Letter from Kelson - Week # 50 - Just when you think you're lost, someone flips the switch!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!! 

It is a wonderful, blustery day here in sunny California. The winds are blowing at around 25-30 NMPH (Nautical Miles per Hour) It makes it really difficult to ride your bike, but you know when you are as great as I am and have thighs with the strength and ability to leap to the moon and back, it doesn't keep you from doing your job, but my companion on the other hand has been suffering. I am currently riding on my 3rd bike (for the first time viewers please see e-mails #...actually I have no idea ask my mother), this bike is a single speed, which means that I have one big gear and one small gear, making this bike a bullet. I leave my companion in the dust sometimes without even knowing it. I have to be careful, because I think they might start pulling me over and writing speeding tickets for me. This bike is called the "Liahona - Outlaw!" It is the fastest bike in the west and has become a legend in the mission...at least it will be shortly. I recently had to do a tune up on it. It seems that when you have the fastest bike in the west, that you might want brakes to go with it...I have been lacking brakes for sometime, but I have since replaced and repaired them, see what I mean, I am AWESOME!  After repairing the brakes and giving me some force other than cars, trees, and my shoes to slow down the speed demon of a bike, I have been able to see much success in the great and wonderful area of Sacramento.

This past weekend we were blessed with the great occasion to see/hear the Prophet and Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ speak to us and give us the revelation needed to prepare for these end times. The funny thing is that a lot of this stuff isn't new, but we sometimes forget little details and that is where everything is going to count and hurt the most, through those little details. Anyway I learned something about my future, I will have a house full of daughters and I will have to begin the anti-boy picket line when they exit diapers. This doesn't bode well for me, Take the children and run for your lives...I don't think I am going to make it!!! Tell my family that I died honorably and I will see them once I have hit the ripe old age of ZOMBIE! Now that I have told you about what I thought of conference I want you to know of how other people receive answers to questions too. 

We have an investigator who was found by her own act of walking into church. We invited her on Friday to watch conference and when we talked with her on Friday she wasn't sure she was going to be baptized, she told us that she needed a lot more time to figure things out...like we are talking 6 months. Those words to a missionary are like death, we see someone who has this real close connection with God and they are doubting what they already know. I felt inside though, that this was a good concern for her and that once she watched conference all would be better. Then the time of reckoning came... CONFERENCE!!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN!!!! 

- One Weekend Later-

We went to talk to her yesterday and we talked about what she learned from conference and if she had read the chapter we gave her, She had done both, and then she showed us her notes from conference. WOWIE!!! That was cool, she then accepted our invite to be baptized on the 27th of April, but the real cool thing about this is, that she was going to surprise us, by telling us she wanted to be baptized, but we beat her to the punch line...Ooops! It was awesome it was an answer to a prayer or two or maybe seven. This is the occasion on which my e-mail subject is based. At the beginning of this week and month we did not have anyone who was remotely open to being baptized and we were struggling to play our part in this great work. Since we saw a baptism last transfer, we were worried that we would just fall back down to square one and have to work extra hard to build back up, but the Lord flipped the switch on our investigator's heart and she was no longer lost. She felt the divine love and care of the Master and she has a renewed faith in Jesus Christ. She is working hard to prepare herself for that day of amazingness and we are going to work equally hard to help her. Sometimes we need to take a step into the darkness before we can find the switch to turn on the lights. 

I am learning and growing beyond all comprehension and I hope that when I come home, to see all the people, whom I know and love, change from what they were two years ago into something even better today. As my mother reminded me this past week I have officially made to the halfway point. Now the real challenge and work begins!!! 

In the immortal word of Cuzco: 
Love ya and hope you enjoy!,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. Mom the big exclamation is supposed to be there so don't change it, and please correct my TYPOS!! Thanks love ya bunches, you crazy lady! ;)


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