Letter from Kelson - Week # 40 - Another day and the Life of a Missionary!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

What is happening Ya'll!? Are you enjoying this great new year that is moving right along? Have you found out anything new about yourselves that you never knew before? Would you care to share them with me? If not I understand... :( I'll just cry right here on the ground, curled up in a ball, and think of how great a life I have....hehe Just kidding. 

This past week was kind of crazy, we had lots of meetings, because my companion is now the new District Leader and he had to go to some training meetings; I had a Doctor's appointment for my ankle, curse you evil DR. SPRINKLER; we had several appointments that followed through; and just a random family walked into the church building and wanted to meet with the Bishop. I'll start with the meetings. We moved Districts, which just means that I am still in the same area that I was in before, but I keep in close contact with a different set of missionaries. We now are in the district with the missionaries that Speak Marshellesse and Tongan. YAY!!! I am glad that they speak English, because I cannot understand anything that they say in the other language. I still don't know what I am saying when I read Russian...hehe 

Our first meeting together was great. I was given the opportunity to train and I gave an object lesson that I will be willing to share when I get home, but is much too complicated to tell you in an e-mail. It talked all about the Atonement of Christ and how Christ died and atoned for everyone's sins not just the people who accept him, however, those who accept him, he will recognize in the last days and those who don't accept him, he will say "I know thee not." I gave the lesson though to illustrate the importance of talking to everyone we come in contact with, because the gift is there for the taking and we as missionaries need to give the people we talk to and see the opportunity to accept that gift or reject it. It was a super awesome lesson and I must give props to Elder Correia, our zone leader, for his participation in the object lesson. 

We then had an exchange with the Marshallesse missionaries, and it was easy for me because we stayed in our area...hehe I love lucking out!!! I had a Dr. Appointment, and for everyone's peace of mind I have completely shattered my ankle. They called it "Destructo-ankolo" Whatever that means. I will be coming home in a wheel chair with my head held high, because along with the destruction of my ankle I destroyed my brain...I am just kidding...come on ya'll know me. I joke abut everything and I would for cereal let you know if things were too crazy for me...plus my Mother would plaster it all over Facebook. I love Technology. (Note from Mom:  It's only sprained)

I want to share a quick thing that I learned this week and then I will close. I learned that wherever we are in life, whatever place (location) we reside it is the answer to someone's prayer. Our lives, if we listen to the Lord, will not only bless ourselves, but more importantly, bless the lives of others. Things may look dim, or fear may set in because we are unsure of a decision that we have made, but remember that as long as we keep our hand in the Lord's he will use us to answer someone else's prayer. Go forth this day and look for an opportunity to answer a Prayer or two...I know I am trying to answer your prayers for my success; I hope I am doing a good enough job for ya'lls.

Love ya and the Lord,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. MOM!!!!! T_Y_P_O_S!!!!!! Thank you 


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