Letter from Kelson - Week #26 - It's Raining!!!!

Good Morning From Cloudy California!!!!!!

Yep that's right, It has changed to a Cloudy California with a hint of Liquid Sunshine!!! I guess it could be sunny...*clears throat*

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!!!!

That's better!!!

This past week has been super fun, We have been working really hard and going to the houses of many people, but I have big news for all to hear!!!
WOLFGANG is getting BAPTIZED!!!! This Weekend he is going to take that step into the fold of Zion, into the Kingdom of Heaven, into the Ever Open arms of Christ!!! We are way excited to be there, because his conversion story is just so awesome. Plus he is as solid as a rock. He wouldn't let anything keep him from getting baptized and remaining active. He has seen the way the Gospel will and does bless his life and he will not fall away. 

Along with Wolfgang, we have the McDermott's...They are not getting baptized...YET, but they are almost as solid if not equally solid. They are racing each other to see who can read the Book of Mormon faster, and they are praying everyday for the knowledge of it's trueity!!!! I love it when people actually take the time to do as we ask them, in place for Christ. Because He asked all of us to do the same thing through his servants the Prophets!!! We have seen great and wonderful things come to pass in this last week and I am just pumped beyond belief for the upcoming baptism.

As for the person that I went back to East Sacramento to baptize, her baptism was awesome!!! The Spirit is always so strong at baptisms that I feel like I am swimming in green Jello...When she came out of the water she looked at me and just smiled. I saw the Light in her eyes and I saw the joy and gladness she had felt because she could now enter into the Celestial Kingdom. I love BAPTISMS! 

I have been doing better on my recovery from my Brain oozing scumbag virus thingy that has been plaguing me for about 2 weeks. It still causes me trouble during the day, like having to blow my cerebral cortex out of my nasal cavity to keep from having it drip into my mouth, but other than that I can sleep through the night without NYQUIL...Thank you so much Sister Skovensky (Relief Society President in Oakridge Ward, Nicest Lady in the World) for the Extra NYQUIL. Since I am talking about my health, I do need to inform the masses that I have become a fatty!!! My waist is huge!! Like picture Godzilla swallowing King Kong and then stretching his stomach out 100 times... In the immortal words of the Flight of the Navigator..."TOO MANY TWINKIES!!!" I am working hard at keeping my weight in check, but dessert every night, driving in a car and off of a bike, with the added bonus that people like to feed us lunch too, so my self selection of calorie consumption is limited to breakfast... POOR ME...Boo Hoo Hoo... I love this area and I love eating their food, so I will put the diet aside and enjoy an evening run with a conclusion in the dry sauna in our apartment complex gym...hehe

I heard a criticism, I mean observation, about my videos that have been posted on my blog, well for your information, every time they tape me I am dead tired and it shows because I am not the animated crazy Kelson you are all expecting. It is not because  I hate that they are taping me, or want them to get it over with because I have better things to do with my life. It is because I am tired, and it is hard being a missionary. Just you wait until the latest video gets uploaded...Kelson is back in BLACK...nametag. 

This past week has been great and like every week I have been given it is a gift from our Father in Heaven. I never get anything I am not able to handle, but I also don't get things that don't stretch me in ways that a person should not be stretched...The marks are evident...I have been well blessed and highly flavoured...i mean favoured and I know that if we stop and look at the experiences we have been given and then look at who those experiences have helped us become we will be pleasantly surprised at what we have accomplished. Remember God in all you do and give him thanks continually, because it is thanks to him that we even have the ability to be here in the first place. Experience Life, and then Live it UP!!! within the freeing power of keeping the commandments. I love you all and Thank you for all the many prayers and views that I have on my blog.

Until next Time, Stay safe and take God with you,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. Mother!!! TYPOS!!!


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