Letter from Kelson - Week # 22 - Did you get to see me???!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

I love this world!!! I love my new area...and it is not just because everyone in the Wards are totally loaded either. They are all super nice, and I have met all the super legit families already...I think??? Anyway, I am now in an apartment complex that has a huge apartment for 2 people, a swimming pool and its own weight room . We go every day during lunch and work off the huge meals people feed us out here.  There is a lot to do up here in El Dorado Hills, California, we drive around knocking on empty doors, maybe see some of the more wealthy people because they either work from home or they are retired (at 35...hehe) and we sometimes just have to follow the scriptures 1 Nephi 4:6 (http://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/1-ne/4?lang=eng). Other than that we are doing amazing up in here.

My companion is Elder Leavitt, and he is super chill. We don't stress out about anything, and I feel kind of relieved that this is the way it is. I have been stressing so much down in East Sac and now I get a time to relax and enjoy the mission. We get along great...I think??? I haven't had any problems with him and I think that since we have been giving each other sweet delicious pastry nicknames when we wake up and the fact that we comment on how jacked (Huge muscles) the other one is that we are having a good relationship. I know one thing for sure, he is showing me how to have fun with the missionary work, low stress, how to talk to people to gain their trust and how to make the number of people we are going to baptize increase like crazy. He just came up from a Zone where they broke the Zone's High Water Mark, ie. The highest number of baptisms in one month. President sends Elder Leavitt where baptisms are needed, and they are desperately needed here. 

I was shotgunned into this area, which means they pulled the bucketing Sisters out and moved in the everyday working Elders...Just Kidding, but the sisters who were here didn't do anything from what I have heard from the Ward and looking at their past numbers, plus the members that they used to go and hang out with have just given us money for dinner instead of feeding us...hum sounds fishy...haha 

I was told that I was shotgunned into this area because it is a huge member oriented area and I am Elder Kelson Wheeler the Social Butterfly...it works, and Elder Leavitt is here because he baptizes and he began his mission in this area so he knows what is going down in this area and the people. We found out too that some of the wards we cover haven't changed since Elder Leavitt served here before, so we are going to change that and have had much success. We taught like 11 lessons and have a couple of referrals and some returns. Things are looking up and I think we can do what President has sent us here to do, bring in the Spirit and Baptize!!! I hope I can live up to the expectations placed before me.

Some of the super cool families have taken pictures and given us anything we may ask of them...One of them is the Colley's...This is the family whose son plays for the Indianapolis Colts, Austin Colley...Don't freak out you Colts fans, I will most likely meet him, but I think he is just a normal guy with huge talent...but a lot of money. We also have the Garrett family who started off my transfer with Chili's and a picture sent to my mother to show that I am alive. Mom you can text sister Garrett back and bug her. She would love to talk to you, and plus you'd get along, she just sent a missionary out and has one coming home. There is Pery and Valorie Pearson they are super awesome. Elder Leavitt actually baptized both of them and their daughter is turning 8 next month. Mom check your spam folder for a e-mail from Pery he sent you a video...hehe There are many other families and they are all super legit, no joke they love missionaries and most are willing to share the gospel with their friends. Oh just one more family, the Bishop in the Lakeridge ward has a very familiar last name...it starts with W-H-E and ends with E-L-E-R...And his wife has adopted me, so if anyone who may be my biological mother doesn't mind, I may stay here... Jk. 

I can't wait to tell all of you about the miracles that are going to happen here in the Folsom Zone, and I Wish to ask for a continuance of the Prayers...they seem to be working.

Loving the Mission more than DDR...No Joke!!!

Elder Wheeler


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