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Monday, September 24, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week # 22 - Did you get to see me???!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

I love this world!!! I love my new area...and it is not just because everyone in the Wards are totally loaded either. They are all super nice, and I have met all the super legit families already...I think??? Anyway, I am now in an apartment complex that has a huge apartment for 2 people, a swimming pool and its own weight room . We go every day during lunch and work off the huge meals people feed us out here.  There is a lot to do up here in El Dorado Hills, California, we drive around knocking on empty doors, maybe see some of the more wealthy people because they either work from home or they are retired (at 35...hehe) and we sometimes just have to follow the scriptures 1 Nephi 4:6 ( Other than that we are doing amazing up in here.

My companion is Elder Leavitt, and he is super chill. We don't stress out about anything, and I feel kind of relieved that this is the way it is. I have been stressing so much down in East Sac and now I get a time to relax and enjoy the mission. We get along great...I think??? I haven't had any problems with him and I think that since we have been giving each other sweet delicious pastry nicknames when we wake up and the fact that we comment on how jacked (Huge muscles) the other one is that we are having a good relationship. I know one thing for sure, he is showing me how to have fun with the missionary work, low stress, how to talk to people to gain their trust and how to make the number of people we are going to baptize increase like crazy. He just came up from a Zone where they broke the Zone's High Water Mark, ie. The highest number of baptisms in one month. President sends Elder Leavitt where baptisms are needed, and they are desperately needed here. 

I was shotgunned into this area, which means they pulled the bucketing Sisters out and moved in the everyday working Elders...Just Kidding, but the sisters who were here didn't do anything from what I have heard from the Ward and looking at their past numbers, plus the members that they used to go and hang out with have just given us money for dinner instead of feeding us...hum sounds fishy...haha 

I was told that I was shotgunned into this area because it is a huge member oriented area and I am Elder Kelson Wheeler the Social works, and Elder Leavitt is here because he baptizes and he began his mission in this area so he knows what is going down in this area and the people. We found out too that some of the wards we cover haven't changed since Elder Leavitt served here before, so we are going to change that and have had much success. We taught like 11 lessons and have a couple of referrals and some returns. Things are looking up and I think we can do what President has sent us here to do, bring in the Spirit and Baptize!!! I hope I can live up to the expectations placed before me.

Some of the super cool families have taken pictures and given us anything we may ask of them...One of them is the Colley's...This is the family whose son plays for the Indianapolis Colts, Austin Colley...Don't freak out you Colts fans, I will most likely meet him, but I think he is just a normal guy with huge talent...but a lot of money. We also have the Garrett family who started off my transfer with Chili's and a picture sent to my mother to show that I am alive. Mom you can text sister Garrett back and bug her. She would love to talk to you, and plus you'd get along, she just sent a missionary out and has one coming home. There is Pery and Valorie Pearson they are super awesome. Elder Leavitt actually baptized both of them and their daughter is turning 8 next month. Mom check your spam folder for a e-mail from Pery he sent you a video...hehe There are many other families and they are all super legit, no joke they love missionaries and most are willing to share the gospel with their friends. Oh just one more family, the Bishop in the Lakeridge ward has a very familiar last starts with W-H-E and ends with E-L-E-R...And his wife has adopted me, so if anyone who may be my biological mother doesn't mind, I may stay here... Jk. 

I can't wait to tell all of you about the miracles that are going to happen here in the Folsom Zone, and I Wish to ask for a continuance of the Prayers...they seem to be working.

Loving the Mission more than DDR...No Joke!!!

Elder Wheeler

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #21 - Off and Away!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

I know this is the e-mail that you have all been waiting for, and I know exactly what you want from me...but I am not going to give it to you...hehe This is because I want to surprise you in the end. 

Anywho, this past week was super fun!!! It was the last week of the transfer before we found out who was staying and who was going, and Elder Forsgren and I have been hitting a bit of a rocky ending. It seems that we really are as good friends as we may have thought we were. There were many times during this week that we just didn't talk to each other. This kind of reminds me of the stories that Stephanie shared from her mission about Sister Fortina. They taught well together, but there was just some bad feelings between them. 

Now don't start hating my companion because we don't agree, it just is our difference of personality and difference of thought processes. I am a very plan oriented an extent and He is not so much. I like to pray when we plan, and he just does it. When we need help I have no problem calling the necessary people and taking the path of least resistance where as he doesn't want to call anybody and make everything rely on us as missionaries. So you see that we both have different "Ways of Missionary". I prefer mine and he prefers his and finally I just let him take over and we didn't have smooth flowing days...they were a bit rocky and sometimes I wasn't sure if we were going to have people even want to talk to us.  It even rubbed off into church and we had some disappointed members in our lack of planning.  Humph...I hate when people are disappointed in me, or in us....GRRrrr  

However, through all of this we still managed to have a really successful week. So successful, in fact, that when we received transfer calls this past Monday night, the Assistants to the President were asking us how we are taking this area that wasn't really producing fruit to being full of great succulent extraordinary apples...(if you don't like apples put in whatever fruit you like).  I still don't really know what we did to be given such great bounties from the Almighty, but alas, he has blessed us with a great abundance and helped us help others accept the call to receive salvation unto their souls. Actually, I may know what might have helped???!!! and that would be your prayers. Thank you Very Much to all who are praying for our success!!!

I have a super funny experience that I would like to share with you before I close the Letter and tell you the answer to the one million dollar question..."Am I getting Transferred, or am I staying?"

I know I have mentioned a couple of times about a nice lady named Felicia, well she is absolutely the Best Black Lady ever!!! She is so funny, and so willing to accept the Gospel, and she even considers me one of her boys...Hehe  Anyway the Zone Leaders had a Baptism this past week, and it was awesome. Our whole Zone (Missionaries that serve in the same general area) was there because we all had investigators come and watch this other gentleman receive Christ unto himself through Baptism.  And this baptism was even more special because the person being Dunked requested that our Mission President perform the Ordinance, so He and his wife were both there...ha..ha..h..a...(Oh Crap, Oh Crap, Oh Crap) Just Kidding!!! I was awesome; well onto my story. Felicia was there and she was raised Baptist, and we all know how Baptists praise the Lord... "Hallelujah!!! Praise Jesus!!!  Hallelujah!!! Oh Thank you Lord!!! Can I Clap yet?"  This was what she was saying the entire time...BWAHHHHH. For those who are unaware, in our church we praise our Lord and Saviour quietly, so this was a bit of a crazy day for all of us. While we were there I felt as if I should have stood up, started to sway and sing "John the Revelator...he wrote the book of the Seven Seas!!" Not to dis the Baptists (I  Baptists), it is just different from what I am used to and so I found it hilarious.  I love this woman, and her spirit. She has made this mission so memorable and it is only 20% over...I still have 80% left to go!!! WHOO WHOO!!! 

Okay, Okay I'll answer the two million dollar has accumulated interest because of my long winded writing....
Elder Wheeler is....Drum Roll Please...Come on, do the drum roll for the effect....Please  Thank you...
Being Transferred to the Folsom Stake in El Dorado Hills California. I will be serving in the Lakeridge, Oakridge, and Silva Valley Wards with my Companion Elder Leavitt. We are being shotgunned in, meaning that we will both be new to the area and have to start from page one, and Elder Leavitt is entering his last transfer so he will be going home after dealing with me. Exciting huh?!?!?! 
Also, I will be in a Car because it is in the hills so bikes are not the most logical choice of transport.

I know you never would have guessed I was leaving my first area, but I am...and it is sad, but must be. I have been told that this area is awesome and so is Elder Leavitt. 
I love you all and thank you for all reading my long winded e-mails that cause bed sores because you have been sitting in your chair for ages reading them. It really warms my heart to know people are reading my banter.

Keep Praying,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. Mom Typos Please 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #20 - I am a Little Child!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

It is wonderful to be here with you this day. I just hope you enjoy what I have to write as much as I enjoyed living what I am going to write. 
Without further adieu here I go... 

This week started off with the same thing that every other week starts off with...P-Day!!! And then it all went into Helter Skelter from there. On P-Day I found out that my brother had damaged my car pretty bad, and so I was really traumatized from looking at the damages that were sent me in still frame paintings via electronic mail. I cried a little bit inside, but I want to let him know that forgiveness comes easy, but that dent isn't cheap, DON'T LOSE YOUR JOB!!!  I have no need to worry about my car, because I am seeking the Kingdom of God first, thus a missionary. Then on Tuesday we continued through the daily routine of...Teach, Pray, teach, pray, teach pray...etc. and this continued throughout the whole week...Exciting Right??? On Thursday however, we received some very challenging news...the Mission President wants us to celestialize our music...or in layman's terms, go from listening to Christian Rock, or Christian anything to only things like Mormon Tabernacle Choir...WE WERE DEVASTATED!!! I had accumulated a ton of cool Gospel music that played right into my everyday likes, and now I can not listen to it....I laughed, I cried , I may have thrown a temper tantrum, I might have even flailed like a windmill, but Alas I was prompted and told to obey.  I only recently got my iPod and now almost all of the music I have has now become a no go during the mission... Even though this has broken my heart and possibly my iPod I feel better now that I am following the direction of the Lord. We have been blessed this week already with 4 new Investigators, 2 of which could be baptized in 3 weeks, and another who is just right up there in need of Divine guidance in his life. It seems that obedience pays off. I guess I can go without my "If you could Hie to Kolob" remix and some of my rock and roll hymns.  

I am a child...that is the subject and I want to tell you why. The comments earlier about the music state it in one way, and I want to tell you of another. We had a miracle that we called in to the Zone to help build morale and show the Lord's hand in our work. then 2 days later that miracle let us down and I felt like I sucked something fierce and because I felt that way, I also felt that if the Zone wasn't seeing success it was my fault.  Thus I am a Child...Selfish, quick to blame myself, and can't even take a little let down. I am working hard at remaining humble, but it is so hard for someone as awesome as me...(Pun intended) I am slowly learning that I am not "all that and a bag of chips", and that the bigger the pride the harder it hurts when it falls.  This work is pulling me in so many directions I feel almost to the breaking point, but the Lord seems to release the tension when it gets to breaking point and then stretches me another way until the breaking point and then releases, making me more flexible and helping me grow up so much faster than I could have ever imagined in 2 years sitting at home.  I don't feel like I have changed, but I feel more accepting of people and their shortcomings. I have a long way to go, and a lot of trials in my way, but what the Heck!  I am out here; I might as well grow up as much as possible, because when I get home the World is going to be a lot worse...Dun Dun Dunnnn!!!

I know that the Lord is watching over me, and I thank all of you for the Prayers that you offer in behalf of missionaries world wide. Please continue to pray for us and the people we teach because when prayer is involved, the work moves quicker, better, and more efficient than if there were no prayers. You, my Loyal viewers are touching the lives of millions through everyday prayer. Thank You!!!

Elder Wheeler

P.s. Mom Typos!!!! L.O.L (Lots of Love)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Letter from Kelson - Week #19 - Ahhhhhh!!!!! Just Kidding

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

It is a beautiful day in the lovely land of California. The sun is shining, the trees are blowing in the wind, the people are just lining up to be baptized, and it all happens to be a manageable temperature of around 90 degrees. 

This past week has been super FUN!!! Elder Forsgren and I have been getting along like 2 peas in a pod, except for a little quirk of mine that I need a lot of work on. I have this inability to accept other peoples' service and charity.  I can give it all day long, but then when people offer things to me, or try to serve me I just shoot them down and it makes them feel bad...I don't do it on purpose but it just happens. I am working on that and by small and simple means am I learning to become a service receiver, not a provider...hehe 

Anyway, like I said, this week had been super fun. We have been going crazy with people who want the gospel. This week we taught 19 lessons, which if you think about it isn't really a lot, but then you think in terms of where my first couple of transfers we were happy with 12 lessons and half of them were Less-Active Recent Convert lessons.  This past week only 5 were RCLA's and the rest were lessons with a member present or other. We really hit it hard this week, and we worked hard to put forth the effort so we could receive the blessing of having the Spirit guide our lessons. SO the good news that is coming from this week, we have 3 possible Baptisms in the month of September, we have dates set and people committed, all we need to do is keep teaching them, help them overcome their hurdles and lead them straight to the font in the Stake Center.  Now, the even cooler thing about these people, is they are all part of a Ward that hasn't seen a baptism in 2 years, and before that it was 2 years prior. We are super excited and grateful for the blessing that the Lord has felt us worthy to receive as we teach His children.  We and our Zone (Big area of Missionaries combined to work together) are praying everyday for the success of these lessons, because not only does it look good to our Mission President, but these people who have been prepared and shown the way to their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, are accepting the Ordinance that will not only change their life forever, but provide a happiness that can only come through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love this Work!!! It is fun, exciting, full of struggles and tribulation, has up times, down times, some in between times, laughter, sadness and it has times that make this little old Elder who thought he had the world revolving around him grow into something that he could never have imagined.  I find myself growing in love and tolerance for the people here. Before it was kind of hard, because I saw the lives people would be living and I would think to myself "WHY?? and HOW???" but now that I have been here for almost 5 months I realize that these people were not as well blessed as I was to have a family that loves me, and to have no need to worry about where my next meal was coming from. I grew up in a sheltered place, no matter how I look at it, but that still doesn't change the Love our Father has for these people, thus I am here spreading His word Among those who will listen.

Everyday I have new experiences, everyday I have new stories, everyday I am shown a tender mercy from the Lord, and everyday I am able to get up at 6:30 and workout, make breakfast, study and then go out and teach all day non-stop, and then come home and have the energy to be wide awake and alert until 10:30 that evening. I have to say that some mornings are harder than others or I feel like a Zombie during the day, I knew that would happen, but there is a higher power that gives me strength and energy to do these many extraordinary things everyday. 

If you don't mind I have a challenge for all those who are reading, and this is a full spectrum challenge not just a member of my church challenge. Go out and buy a notebook or a journal, then place it in a well trafficked place in your home. In this book I want you to write what you are grateful for, and it is open for anyone to write in. So when you walk past and you have something you are grateful for write it down in the journal.  At first it may seem like only the big things go in, but as you become more aware of the many blessings you have received, the little things will appear too, plus an overwhelming Joy will fill your heart and mind as you understand that you have been very well blessed whatever your current circumstance.  We all have different blessings, but they all have one origin...Cool huh? 

I love being able to serve you, by serving my Heavenly Father, I also love hearing about the many things that those who are reading these e-mails are taking the time to take care of my family. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Now I depart until next week!!!,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. My mission president didn't say who to vote for, but just that we needed to vote...just for everyone's peace of mind... but I will say this.... GO NADER GO!!!!

P.p.s Mom Typos!!! I LOVE YOU!!!