Letter from Kelson - Week # 38 - Oops I did it again!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

The theme for this e-mail is such that it deals with the catchy pop tune from my childhood in the 90's by Britney Spears, before she went crazy. And It also has something to deal with an injury to Elder Wheeler and then forgetting to tell my mother about said injury until she is either notified by a bill or the mission nurse calling 7 weeks or more after said injury... So without further adieu "The story of the Turkey and the Sprinkler" 

It was a cool Fall morning in the Land of El Dorado Hills, The sun was shining; the Air smelled of fresh cut grass with a hint of Body Odor because I hadn't showered yet; and the ground was quite moist because of a rain storm the day before. Elder Wheeler woke up this wonderful morning with one intent/thought in his mind...

"I am going to play FOOTBALL Today!"

This thought spread to his companion who was Elder Baryshnikov and his now baptized friend Austin McD. These three characters along with a grand group of gentlemen from church all seemed to have the same idea...WEIRD?? This stuff only happen in the movies!?- Sorry narrator interjection...sorry- Anywho back to the story, Elder Wheeler and his clan of rough, tough, full of energy, and might be too old to play football people started off with a nice prayer that went something like this.

Elder Wheeler praying- 
Dear Heavenly Father please help us to play safe and not have anyone get injured to the point of being carried off the field on a stretch by the EMT's. Name of Jesus Christ AMEN.

(That is really what I prayed for, with some other stuff in the middle too)

We started to play. Elder Wheeler's team began with the ball. It wasn't too long before we knew who would be winning this game. It was clearly his team, because they already had a touchdown within like 3 min. After touchdown number one everyone was feeling great. There was happiness and joy filling the air and the football seemed to just slide through the hands of anyone who wanted to catch it, except me!!! :D It was our turn with the ball and Elder Wheeler goes out for a short pass on the edge of the field to gain a first down...Then the unthinkable was thought about...dun dun dunnnn!!! 

I must describe this monster to you in a separate paragraph. This thing had razor sharp teeth, stood 13 feet tall, hands the size of Fat Albert and breath that smelled of freshly washed linens (Just because he is a monster doesn't mean he doesn't brush his teeth).  This guy was an opponent that many men shrink at...when they see him. Evidently Elder Wheeler was not looking at him otherwise he would have seen him, But when Elder Wheeler met this guy it was almost as if he had put his leg in a death grip and tried to rip his foot clean off his body. 

Sudden sound--- CRACK, CRACK, POP, POP!!!!

Elder Wheeler then screamed with the intent to cry, but nothing came out because he is a true man. This monster was worldly renowned as the "Evil DR. SPRINKLER!!!" He would just wait below the grass until the right moment when he would raise the grass and cause severe pain to players on the field, when they broke their ankles!!! ...He is a maniacal evil dude. 

After many seconds of limping Elder Wheeler told the "Evil DR SPRINKLER to have a nice day, because he continued to play football and his team won by like 7 touchdowns...WHOO HOO We are the CHAMPIONS!!! Now what does this have to do with turkey...well it all happened on Thanksgiving and I am just now seeking medical attention for the ankle, but that doesn't explain why the title is the title. My mother found out because the Mission Nurse called to find out if we had home insurance...and this was the first she had heard of this battle for justice between Elder Wheeler and the "Evil DR SPRINKLER!!!"

There you have it folks...the story in a nut shell and it only took you 15 min to read it all. haha 

Anyway back to missionary work, This past week was not too exciting, just a lot of preaching teaching and baptizing...you know the same old same old. Joey and Tyrel are both praying to find out if they should be baptized on the 26th, Joey is pretty much baptizing himself and Ty is just a little hesitant because he is not sure if he is ready, which is ok...we don't force people into the church, they join because they want to. Um...Transfers are next week so my e-mail will be coming out on Tuesday instead on Monday and It could be a surprising transfer...I don't know if they will move me or not...??? 

As usual, I will bring all of this back to the gospel of Christ. The moral of this story and e-mail is this, don't procrastinate the day of your repentance. It may come back to bite you in the butt a few weeks down the way and you might hear from a nagging mother if you have been hurt this week or not (I expect these in future e-mails because I am prone to accidents...hehe).  Repent today and come unto Christ our Saviour and He will make you whole. Keep making right/correct choices and you will be blessed, (Shout out to Alaric! Way to go IDAHO! Love ya kid and I am proud of you)

Love ya and until next time,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. So I have been typing on this junk ergonomic keyboard the past few weeks and it causes many typos, plus aggravation for me, because I have to work harder at following the norm of typing... whatever the word is that I am failing to find in my noggin. Love ya MOM!!!  Typos Please...in case you didn't understand the previous sentence...safe travels across America!!!


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