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Monday, May 27, 2013

Letter from Kelson - Week # 57 - I was PARTIALLY KIDDING!!! O_o Oops!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

I LIVE!!! Now, tell me who the Lord wants me to go baptize this week! ( Modified Movie Quote, if you guess you will be awesome)

I am now serving my time here in the great place of Stockton, CA, which is always given a bad rap for its gang violence and its drugs and its all around danger to people who walk around all day just trying to talk to people about Jesus. Now i want to make everything perfectly clear...this is all true, however, I have been placed in a part where there is a very nice group of people; very little crime, except for the occasional stolen car; and the people are usually pretty open. I live pretty close to the northern border of Stockton, so there isn't the inner city gang junk going on, plus, there are all sorts of neighborhood watch programs everywhere, so they keep us pretty well maintained and alive. If you were worrying about my safety, stop it, but if you were worried about my sanity, please continue...I figure the more the better. 

I have also told a bit of a white lie, but it was unintentional. I was told last Monday that my companion was going to be Elder Rivas, and I was super excited...but then i received a phone call from the mission president Tuesday evening, after i wrote home, that he needed me to train another missionary. 

"May we have a moment of silence for my poor companion"
(Please wait about 10 seconds before proceeding, if you go before the 10 seconds you are just cruel and insensitive, if you go too long, what is wrong with you?!?!?! I am not that bad!)

My area is one that is pretty nice, however, I feel i must tell you of the events that have occurred this week. 

We come in to our new place on Wednesday, we have no Area Book (very important, it is like the area's bible), we have no phone, we have no map (also very important), we have no ward directory (yet another important thing) and we have some bike trouble...Oh did I mention we had no phone (that is like the most important thing, it is like the Book of Mormon for the area!).  Now for me, I know what I need, I know how we should proceed from this point and what is going to happen, my companion on the other hand, has no idea...He just came from the MTC and he is just now experiencing missionary work first hand. It was a bit crazy.  It gets better, so don't worry your little head. We just go out and hit the ground running like the missionaries of old. We knock doors, we talk to all sorts of "interesting" people, we find some members, we even found ourselves a couple of investigators. YAY!!! When we came in for the night on Wednesday, we actually had quite the successful day if you ask me, considering our situation. Then as the week went on, we got a ward directory, we got some teaching records of some former investigators and we finally got a phone Friday night. Today, we have almost everything we need and it has only taken a couple of days to make it happen, but that just goes to show you that if you just go out and work, things will get better. The members here are super awesome, they love missionaries and they also now have 2 sets of missionaries serving in the same ward, thus why we didn't have anything. Now they get to feed 4 missionaries instead of 2, but it seems they have that covered. Elder Badger and I (That is his name, he is from Mapleton, Utah - right outside of Provo) have been provided for and we will never starve. I have found a catchy phrase that the kids should start using now a is  "a Closed Mouth doesn't get Fed" and for those who really know my personality and my quirks I really never shut up, maybe for the occasional sacrament meeting, but then I go right at it, talking up a storm. I am a pretty big windbag! and PROUD OF IT!!! Now I must go repent for my pride. 

The Work is awesome, I plan on being better with pictures home, but if I send them all home, then what will I talk about when I get home?  I have to look for job security here, the market isn't the best.  I love you and hope that all continues to go well. "Peace I leave with you and Peace I give unto you" - Jesus Christ

Love ya,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. MOM!!!! I know you are so happy that I didn't forget this time, but please check over my work and capitalize my "i's"...Thanks a bunch and any other TYPOS!!!! love ya

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kelson videos and pics.

Kelson sent us some new pictures and videos, so here they are.  Enjoy!


Kelson with his new ride.  Is this mission issue?

There's a reason why he has to wear a brain bucket.  This is especially true considering his track record with bikes.

If you've ever wondered why he gets hurt so much, the following videos might clue you in... LOL



With a diet like this, it's a good thing he rides his bike so much.

So True!
Is this the road to Damascas?

Workin' Hard?  More Like Hardly Working
Some people just don't want to talk to Kelson.  :-(

Letter From Kelson - Week # 56 - A Party to MURDER!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

Life is good and I can't complain! I find so many things to occupy my time, like bicycling (exercise), people skill practice (contacting), Saturday afternoon Splash parties (baptisms), and other fun Missionary stuff. I think I have the high life and I am one of the 68,000 that realize it. Now I know what you're thinking, what is up with the subject of this e-mail, but alas, I must tell you that it is inspired by a play that I saw before I left. This play was about this group of people that would go away to this remote location and play this mystery game...and as they were playing it, the game turned into real-life...Dun Dun Dunnnnn. Yes, it sounds like a spin off of clue, but clue actually had people die. In this one, it was a trap to get the real killer, who killed a member of this group 20 years beforehand, to be caught in their lie and fess up so they could be taken into custody. Well, in the end, what ends up happening is they get the real murderer and no one ends up dead...except for the real murderer...thus a happy ending and All is well. (Thank you Brookville High School for doing a magnificent Job) I tell you this, that you may learn wisdom, so that you may learn that when Elder Wheeler is in the service of his fellow being, he is only catching murderers...with that being said, I am being Transferred to the Land of Stockton, North Stockton to be exact and this place has a lot of bad rap for being a very bad place....thus the murder story.  However, the people of Stockton don't know that it is really a trap, you see I am going there to make them feel like they are playing a game, but then allowing the game to change their life via the Atonement and then I will end the game/play with a big grand finale of a BAPTISM!!! It is almost just like the play, but it isn't. I was just feeling kind of "MYSTERIOUS" just now and I thought this would add some "MYSTERY" to my letter.  Stockton is known a little bit for many deaths accruing in one year, but remember as long as I am doing what is right, the gangs will protect us. WE ARE JESUS BOYS!!! We just can't try to convert them and they will protect us. And I have been told that I have a pretty killer...(oops PUN!!!) Ward.

Now don't take this as me talking bad about the area in which I am serving.  On the contrary, I am super stoked!!! I am going down to be a District Leader again and I have Elder Rivas to be my companion. He is from New Jersey, so he will protect me. I will be riding my little bicycle while I am there. My bike has undergone an overhaul and is now a single speed with disc brakes, no back brakes and a pretty sweet ability to out run anything. I am pumped, plus it is going to keep me in shape. I am a little sad to be leaving this area that I have been in for 6 months, but I am ready to leave. I have this stirring within me that is telling me that there is somewhere else I need to be right now, because someone is calling me to Stockton. I am totally Pumped! It is going to be super fun and I can't wait to meet my new district. I hope they are as excited as I am, because if they aren't...they will be!!! MWAHHHHHHH 

I am glad to be serving a mission and I know that all of you who have been a blessing to my life as a missionary are being blessed because you have helped to support me in a one way that I couldn't have ever hoped for, you are helping to shape my Character. I know I was already a character, but with your help and faith I am becoming someone who I can see myself enjoying the rest of my life with. So, thanks a lot for all the people who have impacted my life in one form or fashion. I will talk about you until I am blue in the face.  Because my face only gets red, not will be a long time, I am very long winded. I love all of you and I want you to continue to put your trust in God, because he will tell you all things what ye should do/know to enjoy happiness in this life and the one to come. He does this through the Holy Ghost, if you don't know who he is, find out, if you know him, use him, and if you have forgotten, go back to where you were when you last had him and move forward


I sent the e-mail instead of inserting the smiley faces!!! I love you all and will talk to you later.

Love ya,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. MOM!!!! Please connect the e-mails together...gosh I am sucking when it comes to this e-mail thing...OH and TYPOS!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Letter From Kelson - Week # 55 - Happy MOMMA's DAY!!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

Did everyone have a good Mother's day? I know I did, but that is besides the point. To all of my many Mother's out there, I would like to wish you a belated Happy Mother's Day! Sorry, but I am only allotted one phone call and I can't remember every one of your phone numbers.

This past week has been packed full of adventure. It is all about this Dashing Swordsman and his quest for more Happiness. This Swordsman Rides on his noble stead, the Iron Bi-son and he carries around his partner in crime, The Jolly Jester. The Dashing Swordsman loves to go into the world and share what brings him the greatest amount of Happiness, but there are some Goblins who do not accept the message of his glorious ability to take them from being a Goblin to being a Dashing Swordsman like himself...or a Jolly Jester (Sometimes the transformation is halted midway and they become the Jolly Jesters, not quite as handsome and good looking, but they aren't goblins.  )

Anywho, our story begins with the Swordsman going forth dragging his Jester friend along and showing him the ropes. They went out into the world and they found themselves among many Goblins. As they talked to them they seemed to only be able to converse with a few of them and even then they were walking away from their happiness. But, then the Swordsman had an Idea, how about he trade out his Jester for another swordsman....It worked!!! The Swordsmen went out and they saw much success, but then he had to get his Jester back, for you cannot pawn the Jester off for too long. However, he wasn't done.  He then decided to go help the other Swordsmen out in his area and put two Jesters together... Not the brightest idea, but alas, it happened.... Well, needless to say, the two Jesters made it through okay and they even helped this long time Goblin, who was riding the fence, decide to hop off the fence and make it to church this upcoming Sunday. Jesters aren't too bad, they just need a little bit of a disguise and they are perfect. This continued for quite sometime and the Swordsman and his Jester were making sure they spread the message. 

One day they came to a very long path and they couldn't see the end of it.  It was hot outside, and the sun was beating down upon their fair skin...except for the Jester who had a goofy hat to protect his face, "Wish you were a Jester now, DON'T CHA?!!!" On this hot sunny day, they found some relief, for it was transformation day for a few Goblins.  They had decided to take the plunge and through their plunge they all became Wickedly Good Looking Swordsman/Swordswoman! It was awesome! While they were there, one of the Goblins that was being taught by the Swordsman, showed up to see a transformation ceremony. Before, During and After, this goblin was very curious about the rituals that come with the transformation and she became so intrigued that she wants her own transformation to happen this next weekend. The Swordsman Jumped for Joy, and the Jester played a tune on his Ukulele. As they celebrated they made it known to the whole Kingdom that the Transformation will be taking place. The Jester is very happy, for he is afraid that he may leave this wonderful area in the next week and he just wanted to see this person become a Dashing Swordswoman!!! It is really happening and she will be the greatest Swordswoman known to this side of the Mississippi...or maybe the Kingdom...hehe   

Our Heroes have been successful and on top of that, there was a talking a chance for the Jester to talk to the Circus from which he came. It was awesome! Don't you just love happy endings!!?? 

Our heroes now continue their quest, however, they may not remain Swordsman very long, they haven't decided on whether to change occupations, like a college student changes majors, or not. We haven't decided if this week the people want medieval or if they want futuristic. Send my mother a message with your vote, or maybe another suggestion and we will see what we can do about acquiring the correct permits for the work in which we will embark. Go for and share the happiness of being a Swordsman!!! ;)

Love ya All!!!,
Elder Wheeler

Note:  I received an additional email that included the following...

I forgot my Typos P.s.....I am slacking today!!! OH NO!!! Please forgive me!?! I promise I will not ever forget about you ever again, I promise that you will receive the P.s Message from now on, just don't kill me...PLEASE!!!
Love ya,


Monday, May 6, 2013

Letter From Kelson - Week # 54 - Leadership - The Art of going down with the Ship...hehe

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

Can you believe it is May already!? It feels like the middle of June here. It is like 90 every day and sunny, with a hint of GGAC (God Given AC) This week is Mother's day and I will have the opportunity to say hello to my newly born niece and she will love it, if she doesn't I will never come home and I will become a hermit who sits upon a mountain yodeling with a large mouth bass while singing "I'm alright, nobody worry about me", but really I wont be alright, I will be deeply emotionally hurt from the outside in, with a core of utter-blackness and hardly any love for the inside world because a little baby who my sister has spawned will not love me via video chat. I am being for-cereal about this, so Steph you better show her some pictures and hope she loves me... ;)

I came up with part of the title for my e-mail while I was serenading my shower head with my body wash puff and thinking about what I could say to my fellow viewers, then the rest of it came to me as I sat under a waterfall becoming one with nature, and sitting next to my Pokemon called a "Chiaotzu". So it has cosmically deep significance causing this e-mail to be Extra-Terestrial...Dun Dun Dunnnn.  Anyway I say this because this have had to go on so many exchanges that I just want to have my brain removed and replaced with a vat of Chocolate pudding. Through all of these trials of switching up and seeing how other missionaries work, I needed to also keep my area afloat and try to keep our investigators progressing towards baptism. Thus I had a lot of trust and confidence in Elder Hale, because without it I might have just fallen on the floor, wrapped myself in the fetal position and sucked on my thumb hoping for death to come upon my tiny little body. All of this stress has caused me to gain 50 pounds and now I can't even ride my bike. I broke the tires and need a new set of rims, plus I think I may be in a car next area, because I passed the California Driver's license exam so I am now a licensed driver in California....Scary, I know!!! I'll send a picture in a couple of weeks, don't judge me for my weight gain, I know the picture may look like I am lying, but I am here to tell you that "I am Lying!" I haven't gained any weight, but I am doing the May Challenge of 100 push ups each day, and my own personal challenge of 50 pull ups each day. I am hoping to be jacked by the time I go to Stockton so I don't get shot because I look like a Bad Apple! 

This week coming up is going to be absolutely nutz, If I could get some extra prayers for my sanity, that would be appreciated, but I think you might want to pray for my companion's sanity, because mine has been gone since I was 2 years old and my siblings would use me as a human battering ram...yet again another lie. I am a really bad person I am so sorry. I should stop this e-mail before I send myself straight to hell, because I am lying too much.  Remember that as we use the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can overcome our short comings like, lying in every sentence or being a bad leader. There is hope for everyone if I am able to preach the gospel. Love ya and hope that you have a magnificent day! Next week will be awesome, because I get to call home...WAHOO!!!

Love ya, and stay safe!
Elder Wheeler

P.s. MOM!!! I'll talk to you in about 6 days, and I'll leave the typos up to you, think of it as your mother's day present... XD Aren't I so nice?