Letter From Kelson - Week # 70 - Mice are not a Missionary's best friend.

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!! .... Again!!!
Today has not been my day with technology. I accidentally sent my mother a blank message which only said "Good Morning From Sunny California!!!" and then I hit tab and enter and it sent the message.  Each week I also e-mail my mission president to tell him how my week went, what is happening in my area, how he can help me and maybe send him an occasional joke. Well, while I was thus in the act of writing him this great big detailed dissertation about how this area is the best, my companion is the coolest ever and how we are working so hard to get baptisms that people are literally filling up the font themselves, I found this wonderful button on the side of the mouse that I was using. (Inside Kelson's mind: "I wonder what this does???")  *Click* It took me to the previous page that I was on...."Hum well that is interesting. Wait! Does the e-mail system to the mission president save drafts?!?!" "NOPE!!!" Well that wee little button caused my 11 page dissertation to be scrapped at the drop of a hat.(I need a face palm smiley!) Along with the disappearance of that very long winded letter came a rush of blood to the brain that caused my mind to be blown and my life to be ended.

Kelson Wheeler 
Born: June 30th, 1992
Death: August 26th, 2013
May he rest in Chaos.
Ok, I didn't die, but this next thing caused me to have a micro-brain aneurism because of the unfunny, but really super funny, coincidental occurrence.
I then proceeded to write the letter again, this time I made sure to not think inside my head about that button, but still to include all the information on which I had reported to the mission president. I simplified it a little bit so that I could write you folks and make you feel welcome in my life. as I began to simplify, I tried to include the same jokes that were in the first one, because you know me, a regular jolly joker. Anyway, I made a spelling error, I then reached over to this incredibly fancy device called a mouse and I moved it over to the mistake. As I go to click the button with my right pointer finger, my thumb has a side change out of nowhere and decides that it is just going to be that guy who makes the body hate it so much that it contemplates cutting it off to save on misery later. It clicks that infernal button that takes you back to the previous page and I lose everything once again...  I have since then removed my thumb and replaced it with a Bionic Claw.  It is better for eating fried chicken with anyway. I finished my letter the third time and used the mouse 0 times. I am now able to write to you, but not quite as fast because I am missing a Thumb.
This week was great! I love doing this work, I seem to find joy in more places everyday than I have ever had in a whole lifetime. Like this past week, we were playing soccer, I just found simple joy in the fact that I wasn't getting hurt, and then I forgot my ankle brace and I might have been a little too aggressive. Don't tell my mother she might be a little disappointed, but I think she isn't too surprised. But all is well now; my ankle feels great, but my knee is starting up the pains again...I must be getting old?
Working with YSA's is so much fun, This past week we had activities all the time. We had a Nerf war and nacho bar on Monday for Family Home Evening, we had soccer on Friday, we had lessons all week with some pretty legit people, and we had a super Fireside yesterday that included a special presentation from the Stake President, and he talked about Missionary Work!!! There are so many activities, there is so much going on, and they invite the missionaries to everything, because they usually bring their friends for us to meet and teach!!! WAHOO!!! This makes life much easier, because we can't really go tracting for college students; we can go college contacting, but not tracting. BTWs!!!! Arturo from Stockton got baptized this past weekend! It was awesome. Okay, well I am out of time again, plus I have things to do, so I will be peacing out here, but hey, remember that I care a lot about you so don't go and get yourself killed, and I will promise not to do the same because I am no longer on a Bike!!! heee
Love ya,
Elder Wheeler
P.s. Mom, I have only one thumb now so I know there has to be a lot of typos...Please fix them!!! Gracias! 


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