Letter from Kelson - Week # 16 - New Companion and All that good stuff

Good Morning From Sunny California!!! Howdy Ho!!! Just kidding, I am in California, not Texas...hehe This past week was pretty laid back, but also full of craziness. I will try to start from the beginning and go ludicrous speed through it. On Wednesday I got my new companion; his name is Elder Forsgren (4s - grin) and he is from Rexburg, Idaho. He has been out for 17 months now and is on the downward slope to home. We get along just fine, we talk about all sorts of things, quote movies, watch church movies, and just enjoy the area as we are working. I didn't move out of my area, I am still in the Mission Oak and Eastern Avenue wards and I may be junior companion, but I have to get my senior familiar with the area. For these first few weeks I will be somewhat leading the area, but once he feels comfortable I will go back to being a person who just follows the leader and chimes in when the appropriate time hits. I know this may seem unfair, but this is teaching me humility and the ability to follow. Ever since I was young, my parents have been raising me to be a leader, but some of the best leaders are even better followers. I hope that I can be a fantastic follower when the time comes for my back seat ride. It feels kind of weird to no longer be a new missionary again, but I feel like I have come so far already. We had a new missionary come into our district and he is from Springville, UT and he made some comments about how he is excited to be here, and then when we started telling stories...and I chimed in because I already have a whole bunch of them... he was telling us that he didn't want any stories like what we have had. I am sorry to say that he is setting himself up for a huge eye opening experience. This place, the people, and the culture are so different. Things that are not supposed to be appropriate are the norm, and things that were the norm make you a "Jack Mormon" (Member of the church, but don't practice your beliefs) , and anything above that means you are trying to keep the commandments. I hope I haven't become hardened in my heart to any of these people or anything, but I know that this place, just like everywhere else in the world, has evil everywhere; we just don't always see it until we go out to try and tell the evil people about the good they could have with a little bit of change on their part. So enough of that crazy talk and Debbie Downage, I want to move on to some happier news...Drum roll please....Are you doing it???...Come on it will only take a few more seconds...Pretty Please?! Ok I guess I'll tell you the news, but for those that did the drum roll, I thank you, and those who did not you have lost the satisfaction of a drum roll and your life will not be as awesome as it could have been with a drum roll. Franklin, the kind of crazy fellow I was talking about a couple of weeks ago, is getting baptized this Saturday the 18th of August at 2 PM. We are super excited and happy for this gentleman and scholar. He has come a long way and was ready and willing to make this commitment at the drop of a hat. It took a little bit of calm authoritative whispering, but he understands and wants to be added to the list of sheep in the Great Shepard's flock. Franklin is super awesome, he has been waiting for this a long time, and he loves the church and the members therein. He is definitely truly converted and I know that he will do the best he can to stay close to Jesus Christ. Thought you would like to know the highlight of last week, and the highlight of this coming week...hehe I am grateful for all those who have been writing to me via e-mail, letter, satellite transmission, telepathy, etc. Please keep them coming, and I will try to do the same. And just remember that I may have only left yesterday, but I'll be back in what seems like tomorrow. 2 years will just fly by if you are not careful, so make sure to make every day the best it can be, and I'll do the same. I Love every one of you that has taken the time to hear me out as I blab about the great people in California, and wish all the best of wishes for the Future!!! Love, Elder Wheeler P.s. MOTHER!!!! GUESS WHAT!!!??? HAVE YOU STARTED TO GUESS YET??? PLEASE GUESS!!!??? typos, please and thank you... Love you dearly!!! P.P.s. Get on Alaric and Rhys and tell them that I want every detail...especially Alaric and his Girlyfriend and about the new manager of Fazoli's...Is Alan Gone??? If so, my return position is over and done with.


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