Letter From Kelson - Week # 54 - Leadership - The Art of going down with the Ship...hehe

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

Can you believe it is May already!? It feels like the middle of June here. It is like 90 every day and sunny, with a hint of GGAC (God Given AC) This week is Mother's day and I will have the opportunity to say hello to my newly born niece and she will love it, if she doesn't I will never come home and I will become a hermit who sits upon a mountain yodeling with a large mouth bass while singing "I'm alright, nobody worry about me", but really I wont be alright, I will be deeply emotionally hurt from the outside in, with a core of utter-blackness and hardly any love for the inside world because a little baby who my sister has spawned will not love me via video chat. I am being for-cereal about this, so Steph you better show her some pictures and hope she loves me... ;)

I came up with part of the title for my e-mail while I was serenading my shower head with my body wash puff and thinking about what I could say to my fellow viewers, then the rest of it came to me as I sat under a waterfall becoming one with nature, and sitting next to my Pokemon called a "Chiaotzu". So it has cosmically deep significance causing this e-mail to be Extra-Terestrial...Dun Dun Dunnnn.  Anyway I say this because this have had to go on so many exchanges that I just want to have my brain removed and replaced with a vat of Chocolate pudding. Through all of these trials of switching up and seeing how other missionaries work, I needed to also keep my area afloat and try to keep our investigators progressing towards baptism. Thus I had a lot of trust and confidence in Elder Hale, because without it I might have just fallen on the floor, wrapped myself in the fetal position and sucked on my thumb hoping for death to come upon my tiny little body. All of this stress has caused me to gain 50 pounds and now I can't even ride my bike. I broke the tires and need a new set of rims, plus I think I may be in a car next area, because I passed the California Driver's license exam so I am now a licensed driver in California....Scary, I know!!! I'll send a picture in a couple of weeks, don't judge me for my weight gain, I know the picture may look like I am lying, but I am here to tell you that "I am Lying!" I haven't gained any weight, but I am doing the May Challenge of 100 push ups each day, and my own personal challenge of 50 pull ups each day. I am hoping to be jacked by the time I go to Stockton so I don't get shot because I look like a Bad Apple! 

This week coming up is going to be absolutely nutz, If I could get some extra prayers for my sanity, that would be appreciated, but I think you might want to pray for my companion's sanity, because mine has been gone since I was 2 years old and my siblings would use me as a human battering ram...yet again another lie. I am a really bad person I am so sorry. I should stop this e-mail before I send myself straight to hell, because I am lying too much.  Remember that as we use the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can overcome our short comings like, lying in every sentence or being a bad leader. There is hope for everyone if I am able to preach the gospel. Love ya and hope that you have a magnificent day! Next week will be awesome, because I get to call home...WAHOO!!!

Love ya, and stay safe!
Elder Wheeler

P.s. MOM!!! I'll talk to you in about 6 days, and I'll leave the typos up to you, think of it as your mother's day present... XD Aren't I so nice?


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