Letter from Kelson - Week #20 - I am a Little Child!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

It is wonderful to be here with you this day. I just hope you enjoy what I have to write as much as I enjoyed living what I am going to write. 
Without further adieu here I go... 

This week started off with the same thing that every other week starts off with...P-Day!!! And then it all went into Helter Skelter from there. On P-Day I found out that my brother had damaged my car pretty bad, and so I was really traumatized from looking at the damages that were sent me in still frame paintings via electronic mail. I cried a little bit inside, but I want to let him know that forgiveness comes easy, but that dent isn't cheap, DON'T LOSE YOUR JOB!!!  I have no need to worry about my car, because I am seeking the Kingdom of God first, thus a missionary. Then on Tuesday we continued through the daily routine of...Teach, Pray, teach, pray, teach pray...etc. and this continued throughout the whole week...Exciting Right??? On Thursday however, we received some very challenging news...the Mission President wants us to celestialize our music...or in layman's terms, go from listening to Christian Rock, or Christian anything to only things like Mormon Tabernacle Choir...WE WERE DEVASTATED!!! I had accumulated a ton of cool Gospel music that played right into my everyday likes, and now I can not listen to it....I laughed, I cried , I may have thrown a temper tantrum, I might have even flailed like a windmill, but Alas I was prompted and told to obey.  I only recently got my iPod and now almost all of the music I have has now become a no go during the mission... Even though this has broken my heart and possibly my iPod I feel better now that I am following the direction of the Lord. We have been blessed this week already with 4 new Investigators, 2 of which could be baptized in 3 weeks, and another who is just right up there in need of Divine guidance in his life. It seems that obedience pays off. I guess I can go without my "If you could Hie to Kolob" remix and some of my rock and roll hymns.  

I am a child...that is the subject and I want to tell you why. The comments earlier about the music state it in one way, and I want to tell you of another. We had a miracle that we called in to the Zone to help build morale and show the Lord's hand in our work. then 2 days later that miracle let us down and I felt like I sucked something fierce and because I felt that way, I also felt that if the Zone wasn't seeing success it was my fault.  Thus I am a Child...Selfish, quick to blame myself, and can't even take a little let down. I am working hard at remaining humble, but it is so hard for someone as awesome as me...(Pun intended) I am slowly learning that I am not "all that and a bag of chips", and that the bigger the pride the harder it hurts when it falls.  This work is pulling me in so many directions I feel almost to the breaking point, but the Lord seems to release the tension when it gets to breaking point and then stretches me another way until the breaking point and then releases, making me more flexible and helping me grow up so much faster than I could have ever imagined in 2 years sitting at home.  I don't feel like I have changed, but I feel more accepting of people and their shortcomings. I have a long way to go, and a lot of trials in my way, but what the Heck!  I am out here; I might as well grow up as much as possible, because when I get home the World is going to be a lot worse...Dun Dun Dunnnn!!!

I know that the Lord is watching over me, and I thank all of you for the Prayers that you offer in behalf of missionaries world wide. Please continue to pray for us and the people we teach because when prayer is involved, the work moves quicker, better, and more efficient than if there were no prayers. You, my Loyal viewers are touching the lives of millions through everyday prayer. Thank You!!!

Elder Wheeler

P.s. Mom Typos!!!! L.O.L (Lots of Love)


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