Letter From Kelson - Week #6

Good Morning Sunny California!!!! It has been a roller coaster of week, and I must say that I will be enjoying this experience even more now that my companion has promised me that I will see great opposition from this point on. I know that may sound like a stupid feeling, but I feel that I thrive when faced with opposition. First off I would like to inform not only my mother, but the rest of the viewers of these e-mails why my mother received a medical bill from an ER in Provo. I was being a faithful missionary one day, I believe it was around 70 degrees outside, not entirely sure what it was, I left my thermometer in my other pants that day. Anyway I went out for my normal Gym time to enjoy the great outdoors, maybe some sports, and physical exercise, because all I did in the MTC was sit in a classroom and study. During my Gym time I did what any sane person would do and I went to play my favourite sport in the whole wide world...SOCCER!!! (They didn't have Dance Dance Revolution :P) On this bright and sunny day I was playing my favourite sport, in my favourite position, which to many is known as the Keeper/Goalie. This is where the real fun happens. I was playing Keeper and the ball was coming towards me, and this Elder from Korea was dribbling his way into the Goal, but seeing as how I am the best Goalie in the world, that wasn't going to happen. Here he comes like a locomotive blazing across the plains of America, and there I was steadfast and immovable as a true disciple of Jesus Christ, and then I took him out...I jumped on that ball like our cat going after a laser light. It was like something you would see in the movies. However, I didn't take into account the part of my face being made of flesh and blood, and when you apply enough direct pressure onto one section of skin, it can only hold on for so long before it tears into shreds. As I jumped on the ball, the Elder tripped over someone else's foot who was coming to help, he flew about 50 feet towards me (kind of exaggerated), and his entire person plastered itself across my face...Think of a slow motion punch out on those cool boxing movies, and then forget it because it was way cooler than that. As my face took the full body weight of this Elder, My upper lip decided it would become more acquainted with my upper teeth and as they began this real quick relationship, my teeth decided they didn't like what the lip had to offer and so he tore their relationship apart. They really didn't like each other, and plus I think the teeth were mad about the sharp pains in my Jaw. All in all I had a laceration in my upper lip that was so intense that it decided to become friends with my muscles and and tear those too. This tear made my lip kind of dangle into my mouth (It was the coolest thing ever, it was kind of having a little dangley thing in the front of my mouth instead of back by my throat). Because the tear was so extensive the MTC sent me to the ER to see a specialist and I received anywhere between 1000 to 10000 stitches...(one again exaggeration, more like 12 -15). Thus the need for a medical bill. I have saved this story for the sanity of my mother as she was out of the country, and also for the fact that it was information that was on a need to know basis, and I felt that you (the reader) didn't need to know yet... ;) Ok that explains my bill, but here is how my week went. Last week I think I talked about how this one investigator Kathie was making life just miserable, well she isn't anymore...we killed her!!! Not really, she had a dream and in this dream crazy things happened. When we came over she asked if we could interpret said dream. We did as was asked, to the best of our ability, and thus she is praying to know if the 15th of June is her baptism date...She has already said she will be baptized, but she just wants to be in control of the date. CAN ANYONE SAY HALLELUJAH!!!! But wait it gets better, we also committed two other souls to baptism, their names are Leon Avery, and Frank Trujillo. This has just been a week of awesome!!!. I love this work, but wait there is more. Yesterday at church we had a lady who we received as a referral from Provo whose information was bad show up to church and then tell us an incredible story about how she was just waiting for us to come over and talk to her!!!! This stuff is insanely crazy, but wonderful at the same time...OMGoodness I think I am going to have the best mission ever and it is only week 6. Thank you to all who sent me letters this week, keep them coming if you so desire. I love you, I love GOD, and I just love the people of California...Even though they think that everything causes cancer. I don't have much to write about experiences, other than these great successes and what not, but I will remember all those who need prayers in my prayers. Go With God and His Infinite Love, Elder Kelson Wheeler P.s. Mom Please correct any typos, and continue to love me, even though I didn't tell you about my lip...hehe :P Love YA!!! P.p.s. I'll send some pictures as soon as I can.


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