Letter From Kelson - Week # 47 - Tender Mercies Sure Are Great!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

It is Monday again, and for all those who are still celebrating, HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!! I think this is one of my favorite holidays, not because everyone and their brother goes out and drinks like crazy wild people, but because it is a holiday completely dedicated to the color GREEN!!! And I will never be caught without green in some form or fashion in my wardrobe...I wore a green tie yesterday to church...hehe Don't worry, it was paisley and a more conservative green so it was completely okay for missionary standards. 

I guess all of you, my most dedicated and diligent readers, are feeling on the edge and full of suspense because I am the most elegant writer and I just complete your week with my great ability to write and push my feelings through an electronic mailing service and into your hearts... Did you feel that? It was my head expanding out of this house, in which I am writing you, and causing the whole state of California to begin to float away because of my head full of hot air.  Man I really wish I wasn't so awesome, it is really hard being me and you know no one does it better than me... haha just kidding readers. I am not that self-centered, I just had a good up-bringing and an excellent teacher. Thank you Mrs. Pace!!!

This week has been an eye opening experience. Literally I have seen the light and I can testify that it is everywhere. This week I saw two ladies duking it out in the middle of the road.  I had to stop and watch for a few minutes because the sidewalk was blocked.  They were in the bike lane and there was oncoming traffic...so naturally I stopped to watch and wait. One lady lost her wig, and the other was throwing out a string of profanities that would only come out of the smartest of sailors.  It was quite entertaining, but also not a good place to be, because something bad could have happened because we were watching...hehe. 

We have also been the recipients of good fortune, or should I say mighty miracles!!! We have ourselves a Baptism on the 30th of March. Her name is Lynn H. and she has been super awesome. She has been meeting with us for 2 weeks now. She has come to church twice and now has expressed her excitement for baptism through a great prayer that she gave at our last meeting. She used the words "Thank you that I don't have fears anymore"  Can I get a Chorus of angelic voices!!!! (This is the part, where everyone who is reading this e-mail now throws back their heads and sings "Hallelujah" And because everyone, in and ideal situation, will be reading this at the same time it will sound like a chorus of angels) We have definitely been blessed beyond everything comprehensible here in the Laguna Creek 3rd Ward. More members are bringing non-members to things, they are sharing the gospel and people are getting excited about the work.  Man, I wish every area could be like this. There is light at the end of this dark tunnel of rebuilding and area and it is beaming into every home and into every heart. Wahoo!!!! However, that is not the light I was talking about, haha I gotcha, I was trying to mislead you into thinking I was finished writing my e-mail 

The Light I was talking about came to me as we were trying to get into a very ghetto apartment complex (This apartment complex is located in the heart of our ghetto area, there are armed cops everywhere and even more armed security guards). Anyway we pulled up to the guard shack, rolling on our pimped out, lifted, with spinning rims bicycles and the guard said that bikes have to go in another way; the main gate is only for cars. We rode away rejected with sorrow in our eyes and hearts, and a few tears fell from the eyes of a fresh missionary, who had the eternal fire of being new, extinguished by the tears of rejection...Just Kidding. The guard told us to go to the walking gate...hehe I had you going didn't I?  Anyway we went to the gate, but it was locked, then there was a little boy who came up to the gate and he opened it for us. We proceeded through the gate and thanked him as we went by. We then proceeded to go about our business, but the little boy kind of followed us, and then ran in front of us and started to lead us to where he wanted us. Then he stopped us and said, "Hey can I have a picture of God" We then told him "Why of course you can". We handed him two cards and our phone number and he went on his way, but this is the light that I was talking about. As I was giving him those cards, I could see the light of Christ in his eyes and his desire to know God. This light, even though it was found in one of the sketchiest places in all of the Laguna Creek 3rd Ward, it is still there. This is truly a miracle all in itself. I love this work.

I encourage you to look for the good of every situation, no matter where or when or what you are dealing with, just look for the Light of Christ and I can guarantee you will find it!!! Moroni 7:13-17!!! 

Love ya and enjoy life,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. MOM!!! I want you to look over this and make sure it doesn't stink in the ways of grammar!!! TYPOS!!!


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