going to talk to her at church, but she left before they could get the chance...Not of their fault, just that fact that they can't go anywhere without saying hello and mingling...those dumb social butterflies. These two elders decided to stop by that evening and see what Sarah thought of the lesson. As they talked, Elder Paintshop began to speak through the Spirit and talk to what she needed to hear. After a long night of excitement and many different talks about her life, Sarah said "I want to meet with you guys again."  Thus, the snowball started rolling down the hill of the mountain and Sarah ate up the Gospel, she overcame Satan and as she got close to the end of the Hill, there was a ramp strategically placed. This ramp was meant to throw her off course because that is how Satan works, but the Elders where really good at what they do and they moved a pool of water underneath her landing site and baptized her right on the spot. She has now received the Holy Ghost and will forever be known as an enemy to Satan because she knows who he is and that he is full of Crap. Wahoo!!! Go Elders Go!
Please take a moment of silence for all those who have died in the last 10 minutes as you have read this. Unfortunately, Elder Paintshop was unable to baptize them before they died so they are now in the hands of the missionaries on the other side.
Just so you know Sarah is not her real name, but the missionaries are Elder Hale and some ridiculously good looking, forward, and spunky kid who loves to play DDR.  (Paintshop and Seagate respectively)
We were blessed with being able to see one of the Lord's children enter in by the way and find their way to salvation. I love this work. I could not see myself doing anything else other than having a blast while learning about other people, and helping them better their lives through Jesus Christ!!! I am so pumped for General Conference this Weekend and I expect all who read this to try and watch it. You think I am fun to listen to, try those guys. They are actually inspired...haha
Love ya all and hope to hear of great and wonderful miracles happening in your lives!!?!?!?!

Elder Wheeler


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