Letter From Rhys - Week # 8 - Talked With Everyone!

Feliz lunes (Happy Monday) from the tropical land of the Republica Dominicana!

This last week as been crazy awesome! Last week during P-day we got to go to the Mega Centro which is a 3-story mall that’s full of very interesting things. We went into a couple clothing stores and made fun of the weird fashions and bizarre choices of tie designs they had!  We also had the opportunity to go into a sportswear store and check things out!  We heard American music and it was awesome but at the same time really weird!!!

After, we went and had the pleasure of eating Taco bell!  However, I don’t think my body liked it very much because while I was emailing you all last week it hit me like a truck!  And for this purpose, I had to sadly cut my email short because I could not focus at all on what i was saying!!!!!  If that’s too much info, I’m sorry but suck it up and deal with it! LOL JK.

Anyway, this past week was really standard apparently.  Our entire schedule was full for like 3 or 4 days and then every single day they all basically fell through!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Entonces, my trainer/companion Elder Smith and I did lots and lots of contacting.   We did so much in fact, that we sometimes forgot who people were or where they lived.  Luckily, the Lord is merciful and helped us remember each one.

I’ve slowly met almost all of the members in the Las Americas 2nd Ward area and they are very friendly. The people here are awesome, too, because you can literally walk up to any random door, ask for water, and get it!  They also will just let you in without even knowing you!!!!!!!

The struggle is that many of those whom we contact are all women and we can’t enter when there is no male over the age of 18 also present in the house and room with us.  Because of this, we always have to set a time when we can come back when the men are home.  Nothing against women, it’s just a safety rule we have in the missionary handbook.  Sorry ladies!

Anywho, we have had a very fun time walking around for hours on end; I’m almost certain I’ve lost 20 pounds in the last 2 weeks.  I’ll get to find out when we go to our Zone Conference on Wednesday since they have a scale in the mission office.

On the other hand, yesterday, was FAST Sunday! YAAAAAAAAAAY! (That was only partially sarcastic!)  So, when we fast, out here we go from lunch on Saturday to lunch on Sunday without food or water. They Let us drink water out here since it’s so hot but we try to limit it.  Well let’s just say I was so dedicated to my fast it was dangerous.  I went 20 hours without water!!!!  After church, I felt so dehydrated that I was almost sick and when I got home I just drank like half a gallon of water.  I made it out ok though!

Last night was really funny because we found a less active member who reminds me a lot of my mother! (Love you mom!)  She had a horseshoe Bluetooth headset and was playing candy crush when we first talked with her!  (Love you mom!)  She’s a really nice lady and super awesome.

We got go to a place called Los Tres Ojos (3 eyes).  It was really cool.  They were underwater lakes that were in little caves.  Kind of like those awful caves you find in Minecraft.  Anyway, I’ll try to give more info. about it next week and hopefully some pictures will be coming soon so keep your eyes out!

This is Elder Rhys Wheeler Signing Off!



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