Letter from Kelson - Week #28 - Russki in da House!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

The sun is shining, the air smells of warm root beer and my towel is Oh So Fluffy!!! (Name that Song?)
I am so glad that I am able to write to the masses of the World today! I have been told that people from all over the world read my blog/e-mail, but not the whole world, and I am surprised that more people aren't reading about what I am doing...HELLO KIND OF A BIG DEAL!!!!  My pride aside and your feelings now crushed because I just told you that I am better than you, I feel I must inform you of my dealings with the people of El Dorado Hills...

Okay I am sorry I am so Prideful, will you forgive me? I just had a brain fart and a subtle prompting to apologize and humble myself...I can't get away with anything these days...Jee Whiz

Thank you for your forgiveness and if you didn't forgive me I feel bad for you because you are now doomed to an eternity of being reprimanded with a wet noodle.  

I feel that I must talk about the great mercy and glory and plan that the Lord has in store for me here in the California Sacramento Mission. First off, last week I told you of my new companion Elder Baryshnikov, Super legit BTW, and he speaks fluent Russian!!! I am about to faint as I tell you this next part...He has begun to teach me how to read and write Russian!!!!  I just had all of these emotions at once...Excited from shear amazement, crying tears of joy, Smiling with a mischievous intent in mind, and jumping for joy!!! For those who don't know why this is such a happy time I will tell you. When I was telling people where I wanted to go on my mission I told people that I wanted to go to Russia, for many reasons, but the main one was because I wanted to learn how to speak and read Russian. Thus my excitement when Elder Baryshnikov became my companion!!! Alright, I have to calm down for a second.... Phew
Okay I am better now. This past week I have been studying a "How to Learn and Speak Russian in Six weeks" book and I have learned quite a bit. But I can't show you because I don't know how to type Cyrillic script on this computer...hehe I started off with the alphabet which has 33 sounds, only some of them are actually letters and the others are to signify hard or soft sounds or put emphasis on other areas of the word. He is also teaching me different Gospel words so I may become better at recognizing them in conversation. Man, learning a language is hard work, but I can't wait to be able to come home speaking it...!!!! 

Enough about me, now on to the Area! We are teaching some pretty fantastic people now. We baptized Wolfgang and he is Super Member now! He is helping us as a ward missionary already. He shares his conversion with the people we bring to church; he also is not afraid to go out of his way to talk to people he doesn't know. I am so glad I have been able to know this guy, he is legit! We are also teaching this guy named Mike. He is the son of a Less-Active member who is looking at changing his life around. He had a very severe motorcycle accident and he took that as a sign from God that he needs to shape up. So, he moved back in with his mom and has been really working hard to change his life. We found him because a member of the Ward was doing his hometeaching and seeing the people he was supposed to!!! You know what that means??? GO FORTH AND HOMETEACH YOUR FAMILIES!!! We are still teaching the McDermot family!!! Their youngest Son told me yesterday that he wants me to baptize him and I feel that if he gets baptized his parents will follow. His dad is waiting for a confirmation sign of the truthfulness of the Gospel and I think that he is expecting something huge and not a subtle confirmation. I think his son coming to know the truth will be the confirmation he's looking for and they will be baptized as a family! That is the great news that I have about the people we are teaching! They are all legit and want to know more about the God of Israel, so that is what we teach. 

I am not sure if I told you, but Elder B and I are like best friends...like on step-brothers the movie. We had a 'on the count of three' moment and we said the same thing all three times. Unfortunately for us we don't have a garage to practice karate in. I think that is all for today and I will try to think of more for next week. Those of you who have sent me letters please forgive my tardiness in replying; I only get to write on P-day and I am limited on the time I have available on that day as well.

Next week I will e-mail later because I am going Mountain Biking with a member!!! Whoo HOO!

Remember that God Loves you more than anyone else...Which means he loves everyone equally...hehe I know that he loves us because of the challenges and trials he allows in our lives to help us grow and become more experienced. Love God, Love each other, and above all Love me...because I am cool, but not cooler than the first two...

Love ya,
Elder Wheeler

p.s. Mom do you even read through and correct the Typos like I ask every e-mail???
p.p.s Mom Typos!!!!


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