Kelson Homecoming Countdown

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Letter from Kelson #9 - I am still alive and Kicking!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!! CAN I GET AN AMEN!!!!!....(PLEASE PROCEED TO SHOUT OUT LOUD "AMEN", THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING). This past week was super awesome, but also challenging beyond belief. This past week was the last week of the transfer and things were going crazy. We started of the week with a full white board of people to tech and bring the Gospel to, and by Friday we had maybe 2 people left. Everyone just started dropping like flies!!! We were unable to make contact with any of them, we had people tell us that they will not be continuing to learn from us, and we also had people ignore us when we stopped by... A bit of discouragement was really hitting us hard this week. We were struggling all week to try and fill our days with things to do and people to teach. I think we went Tracting (Door knocking) for an hour or two just to see what we could find. But alas we were unsuccessful in making these things come to pass. Sorry if I just made everyone who reads this lose all hope of seeing greatness come forth out of this e-mail, but I haven't even gotten to the greatest part of all... Are you ready for the big Finale??? KATHI WAS BAPTIZED!!!! AND THEN CONFIRMED ON SUNDAY!!! See I told you it was the greatest part. The whole week before (the one of complete and utter disappointment) I was so focused on what was going on I kind of forgot that she was getting baptized, we went and visited her every day beforehand, but I didn't think about why we were visiting. Then on Friday I remembered and my week stopped sucking. She was baptized on Saturday, and might I just say that it was amazing! She looked so happy and ready for this moment. On Sunday she gave me the opportunity to confirm her a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have never before felt the Spirit of the Lord so strongly in my I said "Receive the Holy Ghost..." I felt as if I hadn't had the Holy Ghost with me and I was receiving him into my life again. I then proceeded with the blessing and my anxiety of what to say, my worries about promising things that were not going to be fulfilled, or completely saying something stupid, dropped out of my mind like a bowl of Petunias (for Alaric and Rhys, Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy). My mind just came up with words that made sense and I spake them as they came to me. After all was said and done I closed the prayer. Kathi stood up and shook the hands of the Priesthood holders in the circle (mine included) and I thought all was going to be fine, you return to your seats and continue on with Sacrament meeting, but it didn't happen that way. Kathi threw up her arms and said "Oh well..." and then proceeded to give me a hug. For those who don't know, Missionaries aren't supposed to give hugs to people of the opposite sex...I was a bit astonished and I said "you aren't supposed to do that". She apologized but I didn't mind and the bishop then told everyone in the congregation that it is really hard not to hug a missionary. I don't know why I was chosen to come to Sacramento, California to preach and teach and bring people unto Christ, but I do know one thing... I am here because this is where I am needed. There are people here that only I have the personality, ability, and lack of good jokes that will bring them unto the Fold of God. This makes me quite a bit happy and nervous at the same time, because as I teach and learn more and grow, I am changing. As these changes happen and people just seem to fall through the cracks I feel like I failed in letting my light so shine before men. However through this failure I have learned one thing, that success will happen later. If I started off with absolute success I wouldn't learn a thing, it is the times that we fail that build our character to the successful people we are meant to be. That was my week, this week is transfers, which is why I am writing on Tuesday and not Monday. I will remain here in my area for at least another 3 months, because there is a training program that I am in, and it requires 12 weeks of training, and then I will lead the area with my next companion after Elder Outlaw...not too excited for that... Thank you so much for reading what I have to say, and sharing my experiences with me. I am overjoyed when I get letters from people who say that they have been reading my e-mails and can't wait to hear what happens next. Please continue reading, because without an audience I am just a fool who is rambling on about how much he is thankful for people who read his rambles. I hope that all of your lives are blessed with the necessities required for your standards of living, and I pray that all of us remain in good health as the time goes on. In service to the Most High God, Elder Kelson Wheeler

Monday, June 18, 2012

Letter from Kelson #8 - "Whatever Week you want..."

Good Morning Sunny California!!!!! What a week I have had! It was crazy, stop and go, off the wall and any other words that describe what it could have been like. From the very first day, things were in my face, disappointing and stressful. We had quite a few cancelled appointments, from the same people as in past weeks, and we were just struggling to have times to teach and fulfill our purpose as missionaries. Everyday was left up to chance. We would plan the evening before but then we would have to rearrange those plans because of cancellations, people forgetting that we are coming over, or people just not being home. I guess it really makes me appreciate the weeks that I have had in the past when success was booming. Along with the disappointment of these canceling appointments, I was not on my game at all this week. I am once again trying to overtake my trainer and I need to stop. I have a personality where I just want to get things done in my way, I want to lead the discussions, I want to be in charge of the schedule...this drives my trainer insane. He wanted me to be homesick, and more timid about preaching the gospel, but that is just not who I am. Because of those differences, I have been struggling to keep myself in the junior/greenie companion seat. I have slowly been getting better but it is so hard to sit back and let someone else teach someone that I feel I could teach better...GOSH DANG IT PRIDE!!! I am working on my humility and need to realize that I am new and he is seasoned. He can read people, teach people, and I can confuse people. The last one was apparent in our last lesson yesterday as we were teaching this 9 year old boy named Jaiden, and he just wasn't understanding anything I had to say and I took over the lesson...I suck at this. However if I was a perfect missionary and perfect teacher and perfect person why would I be out here on this excursion of discipleship. All in all, this week has just been kind of a downer...but we ended with a bang that picked it back up and made all the difference. Leon was baptized at 3 pm on Saturday and he was so excited and nervous, but he was super happy. When he was baptized he came up straightway out of the water and this was his reaction... "WOW!!!!" He just made my mission even better because he was just so overwhelmed with joy he couldn't contain his emotions. Then afterward he bore his Testimony which was so strong and defined I felt like he had been a member his whole life. The next day at church when he was confirmed he said that he wanted to go up to the pulpit and preach to the whole congregation; a week earlier he was terrified of public speaking. He is truly converted to the gospel and I know that he will be an active, upright member who just loves everyone. For those who are wondering about how Elder Outlaw and I are coping with each other, and working together; we are doing GREAT. It was hard at first but we are loving the work, finding it hard to love the people because everyone we talk to has so much GHETTO DRAMA that it makes us sick to our stomach. It surprises me how much people tell us because we are missionaries/disciples of Jesus Christ. We show up and people tell us their whole life story; how we can help them, and whether or not they are actually interested in what we have to say. I must say though, I have seen some very strange people, gangsters, to veterans, to young girl poachers (guys who are too old going after jail bait), to people that when we stand next to them I pray that I don't pass out because they smell so bad. These are the people who are home during the day and who are "humbled" for us to teach but it would be much easier if we had member referrals and lessons with those members. My advice to all those who are reading and feel inspired: please refer your friends, family, and work colleagues to the missionaries, because the more people they don't have to go out and find, the less drama and weird people they come across. Oh yeah!!! Feed the missionaries!!! Try to make it somewhat healthy so that they don 't feel like they are so fat that they will squish their bike when they ride away. Make sure they are fed each night, and help them if they are having problems with focus, member lessons, and anything else they may require. As a missionary we don't ask a lot, but what we do ask is critical. (I have been fed very well out here...I need to go on a diet...too much dessert...UGH) I would like to wish all the people who are starting something new, hard and over the best of luck. When in doubt stop, step back, pray, re-attack and succeed...and if that doesn't work find something else to do. Just Kidding, stick with it and never give up!!! I can't give up because I have peoples' eternal salvation on my hands... "there ain't no rest for the wicked" (meaning me...hehe) In the service of our GOD, Elder Kelson Wheeler

Monday, June 11, 2012

Letter from Kelson #7 - "Week...? Lost track and glad for it!!!"

Good Morning Sunny California!!!! I want to start off with praise of my Heavenly Father because through him this whole week has been more successful had I been trying to do this all on my own. THANK YOU!!! HEAVENLY FATHER!!! Last Sunday the mission had a specific fast that they wanted all of us to participate in as we were fasting on the normal fast Sunday. This specific fast was all about fulfilling a promise that the mission received a few months prior to my arriving in the field. It was from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. He said that this mission would experience great miracles in the following months if we as missionaries left childish things behind and went to work, fervently, valiantly and diligently. We had a fast that this Apostolic promise would be manifest in the next few months and continue as we strive to keep our end of the bargain. We also fasted that we would meet the mission wide goal of having 55 baptisms in June, 67 baptisms in July, and 67 baptisms in August. These are mission-wide, so each companionship should have at least one baptism each month. This being said I would like to inform all those that are reading that the Lord answers prayers, He listens when we fast and sacrifice those two meals for greater understanding of Gospel, He also blesses those who are diligently seeking to help others come unto the truth. Our Zone is on fire; we are having like 8 baptisms in the next 2 weeks. A lot of them are all on the same day, so we are just having Saturday afternoon Splash party after Saturday afternoon Splash party. What is even more exciting and wonderful is that 2 of those 8 that are being baptized are 2 of my former investigators, soon to be 2 of my brothers and sisters in the Gospel. Their names are Kathy, and Leon. Leon is getting baptized this Saturday, and he is super excited...So am I, but I don't matter. He was at church yesterday and he was super nervous about having to get up and speak in front of everyone. We started to tease him a bit about how next week after he is baptized he has to give a 20 min talk in Sacrament meeting (main meeting with the whole congregation) and his eyes widened and his heart raced and he was like "REALLY?!!". and we told him "no"... but it was way fun to see his reaction. He is a really awesome guy who loves Jesus Christ and everything we have been teaching him. He has lots of friends in church and I feel like we will have lots of support from the ward in making him feel welcome and loved. Kathy is getting baptized on the 23rd and she has come a long way. She just loves the Gospel, too. She would read all on her own as well as keep the commitments we left for her to keep and read. She just had some stumbling blocks of not wanting to jump into something like being baptized into Christ's True Church without thinking it through all the way. Well God answered her prayer and ours with a very vivid dream that she had, which made it apparent that Satan was trying to keep her out of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, so she told Satan that he could shove it (not literally but could have been literally) and she was like "when can I be baptized." She is also way excited, and she is just like a sponge. She will read, ask questions, and then receive revelation. She has definitely been prepared for us to teach her. I would like to thank all of you who read this and are praying for my success, I am grateful for your support and the love that you show for me and all those in the Sacramento, California Area. The People here are grateful for your prayers too even though they are unaware of your prayers. The Lord knows that you are praying for them and will bless you 10 fold as you are diligent in keeping the commandments of God and making correct choices. For those who are not of my faith I would like to ask you to not be offended by what I say, but take it to heart, search the scriptures and Worship God in your own respects. I know that as you worship God the best way you know how, He will bless your life as well. Our Heavenly Father Loves all his children, not just those who are serving missions, who are Molly Mormons/ Peter Priesthoods, but He loves everyone, Especially the Sinner...which includes all of us because the only Perfect person to ever walk this earth was Jesus Christ himself. Keep praying, enjoy your life and live every day like tomorrow the Savior will come again. In the Best mission in the World!!!, Elder Kelson Wheeler P.s. TYPOS!!!!! Hehe I'll ask everytime!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Letter From Kelson - Week #6

Good Morning Sunny California!!!! It has been a roller coaster of week, and I must say that I will be enjoying this experience even more now that my companion has promised me that I will see great opposition from this point on. I know that may sound like a stupid feeling, but I feel that I thrive when faced with opposition. First off I would like to inform not only my mother, but the rest of the viewers of these e-mails why my mother received a medical bill from an ER in Provo. I was being a faithful missionary one day, I believe it was around 70 degrees outside, not entirely sure what it was, I left my thermometer in my other pants that day. Anyway I went out for my normal Gym time to enjoy the great outdoors, maybe some sports, and physical exercise, because all I did in the MTC was sit in a classroom and study. During my Gym time I did what any sane person would do and I went to play my favourite sport in the whole wide world...SOCCER!!! (They didn't have Dance Dance Revolution :P) On this bright and sunny day I was playing my favourite sport, in my favourite position, which to many is known as the Keeper/Goalie. This is where the real fun happens. I was playing Keeper and the ball was coming towards me, and this Elder from Korea was dribbling his way into the Goal, but seeing as how I am the best Goalie in the world, that wasn't going to happen. Here he comes like a locomotive blazing across the plains of America, and there I was steadfast and immovable as a true disciple of Jesus Christ, and then I took him out...I jumped on that ball like our cat going after a laser light. It was like something you would see in the movies. However, I didn't take into account the part of my face being made of flesh and blood, and when you apply enough direct pressure onto one section of skin, it can only hold on for so long before it tears into shreds. As I jumped on the ball, the Elder tripped over someone else's foot who was coming to help, he flew about 50 feet towards me (kind of exaggerated), and his entire person plastered itself across my face...Think of a slow motion punch out on those cool boxing movies, and then forget it because it was way cooler than that. As my face took the full body weight of this Elder, My upper lip decided it would become more acquainted with my upper teeth and as they began this real quick relationship, my teeth decided they didn't like what the lip had to offer and so he tore their relationship apart. They really didn't like each other, and plus I think the teeth were mad about the sharp pains in my Jaw. All in all I had a laceration in my upper lip that was so intense that it decided to become friends with my muscles and and tear those too. This tear made my lip kind of dangle into my mouth (It was the coolest thing ever, it was kind of having a little dangley thing in the front of my mouth instead of back by my throat). Because the tear was so extensive the MTC sent me to the ER to see a specialist and I received anywhere between 1000 to 10000 stitches...(one again exaggeration, more like 12 -15). Thus the need for a medical bill. I have saved this story for the sanity of my mother as she was out of the country, and also for the fact that it was information that was on a need to know basis, and I felt that you (the reader) didn't need to know yet... ;) Ok that explains my bill, but here is how my week went. Last week I think I talked about how this one investigator Kathie was making life just miserable, well she isn't anymore...we killed her!!! Not really, she had a dream and in this dream crazy things happened. When we came over she asked if we could interpret said dream. We did as was asked, to the best of our ability, and thus she is praying to know if the 15th of June is her baptism date...She has already said she will be baptized, but she just wants to be in control of the date. CAN ANYONE SAY HALLELUJAH!!!! But wait it gets better, we also committed two other souls to baptism, their names are Leon Avery, and Frank Trujillo. This has just been a week of awesome!!!. I love this work, but wait there is more. Yesterday at church we had a lady who we received as a referral from Provo whose information was bad show up to church and then tell us an incredible story about how she was just waiting for us to come over and talk to her!!!! This stuff is insanely crazy, but wonderful at the same time...OMGoodness I think I am going to have the best mission ever and it is only week 6. Thank you to all who sent me letters this week, keep them coming if you so desire. I love you, I love GOD, and I just love the people of California...Even though they think that everything causes cancer. I don't have much to write about experiences, other than these great successes and what not, but I will remember all those who need prayers in my prayers. Go With God and His Infinite Love, Elder Kelson Wheeler P.s. Mom Please correct any typos, and continue to love me, even though I didn't tell you about my lip...hehe :P Love YA!!! P.p.s. I'll send some pictures as soon as I can.