Letter From Kelson - Week #53 - MORMONS RULE!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

Hey everybody and welcome back to California!!! It is beautifully HOT here. It has been around 89-90 degrees all week and I have to ride my bike in this hot weather. It is getting a bit harder to do missionary work because there is this inclination to just stop in on members who are home and soak up as much A/C as possible. That is because our A/C back home in our apartment doesn't work. Thus we are kind of dying, but that also is me whining and complaining about how I should be pampered and how I need something comfortable and happy. Almost like this mission is supposed to be easy and there are baptisms at every corner. Alas, that isn't true, however, there are possibilities for 4 baptisms in May and not only that, but a wedding of a family that we have been working with and a transfer....There are a lot of things going on in May, and I am not ready for it to come. Because this will be my last May in California as a missionary... Uh oh. I can't take this it is just too much.

So, this week we have been able to have some fun though.  We spent the last weekend doing a community project called, MORMON HELPING HANDS. We participated with 1000 others, member, nonmember, and people of the community, in cleaning up the local parks and making them usable again. This was awesome!  We got to go into some ghetto areas and reconstruct walls with brick, weed, replace dirt, create running paths, and make the people who live here feel good about their area. I also got a really cool green shirt that is now added to my collection of green things. It was pretty awesome.

There were a lot of things that happened this week that were great and I wish I had more time, but unfortunately there just isn't any more time and I have to go. I just want everyone to know that God answers prayers and he will also help you overcome things, even though you may feel like they don't need to be overcome, but they are needed for some reason or another. I love this mission and I am glad that I am able to serve my family by serving here in California. This is the only way I would want to serve them for 2 whole years. The fact that I am an uncle is the greatest of answers to prayers right now. Love ya and enjoy this week.
Elder Wheeler
P.s. MOM TYPOS!!! Love ya! 


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