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Letter From Rhys – Week # 28 - The Gazcue Adventures!

Feliz Lunes de la isla tropica de la Republica Dominicana!
It’s been long enough, you all should know what that says if you’ve been faithfully reading my letters! Also, at my request, have patience with the letters. My mother works very hard on the correcting and sending of my letters, but she also has a lot of sleep that she needs to catch up on! Love you mom!
Anyway, the beginning of this past week wasn’t too exciting. However, we did have something interesting this happen this past week! On Thursday, Elder Aguilar and I went to Gazcue, aka the mission office, because he had to renew his visa at the immigration center. While I waited for him to return, I was on an exchange with another Elder in the office helping the Garner missionary couple sort all of the house keys for the mission! Let’s just say there were a lot of keys and trying to sort them and determine which were old and new took a long time!
After Elder Aguilar returned, we headed home by way of bus, the usual mode of tra…

Letter From Rhys – Week # 27 - So Much Fun!!!

Feliz Lunes from the tropical land of the Republica Dominicana!
This past week was so much fun! After the itching and the allergic reactions to what we think was caused by the sulfa in my medication, the week passed by soo fast!
We were blessed to have interviews with President Smith this week and we received a lot of much needed inspiration in regard to the topic of faith in Jesus Christ! We also have been working very hard on teaching some of our investigators in preparation for baptism!
We had 3 baptisms this past weekend! One of them was the child of a member, but we baptized her sister only two months ago as well! I’m rushing through my week because I had a pretty cool experience that I wanted to share with you all!
Today for our P-day we went to Conde which is a strip mall type of place. In the middle of Conde was a Cathedral! This Cathedral is the first Catholic church built on the American Continent! It’s cool about how old it is, but if felt a little weird being a Mormon…

Letter From Rhys - Week # 26 - Many Gains and Stomach Pains!

Feliz Lunes from the tropical land of the Republica Dominicana!
This past week we have had so much fun! To start, we finished teaching the lessonsto our convert Juana! She was baptized this past Saturday!
On Wednesday, it was just another normal day of Proselyting. However, we had an unforeseen plot twist! We returned home from our apartment and something was just a little bit off. I felt excessively warm. I decided to take my temperature and BAM! A nice cup of 100.4 fever! This was totally unexpected and I was laughing about it up until the point I went to bed 15 min later!
That night consisted of me getting up every hour or so to use the bathroom. At about 2:30 a.m. my fever broke, but with no sleep, I got up the next morning physically weak. But fear not! This Spirit is strong! Throughout the next couple of days, I was always feeling a little under the weather, and my body was producing enough gas that I could destroy the ozone layer faster than a farm of 100 or more cows!

Letter From Rhys - Week # 25 - A New development!

Feliz Lunes from the tropical land of the Republica Dominicana!
This Past week has been full of fun and adventure! Elder Portillo and I Spent our weekend working hard on preparing our investigators for baptism in the coming weeks. We have Juana, who is getting baptized this weekend! YAY! We also have Anita, from Haiti, Sandra and her son Michael, who are all getting baptized on the 17th of February!
Anyway, every one of these 4 are already super excited for baptism and if they could they’d all be baptized right now, LOL. However, there are a few things that do need to happen first! They all still need a couple lessons and an interview from our District Leader Elder Garcia, from Honduras. On Thursday, Elder Portillo and I had our usual weekly planning session and then headed for an appointment we had at 6 that afternoon. We arrived at the cita [appointment] and we were about to teach a new investigator named Jarom. As we arrived we got a call from our Mission President.
I had the pho…