Letter From Rhys – Week # 27 - So Much Fun!!!

Feliz Lunes from the tropical land of the Republica Dominicana!

This past week was so much fun! After the itching and the allergic reactions to what we think was caused by the sulfa in my medication, the week passed by soo fast!

We were blessed to have interviews with President Smith this week and we received a lot of much needed inspiration in regard to the topic of faith in Jesus Christ! We also have been working very hard on teaching some of our investigators in preparation for baptism!

We had 3 baptisms this past weekend! One of them was the child of a member, but we baptized her sister only two months ago as well! I’m rushing through my week because I had a pretty cool experience that I wanted to share with you all!

Today for our P-day we went to Conde which is a strip mall type of place. In the middle of Conde was a Cathedral! This Cathedral is the first Catholic church built on the American Continent! It’s cool about how old it is, but if felt a little weird being a Mormon missionary in a Catholic cathedral!

After seeing a couple of the sights that were available in the cathedral, my companion took me to a wonderful place! The Anime Store!!!!!! This Little store has cool little gimmicks and things you can buy for your favorite animes and video games! Well, let’s just say I bought a few things!

My haul from The Anime Store

These are from the anime, One Punch Man and the game Legend of Zelda!

After our fun little adventure in this anime shop, I was able to enjoy an nice big old plate of delicious nachos from Denny’s! After our nice appetizer meal from Denny’s (because missionaries are really poor) we took a trip to one of the super markets!

I was super stoked to find that they had almost everything I needed to make my family’s famous 7 Pepper Chili! I also found big bottles of Zesty Italian dressing for my mom’s salsa recipe for only 120 pesos [~ $2.43] but I was a little angry that it was the kind no one likes! FAT FREE!!!!!

Really, there has been much rejoicing in our area as many more people are preparing to be baptized in our area, and there are many less active members who are coming really close to reactivation! I don’t have much to share with you guys this week but I am including a couple of photos with the email and I’ve uploaded the rest to the drive that my mom has access to! I Hope you guys enjoyed this fun experience as much as I have and I will see you all next week!

Also, one last thing! This past week during the sickness shenanigans I was able to find out how much I weighed! I’m a whopping 215 pounds! That’s 35 lbs. I have lost in the last 6 months. Oh also I’ve been out 6 months! Crazy Right?!  (my comp is 205 in case anyone was wondering!)

Thanks for all the love and support! Bye!!!!

Going forth with the vision of Christ and an eye of Faith!

Elder Rhys Wheeler

P.S. Mom thanks for the typo correction. I’m sure the audience and the Lord appreciates your service of making sure my spelling and grammar are at least tolerable! I Love you!


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