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Letter From Rhys - Week # 41 – Memorial Day Celebrations!

Feliz Lunes from the tropical land of the Republica Dominicana!
Today, we all know is the wonderful day of cookouts and parties as we remember the sacrifices our families and friends have made for the sake of our freedom and happiness! There are many moments not only in our lives but in the scriptures in which the Lord has helped his people be freed from bondage and tribulation. Actually, on a daily basis, I find myself singing the Battle hymn of the Republic. The last verse really has a powerful impact and is too true about the plan that our Father has for us all.
In the beauty of the Lilies, Christ was born across the sea, with a fire in his bosom that transfigures you and me. While He died to make men holy, let us live to make men free, While God is Marching on!
His truth is marching on and I know it to be true! Every mother, father, son, and daughter that has died for the cause of liberty has felt the love and experienced a part of the life of Jesus Christ as he died so all of us can h…

Letter From Rhys - Week # 40 – More meat, More Shenanigans!!

Feliz Lunes from the tropical Land of the Republica Domincana!
This past week was a lot of fun and full of Shenanigans! On Wednesday we went to Zone Conference and were wiffled [blown away] with inspiration! However, on our way home we got stuck on the metrobus that takes us in and out of the Capital to our area of Las Americas! It was our normal 4 missionaries Elder Esserine, Elder Martinez, Elder Rich and myself! Also with us were the Zone leaders, Elder Magleby and Elder Lopez, and The Hermanas!
Hermana Black and Hermana Haz! If in the future you happen to meet anyone on this list, this is a fun story to ask about. We got on the bus that has a maximum legal capacity of 87 people. When we got on and as we continued our travel to our area, the bus I’m almost certain reached a capacity of 115 people!!!!!! We were tight like unto a dish, packed like a can of sardines!
Hermana Black almost fell on me too at one point because the OMSA [transit authority] has a habit of making standar…

Letter From Rhys - Week # 39 – Mother’s Day Celebrations!

Feliz lunes y dia de madres [Happy Monday and Mother’s Day] to all those moms out there supporting their sons and daughters throughout the world!
This is Elder Wheeler, reporting from the tropical land of the Republica Dominicana!
This past week has been full of fun and adventure! We had our interviews with President Smith on Tuesday, and the Zone Leaders announced that the district meetings will know be changing from Thursday to Tuesday! This was done so that way we can apply more throughout the week what we are learning in the District meetings. There’s much flow of inspiration in these meetings so immediate and constant application is necessary.
We also had much success (though I was super stressed) with preparing one of our investigators, Eliel, for his baptism this past weekend!We did it and I think I lost a little bit of hair but it was all unnecessary. The stress that is.
Why you may ask? Because, we had to push it back a week anyway due to the fact that his grandma left fo…

Letter From Rhys - Week # 38 – The Chosen!

Feliz Lunes from the tropical land of the Republica Dominicana!
This Past week we’ve had a blast and quite the bit of rain! Apparently, the rainy season has started up and we have rain every single day with overcast constantly. It’s really nice, but doesn’t bring down the heat much! Nevertheless, this past Monday, like I had stated before, we camped up on the roof of our apartment! It was super fun, and we woke up the next morning soggy from the dew! It was nice and fresh, maybe a solid 50 some degrees.
Elder Esserine’s Dominican companion was freezing and freaking out so hard! It was quite the sight! We also forgot to take the mattresses back down on Tuesday so we did it again Tuesday night. The skies were clear with no clouds in sight! About a half hour after we fell asleep, I woke back up because I felt some water hit my face! It started to downpour in 5 seconds after I woke up and we freaked out a little bit(a lot)!
We had to quickly carry our mattresses under a shelter and ev…