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Letter from Kelson - Week # 57 - I was PARTIALLY KIDDING!!! O_o Oops!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

I LIVE!!! Now, tell me who the Lord wants me to go baptize this week! ( Modified Movie Quote, if you guess you will be awesome)
I am now serving my time here in the great place of Stockton, CA, which is always given a bad rap for its gang violence and its drugs and its all around danger to people who walk around all day just trying to talk to people about Jesus. Now i want to make everything perfectly clear...this is all true, however, I have been placed in a part where there is a very nice group of people; very little crime, except for the occasional stolen car; and the people are usually pretty open. I live pretty close to the northern border of Stockton, so there isn't the inner city gang junk going on, plus, there are all sorts of neighborhood watch programs everywhere, so they keep us pretty well maintained and alive. If you were worrying about my safety, stop it, but if you were worried about my sanity, please continue...I figure the mor…

Kelson videos and pics.

Kelson sent us some new pictures and videos, so here they are.  Enjoy!

If you've ever wondered why he gets hurt so much, the following videos might clue you in... LOL

Letter From Kelson - Week # 56 - A Party to MURDER!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

Life is good and I can't complain! I find so many things to occupy my time, like bicycling (exercise), people skill practice (contacting), Saturdayafternoon Splash parties (baptisms), and other fun Missionary stuff. I think I have the high life and I am one of the 68,000 that realize it. Now I know what you're thinking, what is up with the subject of this e-mail, but alas, I must tell you that it is inspired by a play that I saw before I left. This play was about this group of people that would go away to this remote location and play this mystery game...and as they were playing it, the game turned into real-life...Dun Dun Dunnnnn. Yes, it sounds like a spin off of clue, but clue actually had people die. In this one, it was a trap to get the real killer, who killed a member of this group 20 years beforehand, to be caught in their lie and fess up so they could be taken into custody. Well, in the end, what ends up happening is they get the r…

Letter From Kelson - Week # 55 - Happy MOMMA's DAY!!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

Did everyone have a good Mother's day? I know I did, but that is besides the point. To all of my many Mother's out there, I would like to wish you a belated Happy Mother's Day! Sorry, but I am only allotted one phone call and I can't remember every one of your phone numbers.
This past week has been packed full of adventure. It is all about this Dashing Swordsman and his quest for more Happiness. This Swordsman Rides on his noble stead, the Iron Bi-son and he carries around his partner in crime, The Jolly Jester. The Dashing Swordsman loves to go into the world and share what brings him the greatest amount of Happiness, but there are some Goblins who do not accept the message of his glorious ability to take them from being a Goblin to being a Dashing Swordsman like himself...or a Jolly Jester (Sometimes the transformation is halted midway and they become the Jolly Jesters, not quite as handsome and good looking, but they aren't…

Letter From Kelson - Week # 54 - Leadership - The Art of going down with the Ship...hehe

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

Can you believe it is May already!? It feels like the middle of June here. It is like 90 every day and sunny, with a hint of GGAC (God Given AC) This week is Mother's day and I will have the opportunity to say hello to my newly born niece and she will love it, if she doesn't I will never come home and I will become a hermit who sits upon a mountain yodeling with a large mouth bass while singing "I'm alright, nobody worry about me", but really I wont be alright, I will be deeply emotionally hurt from the outside in, with a core of utter-blackness and hardly any love for the inside world because a little baby who my sister has spawned will not love me via video chat. I am being for-cereal about this, so Steph you better show her some pictures and hope she loves me... ;)
I came up with part of the title for my e-mail while I was serenading my shower head with my body wash puff and thinking about what I could say to my fellow vie…