Letter From Kelson - Week # 48 - The Lord Will provide!!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

This E-mail may be a little shorter than the others, but I will do what I can to make ya'lls happy, because i know how much you treasure the words of the Greatest Missionary of All time!!! And since he took the day off I will start to write the e-mail from the number 2 spot. 

This past week was awesome!! We did lots of work, we were running around meeting with members, possible members, and help those who were possibles become members. It is super exciting. This past week it rained a little bit, and I soon found out that my brakes do not work in the rain...My bike just didn't want to stop, it would keep going and I would somehow coast into a busy intersection....just kidding. I found things to stop me, but I soon switched to a bike that I have been borrowing from a member and they have been very gracious to let me not die this past week. Other than that it has been anywhere between 70-85 degrees everyday, it keeps getting warmer and I am starting to sweat while riding my bike...uh oh Summer is on its way. 

This week we have been working with Lynn H., the coolest and most awesome investigator we have ever had. She is getting baptized this weekend at 4 pm. She went to the temple with us last weekend, and because she did she was also able to see a living apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. She was impressed with his words, and the mannerisms that go along with the calling. She has become one of our best friends and she just loves the feelings that the Holy Ghost brings to her life.  She seems to be plagued by Satan on a daily basis and she is looking forward to having the Holy Ghost be her constant guide. She has some doubts and fears because she knows and feels she can't be perfect right after her baptism, but we have been working with her to help her understand that she just has to try, and that no one is perfect. We all have commandments that cause us to sin or make mistakes, and she just sees a bunch of people who seem perfect, but she just needs to look deeper. I think this is our greatest challenge, however, we are up to the challenge because we have the Lord on our side.   We have a great amount of potential in our area and we are excited to say that we will probably be seeing many more baptisms in the next few weeks. We actually had 5 investigators come to church this past week and 2 of them told us that they plan on being baptized before I get transferred!!! WAHOO!!! 

This next week is going to be great, and I want all to know that their prayers are being answered. I am very thankful for your prayers and I hope that your lives are going well, because I am praying for you!!! I promise that what you pray for will be given to you, so be careful what you pray for, because you may get it...hehehe Love ya with all my heart and please take care of those who need your assistance, and those who are not feeling about the weather. 

Love ya,
Elder Wheeler



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