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Letter From Rhys - Week #2 - Nothing's Better Than Workouts and Shopping

Que lo que from the tropical island of the Rupublica Dominicana!
Week 2 is now down, though according to the CCM we’re at the end of week 3.  Makes perfect sense right?  
Some interesting events have come to pass this past week.  Starting on Sunday, my district got together after sacrament  meeting to discuss our weekly goals. These are the goals we set:  1.         Memorize Moroni 10:4-5 in Spanish by Tuesday.  {Accomplished a day late} 2.         Work on the Christ-like attribute of diligence.  {It's difficult but it’s coming along. My habit of laziness has taken its toll on me on a couple occasions.}
This next one is kind of ridiculous, but requires some explaining before we continue…  At the beginning of week one the CCM President gave us a short lesson on our titles as missionaries and representatives of Christ.  One of the many things he went over was the title of Elder in which we are assigned. He stated that "Elder" is a title given to us by the Savior and as su…

Pictures of Rhys at the CCM!

Received these pictures from a Former Santo Domingo East missionary who returned for a visit.  Here's a glimpse into the life of Elder Wheeler in the CCM.

Letter from Rhys - Week #1 - The Spirit, Language and CCM Shenanigans!

Que lo Que from the tropical land of Republika Dominicana!
Que lo que ( kay lo kay) is slang for what’s up peeps! P-day is here and nothing is more exciting than going to the temple and then doing nothing for 6 hours! This is the end of week one and soooooo much has already happened. So Far, I've learned more Spanish in the last week than I had German in two months. My brain is no longer in a state of solid or liquid matter at this point and I’ve desperately needed a recharge day.
Our apartment’s room number is 420. It's funny because were always high with the spirit of God and like a fire... It's burning 😎. The 1st 4 days have felt like an eternity since all we do is sit on our butts and study!  Now, I can’t say I’m not used to sitting on my natural cushion for long periods of time, but the change of activities had really slowed down the passage of time. Within 2 days my mind had already reached the mental break down point, but lo and behold a miracle in my life. I dis…

Letter From Rhys - Week #0 - Arrival

Greetings from the tropics!

This is my email notifying you that I have successfully and safely arrived at the CCM and am looking forward to learning much and getting some SLEEP!  I could not sleep at all on the flights (no surprise) but all is well and I can still last the next few hours before lights out.  

P-Days start on Thursday of next week, so you won’t be hearing from me until then.  I’ll do my best to upload plenty of pictures.  We are still in Eastern Standard time zone, so we are only 2 hours ahead, however I don’t know if they participate in daylight savings, so come this fall I may be 3 hours ahead.

I must keep this brief but I’m glad to be here and I'm roomed with a couple of amazing elders. I even get my own desk!

Much Love to you all! 

Elder Wheeler

Airport Pictures!

Here are some pictures taken at the airport before Rhys left on Tuesday, August 15th.  His flight left at 11:55 p.m.

A fine group of missionaries all going to the MTC in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  Most of this group is going to the Santo Domingo West mission, 4 are going to the Santo Domingo East mission, and 2 are going to Barbados.  This is NOT the entire group on the flight.  There were 20+ on the flight from SLC to JFK and on to the DR.

These missionaries are all headed for the Santo Domingo East mission once they're finished with their training in the MTC.

One last view as he heads off through security, with Elder Malone who is also going to the East Mission.

Another Wheeler Missionary Getting Ready to Leave

Rhys will report to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in the Dominican Republic on Wednesday, August 16, 2017.  This blog is being switched over from Kelson to Rhys to show all the relevant information for Rhys' mission.

The emails and pictures received from Kelson will still be available on this page, but new content will be all about Rhys.

Stay tuned for pictures, letters, and stories of Shenanigans from the Caribbean.