Letter From Rhys - Week # 25 - A New development!

Feliz Lunes from the tropical land of the Republica Dominicana!

This Past week has been full of fun and adventure! Elder Portillo and I Spent our weekend working hard on preparing our investigators for baptism in the coming weeks. We have Juana, who is getting baptized this weekend! YAY! We also have Anita, from Haiti, Sandra and her son Michael, who are all getting baptized on the 17th of February!

Anyway, every one of these 4 are already super excited for baptism and if they could they’d all be baptized right now, LOL. However, there are a few things that do need to happen first! They all still need a couple lessons and an interview from our District Leader Elder Garcia, from Honduras. On Thursday, Elder Portillo and I had our usual weekly planning session and then headed for an appointment we had at 6 that afternoon. We arrived at the cita [appointment] and we were about to teach a new investigator named Jarom. As we arrived we got a call from our Mission President.

I had the phone so I answered really quickly and he told me that the mission had just received two new Hermanas [Sister Missionaries] from the Mexico MTC. Because of this sudden development, there were some changes made in some companionships. Elder Portillo was being transferred to Sabana De La Mar in San Pedro and I was receiving a new companion. He’s from Costa Rica and his name is Elder Aguilar!

Elder Aguilar is much like me! Loves anime and video games, and has a passion for missionary work! We have a lot to talk about always and I am learning so much about becoming a better missionary and a more consecrated missionary. He’s led by example and he’s a fantastic missionary!

This past Sunday we had a wonderful experience in our monthly ward council meeting. The Ward is working incredibly hard on taking care of our investigators and making sure we have more people to teach! This area is fantastic and the bishop has told us that we will be celebrating every baptism with dinner at his house the following Sunday! Yay! Free Food! 

Today we for our P-day we went to Agora mall in the west mission. We had a lot of fun looking at all the things we couldn’t buy but really wanted (video games, suit coats, etc.)! Afterwards we enjoyed a nice meal at a place called El Corrido that is in our zone. The food was simply Mexican and amazing! I Had what’s called Chilaquiles! It was sooo good.  Here’s a photo to show you what it looked like!

Chilaquiles from El Corrido

So, the new development is just that! I got a new companion and he is awesome! Here’s a photo of him eating a Giant burrito! 

Elder Aguilar and his giant burrito

I Hope you all enjoyed my brief but informative letter for this week and I will be sharing many more of the fun adventures of Elder Chu and of me and my new companion Elder Aguilar next time on The Best Two Years: Elder Wheeler Edition! Cue closing credits!

Going forth with the vision of Christ and an Eye of Faith!

Elder Rhys Wheeler

P.S. Mom! Thank you for sacrificing so much sleep to help me correct my typos! It really saves me a lot more time here in the DR! I love you!


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