Letter From Kelson - Week # 55 - Happy MOMMA's DAY!!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

Did everyone have a good Mother's day? I know I did, but that is besides the point. To all of my many Mother's out there, I would like to wish you a belated Happy Mother's Day! Sorry, but I am only allotted one phone call and I can't remember every one of your phone numbers.

This past week has been packed full of adventure. It is all about this Dashing Swordsman and his quest for more Happiness. This Swordsman Rides on his noble stead, the Iron Bi-son and he carries around his partner in crime, The Jolly Jester. The Dashing Swordsman loves to go into the world and share what brings him the greatest amount of Happiness, but there are some Goblins who do not accept the message of his glorious ability to take them from being a Goblin to being a Dashing Swordsman like himself...or a Jolly Jester (Sometimes the transformation is halted midway and they become the Jolly Jesters, not quite as handsome and good looking, but they aren't goblins.  )

Anywho, our story begins with the Swordsman going forth dragging his Jester friend along and showing him the ropes. They went out into the world and they found themselves among many Goblins. As they talked to them they seemed to only be able to converse with a few of them and even then they were walking away from their happiness. But, then the Swordsman had an Idea, how about he trade out his Jester for another swordsman....It worked!!! The Swordsmen went out and they saw much success, but then he had to get his Jester back, for you cannot pawn the Jester off for too long. However, he wasn't done.  He then decided to go help the other Swordsmen out in his area and put two Jesters together... Not the brightest idea, but alas, it happened.... Well, needless to say, the two Jesters made it through okay and they even helped this long time Goblin, who was riding the fence, decide to hop off the fence and make it to church this upcoming Sunday. Jesters aren't too bad, they just need a little bit of a disguise and they are perfect. This continued for quite sometime and the Swordsman and his Jester were making sure they spread the message. 

One day they came to a very long path and they couldn't see the end of it.  It was hot outside, and the sun was beating down upon their fair skin...except for the Jester who had a goofy hat to protect his face, "Wish you were a Jester now, DON'T CHA?!!!" On this hot sunny day, they found some relief, for it was transformation day for a few Goblins.  They had decided to take the plunge and through their plunge they all became Wickedly Good Looking Swordsman/Swordswoman! It was awesome! While they were there, one of the Goblins that was being taught by the Swordsman, showed up to see a transformation ceremony. Before, During and After, this goblin was very curious about the rituals that come with the transformation and she became so intrigued that she wants her own transformation to happen this next weekend. The Swordsman Jumped for Joy, and the Jester played a tune on his Ukulele. As they celebrated they made it known to the whole Kingdom that the Transformation will be taking place. The Jester is very happy, for he is afraid that he may leave this wonderful area in the next week and he just wanted to see this person become a Dashing Swordswoman!!! It is really happening and she will be the greatest Swordswoman known to this side of the Mississippi...or maybe the Kingdom...hehe   

Our Heroes have been successful and on top of that, there was a talking a chance for the Jester to talk to the Circus from which he came. It was awesome! Don't you just love happy endings!!?? 

Our heroes now continue their quest, however, they may not remain Swordsman very long, they haven't decided on whether to change occupations, like a college student changes majors, or not. We haven't decided if this week the people want medieval or if they want futuristic. Send my mother a message with your vote, or maybe another suggestion and we will see what we can do about acquiring the correct permits for the work in which we will embark. Go for and share the happiness of being a Swordsman!!! ;)

Love ya All!!!,
Elder Wheeler

Note:  I received an additional email that included the following...

I forgot my Typos P.s.....I am slacking today!!! OH NO!!! Please forgive me!?! I promise I will not ever forget about you ever again, I promise that you will receive the P.s Message from now on, just don't kill me...PLEASE!!!
Love ya,



  1. So after reading this I am still wondering if you are the swordsman or the jester...... I vote jester..
    Sister Costello


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